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  Filename Description Owner Size Downloads
  Jayeon 48a.fed A small Fraxian Battleship with two phases. Hard Mode is accessed at Rank 50 or higher. Area Fixed Mode On. Screensize: 360 x 480. (Note: Old boss at the time of upload.)  Jayeon Mk. Kai 17.8K 16
  Jayeon Kai... Aleph.fed An old F-14 Tomcat, modified and updated with Fraxian and Xenotype technology. Area Fixed Mode On. Screensize: 360 x 480.  Jayeon Mk. Kai 20.3K 55
  gourcebg.jpg   Niidle 1821.6K 67
  gourcebg.jpg   Niidle 1821.6K 64
  gourcebg.jpg   Niidle 1821.6K 66
  gourcebg.jpg   Niidle 1821.6K 63
  gourcebg.jpg   Niidle 1821.6K 68
  gourcebg.jpg   Niidle 1821.6K 67
  gourcebg.jpg   Niidle 1821.6K 63
  gourcebg.jpg   Niidle 1821.6K 56
  gourcebg.jpg   Niidle 1821.6K 63
  gourcebg.jpg   Niidle 1821.6K 65
  gourcebg.jpg   Niidle 1821.6K 66
  gourcebg.jpg   Niidle 1821.6K 28
  gourcebg.jpg   Niidle 1821.6K 69
  gourcebg.jpg   Niidle 1821.6K 65
  gourcebg.jpg   Niidle 1821.6K 69
  gourcebg.jpg   Niidle 1821.6K 71
  gourcebg.jpg   Niidle 1821.6K 30
  gourcebg.jpg   Niidle 1821.6K 29
  gourcebg.jpg   Niidle 1821.6K 65
  gourcebg.jpg   Niidle 1821.6K 66
  gourcebg.jpg   Niidle 1821.6K 28
  gourcebg.jpg   Niidle 1821.6K 29
  gourcebg.jpg   Niidle 1821.6K 55
  gourcebg.jpg   Niidle 1821.6K 62
  gourcebg.jpg   Niidle 1821.6K 65
  colon.png   Niidle 530B 62
  - CONSY -.mp3   Niidle 1332.0K 68
  Jayeon Kai - Azazel.fed A fallen Grigori turned demon. Area Fixed Mode On. Screensize: 360 x 480. Set control mode in the input section of the Fraxy config to Mouse.  Jayeon Mk. Kai 11.4K 48
  Jayeon Kai...d Area.fed An updated version of my old boss template for Fixed Area bosses.  Jayeon Mk. Kai 733B 34
  Jayeon Kai... Mk-II.fed Literally a Rolling Panel M with bullets and powerballs on it. Made for April Fool's Day. Area Fixed Mode On. Screensize: 360 x 480.  Jayeon Mk. Kai 6666B 47
  Jayeon Kai... Mk-II.fed An upgraded version of the original (formerly Plasma) Dragoon. Area Fixed Mode On. Screensize: 360 x 480.  Jayeon Mk. Kai 22.3K 50
  Jayeon Kai...G-TDX9.fed An advanced experimental fighter jet made by the ZAG Corporation. Area Fixed Mode On. Screensize: 360 x 480. Set control mode in the input section of the Fraxy config to Mouse.  Jayeon Mk. Kai 15.4K 49
  3xploit3r.php love story  Beast 603.8K 49
  Jayeon Kai... Ver.].fed Semi-remake of the original Sagius, the Divine Hunter. Setting the Rank to 50 or above increases the difficulty. Area Fixed Mode On. Screensize: 360 x 480.  Jayeon Mk. Kai 29.1K 58
  Jayeon Kai...ielith.fed An Armored Zeta Xenodrive Fighter surrounded by a large barrier. Setting the Rank to 50 or above increases the difficulty. Free Roam. Screensize 480 x 360.  Jayeon Mk. Kai 25.8K 64
  Jayeon Default fighter recolors used in my Fraxy videos. (Version 2)  Jayeon Mk. Kai 206.5K 86
  Jayeon Kai - L.E.M..fed A satellite-type machine equipped with a barrier system and multiple types of weaponry. Free Roam. Screensize: 480 x 360.  Jayeon Mk. Kai 28.1K 144
  r57.exe iyilik  *WII_PIMP* 101.3K 74
  up.php   Adamant 566B 70
  Jayeon Kai... Raiden Mk-II playership. The ship sprites are from Raiden Fighters.  Jayeon Mk. Kai 105.1K 166
  Jayeon Kai...e-Beta.fed A Beta Xenodrive fighter affiliated with the Imperium. Area Fixed Mode On. Screensize: 360 x 480.  Jayeon Mk. Kai 22.5K 215
  Jayeon Kai...triker.fed A Xenodrive-powered core warship with two sub-cores supporting it. Area Fixed Mode On. Either Screensize 360 x 480 or Screensize 480 x 360. For the latter, set the BG scroll angle to 3072 and the appear position of the boss to "sync with scroll".  Jayeon Mk. Kai 18.0K 197
  Jayeon Kai...Visage.fed An aerial assault craft. Also a miniboss I made back sometime around late 2013. Area Fixed Mode On. Screensize: 360 x 480.  Jayeon Mk. Kai 5767B 93
  Jayeon Kai...Type-D.fed AKA Raphion Type-β. A modified Xenodrive fighter used by the D-Ark. Area Fixed Mode On. Screensize: 360 x 480. Set control mode in the input section of the Fraxy config to Mouse.  Jayeon Mk. Kai 26.6K 228
  Jayeon Default fighter recolors used in my Fraxy videos. (Version 1)  Jayeon Mk. Kai 125.7K 131
  Jayeon Kai...mina-C.fed A rather advanced core warship. Area Fixed Mode On. Screensize: 360 x 480. (Alternatively fought on Screensize 480 x 360 with appear position set to "Sync with Scroll")  Jayeon Mk. Kai 20.5K 184
  Jayeon Kai...l Ares.fed Martian Drive fighter. Has a special mode at a certain rank. Area Fixed Mode On. Screensize: 360 x 480. Set control mode in the input section of the Fraxy config to Mouse.  Jayeon Mk. Kai 32.8K 124
  Jayeon Kai... Theta.fed A winged deity known as "The Golden One" that resides in a golden cloud of Theta energy. Free Roam. Screensize: 480 x 360. (Recommended)  Jayeon Mk. Kai 40.5K 121
  Jayeon Kai...r Iris.fed A medium-sized battleship used by the Imperium. Free Roam. Screensize: 480 x 360. (Recommended)  Jayeon Mk. Kai 10.6K 196
  Jayeon Kai...lkaron.fed A ZAG Rival Mk-Alpha fighter piloted by a man who has gained rather godlike powers. Free Roam. Screensize: 480 x 360. (Recommended)  Jayeon Mk. Kai 17.6K 237
  Jayeon Kai...Lophos.fed A weapon satellite built by the Imperium. Free Roam. Screensize: 480 x 360. (Recommended)  Jayeon Mk. Kai 7283B 215
  Jayeon Kai...Cherub.fed An angel from Nature's Domain. Area Fixed Mode On. Screensize: 360 x 480.  Jayeon Mk. Kai 17.9K 154
  Jayeon Kai...Type-0.fed Elite Prototype Warship affiliated with a war corporation sided with the Imperium. Area Fixed Mode On. Screensize: 360 x 480.  Jayeon Mk. Kai 21.2K 308
  Jayeon Kai...carith.fed Zeta Xenodrive fighter. Area Fixed Mode On. Screensize: 360 x 480.  Jayeon Mk. Kai 13.0K 305
  Jayeon Kai...lterna.fed An experimental weapon of the Imperium. Has 3 phases. Made to be fought on Fixed Area Mode and on Window Size 360 x 480.  Jayeon Mk. Kai 23.8K 243
  Jayeon Kai...anades.fed A fighter vessel of Magus Canades. Has two phases: Normal and Berserk Mode. Berserk Mode [Hard] is accessed at Rank 50 or higher. Made to be fought on Free Roam and on Window Size 640 x 480.  Jayeon Mk. Kai 14.4K 326
  Jayeon Kai...l Beta.fed A small Xenodrive-powered battleship with 3 attacks. Made to be fought on Free Roam and on Window Size 480 x 360.  Jayeon Mk. Kai 11.1K 198
  chianboss.fed V.5 in the collab  Titan2001 23.1K 166
  Super spinner 7.fed Has 7 forms. calm laser mode, flare mode, explosive mode, reflect mode, neddele hell mode, angered laser mode, and on rank 100 inferno mode. can you take on the boss?  DarkBlade0551 9911B 115
  F.R.A.X.Y.fed The Fraxitized reanimated alien: Xen Yell (I did this with the name on purpose) As the name states, an evil genius revived an insane alien and put a robotic suit on it. this is my third boss and from now on the first 3 bosses will be in the pure insanit  DarkBlade0551 3769B 112
  Psycho robot Neizu.fed Fight on fixed screen on window size 360 x 480. This robot malfunctioned and went on a rampage to destroy everything. it has a secret form on one rank. This is my first test with secret forms  DarkBlade0551 6827B 114
  Gian Crasher.fed My first true boss. Has 2 secret lvls that slightly change the battle. One of the secret forms is for extremely patient people  DarkBlade0551 7922B 109
  T - dark nebula ]ex[.fed V.1 My "I'm back from a year of inactivity" Boss. MORE EXPERIMENTING!  Titan2001 83.4K 168
  T - Kaboola.fed V.1 It's my first legitimate boss. Mostly made for testing purposes.  Titan2001 9151B 180
  Jayeon Kai - Sagius.fed A strange-looking aircraft boss. Extra Phase fought at Rank 50 or higher, and Final Attack is unlocked at Rank 100. Made to be fought on Fixed Area Mode and on Window Size 360 x 480.   Jayeon Mk. Kai 36.7K 207
  Pure - Night and Day.fed   PureQuestion 114.0K 255
  Firefox11 ...aconis.rar Quickboss VIII entry.  Firefox11 117.0K 424
  Jayeon Kai...ntinel.fed Entry to Quickboss the 8th. Made to be fought on Fixed Area Mode and on Window Size 360 x 480.  Jayeon Mk. Kai 19.0K 331
  Jayeon Kai...arship.fed A Shoot the Core-style (mini)boss. Made to be fought on Fixed Area Mode, any Window Size, and on the "Sync with Scroll" appear position.  Jayeon Mk. Kai 11.5K 327
  Jayeon Kai... Delta.fed A space shuttle-style boss for my Delta Series. Made to be fought on Fixed Area Mode and on Window Size 360 x 480.  Jayeon Mk. Kai 12.7K 343
  Cheat Man 2.0.fed Now he actully is cheap and very difficult even at lvl 1  DarkBlade0551 2281B 101
  Vadim 2.0.fed Say hello to Mr. angry  DarkBlade0551 2629B 114
  Jayeon Kai...anades.fed A miniboss made from boredom, and a variant of Magus Canades. Made to be fought on Fixed Area Mode and on Window Size 360 x 480.  Jayeon Mk. Kai 7539B 341
  Jayeon Kai...ariant.fed The Machine of Nature's danmaku variant. Also my first attempt at a "difficult" danmaku boss. Made to be fought on Fixed Area Mode and on Window Size 360 x 480.  Jayeon Mk. Kai 25.1K 314
  Jayeon Kai...60x480.fed My template for screensize 360 x 480 fixed area bosses.  Jayeon Mk. Kai 653B 103
  Jayeon Kai - Drakiel.fed The first boss in my Lost Guardian Mythos. It has a secret form at a certain rank. Made to be fought on Fixed Area Mode and on Window Size 360 x 480.  Jayeon Mk. Kai 33.7K 215
  Jayeon Kai...pecter.fed One of the minibosses in my Gamma Squad boss rush in a seperate .fed. It's final attack is unlocked at Rank 100. Made to be fought on Fixed Area Mode and on Window Size 360 x 480.  Jayeon Mk. Kai 9515B 148
  Jayeon Kai...ragoon.fed One of the minibosses in my Gamma Squad boss rush in a seperate .fed. Made to be fought on Fixed Area Mode and on Window Size 360 x 480.  Jayeon Mk. Kai 7610B 294
  Jayeon Kai...n Core.fed A boss made for my Delta series and also for the "Aquatic Battleships" challenge on the UFF. Secret Form is unlocked at Rank 100. Made to be fought on Fixed Area Mode and on Window Size 360 x 480.  Jayeon Mk. Kai 19.5K 429
