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Zelda - The Legend of Link (1-10-2017)
Fixed SRAM issue with running on Famicom/Nintendo systems.

So here we are yet again, another revision. This one needed to happen, because it deals with my game running on real hardware.

For years I've always been under the assumption/impression, that the SRAM located at $6000-$7FFF was always 00's when not in use. At least this is what the FCEUX debugger displays that region with. I don't know anything about hardware, only emulation. And via an emulator, I've been shown that the region is 00's. So I've been coding my various SRAM functions, in thinking that area is clear. Turns out with an actual SRAM chip, it is filled with FF's. Now, to save space with PRG-ROM, I would perform a lot of non specific value checks of a register, to see if it was not equal, for instance.

BNE ;to wherever


Now in that example, lets say the player just saved his/her progress, and that value FF represents to NOT allow the game to overwrite sections, or all, of the SRAM.

That's fine and all, but wait. Because I thought the region was all clear, I thought my code was ok, because when you start the cartridge for the first time, that region will be cleared. WRONG!

So what would happen, is that it would never matter if that player saved his/her progress, once that piece of code is initiated for the first time on a new SRAM chip, it will check that register and see it is not equal, and will not initiate an SRAM wipe.

In my romhack, I check a specific register to see if it is not equal, and if that's the case, to not write to the SRAM. This was causing major issues with people running my game on the Famicom or Nintendo. My 2 additional save files were not properly being prepped, so when the player would try to cycle through the registration screen, the game would instantly crash. I couldn't for the life of me figure out why this kept happening, while all 3 major PC emulators ran my game correctly. It wasn't until some clever people were physicaly dumping the SRAM chip from their Famicom/Nintendo MMC5 carts to PC, and sending them to me to view. And when I would view the .sav file with a hex viewer program, I would come across swaths, upon swaths, of FF's.

So then I came up with a new method of prepping the SRAM when the user first boots the cartridge. And now everything works properly.

old notes below

I honestly never thought i'd go back to this game, once it was released. But there was a significant issue that had me upset a lot, and it was the slowdown issue with the sound engine. That sole reason, was why I went back with the limited time I had, and tried to decipher how to either fix completely, or make it considerably better. Then I started implementing things that I personally wished I did before, but didn't have the time, nor the rom space. So i'll list the following as to what I did. 

1: Slowdown of Sound Engine Cut Down ALOT
Back when this was released in 2014, I was talking with members at NESDEV, on how to solve the slowdown issue with my sound engine. The majority of responses, was that I should've had my sound engine as one of the last routines to be loaded within the end of the NMI. So I rearranged my asm, and placed that sound engine at the end. But every time I would get significant crashes, and I couldn't figure out a solution, so I left it as it was. 

Fast forward almost two years, I was going to literally step into every bit of code within the sound engine, to figure why it was crashing at the end of the NMI. While I was stepping, an interrupt would occur and then finish and then go back into the sound engine. I kept getting frustrated saying, why wont you stop interrupting! I'm trying to rea...... wait a minute...... So it was then, that I located an unused register, and I performed the following. When the sound engine is about to be initiated, I set the free register to not equal (01) Now here's the part of success, After the beginning of my NMI when the A,X,Y are pushed to the stack, I do a check of the register that was set at the beginning of the sound engine, if it's not equal, I jump to the pull stack at the very end of the NMI. I couldn't believe it when I restarted the game, it didn't crash, and there was no slowdown at Link's house with the octorocks, and links sprite shield! 

That's not to say that it is totally fixed, there is still slowdown here and there, but it is NOTHING like my last version. I also placed Link's sprite shield asm at the end of the NMI, because that uses a lot of cpu since I do lots of checks and repositionings of it. I went to various places that I know horrific slowdown takes place, and it was either normal, or a slight slowdown! This is something that stopped me from enjoying my own work, and has been the subject of displeasure ive read throughout the internet. So I'm very happy with just this one fix, which is why I feel this worthy of a re-release. But then after that, I wanted to add things for me personally. 

2: 3 Save Game File System
I destroyed the original $6000-$7FFF sram when designing my game, because I tried using more space for things, the sound engine ram registers are located within there. The original Zelda HEAVILY uses the sram for PRG, because 3 quarters of the HW bank are occupied with DPCM data. When I converted my rom to MMC5, I wasn't that fully experienced with register $5113, which allows you to swap out 4 pages (2000 bytes each) of sram. It wasn't until my Super Mario All-Stars NES project, that I fully understood how to take advantage of that. 

