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Posted on 08-01-15 09:58 PM Link | Quote | ID: 160547

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So after i tireless google search i was unable to locate the tile sheets
for the indoor buildings of SOM. I came across your program and it works

However i was hoping to either A) export the tile sheets to png or bmp, preferably png.
or B) copy the individual tiles into paint.

So i noticed under "MapPieces" section you can export to bmp. Although when i try to do so nothing happens. I noticed under "Composite Map" section i can export to png which works, but it would be time consuming to make a tile sheet from the whole map.

So i guess my question is am i missing something or is this not a possibility?

Posted on 09-03-15 08:53 AM Link | Quote | ID: 161005

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someEdit is a work-in-progress alot of things dont work right now, I dont know about this in particular but if you tried and it didnt work, I guess its not implemented yet. Maybe you could try making screen captures of the tile sheet ?

Main - Secret of Mana Hacking - Copy Tile sheets New thread | New reply

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