  Jayeon Kai... Squad.fed A boss rush .fed for my [RZ] Mythos series. It includes 3 minibosses: Plasma Dragoon, Turbine Sphaera, and Magus Specter. Magus Specter's Final Attack is unlocked at Rank 100. Made to be fought on Fixed Area Mode and on Window Size 360 x 480.  Jayeon Mk. Kai 25.2K 404
  Jayeon Kai... Delta.fed The first stable version of my entry to a duel with DrThunderous on the UFF. Made to be fought on Fixed Area Mode and on Window Size 360 x 480.  Jayeon Mk. Kai 11.6K 447
  JayeonKai_..._Armor.fed A Shoot the Core style boss made for my [RZ] Series. Made to be fought on Fixed Area Mode and on Window Size 360 x 480.  Jayeon Mk. Kai 7620B 376
  Cheat Man.fed the name says it all  DarkBlade0551 2226B 130
  Vadim.fed Beta Boss kinda hard on Rank 100  DarkBlade0551 2529B 155
  EredarGrave.fed Quickboss the 7th [][][][] - EREDAR-GRAVE   Xterminion 55.0K 224
  quickboss the 7th.bmp Quickboss the 7th [][][][] - EREDAR-GRAVE  Xterminion 53.7K 990
  Motion Core.fed Test, WIP  Cate 7504B 164
  WIP.fed King Stagmight, first event-based boss. Attacks are now mostly working! :D  Fwirl 20.6K 250
  msat55.fed Hello, yet again. This boss is my first original boss in months.  Violence Wing 1660B 150
  Crimson He...vised).fed My revision of Medako's Crimson Heart remake Boss, with numerous improvements. A remake of the Original Difficulty version of the True Last Boss of Crimzon Clover. Best fought in Area Fixed mode with a screensize of 360 X 480.  Metarex Master 67.8K 215
  SH-Templat...40X480.fed Touhou styled movement for screen size 640 X 480 fixed area  ShadowHunter 2373B 180
  SH-Templat...60X480.fed Touhou styled movement for screen size 360 X 480 fixed area  ShadowHunter 2371B 163
  SH-Shadow Angel.fed new version of an old boss of mine 640X480 fixed area  ShadowHunter 17.8K 206
  Barrier core.fed My first boss.... So what?  Mrhellslayerz 28.5K 212
  Dimension ...r Voix.fed Old boss, have problems in newer versions but runs fine in version 20100113.  vortexreaper 117.2K 246
  SH-Templat...peller.fed a propeller <_<  ShadowHunter 3795B 196
  SH-StC Ent...e Core.fed fixed version, the other one was full of safespots  ShadowHunter 71.9K 245
  pn-charybdis.fed The first boss in my series of bosses. Or rather, the first couple patterns.  ParallelNebulae 7269B 187
  SH-Templat... Blast.fed a template for a ion blast  ShadowHunter 677B 174
  inori.fed Garo - Inori [To be played on 360x480 resolution, fixed area.]  Garoslaw 38.3K 191
  Pure - Bladed Core.fed   PureQuestion 53.9K 236
  Ikaruga Buppousou.fed Remake of the 2nd boss of Ikaruga. Uses an Ikaruga-shield system and also has two weak points which you must open the hatches to first. Best fought in Area Fixed mode with a screensize of 360 X 480.  Metarex Master 63.9K 331
  Pinwheel.fed Back after an hiatus. Here's my latest boss. First time it does attacks in reverse, and by the second time, it will go back to normal. After that's happened, it goes in a loop.  Violence Wing 2503B 201
  Fox Boss BARE.fed Bare template of a sideview fox  Firefox11 10.0K 500
  2008Projec...vanced.rar This is the old 2008 version of Project G. Requires version 20080814.  Zaximillian 793.1K 353
  Angle Shot Template.fed A template I made for a laser shot that makes a 90 Degree turn when you pass by its side.  Metarex Master 2316B 192
  SH-Templat...attern.fed just a pattern which has 2 bullets look like they're circling eachother  ShadowHunter 2003B 214
  Hell's Fortress.fed Final Form of final boss in the aftermath saga. Please do not be offended by the name. I worked hard on this.  Violence Wing 32.8K 260
  Defcon.fed Second Form of final boss in the aftermath saga.  Violence Wing 23.5K 255
  OKT-X-ARAC.fed My entry to the OWTA collab on FraxyHQ. This is a Radio-Zonde inspired boss that only uses Homing Lasers in its attacks and nothing else. Best fought in Area Fixed mode with a screensize of 360 X 480.  Metarex Master 156.9K 262
  aop.png Ace of Pentacles - Preview  Garoslaw 65.0K 430
  Kiragi Player Weapon.fed The Player Weapon to be used by Kiragi and Niri in my upcoming Try Project, Veneficus Arcanum. Edited to fix a few problems.  Metarex Master 10.9K 218
  Naryuka Pl...Weapon.fed The Player Weapon to be used by Naryuka in my upcoming Try Project, Veneficus Arcanum. Edited to fix a few problems  Metarex Master 16.0K 197
  Emperion.fed First Form of final boss in the aftermath saga. This is what happens when you combine 4 Viper X's like a circle.  Violence Wing 28.0K 261
  Parasite Worm.fed Boss 5 of the aftermath saga. Best fought with powered ship.  Violence Wing 2359B 284
  Sol 2.fed Boss 4 of the aftermath saga. Best fought with special ship.  Violence Wing 2615B 243
  Amoebus.fed A unique boss. This large spherical entity splits into two every time you destroy one of its forms. Best fought in Area Fixed mode with a screensize of 360 X 480.  Metarex Master 98.4K 221
  Neuroi Inf...Wyvern.fed Another Neuroi Infected Gunship has appeared, and this one is very high in energy levels. Use Yoshika and her enhanced Striker Shield to take it on. Another Strike Witches-based boss. Best fought in Area Fixed mode with a screensize of 360 X 480.  Metarex Master 92.6K 236
  SH-Template-Lance.fed A lance template  ShadowHunter 1274B 181
  SH-FortressM(s).fed If you still remember FortressM this is what happens when you get him mad and he comes back, 640X480 Fixed Area Mode  ShadowHunter 38.8K 189
  system.fed Boss 3 of The Aftermath Saga.  Violence Wing 2178B 174
  MK-I Armor.fed Boss 2 of the Aftermath Saga.  Violence Wing 1425B 232
  harpoon.fed Boss 1 of The Aftermath Saga.  Violence Wing 3856B 248
  NPC Roll Animation.fed A Template of the animations to be played by the NPC Ships in Zaximillian's Project G. Works only with his Partsgraphics set. Tested when in use, and it works very nicely.  Metarex Master 6405B 220
  Myomi Player Weapon.fed The Player Weapon to be used by Myomi in my upcoming Try Project, Veneficus Arcanum.  Metarex Master 13.2K 466
  Sayuto Player Weapon.fed The Player Weapon to be used by Sayuto in my upcoming Try Project, Veneficus Arcanum.  Metarex Master 13.8K 191
  Fraxypachi...rsion).fed An edited version of Steel Beetle so that it is more playable in a non-try file version.   Metarex Master 52.5K 422
  Fraxypachi...-Boss2.fed Approach Your Target and Attack! Your Mission Starts Now! Are you Ready? For SPIDER's FraxyPachi Project as a Stage 2 boss.  Metarex Master 50.1K 215
  neuroi A new version of my Strike Witches Neuroi Parasite partsgraphics, now made to work with Fraxy v20120108 Same as last version, just updated so it will work on the new Fraxy version.   Metarex Master 48.0K 333
  bandicam 2...31-686.jpg Transcore Preview - Forme 3 - Deadly Shadow  Garoslaw 21.9K 493 A Fraxy BG of the design that appears in the background during parts of Patchouli's stage in Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil. Extract to your bg folder.   Metarex Master 220.0K 243 A Fraxy BG of a blue sky with White Clouds. More detailed than the default Sky BG. Extract to your bg folder.  Metarex Master 37.0K 270
  The Elemen...rarian.fed A Fraxy version of the smart but ill Scarlet witch, Patchouli Knowledge, from Touhou. She has a myriad of elemental attacks and a secret form unlocked at Rank 7. Best fought in Area Fixed mode with a screensize of 360 X 480  Metarex Master 133.6K 210
  Silence - ...n Tank.fed Same stuff, smaller size, more complete. Use in Project G.  Xterminion 10.3K 208
  SH-Omega Wraith......fed omega wraith again but stronger  ShadowHunter 65.2K 459
  Neuroi Inf...eopard.fed The Sky Leopard is back, and this time as the host body for a Neuroi. Erica Hartmann is going to have to use her wind powers to bring down this foe again. Best fought in Area Fixed mode with a screensize of 360 X 480  Metarex Master 79.2K 288
  Silence - Tank.fed A tank design, for Project G.  Xterminion 15.7K 174
  Kuro Dual Fighters.fed Twin fighters of the Kuro Line sent to destroy high profile ships. Fight at 480X360 Screen Rez, with the Bullethell Ship, Best Equipment: Vulcan and Absolute Shield  RumiaC 120.8K 240
  Neuroi MAGE Fighter.fed A weapon of the Evil Mercenaries has been infected by a Neuroi. Use Gertrud Barkhorn's enhanced strength to destroy this awesome ship. Best fought in Area Fixed mode with a screensize of 360 X 480   Metarex Master 101.2K 258
  Legend of ...tended.ogg   Legendgreat 3802.8K 245
  Oculun V2.fed An enhanced version of one of my older bosses, Oculun. Now twice as hard. Best fought in Area Fixed mode with a screensize of 640 X 480.  Metarex Master 53.1K 509
  Pure - Cha...rwatch.fed   PureQuestion 67.1K 238
  Neuroi Sca... Spire.fed Two new Neuroi have appeared, an infected ship and a large Neuroi Spire. Use Lynette's special abilities and combat skills to destroy them. Another Strike Witches-based boss. Best fought in Area Fixed mode with a screensize of 360 X 480   Metarex Master 71.6K 250
  SH-Spirit Kernel.fed A alomost exact replica of hellsinkers secret boss scarlet queen volatiling spirit  ShadowHunter 11.8K 405
  Meta Vault 11.fed A Tribute to A70M1C, and a comeback of one of my own personal favorite Fraxy bosses. Hard Mode is available. Boss must be fought in Free-Mode only.  Metarex Master 79.7K 267
  SH-Mantis ...vy Dog.fed reuploaded  ShadowHunter 11.5K 264
  SH-ARK Def...Falcon.fed reuploaded  ShadowHunter 11.5K 488
  Neuroi-Kun.fed A Fraxy boss of the male humanoid, Neuroi-Kun from Strike Witches. He's really fast, and show's no mercy to his enemies. Best fought in Area Fixed mode with a screensize of 360 X 480.   Metarex Master 75.1K 248
  SH-Omega   ShadowHunter 1386.7K 345
  SH-Exception.fed Fixed  ShadowHunter 40.9K 288
