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Bio Thoughts on SMW level Creativity...
The only thing that bothers me graphically is that there are fewer original graphics, instead they use SMAS graphics. A hack would be a lot more compelling for me to play if it felt NEW and not refurbished. Also, I dislike how people create their levels with the thought of "that's neat" or "that's cool" instead of putting all their time and effort into figuring out why platformers are fun to play and attempting to add their own twist to it, attempting to create a new kind of fun. Instead I see hacks with inescapable death traps and bland levels; about the latter, sometimes level designers aren't adventurous enough and thus make their levels (or most of them) feel empty/naked (or what I usually say, "too easy"). I believe there is a fine line between an "empty" level and one that is too frustrating...

Thoughts on Designing a Level - (can be applied to any game)
Focus more on what people like in games when contemplating what to do for a level.

- Why do people play Mario games?
- What did Mario lack that you believe it should have (or what did Mario have that you believe it should lack?)?

I am happy that you strive to do better, but you'll have to push yourself harder than you are; I know it sucks, since you're likely already trying, but push yourself harder - I even have to do this and often the first thing I do (actually the first thing anyone does, usually) isn't the best it could be. Try this after answering such questions:

1) Pick a theme for your level (sky, ground, cave, etc)

2) Decide how important 'said' level relates to your story
---- if it does relate it'll be more important as to what objects/puzzles you use, otherwise it likely won't matter

3) Create concept art for your level (draw on paper or whatever method you prefer)

4) Apply concept art to the actual ROM (via Lunar Magic, etc)

5) Test level (both you and your friends)

6) Upon finding errors in your level (be it graphical, lag, difficulty, etc), attempt to fix them

7) Repeat steps '5' and '6' until you believe you've accomplished your goal (both you and your target audience (in most cases) should perceive the level similarly, otherwise you (the designer) are doing something incorrectly)

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