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Posted on 06-16-11 03:58 AM (rev. 2 of 06-16-11 04:06 AM) Link | Quote | ID: 143844

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Super Mario RPG Rom Hack "Reserve_22//".

Approx. hack length: >30 minutes.

Detailed information.
Nothing extravagant here, just a small ROM hack. Mario finds himself falling from the sky into a mansion owned by some Lakitu named "Laki-Laki." whom has let her mansion be infested with ghosts and ghouls of several kinds.

Creepy stuff happens in nowhere.

See for yourself what happens.



Board 2 Uploaded Link to hack. (IPS.)

You're welcome to pick apart this hack, and learn from what it has to offer, despite not being a whole lot. This hack was lots of trial and error, and I wanted to make Gian a little more hopeful that people CAN make some cool stuff with his editor, since there aren't as many hacks as in Super Mario World.

You can't just pick up the editor and make some stupid, glitchy level and call it a hack. ...well, no, that's not true. You can do it, it just takes more effort to create something in LS than LM.

Point is, I want feedback on this hack, and hope that some people can use some tricks that I used here to create your own hacks, or improve on them.

Posted on 06-18-11 12:46 AM (rev. 2 of 06-18-11 12:46 AM) Link | Quote | ID: 143930

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Pretty damn awesome hack in my opinion, gave me lots of inspiration.
Good humor and story. Loved the ending.
This one got more in it than I expected it to be, great job!

- You can skip "Geno". (Unless that's what you intended)
- There's a missing floor at... I believe it's the fourth room.
- The part where you swim, the solidity isometric tiles is one tile down, which makes you go "outside" the swimming area.

One last thing... How long time did it take you to make this?

Posted on 06-18-11 01:39 AM Link | Quote | ID: 143931

Level: 27

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I know about most of those bugs, I believe...

And it took me about six days and about 36-38 hours from first modification total. Glad you liked it so much.

Introduction to The Lazy Shell Editor (youtube)
Super Modify RPG's Youtube Channel.

Posted on 06-18-11 04:41 AM (rev. 2 of 06-18-11 04:49 AM) Link | Quote | ID: 143933

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Awesome hack, played through the whole thing. The rooms were interesting, I enjoyed what you did with the enemy boos in the first room after Laki-Laki. I like the custom animations you did, as well as the enemies that used them.
I thought you used the music with the manipulated pitch pretty well. I like how you used the sprite effects on some NPCs, really gave it a unique feeling overall.

I'm really curious how you did the end boss cutscene. I'm taking a guess at how you did it:
You slowly set the entire screen white, then changed the level palette and removed all sprites except Mario. Then you changed the level to Culex's room and had Geno pre-positioned in there. Then you did a bunch of event script stuff that I'm going to skip because it'll be tedious to list it all.
Please explain this when you get a chance.

All in all, the hack was pleasant to play through. Although the hack was short, I think you did very good on the atmosphere of the whole thing. It felt very mysterious, I felt anxious almost while playing. So I think you hit a good note, well done.

I have some bugs/complaints in the spoiler below:
- You can jump over the first event in the game.
- The map with the first introduction of the Spirit Bombs shows the corner of another map on the right.
- In the path puzzle room, you can just go through window and skip the entire puzzle (it really threw me off when I accidentally went in there).
- Are there any formations with the Shy Ghoul?
- Could the second shop also carry the weaker potions? I don't want to pay 25 coins for get a potion that a 5 coin potion can do (FP potions).
- You misspelled "Sheild Order", should be "Shield Order"
- You can run away from the 2nd to last battle.

- If you can figure out how level 453's entire map had a shaded layer, use that effect in Geno's room. For some reason if you test it in LS it doesn't show up.
- In the room of the last screen shot in your opening post, maybe move the Murky Boos to the beginning of the narrow water path. Once you are on the pathway, a trigger is set and they begin to chase you down the path. If they catch you, you get sent back to the beginning of room. It was just a thought, since the Murky Boos go through the layers in the level, thought it could reduce glitchiness without removing an obstacle.

Peace!Layout by Erik557 & LDA.
Thank you!

Posted on 06-18-11 05:27 AM (rev. 2 of 06-18-11 05:58 AM) Link | Quote | ID: 143935

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-Yup, I did. I was planning on having the game go into Game Over if you didn't fight him. I didn't know how that would plan out.
-You're talking about the invisible floor? That was supposed to be a Tilemap Mod, but I made the excuse of "It's a ghost house. Invisible floors."
-Yeah, I noticed that as soon as I made it, but if I made the tile one too narrow, it doesn't reach the edge.


For the Final Boss Sequence:
-Warp to level,
-Fade to white slowly
-Once completely white, tint all options to 252, 252, 252, everything but 1/2 sub and whatever the one under that one is.
-Fade in from White
-Warp to Culex level.
-Penumbra slowmotion sequence.
-Fade to white
-Fade in from Black, Fade back to black, warp back to level.

You're welcome to go to the script itself. Check the level's auto-ran script.

As for the bugs, I know most of them, and I'll fix them as soon as I have time.

Thanks for the feedback, you two. I'm glad this is going over so far.

There is a formation set with Shy Ghoul in it, other than the final battle. Formations are set at random in a cluster of formations, and I noticed through some playtesting that Shy Ghoul and Banshee Soul were two enemies that were rarely encountered, due to formation clustering, since they randomly pick from those three formations. I'll try to fix these when I get the chance next.

Introduction to The Lazy Shell Editor (youtube)
Super Modify RPG's Youtube Channel.

Posted on 10-07-12 01:38 AM Link | Quote | ID: 152610

Red Goomba
Level: 15

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Since: 09-29-12
From: Mobius

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This hack is pretty damn cool. Though I already have it. (I downloaded it on Romhacking.net)

I hope you make more hacks! I LOOOVE Reserve 22! :3

I like trains...

Posted on 07-01-14 12:41 PM Link | Quote | ID: 157086

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From: I don't say.

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Wow, it's easy.)

Posted on 07-06-14 04:05 AM Link | Quote | ID: 157234

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Lol i love this hack!!!

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