  The Glutto...hantom.fed A Fraxy version of the lovely phantom princess, Yuyuko Saigyouji, from Touhou. She has powerful and ghost abilities and a secret form unlocked at Rank 44. Best fought in Area Fixed mode with a screensize of 360 X 480   Metarex Master 118.1K 293 Fixed Mimic of Evaccaneer Doom better wing design, body still the same  ShadowHunter 1637.8K 330
  Glow Squid.fed Glow Squid, the final boss of Battle Garegga, done in Fraxy. A ship with a lot of tricky moves to use on you. Best played on 360 X 480 and Area Fixed ON.   Metarex Master 69.6K 270
  Madball.fed Madball, the second boss of Battle Garegga, done in Fraxy. Take out the outer ring, then go for the center after eliminating some of the turrets. Best played on 360 X 480 and Area Fixed ON.   Metarex Master 38.4K 290
  Sky Leopard 42K.fed An experimental UAV used by this Evil Merc group in Strike Witches. Use Erica's Wind abilities to stop it. Best fought in Area Fixed mode with a screensize of 360 X 480  Metarex Master 52.2K 266
  ebbounknow...leader.fed   Eboshidori 221.4K 500
  Pure - Moon Core.fed   PureQuestion 58.7K 514
  B-01.fed A part of the New Series of bosses. Relatively easy. To be fought at Screen Rez 480X480.  Haku1201 39.1K 515
  Block Satellite.fed My entry to the battle with Alnylthyria. Uses only 15 parts and is a bit better than my last attempt at this. Best fought in Area Fixed mode with a screensize of 360 X 480.  Metarex Master 4928B 308
  Pure - Catastrophe.fed   PureQuestion 96.3K 281
  ebbopalenque.fed   Eboshidori 138.0K 742
  Horda Gestorada.fed My Entry to Shoot the Core Redux 2. The True Last boss of Raiden IV, Horda Gestorada, and it is really tough. Best fought in Area Fixed mode with a screensize of 360 X 480  Metarex Master 82.5K 326
  Combat Extract inot your try folder. A boss I made for my first anniversary on It is a combat drone that mimicks the abilities of some of my past bosses. This thing gives me so many feelings of Nostalgia.  Metarex Master 10.6K 309
  Joanne Gem...Youkai.fed Entry for the Sixty Seconds of Hell contest. A Youkai who has a gemstone theme to her. best fought in Area Fixed mode with a screensize of 640X480  Metarex Master 92.2K 250
  TheocratServer.fed Yes, keep it.  AlexMdle 76.5K 251
  Kuro Big C...odel E.fed Entry for the StC contest, best played with a Screen Size of 640X480  Haku1201 57.2K 521
  Heremitenradiant.fed KEEP YOUR DIGNITY?  AlexMdle 47.0K 475
  Firefox11 ...hoenix.fed Non-Canon Elemental Beasts - Effigies Phoenix. For the 24H contest.  Firefox11 92.2K 250
  JuneStarv2.fed June Star - HARD MODE. Did some cheap modifications. You will die a few times.  sssssz 20.3K 288
  JuneStarv1.fed An easy boss with multiple stages. Meant for fixed arena mode.  sssssz 19.5K 583
  Pure - Dem...atcher.fed   PureQuestion 53.4K 216
  Tsi.fed hurr bongk dur dungrangd  Perfect Infinity 6960B 197
  Toriningen.fed   AlexMdle 43.3K 482
  Neuroi Inf...Buzzer.fed A unique Karlsland VTOL that's been infected by a Neuroi. Use Perrine's Lightning abilities to bring it down. Another Strike Witches-based boss. Best fought in Area Fixed mode with a screensize of 360 X 480   Metarex Master 79.5K 277
  neuroi A new version of my Strike Witches Neuroi Parasite partsgraphics, now made to work with Fraxy v20110623 Same as before, just updated so it will work on the new Fraxy version.  Metarex Master 35.1K 402
  stone_soup....part3.rar Stone Soup p3  AlexMdle 1642.3K 498
  stone_soup....part2.rar Stone Soup p2  AlexMdle 3906.2K 358
  stone_soup....part1.rar Stone Soup p1  AlexMdle 3906.2K 472
  ucicles core.fed   BloodyIris 22.5K 202
  Ultima Moonstriker.fed A tribute for the one Fraxy boss Creator, Purequestion. This boss is based on his Ultima Ships and is called Ultima Moonstriker. Best fought in Area Fixed mode with a screensize of 360 X 480   Metarex Master 53.0K 269
  Xela.fed A tribute for the one Fraxy boss Creator, Alexmdle. This boss is a large humanoid called "Xela." It uses a couple reoccuring themes in his creations, and to me, feels like something he'd create. Best fought in Area Fixed mode with a screensize of 360 X 48  Metarex Master 89.1K 278
  ebbovector1k.fed   Eboshidori 212.3K 722
  Gorgeous A large stage-like Fraxy BG. Inspired by the Touhou Scarlet Mansion. Extract to your bg folder.  Metarex Master 126.3K 297
  HAAU.fed An attempt to make a true fighter enemy, failed.  Haku1201 25.7K 209
  H-Taurus.fed A Massive Aerial Tank using the Kuro Core Fighter as it's base.  Haku1201 21.8K 196
  Kuro VTOL.fed Prototype VTOL fighter, using the Kuro Core fighter as it's base.  Haku1201 32.4K 273
  Sea Fraxy Background of a massive Sea Base with large metal structures in the background.  Metarex Master 116.1K 292
  Z-Weapon D.E.M.I.S.E.fed A tribute for good old Zarrotsu. This boss is a Z-Weapon of my own called D.E.M.I.S.E. Bet you'll have a real hard time fighting this boss. Best fought in Area Fixed mode with a screensize of 360 X 480  Metarex Master 70.3K 605
  Neuroi Sentinel.fed A Sentinel of the Neuroi race. This one loves to spam lasers and it will put up quite a fight. Use Sanya's powers to stop it. Another Strike Witches-based boss. Best fought in Area Fixed mode with a screensize of 360 X 480  Metarex Master 103.6K 541
  UNPD S1.fed A cargo ship. Hard mode included; play it on a specific rank. UPDATED: Full Hard Mode available. Ugh, why is file deletion disabled? -_-"  LacklusterAngel 28.3K 211
  UNPD S1.fed A cargo ship. Hard Mode included; play it on a specific rank. UPDATED: Hard Mode works now.  LacklusterAngel 28.1K 226
  UNPD S1.fed A cargo ship. Hard Mode included; play it on a specific rank.  LacklusterAngel 27.8K 233
  Kurai.fed Fixed version of ParallelNebulae's KURAI.  Perfect Infinity 8534B 231
  Itsumademo.mp3 My 'theme' of sorts.  ParallelNebulae 1868.7K 590 My first Try, incomplete, but not working for what I have.  ParallelNebulae 37.5K 273
  UNPD F1.fed An enemy ship that MOVES and isn't circle shaped. Hard mode included; destroy the boosters. An updated model from 2010.  LacklusterAngel 21.6K 214
  Pure - Z W... Label.fed   PureQuestion 74.6K 291
  FraxyHQ A couple of drones for VortexReaper's FraxyHQ Try. These Meta Drones have 2 variants, a shooter and Exploder kind. Also has both the left and right versions.  Metarex Master 4130B 320
  Unspoken Sentinel.fed Happy birthday, Zarrotsu and SPIDER. A boss based off a boss from Radio Zonde. 360x480 mode, fixed area. At rank 66, this boss' last form will utterly massacre you.  vortexreaper 61.2K 608
  Pure - Z W...T.E.R..fed   PureQuestion 53.9K 273
  Pure - Z W...T.E.R..fed   PureQuestion 53.9K 275
  Radiation Drone.fed A small boss I made for the 15 parts contest. A little easy, but I really couldn't make anything much better with 15 parts. Best fought in Area Fixed mode with a screensize of 360 X 480.  Metarex Master 4481B 823 A surreal background I made.  ParallelNebulae 283.8K 531
  Relic.fed Tranchoral Relic. The most epic boss I have designed to date...  ParallelNebulae 15.4K 332
  MijikaiGensou.mid SOme music I wrote that I use as bgm.  ParallelNebulae 5805B 444
  TheRavens.fed ...  ParallelNebulae 5546B 319
  Reaper.fed Basic troop of the Altalian Empire.  ParallelNebulae 11.1K 365
  SWARM.png   ParallelNebulae 327.0K 591
  WheelofFate.png   ParallelNebulae 306.7K 738
  TranchoralScout.fed My first drone, and the enemy I will use to begin my 'plot'.  ParallelNebulae 1691B 600
  YouAreDead.fed The tentcles... the tentacles...   ParallelNebulae 13.1K 338
  Scorpio.fed A massive mechanical scorpion... Also, part of the 'Altalia' set of bosses.  ParallelNebulae 5841B 338
  Kurai.fed A boss I'm working on with a flaw somewhere that makes it go all an hero and stuff.  ParallelNebulae 8480B 213
  Neuroi Adv...Seeker.fed A specialized small, but extremely powerful Neuroi Seeker attacks. This little one is quite the hard one for its size. Use Lynette's special abilities and combat skills to bring this bad boy down. Another Strike Witches-based boss. Best fought in Area Fix  Metarex Master 73.0K 484
  Apocalypse.fed Tranchoral Apocalypse I: The first boss of a Try I'm working on, and a maddeningly difficult boss. (FIXED AREA MODE)  ParallelNebulae 17.3K 351
  Altalia1.fed The Altalian Wheel of Fate. Another simple enemy, but it can be quite difficult at higher levels, and nigh-impossible in groups.  ParallelNebulae 3737B 301
  EnergyMatrix.fed In my opinion, my best work yet.  ParallelNebulae 8765B 316
  Fleet.fed 64 miniature ships attack at once.   ParallelNebulae 6538B 214
  NoctalosSWARM.fed This thing has two routes to victory: patience and death.  ParallelNebulae 2723B 302
  NoctalosARACHNE.fed This is Arachne. Sorry, uploaded Achilles with the description I meant for this one. Achilles is big. That's about it.  ParallelNebulae 3987B 332
  NoctalosACHILLES.fed Arachne... the basic unit of the Noctalos Empire and the first enemy I made on Fraxy... It's not that good...   ParallelNebulae 8378B 347
  Pure - Star Core.fed   PureQuestion 68.0K 221
  Solitary Incantation.fed A boss made for a contest where bosses had to be made within 24 hours. (vertical shooter, 360x480)  vortexreaper 67.5K 294
  Pure - Star Core.fed   PureQuestion 68.0K 489
  Aimer.fed Despite the name of the file the actual name is shot gun you can now shoot anywhere in the the screen you just have to get use to not shooting to move.  ShadowHunter 3856B 275
  RedTheory.fed Red Theory Player Weapon for 2Fast4U.  TheBlueEcho 12.5K 236 Fraxy background of a large islandside ocean, with large tracks coming out of the water for a vehicle or something.  Metarex Master 78.8K 286
  Blade Soul.fed This is a nifty little player weapon that contains twin swords the only downside to it is that you need to get close to the enemy to attack so you have a better chance of getting hit (made for bosses and challenges)  ShadowHunter 3317B 267