So just a few days ago, I went back to see if I could pull it off within Legend of Link. I'll spare getting into details, but I was able to make it so just before the registration screen kicks on, I simply copy a byte at a time from the 1st sram page, then i'll swap the page, and paste that byte into the new sram page, and I do that for the rest of the pages. And I added a safety check, so that my routine doesn't overwrite saved data once it's created. Then it was just a cosmetic issue for me to come up with, in order to use the File system on the registration screen. So glad I got that working! It always upset me when players would defeat the game, and were faced with having to delete all that they did to start over fresh. I'm sorry it took almost two years, but this has finally been resolved. 

3: Inventory Items In The 3 Boxes & Current B Button Item Now Saved & Restored
This one was just for kicks. I could've cared less about having this. But I discovered I had just a slither of free sram that I could utilize for this idea. It was an incredibly easy thing to perform, so I'm glad I added it in. 

So that's everything. I will no longer be updating or adding anything new to this. The only time is if there is a significant game crashing issue. I have no time to debug or test this out. I have tested on all 3 major PC emualtors. FCEUX, Nestopia, Nintendulator. The game boots, plays, saves, loads, etc. The only thing I'm waiting on, is to test this on my actual front loader Nintendo. I hope you all enjoy the upgrades and fixes. Idk when i'll be back, but I really wanted to get this out to everyone, I just hope it's not buggy as hell with this 3 file save system. 

Also if anyone here knows how to contact moderators at romhacking.net, would you please do so, so they can be directed here to the .ips file, and obtain it themselves so they can update their thread they made for Legend of Link, to include the 2016 patch. Thank you! 


p.s. I'm pretty amazed no one has discovered my hidden features in almost two years, heh heh heh. :-D

Old Release Notes Below

Current known oddities are...
1. Arrow counter will sometimes say (00) when entering dungeons. This is due to my forcing the vram to update more than it should. I have to cycle the high byte ppu for the counter address on/off, so that there is no constant vram glitches. Unfortunately this isn't perfect, and when entering areas that update the info bar, you may experience (00's), but, you still have the same arrow count you possessed, it will fix itself by either shooting an arrow, or obtaining one.

2. Pegasus Boots. The following areas will cause a minor quick blackout, when crashing into walls in these areas. (dungeon stairways or item rooms) (shops/warp caves) (connecting underground passages) I never learned or figured out, how Zelda makes the in-game screen completely black, while the info bar stays intact. There are no ppu rendering doing this, nor palette blackouts.

3. Inventory Cursor. To properly exit out of the inventory, the blinking red/blue cursor must be over an item in your inventory. If you try to exit out of the inventory while the cursor is over nothing, you will not be allowed to exit the inventory. The only time you can exit the inventory when you have NO items, is when the cursor is over the spot for the boomerang, the upper left portion of the inventory box. This is because the game uses the cursors position as the item to store from the inventory into $656ram. I setup the exit routine for the inventory this way, so that no undesired results kick in.

4. Slowdown/Lag. This is due to the original game not being designed, to do all of the extra things that I have going on. That, and my poor asm writing, adds to the slowdown to the game. A lot of my routines through the years were long, I shorted some of them, but it only helped slightly. You will notice lag especially when you have multiple enemies on the screen, and you make Link either throw the boomerang, or walk up or down, since I gave Link a sprite shield, but it's xy position is constantly updated, to make it move fluidly with Link's xy where ever he goes. I apologize for the lag, there is no way around it.

5. Incomplete grass/bush cutting. I had to code this asm from scratch, it was very difficult, and it isn't perfect by any means. But once in a great while, you may end up with an incomplete vram removal of the bush you tried to cut, or even no removal at all.

Now, onto the current revision list...

Changes in v4.0 are...

1. Link now keeps the letter forever.

2. Make Light World gate opening value stored into sram, when ram value is written.

3. Added a key within a specific skull dungeon room, so that Link does not become trapped, forcing death/reset.

4. Stop Pegasus Boots from appearing as sword, when running with boots in both A/B button boxes.

5. Redid bomb mechanics within the inventory. When you obtain a bomb, it will forever be within the inventory menu, even when the counter is 0. When the counter is 0 once you deplete your bombs, you can still swap them out within the item boxes too.

I'd like to acknowledge a few people, that helped me get this project to where it is today.

snarfblam: Without your custom level editor infedit, I wouldn't have gotten everything designed/constructed in a timely fashion that I've been able to do so. I extremely appreciate your kindness in creating that level editor. Many, many thanks!

