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Posted on 05-05-17 12:22 AM (rev. 3 of 05-05-17 12:34 AM) Link | Quote | ID: 165545

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Last year, I took my first step into building my own game from scratch. No game was used as a base. However, this game has been left in the dark for quite awhile, and I've lost the drive to complete it, due to working nearly 60 hours a week, I simply don't have the freedom I used to, to do such things as this.

A brief story as to how I came to create this game. I was having dinner with my daughter one night, and she used my smartphone and wanted to play Connect 4 against me. After a few minutes, I thought "hey this would be a good attempt at trying something very small, to create on the NES."

I am not the best graphics designer by any means, and the title song is not even complete, but I wanted to share this regardless, in hopes that one day it may inspire others to attempt to try creating your own game from scratch.

The game IS playable, however it is based around 2 players, obviously. I'm not that smart to think of code to create an AI to play against. I simply made this game, so my children & I could play against eachother. Coming up with the Algorithm was a huge pain in the ass for me. That took the longest time. If you view this game in FCEUX's hex viewer, you will clearly see the game board within the $0-$FF range.

It was a great challenge to do all the stuff I did, there are other ideas I have for doing homebrew, or even ports of some of my favorite Radio Shack Tandy Color Computer games, way back from my youth.

Some screenies.

I don't ever think this will be finished. Because one, I lack the graphic fortitude, and I refuse to have another situation happen to me, as did with a certain other project of mine. & secondly, I don't feel the drive for trying to develop some sort of AI for this. If I were to make a cartridge out of this, I would want this to be complete, and include AI.

For the technical aspect of this game, I chose the MMC3 mapper, simply because I need to bankswap, and have CHR-ROM. I could've used MMC1, but I don't like the 4 to 5 writes to the same mapper register to switch stuff around.


Use the Up/Down arrows to cycle through numbers & letters for your name. Use Left/Right to move the blinking cursor, you are allowed 8 characters. Then press the Start button when you are finished.

Use Left/Right to select what color you'd like for your game piece. I basically give the user the ability to select all available colors offered from the NES. Then press the start button when you are finished.

During gameplay, simply move your game piece with either Left/Right, and use the A button to drop your game piece.



Posted on 05-05-17 05:33 PM Link | Quote | ID: 165561

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I hear ya man.

Making a homebrew is a TON of work. I learned that with my Megaman project.

Just making the sprite engine alone. Sprites aren't hard, but taking a bunch of 8x8 sprite tiles, and depending on the object's direction, setting the sprites up and mirroring them properly is quite a bit of work.

I finally learned the real important difference between ROM hacking and homebrew development. Homebrew development requires a TON of time. So do it if you have the time, otherwise stick to ROM hacking.

That's why I don't even know if I'm going to continue my Megaman project. I might go back to hacking a MM ROM.

Anyway, your game looks cool, and I really like the titlescreen. That's a nice titlescreen you got there. I'll check this out in a little while. Good job with it!

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Posted on 05-06-17 04:20 AM Link | Quote | ID: 165572

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Sweet! Thanks for sharing this with us! Ill give this a go with my girlfriend and prob get my ass beat.

Posted on 05-06-17 05:39 PM Link | Quote | ID: 165575

Fuzz Ball
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Thanks guys! Wish it was more complete, but I'm happy people are trying it lut. :-)

Posted on 05-13-17 03:48 PM (rev. 2 of 05-13-17 03:50 PM) Link | Quote | ID: 165595

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I just played it. It's all the fun of connect 4 without the cleanup hahaha

I can appreciate the time and effort you put into this. Beginning from scratch is a big deal!! Nicely done.

Even without player 2 AI, I think it's pretty cool


For someone without graphics skills, you sure made a nice looking logo!

Posted on 05-14-17 01:46 AM Link | Quote | ID: 165596

Fuzz Ball
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Thanks I appreciate all that!

As for the logo, I found a high quality version of it online, and I used various paint programs to degrade the color quality, and shrink it's size, then did some touch ups to it.

Posted on 07-15-17 02:02 AM Link | Quote | ID: 165770

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Pretty cool, I'm gonna give this a try...

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Posted on 09-02-17 12:10 PM Link | Quote | ID: 165882

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If you don't have the time to make it more complete as you said, you could consider releasing the source code so people could take a look at it.

That said, great work creating a simple homebrew. It's quite a sweet story how you came up with the idea, too.

Main - ROM Hacking - Connect 4 "alpha_5-4-17" (my first nes homebrew attempt) New thread | New reply

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