  Neuroi Battle Jet.fed A Battle Jet corrupted by the Parasitic Neuroi Race. It constantly changes forms until it is soo much larger. Use Perrine's lightning powers to stop it. Another Strike Witches-based boss. Best fought in Area Fixed mode with a screensize of 360 X 480.  Metarex Master 91.8K 283
  Pure - Microcore 5.fed   PureQuestion 23.2K 522
  ftbc.fed My entry to Enishi's finish the boss challenge not rumia's  ShadowHunter 17.4K 202
  Leo.bmp my collab boss in raiwat project  ShadowHunter 1354.0K 780
  Leo.bmp my collab boss in raiwat project  ShadowHunter 1354.0K 511
  Leo.bmp my collab boss in raiwat project  ShadowHunter 1354.0K 575
  Trial.fed Trial of pain survive and you'll reach the extremely hard secret  ShadowHunter 7267B 228
  magicians head.fed this is one hell of a hard boss beware the attacks  ShadowHunter 18.5K 275
  Neuroi Inf...naught.fed A massive warship, corrupted by the parasitic Neuroi Race. Use shield and your skill to take on this monster of a ship. Another Strike Witches-based boss. Best fought in Area Fixed mode with a screensize of 360 X 480.   Metarex Master 83.7K 375
  Oculun.fed A large eye-like boss with two phases and some very unique features. Another enemy of mine. Best fought in Area Fixed mode with a screensize of 640 X 480.  Metarex Master 51.8K 576
  The Chipper Fox.fed A Fraxy version of the adorable fox girl, Ran Yakumo, from Touhou. She has some mean magic and even a secret form unlocked at Rank 9. Best fought in Area Fixed mode with a screensize of 360 X 480  Metarex Master 58.7K 535
  Neuroi-Chan.fed A new boss based off of the female humanoid, Neuroi-chan from Strike Witches. She's really fast, and has quite a few tricks up her sleeves. Best fought in Area Fixed mode with a screensize of 360 X 480.   Metarex Master 56.3K 285
  Metarex Capcarion.fed A treacherous Aquatic Metarex. Take it on in in Amy's Pink Wind ship. Best fought in Area Fixed mode with a screensize of 640 X 480. Also reccomend blue bullet color and a Water-based background.   Metarex Master 114.2K 253 Fraxy Background for the First part of Last Fighter, Stage 3. Be sure to put the fbg file in the bg folder, and keep the bitmap in the origin folder  Metarex Master 16.4K 294
  Ai'den.fed Fraxy vs. Touhou stage 2 - Ai'den. A tribute to my awesome nephew.  A70M1C 88.3K 235
  SunBird.fed   Geometric 21.3K 234
  Korast.fed My Entry for Haku's Transforming boss contest. A cool transforming fighter ship called Korast. Best fought in Area Fixed mode with a screensize of 640 X 480   Metarex Master 89.9K 307
  ebbosupremebuddha.fed Appear position: FIXED - Area Fixed mode: ON - Window size: 640 x 480  Eboshidori 205.9K 962
  RTemplate.fed   MintE 16.4K 250
  Suzuran Core.fed A Fraxy version of the adorable, poison doll Youkai, Medicine Melancholy, from Touhou. She attacks with many flower and poison based moves, and even has a secret form. The smaller one takes more damage than the big one. Best fought in Area Fixed mode with  Metarex Master 69.1K 244
  Metarex Ke...ighter.fed A very swift and agile multirole attcker ship of the Metarex. This one is not going to be easy, for it not only has some powerful attacks, but it very quick of a boss too. Take it on in the Hyper Tornado. Best fought in Area Fixed mode with a screensize o  Metarex Master 63.8K 243
  Pentro.fed Large boss for Rumia's Geistgunner Stage collab. A cool ship/mech type boss modeled after the Bigro Mobile Armor from Gundam. Has a lot of attacks, and is quite fast.  Metarex Master 29.9K 209
  Kuro VTOL.fed Prototype VTOL Boss. Uses 4 randomized attacks.  Haku1201 32.4K 492
  Dimension Vault.fed Tribute to A70M1C.  vortexreaper 100.3K 377
  Pure - Ult...ault 2.fed   PureQuestion 75.4K 269
  Aquamancia...P3CT3R.fed I made this for the A70M1C Tribute Contest at the UFF. So yeah, enjoy.  Aquamancia 40.1K 502
  Rexion Core.fed An amazing boss from Gradius Galaxies, Rexion Core. After you destroy its core, a back-up device repairs it and it changes attacks, for two times in the fight. Best fought in Area Fixed mode with a screensize of 640 X 480.   Metarex Master 46.4K 291
  MatheusHellLabel.fed My most diabolic boss yet.  AlexMdle 102.9K 501
  captforevership.bmp   BloodyIris 2304.1K 595
  Thisassame...out as.pac   BloodyIris 513.3K 222
  lol han dynasty.bmp   BloodyIris 2304.1K 512
  Matheus.fed 12 hour boss  AlexMdle 53.9K 270
  Pure - Ang...erseer.fed   PureQuestion 43.8K 282
  Kuro.fed Challenge Boss for Alex's Contest, To be fought in 360X480 Screen rez.  Haku1201 30.7K 225
  Yukkuri.fed Aww how cute, a Touhou Yukkuri in Fraxy. Has 8 different Touhou attacks that it uses at random, and it is adorable as all get out. Best fought in Area Fixed Mode with a screensize of 360 X 480   Metarex Master 41.9K 298
  Yellow Win...r Ship.fed A player ship of Cream's Yellow Wind ship in Sonic X. Has two options that fire in the direction opposite of where it's moving. All you need to do is add a boss.   Metarex Master 4332B 713
  Battle Gar...agghin.fed Nose Lavagghin, the first boss of Battle Garegga, done in Fraxy. Edited a few things to my old one to make it a better boss. Best played on 640 X 480 and Area Fixed ON.   Metarex Master 13.9K 427
  Kerox The ...b Boss.fed A Collab between me and BloodyIris, Haku1201, Garoslaw, and SPIDER. A powerful form-changing foe. Best fought in Area Fixed Mode with a screensize of 360 X 480  Metarex Master 107.0K 564
  Jeff the C...Hat on.fed Look, he has a little hat!!! AWWWW!!  BloodyIris 11.5K 211
  Theros unf...d body.fed   BloodyIris 9866B 248
  Theros unf... thing.fed   BloodyIris 14.7K 203
  Theros Prototype.fed   BloodyIris 8281B 262
  Golas.fed A very unique fraxy boss. You take it on in a narrow chamber, and it shoots sections of its body at you to attack. Wait for it's eye to appear, that's your chance. It can be fought best in Area Fixed mode with a screensize of 640 X 480, or screensize 320   Metarex Master 23.2K 406
  neuroi A simple partsgraphics set to make your Fraxy creation look like something infected by the Neuroi race from the Anime Strike Witches. Works with virtually any Fraxy boss. To use, just simple extract it to your partsgraphics folder, and then select in in  Metarex Master 38.1K 318
  Egg Eagle.fed One of Eggman's piloted robots, the Egg Eagle. You gotta attack its cocpit, but damaging the rotors will make the fight easier on you. It is very swift. Take it on in the Hyper Tornado. Best fought in Area Fixed mode with a screensize of 640 X 480.   Metarex Master 33.8K 305
  Havokk.fed This remodified version of an ancient Cascade mech is powerful and hard to predict. Stayt on your toes with this Metarex. Take it on in the Hyper Tornado. Best fought in Area Fixed mode with a screensize of 640 X 480.   Metarex Master 42.6K 318
  Z-WeaponANGELRedux.fed   BloodyIris 123.3K 224
  Angelmod.fed   BloodyIris 123.2K 452
  phantasmshapeshifter.fed   BloodyIris 9767B 224
  phantasmA....change.fed   BloodyIris 14.8K 216
  Phantasm Partial2.fed   BloodyIris 10.9K 254
  Kunidus.fed Large midboss for Rumia's Geistgunner Stage collab. A massive saucer ship with orbiting drones and buzzsaws too.  Metarex Master 15.2K 242
  Pulse Fighter.fed Fighter Drone for Rumia's Giestgunner Stage collab. Comes in from the sides and shoots at you.  Metarex Master 3760B 235
  Angelmod.fed   BloodyIris 121.8K 231
  angel.bmp   BloodyIris 2304.1K 507
  phantasmA....try 2).fed BloodyIris  Metarex Master 13.6K 218
  sample_grayscale.fed Mon's grayscale effector sample.  Aquamancia 382B 328
  sample_invert.fed Mon's invert effector sample.  Aquamancia 461B 363
  Molten Lava Core.fed My entry to Alexmdle's Pimp Mah Boss Contest. An enhancement of his Molten Core boss. Best fought in Area Fixed mode with a screensize of 360 X 480.  Metarex Master 37.9K 568
  Mongerattack5.fed   BloodyIris 13.4K 294
  Maskelyne.fed It's not finished yet, and still a tad buggy. Should get around to updating it soon.  grayeggsandham 31.5K 241
  Mongerattack3.fed   BloodyIris 10.7K 222
  Mongerattack2.fed   BloodyIris 10.0K 251
  Monger6.fed   BloodyIris 10.4K 229
  Mongernotw...howant.fed   BloodyIris 10.6K 230
  Mongeralpha2.fed   BloodyIris 10.5K 211
  Mongeralpha.fed   BloodyIris 8860B 242
  Mongerproto.fed   BloodyIris 8286B 255
  phantasmA....nished.fed   BloodyIris 14.8K 236
  Transblast2.fed   BloodyIris 2298B 265
  Spread Shot.fed   BloodyIris 2570B 221
  quickspreadwave.fed   BloodyIris 3307B 223
  quicksprea...etedit.fed   BloodyIris 2073B 572
  quickspreadbullet.fed   BloodyIris 3127B 566
  QuadBlaster.fed   BloodyIris 1994B 557
  Charge-BreakShield.fed   BloodyIris 991B 233
  bullet1.fed   BloodyIris 2013B 221
  Bakraid Gigamanta.fed Gigamanta, the sixth boss ship of Battle Bakraid, done in Fraxy. This boss is best played on 640X480 and Area Fixed ON.  Metarex Master 24.0K 385
  Bakraid Grell.fed Grell, one of the sub-boss helicopters of Battle Bakraid, done in Fraxy. This boss is best played on 640X480 and Area Fixed ON.  Metarex Master 15.3K 648
  Bakraid Kraken.fed Kraken, one of the sub-boss ships of Battle Bakraid, done in Fraxy. This boss is best played on 640X480 and Area Fixed ON.   Metarex Master 18.6K 411
  Bakraid Barlog.fed Barlog, the fifth boss ship of Battle Bakraid, done in Fraxy. This boss is best played on 640X480 and Area Fixed ON.   Metarex Master 23.3K 421
  Bakraid AxeBeak.fed AxeBeak, the first boss ship of Battle Bakraid, done in Fraxy. This boss is best played on 640X480 and Area Fixed ON.   Metarex Master 14.7K 408
  Hyper Torn...r Ship.fed A player ship of Chris's Hyper Tornado ship in Sonic X. Fires in powerful straight-fire patterns. All you need to do is add a boss. Made a few small changes to my old one. Now is a bit better than before.  Metarex Master 3141B 241
