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Proto K
Posted on 02-21-07 05:59 AM Link | Quote | ID: 3128

Level: 21

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Since: 02-19-07

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Here is a list of Game Genie codes that I haven't released until now (except for the SMB ones, which will be posted again):

StarTropics -

Starting Heart Modifiers:

The following codes change the number of hearts you start with when you first begin a new chapter (either by playing through normally, or in Review Mode). Refer to the quantity digits below to make your code.

The Chapter 4 code is useless because there are no dungeons in that chapter, but is there for completeness.

Starting with less than 3 or more than 22 hearts is possible, but not advised since it will cause glitches that are not harmful but can be weird (drinking Coconut Milk with less than three hearts will give you more than 22 heart containers temporarily, etc..). Feel free to experiment with other digits yourself if you want, but be aware.

The last two chapters use a different quantity digit for the last letter.

Chapter 1 - xx EKYAL y
Chapter 2 - xx OGTAI y
Chapter 3 - xx OKIAT y
Chapter 4 - xx XGGAY y
Chapter 5 - xx XKLEA y
Chapter 6 - xx UGZEL y
Chapter 7 - xx UKPAA z
Chapter 8 - xx KGAAT z

Quantity Digits: xx y z

3 hearts - LE A P
4 hearts - GE A P
5 hearts - IE A P
6 hearts - TE A P
7 hearts - YE A P
8 hearts - AE E O
9 hearts - PE E O
10 hearts - ZE E O
11 hearts - LE E O
12 hearts - GE E O
13 hearts - IE E O
14 hearts - TE E O
15 hearts - YE E O
16 hearts - AO A P
17 hearts - PO A P
18 hearts - ZO A P
19 hearts - LO A P
20 hearts - GO A P
21 hearts - IO A P
22 hearts - TO A P

Other Codes:

Big hearts (on the overworld) add 3 extra hearts instead of 1 - LASKLGPA

9 medicine jars on pickup (Chapters 1-7) - PEVLAAPE

9 medicine jars on pickup (Chapter 8) - PEVLPALE

Medicine jars recover 10 hearts instead of 5 - GPUULKZA

Medicine jars recover 2.5 hearts instead of 5 - IAUULKZA

Medicine jars recover all hearts - GZUULKZE

All baseball bat items (in Chapters 2, 3, and 5) are replaced with bolas - PEKULAGE

All laser items (in Chapters 7 and 8) are replaced with super lasers - IESUGEGE + IESUZEGE

Megatons (in Chapter 5) do damage instead of killing you instantly - PANGLNYO

Invincibility after hitting an enemy until you switch rooms - AAXZTIPA

No invincibility time after being hit by an enemy - ZAXZTIPA

Some doors open as soon as you enter a room - PAEUPZZA

Super Mario Bros. -

These codes do not change anything except for the enemy that the game uses instead of a Goomba, on "Second Quest".

The first code (TAEGYZZA) is for single Goombas.

The second code (TAXKTYZA) is for groups of two or three Goombas.

Both of these are set to the same value (02, which is a Buzzy Beetle), and all that the codes I made do is change both of them to "06" (Goomba).

Here is a long list of Game Genie codes to use other enemies (and in some cases, even platforms) instead of Buzzy Beetles. You can also mix and match codes too.. use one that modifies single Goombas and another that modifies group Goombas and you can have two different enemy types to use instead of one.

"Single Goomba" codes:

