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Posted on 03-25-18 06:17 PM Link | Quote | ID: 166285

Fuzz Ball
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My 2nd NES game that I wrote from the ground up


This one was a bit tricky to whip up, because it is the first where I had to create my own sprite hit detection.

The paddles, I made it so the velocity of the ball changes when it hits certain spots of them. The outermost parts of the paddle ricochet the ball fastest, where close to the center/dead center, will result in a slower velocity.

The hit detection is not the best, especially at the very tips of the paddles, again this is my first time so go easy on me, heh.

This is also my first time in trying to create AI. It's not the best in how I went about it, when you try out first player, you'll notice pretty quickly how the AI paddle functions.

The scoring goes from 0 to 255, once you pass 255 it simply goes back to 0.

I wanted to stay as close to the arcade version as possible.

Thanks to all who download it and try it out. :-)


Posted on 03-26-18 09:45 PM Link | Quote | ID: 166289

Giant Paratroopa
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This is pretty cool, man. I can't wait to see what kinda game you'll make once NESmaker comes out.

Main - ROM Hacking - Pong (3-5-18) New thread | New reply

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