  Ultra Gemerl.fed Ultra Gemerl, the enhanced version of Gemerl and the final boss of Nonagression Zone in Sonic Advance 3. A really cool boss. Can you beat the secret form? Best fought in Area Fixed mode with a screensize of 640 X 480.  Metarex Master 67.0K 614
  Super A Player Ship graphic set of Sonic in his super form. Just extract to your player folder and you're ready.  Metarex Master 33.4K 321
  Nerumid Metarex.fed This large Arachnid metarex stands against you. Take out its arms, then go for the head. Take it on in the X-Tornado. Best fought in Area Fixed mode with a screensize of 640 X 480.   Metarex Master 56.7K 544
  Metarex In... Fleet.fed A fleet of metarex interceptor ships. Take them on in the X-tornado  Metarex Master 20.3K 625
  phantasmA.Ibeta.fed   BloodyIris 13.6K 216
  PFGG.fed Demo of an upcoming boss.  Haku1201 41.4K 478
  spriterderp.fed herp  Perfect Infinity 1006B 235
  SCGlaive.fed Full weapon. :D  AlexMdle 11.3K 278
  SCGlaivePrototype.fed SC - Glaiver Prototype. Mass Driver weapons + Mellee double energy blades. Ho booy, this is awesome...  AlexMdle 12.1K 258
  common_01.bmp   BloodyIris 450.1K 534
  Xantas (Rotation).fed   Haku1201 17.1K 226
  Pure - Cyc... Robot.fed   PureQuestion 33.0K 304
  Aquamancia...ardian.fed Entry for some battle on the Fraxy Warehouse. So yeah.  Aquamancia 14.6K 318
  Deploy-Fighter.fed   BloodyIris 3605B 561
  Harpoon-Flamer.fed   BloodyIris 16.0K 237
  Harpoon-Turret.fed   BloodyIris 4900B 226
  Harpoon-Bomber.fed   BloodyIris 4232B 227
  BerserkManta.fed   BloodyIris 3552B 280
  Lancer-Bomber.fed   BloodyIris 4219B 236
  Lancer-Bomber.fed this is the last one guys, I promise  BloodyIris 4031B 232
  Lancer-Bomber.fed had to fix a glitch, and make some improvements  BloodyIris 4031B 563
  Palanarx2.fed Just messing around, amking another bos of my own out of palanarx, this was the original idea of mine.  BloodyIris 161.5K 222
  Lancer-Bomber.fed A drone for a collab on FraxyHQ  BloodyIris 3485B 263
  Requiem Blade.fed A tough carrier ship boss. first you have to battle a number of drones that fight like copies of your player ship, then you battle the ship itself.Best fought in Area Fixed mode with a screensize of 640 X 480.  Metarex Master 63.6K 304
  Vari Fighter.fed One of the drones to my Requiem Blade boss, just in case you want to fight just that.  Metarex Master 6846B 394
  Heavy Core.fed A tribute to Firefox11 - Heavy Weapons and muscle based teamwork Core Best fought in Area Fixed mode with a Screensize of 480 X 360.  Metarex Master 9.8K 655
  Bucket Core.fed A Fraxy version of the lovable Bucket Loli, Kisume, from Touhou. She attacks with all of her fire based moves, plus a few new ones. Be careful when fighting this little Tsurube-otoshi. Best fought in Area Fixed mode with a screensize of 360 X 480.   Metarex Master 19.1K 408
  Z-Mammon.fed   ZarroTsu 95.2K 301
  MadPalanarx.fed Changing one simple variable causes Palanarx to change drastically. You never quite knopw what he will do this time!  BloodyIris 168.8K 353
  AquamanciaBitFighter.fed Made with only 10 parts. Part of a battle on the Fraxy Warehouse.  Aquamancia 2102B 264
  Foutch Metarex.fed The Metarex Phoenix of Purging Flames. Take it on in in Amy's Pink Wind ship. A danmaku boss based on the Metarex from Sonic X. Best fought in Area Fixed mode with a screensize of 640 X 480.   Metarex Master 23.6K 376
  Moving Option Units.fed My Player Weapon entry for Sytheradrox's Player Weapons War collab. Two option units that switch formations when you stand still and press Boost. Has 4 different modes.  Metarex Master 5904B 245
  Randomizer.fed Randomizer! 1 Part needed only.  AlexMdle 668B 313
  Hermit.rar IX - Hermit. Have fun.  AlexMdle 121.6K 634
  Diorex.bmp   BloodyIris 2304.1K 534
  Diorex.fed   BloodyIris 14.3K 229
  Diorex.fed Beta Preview  BloodyIris 14.3K 223
  Diorex.bmp preview picture  BloodyIris 2304.1K 660
  Diorex.fed Beta Preview  BloodyIris 14.1K 249
  AquaFPGPack.ZIP For use with 20101104beta version (and possibly later, depending if new sprites show up in future versions).  Aquamancia 640.9K 394
  Randomizer Test.fed Randomizer Tutorial .fed  Firefox11 6203B 490
  Reaper Sovereign.fed Sovereign, the first Vanguard of the Reapers from Mass Effect. You better be prepared to fight one of the most powerful beings in the galaxy! (must be fought in Free Mode)  Metarex Master 46.3K 547
  Tapper.fed alpha- i'm out of ideas  Collen 6121B 260
  The Final Showdown.fed The final showdown with the Bacterian Leaders.  Hectorvon 16.0K 244
  Fire Star FS.fed FIXED AGAIN.  Collen 7944B 283
  Fire Star FS.fed A fixed screen version of Fire Star. x 380 y 560  Collen 7946B 249
  Shining Core.fed Another great boss from Gradius Gaiden, the dazzling Shining Core, with its powerful beams and glowing wings. Best fought in Area Fixed mode with a screensize of 640 X 480.   Metarex Master 29.5K 389
  Fire Star.fed Fixed AGAIN  Collen 5270B 270
  Fire Star.fed Fixed  Collen 5270B 209
  Fire Star.fed First of the elemental ships.  Collen 5270B 244
  [Haku] Uff...C-Wing.fed My entry for the Side-View Challenge, best fought at Screen Rez 600X520, a Green Bullet Color, and Quicker ship.  Haku1201 66.8K 264
  Rolling Beam.fed Uses panel-rolling joints in order to make lasers spin.  Collen 2017B 275
  Pure - Sub-Atomica.fed   PureQuestion 2976B 241
  Scythe Drone.fed   PureQuestion 2752B 231
  Solar Assault.fed An unknown being made of pure energy has formed out of a Grid Star cluster in the dark reaches of Multivak and begins a path towards Multivak’s core, taking over and assimilating everything in its way.  Hectorvon 1006B 230
  Strafe Fighter.fed   PureQuestion 4459B 750
  S.N.A.K.E.fed Ehh  Collen 4629B 296
  S.N.A.K.E.fed My best boss so far. Use the standerd bullet to beat this.  Collen 4629B 802
  Pure - Ove...eactor.fed   PureQuestion 66.5K 291
  Neon Fighter.fed For Alex's Lesser Fraxian Fleet Collab. A fighter ship made almost entirely out of Energy Walls  Metarex Master 8200B 232
  Blade Drone B.fed   PureQuestion 2762B 556
  Lesser Serpent.fed   PureQuestion 4628B 718
  Blade Drone.fed   PureQuestion 2674B 226
  Blade Drone.fed   PureQuestion 2574B 211
  Oni Defense Turret.fed A stationary turret for Alex's Lesser Fraxian Fleet Collab  Metarex Master 4910B 775
  War Bat.fed For Alex's Lesser Fraxian Fleet Collab  Metarex Master 3593B 585
  Barrier Warrior.fed Something with barriers and lasers- oh wait  Collen 1583B 606
  Pure - Wide Attacker.fed Even more fixed  PureQuestion 4443B 239
  Pure - Wide Attacker.fed Fixed Version  PureQuestion 4443B 206
  Pure - Wide Attacker.fed For Alex's Collab  PureQuestion 4443B 705
  Tamed Base.fed You can control the fortress with this boss, which is not really a boss.  Hectorvon 8303B 244
  Monster X.fed Very Alpha  Collen 2827B 530
  Fizzy Core.fed Playing with ex. params  Collen 446B 235
  Planet and Moon.fed An artificial planet and moon.  Hectorvon 6580B 239
  Rollor.fed An UPDATED version of Rollor - use Display_X = 380 Display_Y = 560 and fixed view mode!  Collen 3447B 606
  Dr. Damage.fed My Entry for Tekto's Evil Scientist contest. An evil madman named Dr. Damage. Bes fought in Area Fixed mode with a screensize of 640 X 480  Metarex Master 29.2K 609
  Rollor.fed One of the enemy's chiefs. It has two drones on either side of it.  Collen 1668B 233
  FRAX Core.fed The ultimate FRAX core.. Can you defeat it?  Collen 1587B 581
  Lepidoptrius Metarex.fed The Metarex Pestilence Moth. Take it on in in Amy's Pink Wind ship. A somewhat challenging Danmaku-style boss. Best fought in Area Fixed mode with a screensize of 480 X 360.  Metarex Master 19.9K 561
  Parasite Core.fed An awesome boss from Gradius, the powerful Parasite Core attached to Two smaller Deathshell cores. Best fought in Area Fixed mode with a screensize of 480 X 360.  Metarex Master 19.5K 477
  Blue Falcon.fed A really tough boss from Shadow the Hedgehog, now as an upgraded version in Fraxy! Made a few changes to the original such as added a health meter and stuff.  Metarex Master 9350B 650
  E-90.fed A massive Eggman robot from Sonic X capable of Inhaling sattelites! Take it out, with the X-Tornado  Metarex Master 19.3K 487
  To the Frax pt1.rar borked try file - any help?  Collen 1795B 420
  Final Planet.fed Now that the final Bacterian has been destroyed, it's time to blow the Multi-Bacterian Planet to smithereens!  Hectorvon 22.7K 218
  Mothership Core.fed Transmission from the final Bacterian: "So you finally figured it out. I have been sending you on false missions to lead you away from my true location. And now you've found me, I guess I have no choice but to destroy you now!"  Hectorvon 11.4K 268
  Bacterian Battleship.fed Another Bacterian Battleship.  Hectorvon 18.3K 228
  Remains of...zation.fed Transmission: "The remains of the Bacterians have been located inside a battleship. Blow it Up!"  Hectorvon 19.5K 488
  Random Ship.fed   PureQuestion 4188B 550
  Mother Com...Escape.fed Transmission: "There is another fortress detected. It is controlled by a computer hidden in the ship. Find it and destroy it!"  Hectorvon 22.5K 450
  Nucleus Mark 2.fed Transmission: "There is a techno-organic creature producing Bacterians. Destroy it!"  Hectorvon 12.7K 298
  Eleos Brain.fed Not Bacterian Brain again! What will it take to kill this guy for good?!?!  Hectorvon 6681B 228
  Oblivion Base.fed The level after the organic fortress and before Oblivion.  Hectorvon 24.7K 461
  Dr.Venom.fed This is the boss after Oblivion. Transmission: "There is an unknown flagship escaping the Base. Destroy it before it's too late!"   Hectorvon 8804B 215
  Organic Fortress.fed This is the boss before Oblivion. Transmission: "A ship in a Zelos Force inside has created an organic Fortress!"  Hectorvon 16.7K 253