AAEGYZZA - Green Koopas
PAEGYZZA - Red Koopas
ZAEGYZZA - Buzzy Beetles (default)
IAEGYZZA - Hammer Bros.
TAEGYZZA - Goombas (restompable in Second Quest)
YAEGYZZA - Bloobers
AAEGYZZE - Bullet Bills (single, non-generating)
GAEGYZZE - Podobos
IAEGYZZE - Piranha Plants
TAEGYZZE - Green Parakoopas (jumping)
YAEGYZZE - Red Parakoopas (flying, up and down)
APEGYZZA - Green Parakoopas (flying, left and right)
PPEGYZZA - Lakitus
ZPEGYZZA - Spinies
GPEGYZZA - Flying Red Cheep Cheeps (generating)
IPEGYZZA - Bowser's Flame (generating)
YPEGYZZA - Bullet Bills (generating)
LPEGYZZE - Fire Bars (slow, left)
GPEGYZZE - Fire Bars (fast, left)
IPEGYZZE - Fire Bars (slow, right)
TPEGYZZE - Fire Bars (fast, left)
YPEGYZZE - Long Fire Bars (fast, right)
GZEGYZZA - Platforms (do not move, lower and fall when stood on)
IZEGYZZA - Platforms (constantly move up and down)
TZEGYZZA - Platforms (constantly move up)
YZEGYZZA - Platforms (constantly move down)
AZEGYZZE - Platforms (constantly move left and right)
PZEGYZZE - Platforms (do not move, sink when stood on)
ZZEGYZZE - Platforms (move constantly to the right once you stand on them)
LZEGYZZE - Platforms (constantly move up, three-wide)
GZEGYZZE - Platforms (constantly move down, three-wide)

"Group Goomba" codes:

AAXKTYZA - Green Koopas
PAXKTYZA - Red Koopas
ZAXKTYZA - Buzzy Beetles (default)
IAXKTYZA - Hammer Bros.
TAXKTYZA - Goombas (restompable in Second Quest)
YAXKTYZA - Bloobers
AAXKTYZE - Bullet Bills (single, non-generating)
GAXKTYZE - Podobos
IAXKTYZE - Piranha Plants
TAXKTYZE - Green Parakoopas (jumping)
YAXKTYZE - Red Parakoopas (flying, up and down)
APXKTYZA - Green Parakoopas (flying, left and right)
PPXKTYZA - Lakitus
ZPXKTYZA - Spinies
GPXKTYZA - Flying Red Cheep Cheeps (generating)
IPXKTYZA - Bowser's Flame (generating)
YPXKTYZA - Bullet Bills (generating)
LPXKTYZE - Fire Bars (slow, left)
GPXKTYZE - Fire Bars (fast, left)
IPXKTYZE - Fire Bars (slow, right)
TPXKTYZE - Fire Bars (fast, right)
YPXKTYZE - Long Fire Bars (fast, left)
GZXKTYZA - Platforms (do not move, lower and fall when stood on)
IZXKTYZA - Platforms (constantly move up and down)
TZXKTYZA - Platforms (constantly move up)
YZXKTYZA - Platforms (constantly move down)
AZXKTYZE - Platforms (constantly move left and right)
PZXKTYZE - Platforms (do not move, sink when stood on)
ZZXKTYZE - Platforms (move constantly to the right once you stand on them)
LZXKTYZE - Platforms (constantly move up, three-wide)
GZXKTYZE - Platforms (constantly move down, three-wide)

There are other values, but most of them either do nothing or are glitches. All that the first two codes I made do is change the enemy type and not any behavior (Goomba, instead of Buzzy Beetle).. so the restompable Goomba thing was most likely intended but cut out in the final version.

Super Mario Bros. 2 -

PAOOZAIA - 1 cherry for a Starman
PAOOZAIE - 9 cherries for a Starman
AZOUXEYL - Starman lasts half as long as usual
TYOUXEYU - Starman lasts twice as long as usual

Use this thread to post any unreleased codes you may have made, whether for Game Genie, Pro Action Replay, etc..

Posted on 02-21-07 06:12 AM Link | Quote | ID: 3156

Level: 104

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Since: 02-19-07

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Perhaps we can requeste them, too? I'd really like one thta lets you just jump straight to the second quest, I want to see those restompable goombas

I dealt with it.

Posted on 02-21-07 06:13 AM Link | Quote | ID: 3157

Red Koopa
Level: 28

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Since: 02-21-07

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Super Metroid
AWESOME Walk Through Walls code. Just make sure you have morph ball, or you might get stuck if you jump.
Seriously, the fact that one single code works so well for the entire game is amazing.

Proto K
Posted on 02-28-07 06:02 PM Link | Quote | ID: 8623

Level: 21

Posts: 31/71
EXP: 45884
Next: 4059

Since: 02-19-07

Last post: 5357 days
Last view: 5357 days
A few more Super Mario Bros. codes from me:

VVNEAXSE - Enable "Second Quest"
AANAAXZG - Enable Level Select (not made by me, but required for the code below)
NNXAZZYE - Can choose up to World 255 on Level Select

If you want to just try the "Restompable Goombas" thing, enter these three codes:


Posted on 02-28-07 10:21 PM Link | Quote | ID: 8717

Dry Bones
Level: 54

Posts: 90/627
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Since: 02-19-07

Last post: 5126 days
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Can someone try gettign some for Predator (NES)?
That would speed up my hacking alot.
I'll give a cookie to the one that does it.


