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Posted on 09-02-13 09:48 PM (rev. 4 of 09-02-13 10:14 PM) Link | Quote | ID: 154711

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For Mega Man 4, NES.

I haven't really worked on this for a few weeks, because I got discouraged by all of the ASM hacking. It truly is a pain in the ass to do. However, I haven't released anything in the community for a very long time, and I wanted to release at least something by September 1st. So, here ya go. You can play the work-in-progress Alpha v0.1.

This hack is still very much incomplete, and the two levels are not even fully playable.

Moth Man is almost complete, but not finished. Horse Head is half complete. Still lots of work to go.

To access Moth Man, the stage select cursor needs to be on the top-right of the screen. To access Horse Head, the cursor needs to be on the top-center of the screen.

To gain access to the Spin Wheel weapon I have created, just set cheat address or RAM address $B4 to #$FF or some other number around #$C0.

NOTE: You have to set Cheat address or RAM address $B2 to #$FF or some other number around #$C0 to gain access to the Rush Jet, which you will need to get through a certain part of Moth Man's stage.

Have fun!


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Posted on 10-15-13 03:22 AM Link | Quote | ID: 154923

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I checked your rom hack, I know you mean well, but come on guy...
Clean up up your hack abit more, if any fix the stage select.
If you have any levels incomplete, I rather you disable access to them.
Judging from the title screen it seems like a good starter.

Let us know what you got soon.

Posted on 08-17-16 03:59 AM Link | Quote | ID: 163818

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hi could u reupload the demo i cant seem to download it

Main - ROM Hacking Related Releases - Megaman Nemesis Alpha v0.1 New thread | New reply

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