Thanatos-Zero: The graphical wizard I've had the upmost respect, for almost a decade. You have given this project an extra layer of freshness, with all of your complete redesigns of every sprite within the game. I cannot wait for everyone to see your designs. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to this project!

kuja killer: Thank you so much for teaching me more about the MMC5, in how it can swap the hard wired bank. Because of you, I was able to save my once destroyed DPCM sfx. Because of your idea, I now have 3, 4000 byte hard wired banks, that get swapped when needing to load my scattered DPCM sfx. AND, you were the one who figured out the version of FCEUX I was using, was lacking the proper MMC5 usage of register $5130. Then the FCEUX devs put a revision fixing that, and I was able to continue on with my work! Now because of that, I could bring to life my vision of how my story/mini game/and Ganon, would all function! Thank You!

never-obsolete: I still can't thank you enough for sharing the information, on where Zelda stored it's in-game playing field. Because of that, I was able to figure out how the collision hit detection worked with each 8x8 metatile, and from there, construct many different types of actions for Link. Thank You!

AND, to all of you who tested and reported all of my betas & final versions! Cannot thank you all enough for that!

Now for the rom specs
Converted from MMC1 to MMC5
Inserted custom MMC5 irq engine
Installed custom modified Capcom 6C80 Sound Engine, with DPCM usage

Will this work on...?
This game will NOT work on the N8 Everdrive, or PowerPak's. The N8 Everdrive uses 512kb PRG & CHR-ROM. I contacted the creator, but he wasn't interested in creating a revision to his product. PowerPak's are in the same boat. Loopy's MMC5 patch works on MMC5 games, but, my work is too large for it to handle.

The game has been tested on the following emulators

FCEUX PC - Latest Build http://sourceforge.net/projects/fceultra/files/Binaries/2.2.2/fceux-2.2.2-win32.zip/download
Nestopia PC - Latest Build http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/nestopia/Nestopia140bin.zip?download
Nintendulator PC v0.975 Unofficial Release - Latest Build http://www.qmtpro.com/~nes/nintendulator/nintendulator_bin_ansi.zip
Nintendulator PC v0.970 Official Release - Latest Build http://www.qmtpro.com/~nes/nintendulator/nintendulator0970bin_ansi.zip
nesDS Special Build http://www.mediafire.com/download/zszgb2bzeoabvjq/NesDSv1.3bfixed.7z
Retroarch Using Nestopia Core Wii/WiiU - Latest Build http://www.libretro.com/wp-content/plugins/cip4-folder-download-widget/cip4-download.php?target=wp-content/releases/Wii/retroarch-wii-v1.0.0.2.zip&info=wp-content/releases/Wii/.cip4-download-info.csv
Android Users https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vapps.NesEmu2&hl=en

Note on Retroarch on the WiiU. You will need to launch Retroarch from within a usb loader, such as Wiiflow or USB Loader GX, for Retroarch to load properly. There is a bug/glitch within the Homebrew Channel, that causes the emulator to load all of it's configuration files incorrectly, and you will not be able to save in any way shape or form. So just be careful. ALSO, if for some reason RetroArch does not appear within your usb loader of choice, simply exit back to The Homebrew Channel, and select RetroArch from there. Exiting the usb loader fixes the correct aspect ratio for The Homebrew Channel, resulting in the correct loading of RetroArch.

There is a fast way to learn if my rom will play perfectly on an emulator you use. Watch the intro after the title screen fades away. I have a golden scroll moving up the screen. If that scroll & text comes up garbage, then you should stop playing unfortunately. This is because the emulator you are using, is not utilizing the MMC5 register $5130 correctly. I perform chr swaps for 3 specific things, the intro, a mini game, and the Ganon fight. If you continue to play the game with the garbaged gfx, it will obviously look bad, and it might even crash.

And now, here are some gfx to show off! :-D

New Info Bar

As you can see, the outworld map has been removed. what you see, are 3 boxes that can store any type of useable inventory item. This is to eliminate the constant entering/exiting of the inventory menu to swap out 1 item. Now you can have 3 items at once to choose from during in-game play!


The hero of legend!

Blue Shield

Deflects small attacks, such as arrows & rocks

Red Shield

Deflects some larger attacks, such as enemy fireballs & wizard blasts

Carefull For Holes In The Ground


Roc's Feather

This item allows Link to jump. Try it over holes!


The princess of Hyrule!

Old Man

You will encounter him throughout the game. Sometimes giving you either items, advice, etc.