Posted on 02-28-07 11:53 PM Link | Quote | ID: 8814

Level: 56

Posts: 70/681
EXP: 1362943
Next: 35233

Since: 02-19-07
From: Canada

Last post: 5725 days
Last view: 5520 days
Wow. Thats a lot of codes. I didn't even knew there were codes for Startropics and the Mario Bros. codes are cool. Good job on getting those.

Posted on 03-01-07 12:00 AM Link | Quote | ID: 8819

Level: 87

Posts: 194/1881
EXP: 6256182
Next: 136592

Since: 02-20-07

Last post: 5753 days
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Most people probably know this already, but in Super Mario Bros. 3, use the code KKKZSPIU to access the hidden debug mode. Among other things, you can hit the select button to switch between the various powerups, so you can be Hammer Mario in 1-1 if you want.

Posted on 03-11-07 12:56 PM Link | Quote | ID: 13800

Level: 104

Posts: 783/2846
EXP: 11644888
Next: 217238

Since: 02-19-07

Last post: 5666 days
Last view: 2403 days
I forgot my own:

On the real GB, with a real Game Genie, "7" will allow Link to walk over water and holes (in Link's Awakening)

Also, "GOTOxO" in SMB1 will cause some object mappings to go haywire. There was another one, like "GOPOIO" that would activate the "small and fiery" glitch, too, but I forgot what it was

I dealt with it.

Posted on 03-12-07 06:57 AM Link | Quote | ID: 14260

Level: 9

Posts: 3/10
EXP: 2421
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Since: 03-09-07

Last post: 4663 days
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This is all SMB1, mainly because I don't remember much for other games. Maybe I'll post some for other games later, if I ever remember...

Some of the better codes I found on the net:

Infinite time

Invincible (though not against firebars or hammers)

Multi-jump, WHEE.
Note that, with autofire, you can actually drill right through ceilings.

Infinite lives
(...actually this comes out of the original GG codebook )

Also out of the codebook, this is actually part of a 3-part code that lets you keep your mushroom/fire after you get hit. With just SZLIVO, you keep switching sizes every time you get hit, but you still keep the powerups.

Some nice codes I made and played around with back in the day (I'm surprised I remember all these ):

Random (though usually quite barren) levels. Best used with AEPLLG so that huge-ass gaps don't kill you when they come up with no warning--and, more likely, end your game, since if you go too far into a level, it may crash when it tries to put you back at the midpoint.
Oh, and did I mention headless Bowser graphics are used for the enemies, so that you usually can't tell who's who until you experiment? Win.
...oh, and watch out for that long firebar at the start, too.

These change the order of the levels, and sometimes the properties too (KYKONK starts you off on a cloud version of 3-1...). Try messing around with the 3rd and 5th letters, too...


Bowser fire can be heard for the whole game.

The first of these related music changers I stumbled across. Nothing special...

Now they're starting to get good.
The starman and flagpole glitch-tunes are kinda interesting, the castle music is quite good, and the saved-a-Toad music is just weird...

Now they're just getting crazy.
VONNYV's cave music just plays the last bit of the normal underwater music over and over.
VENNYV's game over music is muy wacko.
VUNNYV's castle music is the most repetitive tune you will ever hear.
VXNNYV has creepy silent deaths.
VSNNYV has weird death and flag music, but the cave music is kickass. Castle levels crash the game though.

The death music is god-like. 'Nuff said.
The flag music is just plain freaky, with glitch-outs all over the place and a loud, high BEEEEP.
The cave music has the end of the normal flag music tacked on at the beginning, which is win.
The underwater music is about 3 seconds long, which kinda fits since the water levels don't need glitched music in order to be annoying anyway.

Posted on 03-12-07 10:01 AM Link | Quote | ID: 14286

Buzzy Beetle
Level: 43

Posts: 103/375
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Since: 02-19-07
From: [citation needed]

Last post: 5692 days
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Super Mario Bros.

