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So it is possible to put HTML stuff in your bio too? This board is really cool :)
Okay, here's a layout test.

Link (leads nowhere; do not click)

Posted by nobody
That was posted by nobody.

Okay, I'm lying...
it was posted by myself :P

KinokoLayout v1.0
Inspired from layouts like Bitmap's and 303darthbobby's ones.
Note: That's for look only. I did NOT copy-paste their layout code and change the color of the border.

Technical info:
Layout uses two divs with external style sheet
Border color: #0012ef
Signature color: #6676fa
Font: Lucida Bright / Georgia / Arial


Okay, okay, all that layout shyt is great but... it's time to tell more about me, and less about my actual HTML/CSS skills :P

Originally, I was sitting in a ? block. Life was cool. Nothing to do. Could sleep all the time.
Then Mario came and hit the block I was living in. Since that day, I hate him. The
block was rather elevated from the floor, ofcourse. I did my first step in the real world, and
became a flat mushroom. Luckily enough, I got my original shape back quickly. But Mario
started running towards me with evil intentions. I had to run and escape him. And ofcourse
the level was not a flat land. There were tons of holes, pipes, blocks, Goombas, Koopas,
etc etc... I had to make my way through all that shyt.I finally reached a warp zone. I got in
the first pipe, which led me to Board2. There, I managed to make my stand. I wanted to
hack NSMB so I could get my revenge on Mario. But Board2 is not a proper place for
NSMB hacking. This is what made me move to Jul. Jul is a more appropriate place for
NSMB hacking. Now, I fully enjoy getting my revenge on Mario. Using Treeki's NSMB editor,
I make him go through really hard levels with tons of traps everywhere. And finally I'm
happy again.

The End.

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Posted on 06-20-24 06:15 PM

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Did you know that, in japanese, 'kinoko' means 'mushroom'?

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