Old Woman

You will encounter her throughout the game. Mostly as a seller of healing.


You will find him running various shops throughout the game.


A typical sword, gets the job done to a degree

Master Sword

The infamous Master Sword! Has increased damage towards enemies, and even emits a magical zap when your at full health!

Tempered Sword

The Master Sword in it's tempered form! It provides the maximum damage towards enemies. It's The most powerful blade to ever be wielded by the hero of legend!


This item can stun specific enemies, and can also attach to certain items, and return back to Link.

Magical Boomerang

Performs just the same as the boomerang, only now it can travel the entire length of the screen.


Your typical bomb. Great for blowing up enemies, and blocked caves, and even cracked dungeon walls! BOOM!


Allows Link to shoot arrows at enemies


These are your standard arrows.

Silver Arrow

The ONLY weapon to destroy the evil wizard Ganon!


This item allows you to reach certain areas you normally cant reach. It can also stun enemies like the boomerang, and it can also obtain specific items and return back to Link. BOING!


Just like the hookshot, but can launch much further.


This item allows Link to travel back & forth at will, from the Light & Dark Worlds of Hyrule!


In order to purchase potions, you need to have an empty bottle. Find this bottle, and you can drink up!

Blue Potion

When you drink this, it will fill your health and your magic meter.

Red Potion

Same function as the blue potion, only when you drink the red potion, you will be left over with the blue potion.

Pegasus Boots

With these boots, you are able to run very fast! You can open a blocked cave entrance, by ramming into it. And, when you have Roc's Feather, you can jump even further than you ever could before!

Hover Boots

An enhancement to The Pegasus Boots. With The Hover Boots, they give Link the ability to walk on air over any pits/holes he comes into contact with! But be warned, they must be equipped within the B button box, or else Link will plummet to his demise as before.


The only item that can slam down any wooden pegs, that Link will come into contact with.


This is the only item, that will allow you to see within dungeons. When you obtain the lantern, you will then obtain the magic meter. While you continue to illuminate the dungeon, your magic meter will slowly deplete. Once your magic is depleted, you will no longer be able to illuminate the dungeon, unless, you refill the magic meter with a potion.

Red Lantern

With this lantern, you will only need to use it once to illuminate a dungeon. However, when you exit out of a secret stairway from within a dungeon, you will need to illuminate the dungeon again just one time. This item has infinite magic power.

Pendant of Quake

This item consumes your entire Magic Meter. Lightning strikes Link's sword, then he performs a jump flip, and stabs his sword into the ground, causing a massive earthquake, stunning & killing all enemies that are currently on the screen. This item can even unearth a certain entrance.

Outworld Map

A very important item to have in your inventory! Once you obtain this item, you will be able to keep track of everywhere you have walked within the outworld. Again, this item will only display where you have walked, once you obtain it. You can also view where the 9 dungeons are within both the Light & Dark worlds of Hyrule.


With the flippers, you will be able to swim through very deep waters! Press the A button to give Link a brief burst of speed. Press & hold the B button, to swim under water to evade projectile attacks, and to even swim underneath any Zora's blocking your path. BUT, watch your air gauge, don't stay under water too long, or your heatlh will deplete quickly, and you will evidently drown the hero of legend!

Blue Ring

When you have the blue ring, you will take less damage from enemies. Your tunic color, will remain the same lovely shade of green.

Red Ring

With the red ring, you will take even less damage from enemies! The toughest you can ever get in the game! And again, your tunic will remain green.

Heart Container

There are only 8 of these in the entire game. The only way to obtain these, are to slay the 8 dungeon bosses guarding the triforce pieces.

Heart Piece

There are only 20 of these in the entire game. 10 are located in the Light World, & 10 are located in the Dark World. Collect 4 at a time, and you will increase your heart container count by 1.


Fills one empty heart container


A blinking rupee, is worth 1 rupee

5 Rupees

Pretty self explanatory, it's worth 5 rupees.


The traditional key. But, they are not just solely for dungeon use...


Located throughout all of Hyrule, they can fill your heart containers partially, or even fully.

Here are some of the various enemies, Link will encounter.






WARNING! Patch Must Be Used On A PRG0 Version of The Legend of Zelda Thanks goes to Trax for informing me on this.

old release notes are below
old release notes are below
old release notes are below
old release notes are below

1-2-14 ALPHA v0.8 RELEASED
Patch Must Be Used On A PRG0 Version of The Legend of Zelda Thanks goes to Trax for informing me on this.

