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Please chime in on a proposed restructuring of the ROM hacking sections.
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Birthday Wednesday, March 30, 1994 (30 years old)
My life here

12/05/2009:I join #acmlm as Mega-Mario, and chat a bit with the members who are already there, while trying to contact an admin.
12/06/2009:I join #acmlm again. Later on, the staff communicates their final decision: I'm unbanned. Many many many thanks to them for their kindness! :) However, I'm still walking on tissue thin ice. I'll have to prove my worth, build a better reputation; in short, make the staff never regret what they did for me. And also not listen to people going "wtf? MM is unbanned?".
12/14/2009:I reach 100 posts.
12/20/2009:I reach 200 posts.
12/28/2009:I reach 300 posts.
01/04/2010:6000th thread created by Trelior.
01/09/2010:I reach 400 posts.
01/25/2010:I reach 500 posts.
02/07/2010:I reach 600 posts.
02/26/2010:I reach 700 posts.
03/28/2010:I reach 800 posts.
04/14/2010:Those good old &tags& get implemented. I reach 900 posts.
05/20/2010:I reach 1000 posts.
10/14/2010:Oh, what was that? A posting spree? I thought those were extinct! Well, anyway, 129 new posts today according to the index page.

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Posted on 04-24-24 09:06 PM

Spamming from alt accounts.
Level: 81

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Kafuka -- ROM hacking
Kuribo64 -- we hack shit

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