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Posted on 09-23-12 11:11 AM (rev. 2 of 09-23-12 01:54 PM) Link | Quote | ID: 152438

Princess of the Night
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I have been seeing quite a few threads popping up each about one question regarding Zelda 3 or such. So, I thought it would be more convenient to have one thread for all that. (And it does not clog up the pipes as much)

General alttp hacking thread go!

Edit: stickied.

The fun has been doubled!

Posted on 09-23-12 11:21 AM Link | Quote | ID: 152442

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Oh, great idea. I think this thread should be pinned, like General Megaman Hacking Thread.

Posted on 09-23-12 01:13 PM (rev. 2 of 09-23-12 01:15 PM) Link | Quote | ID: 152443

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Lunaria, you read my mind. It would be great to have such a thread. In my opinion epic games like SMW or Mario in general, Super Metroid, Zelda3 and Megaman deserve their own thread.

Posted on 09-24-12 07:05 PM Link | Quote | ID: 152460

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Everyone who is interested in Zelda3 hacking... we just got a general thread. Let me start it by contributing the must have freeware programs, that are necessary for modifying Alttp.

Moding tools for Z3 (Puzzledude's collection)

Links (4 files)





01 Hyrule Magic963. Primary program by Sephiroth3 for editing Alttp. Many are scared by it, because of its buggy nature. At the moment this is the only main program for editing this game.

02 HxD hex editor. A must have hex editor for debugging the HM bugs and more.

03 Windhex. A hex editor with relative search.

04 Zcompress. A program by Fusoya for re/decompressing gfx.

05 YY-chr. A must have gfx editor. (Can be used with other games).

06 Hyrule Add ons. A program by Euclid for editing the enemy health and damage done to the player.

07 RHE-Room header expander. A program by XaserLE, that expands the possibility of transitions between rooms.

08 Lunar Programs by Fusoya.
Lunar ips = IPS patcher/maker
Lunar expand = expands the files up to 8MB
Lunar address = snes to PC and PC to snes address/pointer calculator

09 Snes Stuff. Expander, ips patcher, asm patcher and address calculator in one.

10 WiiqWerts tools
Bottle = a beta program for editing the HUD
Sprite inserter = for inserting custom sprites via asm
Overlord = in use with sprite inserter
xkas = asm inserter

11 Tush. A program that removes or adds the header to the file.

12 Checksum fixer. Additional program for fixing the checksum in a snes rom.

13 CRC calculator. Id calculator for verifying, if the file was correctly patched.

Posted on 09-25-12 01:20 AM Link | Quote | ID: 152463

Mini Octorok
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Can't help but think this thread is because of me


Posted on 09-30-12 10:37 PM Link | Quote | ID: 152559

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My collection of documents, that every Zelda3 moder should read.


Posted on 10-01-12 12:52 AM Link | Quote | ID: 152561

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Man, seeing this only makes me want BlackMagic even more! I can't STAND HyruleMagic and won't even start a hack until there's a better editor. I have tons of respect for the people who have the patience to use HM, and even more for those who have actually finished a full hack with it.

Posted on 10-01-12 12:33 PM Link | Quote | ID: 152562

Level: 39

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Since: 08-16-10

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Using HM forces you to know the actual code in HEX. Then you can see, what is being changed and debug the file using a hex editor. Black Magic editor by MoN is supposed to be better by automatically extending the file to 2MB first. Then each bank has enough space to be changed freely.

Posted on 02-27-14 04:06 AM (rev. 2 of 02-27-14 04:07 AM) Link | Quote | ID: 155816

Red Paragoomba
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I recently got into the goddess of wisdom hack, my god...it's amazing. I think lttp has the most hacking potential due to the huge puzzle nature of the game. The potential amount of fun new puzzle filled worlds is endless.


Posted on 04-01-14 09:59 PM Link | Quote | ID: 156259

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Today (on the best april fools day ever) a special forum has been opened to public, Zeldix, equal to SMW central (only this time it is A link to the past that's being modified).

Join your primary A link to the past hacking resource.


SePH wrote:

"A year and a half ago, in order to finish my hack much faster, I’ve created a secret message board for my hack in development. It was meant at first as a workplace for me, Puzzledude and Euclid as secret hideout for us to concentrate on all the features and aspects of this hack without the need of sending multiple emails between each of us.

Overtime, I’ve invited other people currently making Zelda 3 hacks and eventually it simply became an enormous resource/help for hacking this game! Pretty much everyone contributed something, whether it is documents, asm patches, small hacks… Anything that could help us change other aspects of this game beyond Hyrule Magic. Called ”Zeldix”, it could be almost regarded as the vatican secret archives, only that it’s meant for Zelda 3 modding instead!

People say, that sharing is caring.. so today, it is my great pleasure to make it open to the general public! I’m hoping that by doing so, it’ll give greater hopes to people who think that Zelda 3 hacking in general has been hibernating! Far from that actually, we just have been working in secret If you’re just curious or anything, you can of course just visit us to say hi! We won’t bite!

Regarding the future beta testing phase of Parallel Universes, it’ll be required to register an account there since I’ll create private sub forums when the times comes!
Oh yeah, almost forgot, here’s the address!


I’m pretty sure that’s the best April Fools you’ll ever get!
( Maybe because it isn’t a true one )

~ SePH
P.S: If you ever wondered why my hack has advanced so much in so little time, Zeldix is the only reason for that! See you there!"


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