For Bugs/Glitchs, Report Them Below
I've created a wiki page, for players to contribute bugs/glitches found within Zelda - The Legend of Link alpha v0.8.

For compliments/comments/remarks on the sprite designs within Zelda - The Legend of Link, direct them to Thanatos-Zero.

Well, since October 2011, I've been messin around with The Legend of Zelda for nes. I honestly have had no plan, and no idea on what im doing with this game. I've been basicly using this experience as another teaching tool for myself, in writing/modifying asm. I never intended to make a hack out of this rom, but it's kind of taken a hold of me, and I've been haing great success in doing asm on my own. I'm not saying yes, but i'm not saying no as well, to the thought of making a full fledge hack of this game.

I'd like to share 2 videos, just a small portion of what i've done to the game.

The things that have been done to this are strictly on an ASM level, not a graphic level. I only have Windows 7, and therefore, cannot use any of the current Zelda level editors, so I have to do everything by hex. If I wanted to, I could literaly design the game any way I want by hex, but I will not do such a thing until i come up with a rough draft on how I want the game to be.

I hope you like the videos/asm that i've done. There's other things that I've created and have ideas that are in the process of being created, but I'd like to keep those to myself. :-p

The Pegasus Shoes

The Boomerang

The Hookshot

Enjoy. :-)


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This is very impressive. It's been awhile since I've seen a NES asm hack and felt excited about its potential, but those few items could have a hand in a very nice hack.

How does the hookshot interact with enemies?

Design © 2009 Stark
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boomerangs don't work like this

Seriously, though, nice work. Have you considered setting up, for instance, a VM running XP if you are having continued trouble running the editors?

I think the shoes would seem "more professional", whatever that means, if they had an LoZ3-like "accelerate in place" phase before you actually commence moving fast.

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Very nicely done. These look very cool, keep up the good work. Man, maybe I should start learning asm so I could learn to do some cool stuff like this.

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Posted by infidelity
I only have Windows 7, and therefore, cannot use any of the current Zelda level editors, so I have to do everything by hex.

Zelda Tech and Dungeon Master should run under Windows 7. Having the right version of the .NET framework might help (I think they both target version 2). If not, I'd be curious to find out what the problem is.

If you are interested in working on a hack, maybe you could contribute to or incorporate existing efforts. There's a post about a very extensive (but incomplete afaik) hack to the game's engine to give much more freedom on RDHN. Scroll up to see my auto-map hack.

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Posted by Xeruss
This is very impressive. It's been awhile since I've seen a NES asm hack and felt excited about its potential, but those few items could have a hand in a very nice hack.

How does the hookshot interact with enemies?

Thank you for those kind comments! With enemies (as of right now) the hook is the part that deals damage to the enemies. It hits, while passing through the enemy, and if the enemy is still within the area of where the hook will return to link, the enemy will get hit again by the hook.

@blackhole89. Thank you for saying nice work! snarfblam brought it to my attention that his editors should work on my os. The dungeon editor does, but when I try to use his outworld editor, it will give errors when opening up an unmodded/modded zelda rom, talks about combos? As for your comment about the Pegasus Shoes. I could make it more LoZ3-esk, I just thought for now it would be cool to be really really cheap with these shoes hahaha! The thing that I love the most about this, is that Link's shield is still protecting him, as he runs with his sword drawn. Makes me think of the movie 300, hahaha!

@AnAxemRanger. You should! 6502 ASM is fantastic! :-D

@snarfblam. Zelda Tech gives me an error every time i try to load a zelda rom. I'll post the error report. I'm using 3.3b from romhacking.net.

An exception has occured and been handled:

[System.TypeInitializationException]: "The type initializer for 'ZTech.Combo' threw an exception."
Command: "C:\Users\infidelity\Desktop\zelda editors\zeldatech3.3\ZeldaTech.exe"
Path: C:\Users\infidelity\Desktop\zelda editors\zeldatech3.3
OS Version: 6.1.7601.65536
Framework Version: 2.0.50727.5448
Culture: en-US
Software Version:
Date/Time: 3/15/2012 3:18:46 PM
DateTime Format: M/d/yyyy h:mm tt

Stack Trace:
at ZTech.Combo.ReadCombosFromFile(FileStream Stream)
at ZTech.ZTechForm.OpenRom(Boolean AskFilename)

Exception Trace:
- ZeldaTech "The type initializer for 'ZTech.Combo' threw an exception."
- mscorlib "Access to the registry key 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ZeldaTech' is denied."

