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Total posts 1975 (1975 found, 0.50 per day)
Total threads 101 (104 found, 0.03 per day)
Registered on 02-19-07 08:28 AM (3988 days ago)
Last post 07-08-14 03:07 AM (1293 days ago)
in thank mods (The Landfill)
Last view 07-19-15 05:00 AM (917 days ago)
at /board/thread.php?id=136&page=1

Contact information
Email address masterromhacker@yahoo.com

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Theme Miner's Lament (KP9000)
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(current time: 01-20-18 11:38 PM)
Items per page 100 posts, 200 threads
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Equipped Items
Weapons Hyper Beam 
Armor Phazon Suit 
Shields Gold shield 
Helms Captain Falcon's Helmet 
Boots Plumber's Boots 
Accessories WXGA+ TFT display 

Personal information
Real name  

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Posted on 01-21-18 07:38 AM


Level: 84

Posts: 1975
EXP: 5543458
Next: 118494

Since: 02-19-07

Last post: 1293 days
Last view: 917 days

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