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Posted on 01-11-17 06:52 PM Link | Quote | ID: 164724

Level: 11

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Since: 05-15-14

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This hack is meant to be like Boss Endurance from the kirby games.

Use your level ups strategically and beat the first few bosses in an order that works best for you.

You have 1 life
Level ups cost less so you'll be somewhere around the appropriate levels for each boss
Magic and Life do not refill when you level up
You cannot save until you beat the game
You have every spell except Fairy
You can get the down thrust technique after beating 2 bosses (It's blocked by 2 locked doors)
There are 2 red jars: First one in a cave behind 1 locked door, second one just before thunder bird

Some other changes could be made for the title screen but it's fine for now.

version 0.6

Comments welcome

Posted on 01-13-17 01:31 PM Link | Quote | ID: 164736

Level: 34

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Since: 04-14-08

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Thanks for sharing this njosro! I tried this out yesterday and had no problems completing it at all. The wizard boss always gets me but I was able to get by him.

Is this going to be the only release you do? Great work!

Posted on 01-14-17 05:59 AM Link | Quote | ID: 164737

Level: 11

Posts: 24/27
EXP: 5809
Next: 176

Since: 05-15-14

Last post: 620 days
Last view: 358 days

I might brush up the spell list so fairy is at the bottom, and I was thinking of maybe changing the intro story text.

But mostly I want to see if people find it too hard or too easy.

Posted on 06-02-17 02:21 PM Link | Quote | ID: 165652

Level: 4

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Since: 06-02-17

Last post: 446 days
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I completed this, although using save states a bit (not excessively). I think I could do it without them, with practice. (In fact, while trying to beat it I came up with a new strategy for Helmethead/Jamafensa.) I think it's just the right difficulty. Good job!

Posted on 07-07-17 01:42 AM Link | Quote | ID: 165762

Giant Paratroopa
Level: 73

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Since: 02-19-07
From: Long Island City, NY

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I'm gonna have to give this a spin...

Main - ROM Hacking Related Releases - Zelda II Boss Endurance New thread | New reply

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