Crazy, unbeatable glitch world. Huzzah!

Super Mario Bros. 2

I'll let you figure out what they do, because I forgot which is which and I'm too lazy to load up the ROM.

Super Mario Bros. 3

Lets you enter the Start tile on the first world, which leads to an unused ice level...but the solidity is all messed up, and you can't go anywhere.

Starts you in World 6, with the wrong palette, in the middle of nowhere. The best part of this one is the music...it starts out like a back-to-back medley of all the songs in the game, but once it reaches the end, things get REALLY crazy. Try it on a real NES for the best effect, since emulators don't seem to do it quite right anymore.

Mega Man 2

Totally whacks out the colors in levels with palette animations (Bubble Man, Heat Man, Air Man, Flash Man, Metal Man, some Wily stages). Just don't press Start, or you'll likely get stuck with a yellow/white/gray palette. Yuck.

[citation needed]

Posted on 03-12-07 03:44 PM (rev. 4 of 03-12-07 08:01 PM) Link | Quote | ID: 14332

Level: 6

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Since: 03-03-07
From: Norway

Last post: 5720 days
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So, I open the cheat window while emulating Super Mario Bros. 1, and just wrote random things to see if anything happened. After a few tries, I found out that inputting


as a Game Genie code made the powerups from ?-blocks never disappear, even if taken. For example, if Small Mario touches the Mushroom, he turns into Super Mario. The Mushroom doesn't disappear, and makes Super Mario into Fire Mario as a bonus. After that, each time you touch it, it gives you 1000 points. The same goes for Fire Flowers. I haven't tested with the Starman yet...

EDIT: Another thing.


Causes... Uhh... Weird effects. =/


Posted on 03-13-07 02:25 AM Link | Quote | ID: 14525

Level: 23

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Since: 02-19-07

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Mario 1
PESLEG - Mushrooms, stars clip through objects horozontally.
PETLEG - Nice freeze when you hit an item block.
PEPLEG - Items don't move. Can cause strange effect when enemies make contact with it.
PEELEG - Random SFX when hitting an item block.
INSANE - Graphics are bizarre.
STOPIT - Black screen crash on startup.
POKEIT - Lives remaining screen is a black screen; game still works.
PALLEY - Enemies can only move to the left at increased speeds. Mario's movement is unusual.
GZSOOK - Drop into water and die. Use AEPLLG or PIGOAP (swim without water) to reach the end; touch the flagpole and the game will start freaking out.
ZISOOK - Zombie Mario, grey background, no ground.
ZZZOOK - 3-3 with castle sprites to 3-3 with castle sprites to 1-2 with castle sprites.
GZZOOK - 8-3 to 8-3 to underground coin collection to 8-3 to 8-3 to 3-4 to 8-3 to underwater coin collection to freeze.

Posted on 03-13-07 02:36 AM Link | Quote | ID: 14529

Level: 86

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Since: 02-21-07

Last post: 5752 days
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Super Mario Bros. 3:
AOZULT - Access lost ice level
KKKZSPIU - Secret debug mode

Posted on 03-13-07 08:25 PM Link | Quote | ID: 14790

Level: 23

Posts: 41/87
EXP: 62238
Next: 5485

Since: 02-19-07

Last post: 5726 days
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Mario 2
EEAEAE - Game freezes after gameplay begins.
XINPOZ - Cool, discolored title screen.
VINPOZ - A very messed up title screen.
KINPOZ - Christmas color title screen
OOOOOO - When you kill an enemy, the crystal ball fanfare plays, and the music stops.
EASYTO - Going into the door at the start of 1-1 sends you back to the top of the area.
AASYTO - Nice freeze.
ELTELG - Awesome music. Mario is a grey shadow. The graphics at the start of 1-1 are messed up. Lots of weird things, such as Birdo hitting itself with its own egg. Try this out!
TLTELG - Similar to the previous code, except the graphics freak out and its freezes after a short while.

Posted on 03-15-07 02:40 AM Link | Quote | ID: 15219


Level: 89

Posts: 46/1975
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Since: 02-19-07

Last post: 3186 days
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Here is a code for Tetris 2:

YXZEZG+YXZELG - Only one color of non-blinking blocks are present at beginning at level. This can be really fun on the higher levels!


