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Please chime in on a proposed restructuring of the ROM hacking sections.
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Posted on 01-10-23 07:57 PM Link | Quote | ID: 168429

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So me and blackhole89 have been chatting about this on Discord and we're thinking about some plans to renovate the ROM hacking sections.

The overall idea would/could be something like this:

- General ROM Hacking
- Mega Man Hacking
- Super Mario Bros. 1-3 Hacking
- ROM Hacking Archives

Any further suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as well as potential people who could apply for moderator, preferably those who are capable and respected by the communities for each game.

This is hopefully the first step in many in getting board2 up into the future. Quite a lot of the security issues that have been mentioned in the past have also been fixed by the way, but always remember to use a unique password for your board2 account

Posted on 01-10-23 08:00 PM Link | Quote | ID: 168430

The Guardian
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This is just to confirm that this discussion has been happening. I'm particularly interested to see if any trusted member of the community would like to step forward to act as a moderator for a new Mega Man hacking section, since these topics have been occupying a significant fraction of the general ROM hacking section and moving them over would require a nontrivial amount of manual work.

Regarding the existing dead sections (SMW, SoM...), my preference is to archive them wholesale instead of merging them with the archive forum.


Posted on 01-11-23 08:28 PM (rev. 4 of 01-11-23 08:51 PM) Link | Quote | ID: 168434

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I guess overall, so far, it would look something like this if plans were to go through:

General Chat (id=1; merge ids 3, 4, 5 and 14 into here)
Spatula (id=11)
Gaming (id=2)
Help/Suggestions/Bug Reports (id=6)

ROM Hacking
General ROM Hacking (id=19)
ROM Hacking Related Releases (id=33)
Mega Man Hacking (new forum, if the proposals go anywhere)
[anything else that people want?]

ROM Hacking Archives
ROM Hacking Archives (id=131)
SMW Hacking (id=37)
Super Mario RPG Hacking (id=38)
Secret of Mana Hacking (id=132)

Other Archives
Display Case (id=128)
Fraxy (id=51)
The Landfill (id=20)


The landfill itself could unironically do with a wipe down too, perhaps the spam threads there can either get nuked or at the least placed into a mod/admin only forum so that any links accidentally exposed aren't particularly given exposure to search engines, which devalues the site's credibility in more legitimate cases to the eyes of Google

Even if the new subforum doesn't come to fruition, I guess giving the board a bit of a makeover is something, even if just a properly official acknowledgement of what the focus generally is these days.

There's lots of ROM hacking resources here and I see a few people regularly come and go on the online page, it'd be nice to see at least a bit of engagement go on again since it seems like you do get the odd question from a newbie, so clearly there's some credibility and potential to be held here and I want to see that used up. The uploader's been archived properly now, and if it weren't for Niidle, the vulnerabilities in it would never have been patched, so we also have him to thank a lot for attempting to get this back on its feet, too.

I want to see this stay, I want people to be able to get help here in a comfy zone that has what they need in one place, and most of all that could potentially extend to further things, too. I don't see the heights of the past ever coming back, but perhaps something akin to 2015-era activity (which I sincerely apologise for destroying the momentum) could suffice if, you know, we all actually try to make things work.

Maybe I'm wasting my time, and you can laugh all you like (yes, that includes you, angry Frenchman who happens to develop melonDS and has been spamming and compromising accounts since before I even made one post here...), particularly given how I also crapped up the board on multiple occasions, but let's put things behind and look to the future. Or at least 19th January 2038 XD

Posted on 01-11-23 09:12 PM Link | Quote | ID: 168435

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ooh hi *waves* o.o

I don't really have much opinions on how the ROM hacking section should be restructured, other than that it should promote the topics that are the most active (which currently would be... mega man?). Hyped for Board2 getting a bit of a revival though, happy to be a part of it in some way.

Would find it to be really funny if the default theme was slightly changed in some way to throw people off (orange bar to green, make it leniency?), this theme has been around for over a decade now at this point so it'd be funny to spice things up a bit.

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Posted on 01-11-23 10:33 PM (rev. 3 of 01-12-23 03:41 PM) Link | Quote | ID: 168436

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I guess two similar (one being offtopic) things:

- str_replace 'http://acmlm.no-ip.org' with 'http://acmlm.kafuka.org' in the post filter. I dunno when the domain was changed but given a lot of early posts use the old domain this should lead to less seemingly broken links. Again, this aids search engines (and newcomers to the board reading old documentation... not to mention the Uploader, not sure when it was added but if it was before the domain change, then some files would also be fixed too with a change like that)

- How come the avatar uploader doesn't remove the 'unprocessed' version of the image after it's done processing it? I'm either presuming it's used elsewhere on the board (memberlist maybe?) or idk.

And lol, leniency. That'd work for a 'bright' variant given it's the total opposite of 'stringency', but not a simple header swap. I still think 'lesser stringency' would be a better choice, it already has extremely few people using it (and I think at least two of them are my reregs...)

EDIT: The lack of others who do browse the board every now and again chiming in or having even likely read this thread (besides us three) is demotivating to say the least, yet unsurprising...

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