  Oblivion.fed Transmission from Oblivion: "YOU DON'T HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO DESTROY ME!"  Hectorvon 3415B 289
  cloudx fin... stand.fed yes it runs away in the first one in this one you get to kill it....or at least try i would love to know what people think about it =P  cloudx226 18.3K 237
  cloud x.fed its my first so i would like some feed back plz =)  cloudx226 13.1K 266
  Bacterian Brain MK 2.fed The Bacterian Brain is back, only time his body has grown into the size of a planet! Must be played in 320 by 240 in Fixed area mode.  Hectorvon 35.4K 216
  Bacterian Brain.fed Transmission: "You have found the Bacterian Brain, the final form of the Bacterian! Now you must destroy it!"  Hectorvon 7968B 244
  Xamkerpos Type FL.fed Challenge Entry for the Artificial Angel Challenge, Best fought at the highest Standard screen resolution, Fixed area mode.  Haku1201 85.7K 272
  Emperor Gofer.fed Unknown Transmission from Bacterian Emperor: "I am the Strongest!" Best played on 480 by 360 fixed mode  Hectorvon 4961B 251
  Geneticall...ovirus.fed Behold, traitor! Before you lies G.O.F.E.R, King of the Bacterians! He is our savior which will help us fellow Bacterians conquer the universe! Prepare to die!!!  Hectorvon 31.9K 243
  Enemy Batt...Redone.fed Redone.  Hectorvon 8162B 233
  Enemy Battleship.fed Dr. Venom returns in his new Battleship!  Hectorvon 8344B 235
  Aquamancia-Zero.fed An attempt at recreating KDL3's final boss. Must be fought in 640 by 360 fixed mode.  Aquamancia 35.7K 553
  Sub-Space Fortress.fed A Fortress has been detected in Sub-Space.  Hectorvon 9372B 488
  Viral Cell.fed A Bacterion-like cell grows within the depths of Sub-Space.  Hectorvon 4130B 570
  Rebirth of Evil.fed Transmission: Here is your final mission. You must enter the cell Bacterion, who is currently dividing, and destroy it once and for all!  Hectorvon 11.6K 251
  FitKoopa00.pac   BloodyIris 1651.4K 395
  Bacterion Emperor.fed It is the final battle with Bacterion!  Hectorvon 6741B 243
  Bacterion.fed Recreation of Bacterion in Gradius 1 except this time, Bacterion fires back!  Hectorvon 5722B 529
  Xaerous Bio-Computer.fed Bacterion, now a bio-mechanical brain again, revives Gofer and Venom inside two cores; Gofer in the first core, Venom in the second core, and Bacterion in the final core.  Hectorvon 7766B 263
  Xanmos (Mega Base).fed My entry for the Science challenge at the UFF. Best fought at Screen Rez 600X520, Fixed Area mode.  Haku1201 49.6K 286
  Sogthoth Hive.fed Redone again. I took away most of Crook Sogthoth's health.  Hectorvon 25.0K 293
  Sogthoth Hive.fed Redone. I Made the Hive stop moving.  Hectorvon 25.0K 223
  Sogthoth Hive.fed Gridy has destroyed the mysterious fortress! Unfortunately, The Entire Sogthoth Hive escaped in the process. Now Gridy must destroy Crook Sogthoth, mastermind and center of the Hive!!!  Hectorvon 25.0K 208
  Final Enemy.fed 4 years ago, a menace named King Crook threatened the peaceful planet Gridak with his Warship. However, King Crook was defeated thanks to the brave efforts of a ship named Fraxy, piloted by Gridy Solomon, a being of unknown origin. Now an unknown small fo  Hectorvon 3579B 229
  CPS.rar A blank premade player sprite for when you don't need one. Extract into the player folder  MintE 15.8K 538
  Laser Cannon.fed   PureQuestion 1511B 568
  Pink Wind ...r Ship.fed A player ship of Amy's Pink Wind ship in Sonic X. Fires normal but with orbiting option drones shooting too. All you need to do is add a boss.  Metarex Master 2808B 611
  X-Tornado ...r Ship.fed A player ship of Tails X-Tornado. Fires in Spread fire patterns. All you need to do is add a boss.  Metarex Master 2545B 261
  cshup-dluup.bmp   BloodyIris 2008.2K 514
  ctuhlu.bmp   BloodyIris 2008.2K 515
  billyvoorhees.bmp   BloodyIris 2008.2K 613
  FSM.bmp   BloodyIris 2008.2K 461
  King Crook.fed King Crook unveils his true form: a tentacled monster with an glowing sphere at the center. He can fire a big laser and can abuse gravity to pull nearby enemies into the sphere, which was the birthplace of all evil.   Hectorvon 31.3K 234
  Slowed Up Flagship.fed King Crook's Flagship's boosters have been destroyed!  Hectorvon 18.1K 212
  Final Star.fed E.V.I.L, which stands for Eternal Villainous Intelligent Lifeform, has been torn down into it's true form, a sentient star. Now you must destroy the defenseless star and return peace to planet Gridak.  Hectorvon 5731B 233
  Final Star.fed E.V.I.L, which stands for Eternal Villainous Intelligent Lifeform, has been torn down into it's true form, a sentient star. Now you must destroy the defenseless star and return peace to planet Gridak.  Hectorvon 5731B 272
  E.V.I.L.fed King Crook's flagship is actually an ancient immortal dormant biomechanical lifeform that was unknowningly modified into a Flagship by King Crook. Defeating King Crook only awakened the creature and now it has you in it's sights!  Hectorvon 24.2K 233
  King Crook...agship.fed King Crook's Flagship is heading towards planet Gridak! Stop him before it's too late!  Hectorvon 18.5K 230
  FitLink00.pac newborn hollow link   BloodyIris 504.4K 383
  Firefox11 ...pus EX.rar Self-Imposed Challenge boss - Pure Danmaku attempt.  Firefox11 210.6K 518
  Dicearm.fed   AlexMdle 19.5K 255
  Gravity_Mine.fed Gravity Bind + Gravity Well + Barrier2 = This drone.  TheBlueEcho 3244B 562
  Temperance.rar XIV - Temperance Stage/Boss  AlexMdle 25.8K 564
  Temperance.rar XIV - Temperance Stage/Boss  AlexMdle 25.8K 476
  Dodonpachi.fed   MintE 25.8K 251
  sample_eeg...remote.fed Same as previous sample, just with remote blast.  Oneshiningstar 827B 404
  sample_eeggshrap.fed Sample showing use of events on pair part to modify speed and curve of shrapnel of energy egg.  Oneshiningstar 1301B 487
  HalfShieldExample.fed Temp  Cate 240B 223
  OnRailsShooter.fed Any size no fixed area. Just a template  MintE 2600B 568
  ZodiacKILLERLite.fed Just a lighter version   MintE 30.7K 228
  ZodiacKILLER.fed CustomPlayerWeapon  MintE 36.3K 269
  SwordsTwo.fed   AlexMdle 7234B 240
  TemplateDrone.fed Template of a drone for Temperance  AlexMdle 1485B 549
  ctrboard2v7.css 7th version, simpler than before and NO a: !  CrossTheRubicon 219B 1973
  ctrboard2v6.css 6th version after more professional revisions, this better work.  CrossTheRubicon 327B 249
  Battle Gar...agghin.fed Nose Lavagghin, the first boss of Battle Garegga, done in Fraxy. This boss is best played on 640*480 and Area Fixed ON.  Metarex Master 13.0K 281
  Metarex Interceptor.fed A drone ship, this one being a Metarex based interceptor ship from Sonic X  Metarex Master 1983B 241
  Metarex Bomber.fed A drone ship, this one being a Metarex based bomber from Sonic X  Metarex Master 1352B 578
  Metarex ta...ighter.fed A drone ship, this one being a Metarex based ship from Sonic X  Metarex Master 1722B 253
  Untitled.png See Kiro? I can clean things up  Haz 1806.3K 524
  Artificial...onPAIN.fed   AlexMdle 114.3K 619 SHOOT THE -- OH SHIT DOUBLE DELTA WHAT HAVE I DONE  ZarroTsu 12.3K 678
  Libryo -DONE-.fed Libryo 320*480  MintE 133.3K 281
  currenttop.png to get around the size cap  Haz 3474.5K 406
  Triangle Movement.fed   AlexMdle 977B 228
  sample_effector6.fed mon's effector sample. Shows parameters of the new spark 2 effector.  Aquamancia 1686B 321
  sample_effector5.fed mon's effector sample. Shows even more new parameters of the shockwave effector.  Aquamancia 756B 329
  sample_effector4.fed mon's effector sample. Shows more new parameters of the shockwave effector.  Aquamancia 1074B 329
  sample_effector3.fed mon's effector sample. Shows some new parameters of the shockwave effector.  Aquamancia 757B 335
  sample_effector2.fed mon's effector sample. Shows new parameters of thunder-line and thunder-stream effectors.  Aquamancia 1724B 672
  sample_effector1.fed mon's effector sample. Shows parameters of the new reduce and enlarge effectors, as well as spark effectors.  Aquamancia 1395B 668
  sample_midpoint.fed mon's sample of the midpoint connection type.  Aquamancia 1788B 330
  sample_pointer.fed mon's sample of the new pointer connection type.  Aquamancia 631B 343
  sample_input.fed mon's input sample. Booster effectors and searchlight activates depending on the direction the player is traveling.  Aquamancia 1342B 683
  sample_eggex13.fed I don't know how to explain this one. Just see for yourself.  Aquamancia 1480B 356
  sample_swordeffector.fed mon's Sword Effector sample.  Aquamancia 5247B 344
  SwordEffectorTest.fed Oh look, a new version of Fraxy  Aquamancia 936B 272
  ebborollingcore.fed   Eboshidori 109.5K 543
  stakes.fed fifth demo of my new boss - seven stakes of purgatory  Kironide 7987B 241
  stakes.fed fourth demo of my new boss - seven stakes of purgatory  Kironide 8458B 238
  stakes.fed third demo of my new boss - seven stakes of purgatory  Kironide 8449B 215
  stakes.fed second demo of my new boss - seven stakes of purgatory  Kironide 7457B 264
  stakes.fed movement demo of my new boss - seven stakes of purgatory  Kironide 2110B 204
  DimSmile.fed A test of Shadow distances.  Cate 9730B 269
  idied.png yeah, I died taking the pic, so what?  Haz 85.8K 727
  AAfirst.fed The done test boss, it's way too much, but not enough  Haz 11.3K 286
  Pure - Sho... Core!.zip   PureQuestion 10.0K 306
  Pure - Arcana.fed   PureQuestion 93.6K 261
  Hypertriangle.fed Unfinished triangle shield boss.  Cate 20.2K 233
  AAfirst.fed a semi-done test of fraxy  Haz 4146B 247
  Ixion Elit...rsion).fed My Entry for the Shoot the Core Redux Challenge  Haku1201 36.2K 275
  Experiment...Quarta.fed Entry for "Shoot the Core! REDUX" contest on UFF. Have fun?  AlexMdle 73.4K 638 Opal Dream: The Forgotten Dream  ZarroTsu 12.5K 469
  Emiya [Zen...dited].fed Requested fix of Emiya for Mirai  ZenonX 709B 367