I tried grabbing .NET Framework 2.0, but when i try to run it, it says it's only for x64bit i believe it said. I think my system is x32?

I went to the link you sent about you and others working on Zelda. Jigglysaint seems to have found the same kind of stuff that I found, particulary when it deals with revealing the secret caves. I made it so a sword swipe could uncover it. I also changed it so a bomb could blow up a bush. I have a major idea in my head for my next asm challange with this game, and it deals with the outworld, and it pertains with all of $14010-$18000. I don't want to say anything until I can pull this off. My theory and tests are coming along great, there's just one thing I have to get my head around. I have vacation next week, so I'm hoping during that time, I can get what I want done, and I would like to share my results with you, if or when the time comes.

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I made a GameGenie code a long time ago for The Legend of Zelda that made the whole overworld dark (night-time). For a better night-time effect, keep the ground black, but make the grey mountains dark blue. Trust me, it looks good! Not saying yours looks bad, but give it a shot!

Either palette #$01 or #$02.

My YouTube Channel

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Oh the reason for the bg color change, was just to show off the design of the chain itself. Believe me, if i were to make a change for bg colors, i wouldnt use what is shown in the video, hahaha! :-p

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Thanks for posting the error report. It's enormously helpful when you know exactly what is wrong right off the bat.

Would you mind trying out an updated version? http://snarfblam.com/ztechhome/zeldatech3.4.zip

Is Dungeon Master giving you similar difficulties? Either way, I'll check it out and try to make sure it doesn't have the same kind of issues.

Thanks again!

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Dungeon master worked right off the bat. I figured out Zelda Tech, i ran it as administrator, and it loaded my rom. :-) And @blackhole89, i took your request, and made it happen last night. :-) Ill post a video at some point of it in action. :-)


Here's the video of my updated asm on the Pegasus Shoes. This I believe will be the final version for the shoes. This is as close as I could get, to paying tribute the original Pegasus Shoes in ALTTP. Hope you like it! :-)

Pegasus Shoes ASM Updated

I apologoze if it looks as if the wall shaking is terrible. YouTube is not doing my work any justice. The more i watch this here, the more im upset at the quality of the video. :-( I'll see if i can upload the video in the Uploader... :-/

K, uploader doesn't like my 6mb size, and tells me i lack power. Mediafire it is then.


Posted on 03-20-12 04:05 AM Link | Quote | ID: 150530

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Awesome work dude! There is nothing wrong with the wall shaking at all! I am happy for you that you are able to do these kinds of things!

You definitely inspire me!

Do you like Starburst?

*Gives some Starburst to infidelity*

My YouTube Channel

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Very nice work. The wall shaking looks great the way it is. The only improvement I can see for the boots would be to add some knock-back when you collide with a wall. Other than that, can't wait to see what else you have.

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Posted by infidelity
Dungeon master worked right off the bat. I figured I apologoze if it looks as if the wall shaking is terrible.

I thought it looked awesome.

I've had issues in the past with NES footage on YouTube. I tried uploading some Contra gameplay footage, and YouTube halved the frame-rate, causing flickering sprites to disappear completely. I haven't had any issues since I started using the XVid codec, so you might want to try that.

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Posted by RetroRain
Awesome work dude! There is nothing wrong with the wall shaking at all! I am happy for you that you are able to do these kinds of things!

You definitely inspire me!

Do you like Starburst?

*Gives some Starburst to infidelity*

Thank you very much for those kind words! And yes & thank you, I love Starburst! :-p

Posted by never-obsolete
Very nice work. The wall shaking looks great the way it is. The only improvement I can see for the boots would be to add some knock-back when you collide with a wall. Other than that, can't wait to see what else you have.

Took your "improvement" suggestion. Below is the absolute final version of the Pegasus Shoes. I hope now, it is perfect. I also made it so the sword is only sticking out when your running. Before I could just rapidly tap the B button, and the sword would come out every time.

Pegasus Shoes (FINAL VERSION 3-22-12)

And, just incase, i'll have a .zip file of the actual video, like i did before.

Posted by snarfblam

I thought it looked awesome.

I've had issues in the past with NES footage on YouTube. I tried uploading some Contra gameplay footage, and YouTube halved the frame-rate, causing flickering sprites to disappear completely. I haven't had any issues since I started using the XVid codec, so you might want to try that.