Posted on 03-25-07 03:49 AM Link | Quote | ID: 18919

Level: 72

Posts: 12/1220
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Since: 03-25-07
From: no

Last post: 5697 days
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I remember finding this one while screwing around, and being somewhat amused:
Super Mario Bros: ININIT - 1-1 music is always playing

Posted on 04-06-07 09:11 PM (rev. 3 of 04-06-07 09:13 PM) Link | Quote | ID: 24111

Level: 11

Posts: 16/17
EXP: 5355
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Since: 04-06-07

Last post: 5716 days
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Here's an awesome one I found:

Super mario Bros 1: SUEISA: Enemies act as mushrooms, then as fire flowers. So if you touch one, you get the next level of powerups

Posted on 08-15-07 12:12 PM (rev. 2 of 08-15-07 12:25 PM) Link | Quote | ID: 62597

Level: 24

Posts: 1/100
EXP: 75533
Next: 2592

Since: 08-15-07
From: Milwaukie, OR

Last post: 5040 days
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Does anyone know exactly what values will change the *PPPPP codes (when using them on Super Mario 1) so that I can get the normal (not the modified TVVOAE type) underwater music to play in certain levels?

I found that by entering APPPPP or other codes, and modifying the GG code's value to 015 (leaving its address of 9111 intact), the normal underwater theme is left intact in the underwater scenes. The modified version is also present, used in the castle levels. For the overground scenes, the mid-level music is used, and the mid-level music is replaced by a loopy version of the overground theme.

Thank you,

Ben (GameGenie81)

We are a nation with no geographic boundaries, bound together through our beliefs. We are like-minded individuals, sharing a common vision, pushing toward a world rid of color lines.

master higgins
Posted on 08-23-07 12:41 AM Link | Quote | ID: 63089

Red Goomba
Level: 17

Posts: 1/42
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Since: 08-22-07
From: ViƱa del Mar, Chile

Last post: 1835 days
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After reaching the maximum height when jumping, you fall faster

RIDICULOUS! Things bounce undefinetely

jump lower than the enemies (when stopped)
jump as low as the enemies (when stopped)

Dudes revive when you kill them!


hold jump to fly

infinite bee (invisible but invincible)!!!

energy grows instead of decreasing

don't die when you fall in a pit (but you get stuck on sky bonuses though)

don't die with spikes

don't die with lava (pets are destroyed though)

Invincible (you just get hit with the enemies without dying)

Invincible (you just get hit with the enemies without dying)

Invencible without pet (no collision)

Infinite Energy

Infinite Lives

Infinite jump

Infinite jump, but bounces undefinetely in the air

Don't lose the hammer when selected


Don't lose the fire dino when selected


Don't lose the ice dino when selected


Don't lose the water dino when selected


Don't lose the air dino when selected

Don't lose the pet when you fall in lava

Don't lose the pet when you touch the spikes

Start with 9 pets of each type

Don't lose the pet when you enter in water

Fly (hold jump button)

Infinite bee!!! (no double points though)

Invincibility (first foe touched dies, then there's no collision)

Energy grows instead of decreasing

Don't die when energy reaches 0

Don't die with spikes

Don't lose pet with spikes


"Almost always" have 99 pets of each type

(As asked by Tanks)



(As asked by GameGenie81, in...guess what...a deleted post)


Falling doesn't kill you (just appear from above)

PS: Ooof! I had to RE-REGISTER because i don't know what the heck happened. My account and all my posts where gone!. Not to mention how the board looked yesterday: totally fucked up!!

I hope those "situations" don't happen again


Known in other forums as megaman_exe (www.chilewarez.org, www.thegshi.org) and aioria1981

RANDY Ruler of Zexernet
Posted on 08-24-07 02:26 AM Link | Quote | ID: 63528

Level: 23

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Since: 07-17-07
From: Arizona, US

Last post: 4236 days
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Hmm...hopefully this does not show up twice, since I tried to post it about a day ago & it did not.

For Super Mario Bros. (I made these, as far as I know):
ASLEYV skip the number of lives screen
EOPELA grayscale
YANIES go through pipes & blocks horizontally
VANSSA+VNESSA automatically kill all enemies
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