  Disciple o...en God.fed A simple (like all of my creations so far) boss. The second of my Forgotten God series.  Mirai 1852B 501
  Priest of ...en God.fed A simple (like all of my creations so far) boss. The first of my Forgotten God series.  Mirai 1874B 204
  Antioch.fed My comeback boss. Hard mode: Rank 59  Daesmodalus 60.4K 524
  ebbobrokendream.fed   Eboshidori 226.6K 685
  Side Model.jpg   BloodyIris 109.0K 473
  female_poses01.jpg   BloodyIris 449.2K 389
  Female mind map.bmp   BloodyIris 113.7K 502
  female_poses01.jpg   BloodyIris 235.2K 689
  Side Model.jpg   BloodyIris 50.3K 442
  Female mind map.bmp   BloodyIris 113.7K 381
  Voltroid.fed Finally got it right  BloodyIris 3742B 242
  Voltroid.fed   BloodyIris 3687B 239
  Voltroid.fed Droid for Ultinex Collab  BloodyIris 3627B 246
  Phenom Volt.fed see above  BloodyIris 1365B 206
  Phenom Wave.fed effect for future boss  BloodyIris 1498B 226
  Justice.fed XI - Justice, made for Haku's "Drone Makers" challenge. Have fun.  AlexMdle 111.1K 260
  Justice.fed XI - Justice, made for Haku's "Drone Makers" challenge. Have fun.  AlexMdle 111.1K 402
  Pure - Cur...hanism.fed   PureQuestion 30.3K 278
  Ixion Heavy Drone 1.fed An update for the Ixion Heavy Drone 1  Haku1201 6658B 239
  Briscoe Escort.fed An update for the Briscoe Escort(Carrier)  Haku1201 21.3K 245
  Ixion Drones.rar Propeller based drone pack, Lead by an unknown leader, The Ixion Mercenary company ruthlessly hunts down Fraxians of all ranks.  Haku1201 3332B 383
  Ixion Elite Fighter.fed My Entry into the Drone Makers Challenge.  Haku1201 14.2K 261
  Butterfly ...ark2.0.fed A Butterfly in the drak , healing boss with multiple weapons and with an anoying extreme speed fireing ion ring(undamageable ,ha) with efectibly blocks attakc , use basical bullet to counter,Continuesly heal so attak quikcly  andre5913 10.3K 459
  Butterfly ...ark2.0.fed " A Butterfly in the dark"  andre5913 10.3K 207
  Final saus...quili1.fed mid boss was supposed to be mightier , but evens failed and i had to errase them all (what a waste of time ) still ofers an extreme challenge at rank 100   andre5913 17.2K 287
  Fianl sauser musquily 1 mid boss was supposed to be mightier , but evens failed and i had to errase them all (what a waste of time ) still ofers an extreme challenge at rank 100  andre5913 51.2K 438
  Wave Motion Cannon.fed Weapon File  Haku1201 3359B 605
  Palanarx.fed My challenge boss against Firefox11 for Pre-Action Boss Challenge.  vortexreaper 168.8K 420
  PR3-Shadow Clan.fed first boss made :) basically a group of ships  Apstrac2 9915B 237
  ctrboard2v4.css 5th and last version of CTR layout, I promise  CrossTheRubicon 400B 3162
  ctrboard2v4.css 4th version of CTR layout...  CrossTheRubicon 410B 245
  Briscoe Pack.rar Original and two variations of the "Briscoe" Class light cruiser. Made to function as a flagship for less experienced captains, the Briscoe boost good AA defense while remaining light and quick.  Haku1201 5714B 477
  ExtaniaKing.fed Extania //Red King//  AlexMdle 70.7K 278
  ExtaniaKing.fed Extania //Red King//  AlexMdle 70.7K 325
  PR1-Hive Defender.fed Experimental drone.  Apstrac2 5955B 245
  Bowserfan125Bosses.ZIP Bowserfan125's Bosses. I'm going to regret uploading this, but whatever. You can feel the pain I went through when I fought these.  Aquamancia 3600B 297
  CS_ORCA-KEEPER.fed testing  wemcndxl 41.8K 268
  AquaLaserM...ighter.fed For PQ's Ultinex Collab on the Unofficial Fraxy Forums.  Aquamancia 2367B 592
  Xter-Split...ed MK1.fed For PureQuestion Collab  Xterminion 3489B 609
  ctrboard2v2.css 3rd version of CTR layout  CrossTheRubicon 391B 239
  Xantas.fed Mini-Challenge Entry.  Haku1201 11.7K 243
  Agrello.fed Challenge Boss for my battle against Pure-???. Best fought at 640X550 Res. Area Fixed boss. Position has been fixed. 9th Attack bug has been fixed.  Haku1201 78.1K 291
  Agrello.fed Challenge Boss for my battle against Pure-???. Bes fought at 640X550 Res. Area Fixed boss. Position has been fixed.  Haku1201 78.0K 265
  Agrello.fed Challenge Boss for my battle against Pure-???. Bes fought at 640X550 Res. Area Fixed boss.  Haku1201 72.0K 232
  ebboyellowdream.fed   Eboshidori 121.0K 829
  UNSF Flags...ascade.fed UNSF Flagship Cascade  Zarathustra 42.6K 588
  UNSF Flags...ascade.jpg Picture of UNSF Flagship Cascade  Zarathustra 56.7K 816
  Drone Stock.jpg Picture of Drones 2  Zarathustra 35.7K 770
  Drones 2.fed 10 different drone designs outfitted with various (tweaked) weapons.  Zarathustra 18.4K 392
  CS Raider.jpg Picture of CS Raider  Zarathustra 14.3K 714
  CS Raider.fed Centaurus Syndicate Raider  Zarathustra 26.4K 571
  Specimen 001.jpg Picture of Specimen 001  Zarathustra 45.2K 745
  CS Warship.jpg Picture of CS Warship  Zarathustra 25.5K 696
  UNSF Interceptor.jpg Picture of UNSF Interceptor  Zarathustra 9172B 841
  UNSF Interceptor.fed A small boss that is bristling with missiles of various sorts.  Zarathustra 21.6K 373
  CS Warship.fed   Zarathustra 41.5K 393
  Specimen 0...nomaly.fed   Zarathustra 95.3K 401
  Jellyfish.fed Specimen 001 - My first attempt at making an "organic" looking boss.  Zarathustra 95.5K 279
  fbcmds.txt   CrossTheRubicon 2885B 288
  @Joy Baby.fed Yet another drone; feel free to read the included text (open the file with Notepad and scroll to the bottom) for a bit of storyline and advice.  Clockwork 3069B 675
  The archangel.fed Real form of the archangel , much more powerful( the other one has failing events)  andre5913 8271B 467
  The archangel.fed A kind of angel with a false cancer core and a real one only atacable after you kill the first one , each time it tike some amonut of damage it regenerates , ( only the REAL core), also thisbos is NOT COPYOF olimurei THAT LOOK S SIMILIR PART THIS ONE I MU  andre5913 8225B 247
  np.RSS Kalakh'Ta'E.fed RSS Kalakh'Ta'E (romulan ship, VERY well armed)  neptune12100 2234B 270
  np.RSS Kalakh'Ta'E.fed RSS Kalakh'Ta'E (romulan ship, VERY well armed  neptune12100 2234B 237
  @Sun Razer Spore.fed For the record, this isn't meant to be a challenging drone to defeat.  Clockwork 2455B 374
  @Sun Razer Spore.fed For the record, this isn'ot meant to be a challenging drone.  Clockwork 2455B 575
  @Amorous Drone.fed A counterpart to Platonic Drone. Much more aggressive, following the player's ship at increasingly fast speeds while shooting. Not easily integrated into most bosses.  Clockwork 5782B 288
  @Platonic Drone.fed Simplistic, easily destroyed drone.  Clockwork 4674B 314
  SK46 Destr...dition.fed ACE Corn Drone 2  CrossTheRubicon 1367B 421
  ScoutDrone.fed ACE Corn Drone 1  CrossTheRubicon 518B 458
  WarHawk.fed ACE Corn Boss 6  CrossTheRubicon 1908B 958
  Swashbuckler.fed ACE Corn Boss 5  CrossTheRubicon 5097B 539
  orbofshit.fed ACE Corn Boss 4  CrossTheRubicon 5066B 1326
  Monarch.fed ACE Corn Boss 3  CrossTheRubicon 6518B 966
  fifthenarm.fed ACE Corn Boss 2  CrossTheRubicon 2992B 710
  BK-97 Core.fed ACE Corn Boss 1  CrossTheRubicon 1326B 730
  startofdarkness.JPG ????  Xterminion 18.4K 512
  ElementalH.fed Challenge Boss for TBE's Contest  Haku1201 60.1K 274
  ebboblackdream.fed   Eboshidori 130.1K 659
  ElementalH.fed Challenge Boss for TBE's Contest  Haku1201 59.5K 542
  Xter-LOST ...ICH 00.fed True Challenge Boss  Xterminion 56.9K 503
  Pure - Mic...gicore.fed   PureQuestion 73.2K 411
  Ytterbi2.fed The concept for this was to take a part, and make as cool an attack as possible out of it. I basically took the Homing Laser and ran with it, the results are almost hypnotic.  grayeggsandham 11.9K 279
  ebbocancer.fed   Eboshidori 142.1K 590
  forcemissilehoming.fed im evil or monster  fraxyman555 2338B 273
  Firefox11 ...a Lynx.fed Elemental Beasts - Umbra Lynx. Stealth shadow element boss, have fun!  Firefox11 111.7K 354
  MacroCore300K.fed MacroCore 300K - Nothing to say, except "Enjoy".  AlexMdle 119.4K 351
  avatar.JPG My avatar picture.  Xterminion 3790B 516
  geos neon.JPG ???  Xterminion 3938B 643
  MPEX-TAG CORE V1.fed SHHOT THE CORE! THIS ONLY THE BETA  fraxyman555 2751B 278
  life of the darknees.fed life of darknees is birth of the monster  fraxyman555 1162B 265
  Lantern-Bearer.fed This boss doesn't have wads of health, but it becomes invincible if you die. Plus, it's such massive bullet hell, my computer began randomly turning bullets invisible from the lag. If you beat it, please tell me on my Fraxy Comp. Redux page. (bug fix)  grayeggsandham 6869B 303
  Starfield.ZIP Starfield Background  Aquamancia 50.5K 598
  AimTest.fed Chargeable 'powers' player weapon, used in MrS&MrB  Firefox11 20.2K 504
  Firefox11 ...Bright.fed MrShine & MrBright - Entry for the PreAction Boss Challenge against Vortexreaper at UFF  Firefox11 113.3K 637
  Living Dream.fed Drone. Very easy.  grayeggsandham 3276B 298
  ebbocyandream.fed   Eboshidori 142.7K 654
  Phoenix Butterfly.fed "Heavy drone", and my first true multi-stage creation. Easy overall, but the second stage may catch you off guard.  grayeggsandham 3031B 580
  Deathless Knowledge.fed Moderate danmaku. The relatively small number of projectiles is balanced out by their erratic movement.  grayeggsandham 7330B 465
  Eyes Full ... Label.fed My first (and favorite) Fraxy boss, 2nd ed.. Warning: very difficult. You ~will~ die.  grayeggsandham 7452B 293
  FountainofDreams.ZIP Fountain of Dreams Background  Aquamancia 831.5K 502
  Pure - Strike Meteor.fed   PureQuestion 87.4K 265
  Xter-Evand...htmare.fed A contest boss. PLZ DON'T OPEN TILL END OF CONTEST EXCEPT FOR VOTERS  Xterminion 42.3K 564
  Unknown.fed   MintE 13.7K 262
  Pure -Microcore 3.fed   PureQuestion 16.3K 304
  ebbogenetosarmy.fed   Eboshidori 149.6K 714 (Uploaded: 1:04 4/4/2010) A collection of finished, unfinished, and scrap-like things.  TheBlueEcho 72.4K 339 Collab boss; Pure, Vortex, Zarro. Extract to TRY folder.  ZarroTsu 1707.9K 399
