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Posted on 04-21-15 12:49 AM (rev. 6 of 05-05-15 05:05 AM) Link | Quote | ID: 159962

Fuzz Ball
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We have all seen the little blue guy, but who is he? And what is his purpose? To find out, we must go back to the beginning, and discover what made this guy the blue bomber we all know and love today!

Join Megaman as he begins his early adventures that set the standard for future entries in the series.

Showcasing Megaman 1 & 2 in...... Megaman Origins!

This patch is no longer available for download. Sorry.

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Posted on 04-21-15 04:43 AM Link | Quote | ID: 159968

Red Koopa
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Multi-ROM like infidelity's Super Mario All-Stars for NES.

Megaman Origins MMC5 works on BizHawk latest version.

RetroRain's Megaman Origins not include Megaman 3?

Megaman The Wily Wars for NES including MM1, MM2, MM3 etc.
Megaman Anniversary Collection for NES port including MM1, MM2, MM3, MM4, MM5, MM6 etc.

released Two Mega Man Collection version both WW and AC for NES, this author infidelity not RetroRain.
Plans for NES version of MMWW (MMWW on Genesis/Mega Drive)
-Game Select Menu Screen and Logo (Select Menu only) based on Rockman, MM9 & MM10 Style. No Zoom for Logo.
-support SRAM with 3 games (multi-rom up to 4 games and limit size 32kb) and removed Password System.

Plans for NES version of MMAC (MMAC on PS2 & GCN, Xbox)
-Megaman Anniversary Collection Logo with Parallax Scrolling and walk on select game via door.
-not support SRAM like up to 6 games, that limit size is 32kb.
-Loading Screen wait 10 seconds.

i'm [Censored]
Sorry my bad english, can't speak english :-(

Mega Man & Shantae Fan Lovers!!

Posted on 04-21-15 06:20 AM (rev. 4 of 04-21-15 06:24 AM) Link | Quote | ID: 159972

Fuzz Ball
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To be perfectly honest with you, I wanted to have a third option on the bootup screen. The option would've been this: ??????

Once you had beaten Megaman 1 & 2, the question marks would reveal Megaman 3. However, I could not add Megaman 3 for one simple reason. Megaman 3 uses CHR-ROM, where-as Megaman 1 & 2 use CHR-RAM. Either MM1 & 2 would have to be CHR-ROM, or MM3 would have to be CHR-RAM. Granted I converted MM2 to CHR-ROM, but MM1 was only converted to CHR-ROM in my Upgrade Patch, so I couldn't use it. It had to be a simple CHR-ROM conversion with no other alterations, since the games had to be the original un-altered versions.

In fact, I had even thought to call this Wily Wars for the NES (much like infidelity's SMAS for the NES) if I was able to include Megaman 3.

I have not entirely ruled out the possiblity of re-doing my CHR-ROM conversion of Megaman 1, using the MMC5 mapper and not altering anything else, much like I did with MM2.

Anyway, thank you for letting me know that this works fine on another hardware device.

And yes, if infidelity hadn't done SMAS for the NES, I would not have been inspired to do this, much less think to do it.

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Posted on 04-21-15 02:54 PM (rev. 2 of 04-21-15 02:59 PM) Link | Quote | ID: 159977

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NICE! Love the whole introduction in selecting either game! Very well done RetroRain! :-)

As for the music, I read you wanted the MM2 credits song, with the MM6 sfx. You would have to pick your poison here. You could either, have the authentic MM2 sound engine playing the MM2 credits song, while using a suitable MM2 sfx for when MM shoots during your game selection. Or, use the Capcom 6C80 sound engine, re-compose the MM2 credits song, and simply use the MM6 sfx that utilizes the 6C80. Or you could go hyper advanced, and have the two sound engines co-exist, but imo, that would be overkill, you could force fade the MM2 sound engine, and just before MM is to release his shot at the screen, the 6C80 sound engine kicks on. But again imo that's a bit much. Either way, fantastic job!

Posted on 04-22-15 05:46 AM Link | Quote | ID: 159984

Fuzz Ball
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Thank you!

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Posted on 08-17-16 04:13 AM Link | Quote | ID: 163819

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is there anyway to get this patch or rom that is already patched

Posted on 09-25-16 04:10 AM Link | Quote | ID: 164342

Fuzz Ball
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Since: 09-30-07

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Please highlight to read this post.


On occassion people have asked about getting this patch. I took it down shortly after its initial release because I didn't realize that the actual ROM data of both games was included in the patch. So, I took it down for legal reasons.

However, before I uploaded it to the RHDN database, I uploaded it to Ze Bucket, the site where you can't actually delete the files you upload.

I posted this little hint in a spoiler of one of my posts in the Megaman Origins thread at RHDN.

Since nobody really caught on to it:


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Posted on 09-25-16 04:56 AM Link | Quote | ID: 164343

Giant Red Koopa
ROM Hacking is life!
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From: The Boogie Down Bronx

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Awww yeah, giggity!

Posted on 09-25-16 12:47 PM Link | Quote | ID: 164347

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Thanks for the information RetroRain.

Anyway, why don't you use a patching system that doesn't end up storing all of the original data as you seem to have used? I read somewhere on RHDN that BPS is able to achieve this if you move data around or something like that.

By the way, thanks for the download too, me and Stufid will appreciate that

Jamie Dignam

(post deleted) ID: 165564

Posted on 05-06-17 04:19 AM Link | Quote | ID: 165571

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Awesome news! Will it be difficult to convert Megaman 3 over?

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