Glad it looked awesome! Now I hope the new video looks awesome! :-)

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Awesome coding work right here! It already looks better then most things the zelda classic dev team puts out, and this was done in ASM! :derp:

The fun has been doubled!

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Ok. This next update is a big one imo. I came up with an idea awhile back, on seeing if it could be possible to create a whole other world within the rom. Last week during my vacation, i began laying down the foundation of what i'm about to show you.

To those who already know the inner working of The Legend of Zelda, you'll know what i'm talking about. In the $15### area, bank 05, it contains all the 10 byte string combos that construct a screen. In the $18### and $19### area, it contains the screen id properties for the outworld, and stores them into RAM.

Now again, to those who know the rom, there are registers set aside in ram specificly for the outworld, 80 bytes worth in the $6## area. My original concept was to make it so the other world could share those registers, but thats impossible, due to keeping track of how many enemies are left on that screen, what secrets have been uncovered, and if you obtained the secret on that screen.

I converted my rom to MMC3 when i started back in October, and i have the PRG and CHR at max capacity. So, I wanted to see if i could fanagle a way, to bankswap to another bank, pointing to specific asm, and have it load separate "combos" from the original table within $15###

I was able to do so, plus some. ;-)

My rom is now setup with a total of 9 worlds. 9 individual worlds, having they're own unique 00-7F screen id's & properties. You name it, palettes, enemies, secrets, sfx, etc, etc.

The only thing that cannot be done, and this is due to the lack of free space in RAM, is having unique secrets sharing the same screen id. Example. If you have a secret on screen 70 in world 1, uncover it, and you goto say screen 70 on world 6, whatever you uncovered back in world 1, will be unveiled when you enter on screen 70 of world 6.

This imo, is no real big issue. I just have to spread out the secrets and stuff.

I also modified the save function, and in-game play, to display what current world you're on in text. The -S E L E C T - screen i constructed and shifted some things, so that my concecpt could fit. For in-game play, i modified some asm where it writes text right above the map that shows your current position.

In order for me to be able to save what world your in when you save, I took out the Arrows in $659. I modified the Bow, so that when you obtain the Bow, that Arrows come equipped with it. In the inventory, the cursor skips over the number 03. 02 represents the Arrow. So again, i did some asm shifting, made it so the cursor goes to number 03, which is the Bow, and made it so the asm for the Bow, isn't looking for the number 02, which means you have arrows.

Snarfblam informed me that his editor works on windows 7, and i'm able to use it.

So, when I want to construct a new world, i do the construction, copy all of the $15### combos, and all the $18### $19### stuff for RAM, and paste them into the specific bank that has the asm to load the new level.

First, here is a diagram i made *the grids are from snarfblam's editor, and i just altered it using Paint* that shows my moving from one world to another concept.

And below, is a video that demonstrates how it works. *I froze a specific register in the hex editor, to have Link pass through soild objects, to speed up the process of what i want to show. Also, the numbers you see, are just there until I come up with names for the worlds*

The Legend of Zelda (Multiple Worlds Concept)

I made up some asm, that does checks for screen id's and Link's position. If your on say screen 0F of world 1, and you want to goto screen 00 of world 2, i have it do a check of the current screen id you're on, what direction you're facing, what current world you're on, and have it do the proper loading sequences for whatever world is to come up, then, instead of the byte going from 0F to 10, i do some math to have it revert back to 00, how i do that, is tell the current screen *0F* that it's really *FF* and when it adds to that byte, it turns it into *00* :-)

My rom is also setup for CHR swapping/animation, and at some point i may insert a palette animation table.

Oh, and this is just for the outworld. I have no intention of messing with the dungeons. That is all.

Enjoy the info. :-)

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Very interresting dear Infidelity. What would be now the next step?

I was a prisoner enclosed in the void, were everything might end up just as myself.
There I was called the death in the void, but after a long sleep my drill was ready to pierce the void.
I came back... to guide those who are in doubt and to crush any corrupted mind.
"Just who in the hell do you think I am?!".

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Well for now, im holding off on level designs, just focusing on asm. Ive spent the last week working on a new item and am very happy with the results. Ill post a video hopefuly tomorrow or saturday. :-)


And here's the video. :-)

The Shovel

I'm not the best drawer in the world, but i didn't want to rip the shovel gfx from alttp due to it being 16x16. I want to keep the item 8x16, like i did for The Hookshot. :-/

The asm i did for this, i'm really proud of. I ripped the dug up gfx from alttp using tile molester alternative. The first version of The Shovel, I had it where I can dig everything, walls, you name it! I may incorporate an enhancement to the shovel, where you're able to do what i just mentioned. This verison of The Shovel, you are able to dig the ground, bushes, and sand. The dungeons for right now, i have it where you can dig the sand at the entrances. (tile 68)

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I'm not sure how I overlooked this, but I did!

I didn't even know you posted a video of the shovel. Probably because I've been so busy and have had so much on my mind the last few weeks.

Anyway, I think the shovel is cool. However, I wouldn't make it so that the shovel can dig out walls and trees. Digging out the walls and trees is un-realistic, and could potentially create problems. Like the one I already saw at the end of your video. What is stopping Link from digging up the last row of trees on the bottom of the screen, and scrolling the screen down? And even if you are having "multiple worlds", you'd still have the same problem. There'd be no end. By digging up walls and trees, it basically defeats the purpose of the game, and the exploration, since there would be nothing to stop the player from digging through any obstacle he or she wished. I would just leave the shovel to digging up the ground and sand. Perhaps you could add a random-number generator, so that when you dig up a certain ground/sand tile, a ruppee/arrow/bomb appears, or maybe even an enemy!

I never got to comment on the multiple-worlds concept.

It's not really a good idea, for the simple fact that remember how long it took GameMakr24 to make Zelda Challenge. You're talking about spending potentially YEARS on this hack, and it's just not worth it. If you had a big team that could help you whenever you wanted, then fine. But it's not a realistic idea, in my opinion. Unless of course you wanted simply 2 worlds. I can see that. But 9 different worlds, each with their own unique-ness and different dungeons would prove to be too great a task for one person, even for a small team.

You have to look at the work load too, and ask yourself what are you really going for. I believe it is important to have fun when working on your hack, so by all means, have fun with all of these neat things. But if you are looking to make a complete hack, almost a whole new Zelda 1-style game, with new music, graphics, asm, levels, text, 9 different worlds, with 9 dungeons in each, which is 81 different dungeons, and each world having it's own uniqueness. Just making 1 world unique is hard enough.

But, I'm sure you get the point.

Still looking forward to seeing more. You have definitely put me in the mood for some Zelda 1 hacking, that's for sure!

It would be cool to see if you could make some new enemies, with new behaviors, or maybe even let Link acquire some flippers, so he can just go in the water and swim. These are some ideas that I was working with on my Zelda game, Zelda Hazard, which I stopped for various reasons. Anyway, good luck!

My YouTube Channel

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Check your PM RetroRain. :-P

Posted by RetroRain
What is stopping Link from digging up the last row of trees on the bottom of the screen, and scrolling the screen down?

I intentionaly created a table that checks Link's positions, to make sure that he cannot dig the outer bushes. This is so if the player does this, and forces a scroll, the player doesn't end up getting stuck.

Also on the subject dealing with The Shovel, I wanted to make it so I have an item that can uncover the secret caves hidden under the bushes. When I figured out how the rom changes the physical attributes to a 16x16 area, once you uncover a secret staircase, I implemented it into my shovel.

The Candle is no longer in my hack, and I didn't want to make the bombs blow up the bushes to uncover the stairs.

I basicly work on a "what if..." basis, and so far up to this point, everything I've thought of has worked.

I will not have the shovel dig up walls and stuff. I was just so excited that I could manipulate the attributes to stuff already written to the nametable, that I started thinking crazy. I do however like the fact that you can dig up the bushes, i'm keeping that. I was very excited that I could pull that off, and I'm going to keep it in the game.

As for your comments on my multiple world concept...

I honestly feel that it's not that big of an issue. I dont however, know any of the other Zelda hacks that are out there, and how long it took to make them, etc. I am aware of Outlands, and have played just a few minutes of it in my lifetime.

I wanted to create 9 worlds, because I just feel that I cannot create a vast world, with only 7F screens. Could I create a Dark World? Absolutly i could, and the thought has crossed my mind many many times. But I just like the concept of having a vast world, with different colors, animation, music. My knowledge and writing of asm has vastly improved since i began in '05, so time on writing isn't a problem.

Imo, it wouldn't take years. At this stage, I'm still in the ASM aspect of hacking the rom. Any kind of level design, enemy placements, will come after I've done everything i wanted ASM wise to the rom.

As of right now, I've been in the process of adding/creating 4 additional items to the inventory, giving Link a total of 12 useable items instead of 8.

Thank you, and others, that have had such an interest in this project. It's huge motivation. :-)

Thanks again to everyone! More news to come. :-)
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