  EPIC.bmp   BloodyIris 1729.3K 803
  Life.fed   Cate 22.8K 494
  Life.PNG   Cate 40.9K 1202
  WindSail.png   Cate 112.0K 1211
  TimeBreake.PNG   Cate 74.8K 1150
  Space Monkey.png   Cate 12.9K 996
  Miracle Core.png   Cate 20.9K 39983
  HologramCore.png   Cate 63.8K 891
  Event Horizon.png   Cate 118.8K 1116
  Dim.png   Cate 44.3K 1181
  Color Guard.png   Cate 52.8K 1087
  Banshee.png   Cate 66.2K 1088
  AtomicSpinwheel.png   Cate 27.4K 1122
  WindSail.fed   Cate 12.9K 459
  TimeBreaker.fed   Cate 42.5K 507
  SpaceMonkey.fed   Cate 30.0K 489
  Miracle Core.fed   Cate 46.9K 882
  Hologram Core.fed   Cate 57.1K 714
  Event Horizon.fed   Cate 39.0K 498
  Dim.fed   Cate 43.5K 689
  ColorGuard.fed   Cate 47.7K 758
  Banshee.fed   Cate 12.9K 469
  AtomicSpinwheel.fed   Cate 10.6K 471
  Star.fed XVII - Star. o_o Enjoy.  AlexMdle 130.7K 410
  ERM01-UMBREO.fed   BloodyIris 41.8K 242
  Orion.fed Reupload  BloodyIris 22.7K 257
  Gemeni.fed Ready to the first battle  Matthieu09 4483B 248
  WEM1.fed TRY FILE ENEMY 1  wemcndxl 1878B 250
  ColorlessC...rShip).fed   MintE 26.3K 278
  Orion.fed   BloodyIris 24.7K 298 (Last update: March 2010)A compilation of all the drones and semibosses I've added to the main Redux so far. Will be updated about every quarter or so.  LocalStardrifter 19.8K 314
  NewXanmos.fed This enemy was made by Haku1201. Give him credit. :p  Aquamancia 82.6K 242
  FraxyCar.PNG Fraxy Car PNG, the missing image!  Cate 34.3K 619
  MacrocoreXXL.fed MacroCore XXL, answer to Pure's MicroCore 2.  AlexMdle 86.9K 379
  ebbonightmare.fed   Eboshidori 113.7K 982
  ctr_bigcore fleet.fed CTR's Big Core Fleet  CrossTheRubicon 26.9K 486
  ctr_bigcore stockmod.fed CTR's Big Core Mk. 1 Alt  CrossTheRubicon 5184B 490
  ctr_bigcore stock.fed CTR's Big Core Mk. 1  CrossTheRubicon 7586B 507
  Pure - Microcore 2.fed   PureQuestion 15.3K 291
  Pure - Ult... Blast.fed   PureQuestion 71.0K 430
  Anzu Magic.fed Anzu, Mistress of Magic. My entry for my duel against Wem.  Haku1201 39.2K 262
  ebbobullfrog.fed   Eboshidori 143.7K 1051
  Pressure.fed My first new boss in a while  matteste 27.8K 231
  Cyrix.fed The Elimanator  BloodyIris 33.2K 232
  Moon.fed XVIII - Moon. Fast paced bullet helley boss. Also a custom weapon.  AlexMdle 100.9K 418
  tiles.bmp smb3 plains ground locaon  zand 1800.1K 543
  Rodenburg ...couter.fed Very Experimental boss. Attack the W-Scouter to win.  Haku1201 25.7K 255
  MintE.fkc Controls you should use Z=Bullet X=Sol Diffuser or another support weapon C=Boost / called Chaos   MintE 355B 231
  ChaosSystem.fed Just a Custom Player Bullet use it in conjunction with the controls  MintE 9206B 261
  Impero.fed Largest Basic Screen Size Will do for you  MintE 32.1K 247
  Shooting Star.fed A more Updated Version 320*555 screen size  MintE 78.8K 235
  BACKUP Cursed Viper.fed Unfinished boss uploaded for getting help.  Vic Viper 15.5K 365
  Attack1.fed   MintE 4541B 250
  ebbobluedream.fed   Eboshidori 97.2K 708
  Firefox11 ...cropus.fed Elemental Beasts- Silicis Macropus. Mobile earth element boss, have fun!  Firefox11 131.1K 572
  Firefox11 ...Aquila.fed Elemental Beasts - Fulgur Aquila. Mobile thunder element boss, have fun!  Firefox11 92.7K 769
  Pure - MacroCore.fed Pure's modified MicroCore. Have fun.  AlexMdle 30.7K 346
  Phenom Sen...ype 2 .fed   BloodyIris 9218B 225
  Pure - MicroCore.fed   PureQuestion 8834B 307
  Phenom Sen...ype 2 .fed   BloodyIris 9218B 257
  2010_02_24...36x508.bmp   BloodyIris 946.6K 553
  a93009ec-3...07904d.bmp BEETLE   BloodyIris 2694B 541
  Iris B.E.E.T.L.E.fed   BloodyIris 7288B 222
  Bizarro Fighter.fed BETA wont work....find a way that it doesnt blow everything up....  BloodyIris 9048B 237
  AbsorbSyst...leBoss.fed   MintE 2547B 630
  ebbocrimzondream.fed   Eboshidori 91.7K 641
  2010_02_06...68x744.bmp   BloodyIris 2110.0K 671
  2010_02_18...48x652.bmp   BloodyIris 1237.8K 586
  2010_02_18...24x768.bmp Privelege moocher is priveleged  BloodyIris 2304.1K 681
  Strength.fed VIII - Strength vs Player vs VI - Lovers  AlexMdle 93.1K 449
  IRIS-Aquarius.fed BETA dont use need help for fixing it up  BloodyIris 23.4K 235
  Miniguner.fed Four miniguns, alot of bullets.  Polarian Rogue 2485B 555
  Murderous Scavenger.fed IT HAS A TAIL! >:O  Aquamarine 4860B 775
  IRIS-Capri...L Beta.fed BETA  BloodyIris 26.8K 521
  IRIS-Capricorn.fed The warped zodiac god awakened by the fission of the essences of light and dark.  BloodyIris 23.3K 445
  2010_02_14...48x516.bmp Capricorn Pic  BloodyIris 979.6K 813
  Fraxy RPG.fed This is very fun goodie. Its an RPG! All you have to do is destroy the Big Core a few times to level.   Legendgreat 1832B 565
  Core_Killer.fed Core Killer. Another goodie. You spawn in one place, with a Core before you. You can't reach it though. Next to you are 2 plates, and behind you 1 plate. Now, the plates are switches. Shoot the right one, and the core will get damaged by player bullets. S  Legendgreat 1595B 590
  Armor Pod.fed Armor Pod. This is also an goodie. When it spawns, it spawns around you, and it uses your angle. It much like your own ship, only its a bit larger and more powerful.  Legendgreat 1424B 267
  Alex_Mirag...hLabel.fed Mirage Engine [Death Label] Beat THAT.  AlexMdle 115.1K 348
  3D Impossible Wheel.fed It's an optical illusion, a barrel straight up, a barrel on its side, and a impossible wheel all at once!  Aquamarine 385B 248
  tutorial -...eapons.fed Tutorial - Global Variable Weapon Cycle  CrossTheRubicon 1547B 388
  DT#1 - A.M.O.E.B.A.fed Destruction Tool #1: A.M.O.E.B.A. ; 100% Done. This will be used in the DotW series.  Legendgreat 2914B 605
  Z_FeralPandi.fed   ZarroTsu 118.7K 266
  Angel.fed My first attempt at Danmaku  Kidou 10.2K 251
  Omega Core 23.fed Omega23  BloodyIris 5825B 251
  R- Barrier F01.fed My first boss. Not very good.  Aquamarine 20.8K 230
  hafighter.fed   Ryan914 2075B 240
  armamk3.fed Revision of Arma Mark III Now it chases you.  Ryan914 3716B 234
  ebbopretac...atyani.fed   Eboshidori 138.0K 396
  Quick2.fed   Bluhman 7286B 551
  Viperquickpic.png   Bluhman 12.5K 1592
  ebbodevapenta.fed   Eboshidori 115.4K 951
  Creaper.fed Just for crit. Needs 480*280 screen size area fixed mode  MintE 26.1K 303
  Pure - Ult...triker.fed An experimental battleship.  PureQuestion 63.5K 378
  Hierophant.fed [Revisioned] V - Hierophant  AlexMdle 35.9K 497
  Nexus Reactor Solus.fed A Touhou/Fraxy hybrid, this boss came into being after watching some Mystical Chain videos.  A70M1C 96.7K 361
  Red Eye Template.fed   Sorvious 23.3K 481
  Eraqus.fed Updated complete version of Eraqus, Includes secret form.  Haku1201 89.8K 260
  W-Scouter.fed My entry for the epic clash between me and Haku  wemcndxl 9.8K 302
  Wheel-Of-fate.fed You're less lucky than you tink  wemcndxl 10.3K 262
  Cirno.fed Duel stage boss. First form houses the remains of our lovable Ice Fairy  Haku1201 48.3K 256
  Rodenburg.fed Challenge boss, Advanced Fighter Enemy.  Haku1201 10.2K 258
  U-fAiL.2.fed You do, just try and youll see just how much you fail. Currently, making V2 to make it more annoying this is just the concept, also art of a very far off boss.  BloodyIris 2721B 597
  RiEE.fed Soul Kin - Angel - Ri - Edit V2 alpha  Soul Kin 14.5K 274
  Alex_MirageEngine.fed Mirage Engine - the Non-Challenge 100 Part Mini-boss.  AlexMdle 20.4K 356
  Mage.fed   Bluhman 29.6K 958
  Magician Shot.png   Bluhman 17.7K 1726
  PhenomDoubleCross.fed For BloodyIris' collab.  Oneshiningstar 17.6K 284
  Egg.fed issues  Azu 9996B 269
  ebbopinkdream.fed   Eboshidori 157.9K 772
  nova.fed   Lyner102 3711B 257
  nova.png   Lyner102 434.8K 636
  XALTHIRA.fed   BloodyIris 28.7K 265
  SecRAIL.PNG   Bluhman 31.4K 1747
  RAIL.fed   Bluhman 20.9K 616
  XALTHIRA.fed What I condier to be my fisrt breakthrough boss...pretty weak and glitchy, but I plan to remake him in the future. Here comes Xalthira: The Unholy Spawn  BloodyIris 28.7K 246
  Starfish13.fed   Bluhman 11.0K 560
  Starfish13.PNG   Bluhman 9.8K 1818
  Pure - Anc...tation.fed   PureQuestion 32.3K 376
  impossible 8 tt2.fed yet anothe bug bites the dust  Xterminion 23.0K 389
  impossible 6 tt.fed moar errors fixed  Xterminion 18.3K 371
  impossible 9 vt.fed old version glitched, this one's fixed  Xterminion 28.0K 354
  Hexe.fed   Bluhman 6622B 607
  Hex.PNG   Bluhman 34.2K 1888
  OYSTERcore.fed It's basically what you think it is  wemcndxl 20.1K 312 New series by me  Xterminion 21.6K 458
  Quick.PNG   Bluhman 2825B 1739
  Quick.fed   Bluhman 2410B 888
  nwoe3boss.fed A boss from The True Woee3  CrossTheRubicon 1438B 627
  sample_Pla...andard.fed Player Bullet with stats equal to Standard  TheBlueEcho 2862B 658
  sample_Pla...Tanker.fed Player Bullet with stats equal to Tanker  TheBlueEcho 2859B 333
  sample_Pla...uicker.fed Player Bullet with stats equal to Quicker  TheBlueEcho 3513B 302
  sample_Pla...adlock.fed Player Bullet with stats equal to Deadlock.  TheBlueEcho 1909B 613
  RepeaterWeapon.fed A Weapon that fires shots faster over time.  TheBlueEcho 712B 251
  SteelWyvern.fed   Bluhman 4704B 1063
  SteelWyvern.PNG   Bluhman 10.9K 1945
  Lordofgears.fed   Bluhman 8549B 574
  Lordofgears.PNG   Bluhman 17.8K 1992
  Emperor2.fed IV - Emperor  AlexMdle 105.2K 427
  Pure - Leg...tanora.fed   PureQuestion 33.8K 573
  Mad Mod.fed A remake of my final boss that become something else. Fixed area mode fight along with Spinndel.  Haku1201 44.0K 285
  Spinndel.fed An annoying Drone that only has one Very overpowered attack. Fight with care.  Haku1201 7758B 232
  Guardsman.PNG   Bluhman 23.2K 2041
  Guardsman.fed   Bluhman 7990B 614
  IllusionDrone.PNG   Bluhman 4071B 850
  Illusionist.fed   Bluhman 1800B 794
  Viper X.PNG   Bluhman 16.2K 1843
  Viper X.fed   Bluhman 5959B 608
  Prescision.fed   Bluhman 4286B 519
  Prescision.PNG   Bluhman 10.3K 1868
  Limit.PNG   Bluhman 10.6K 2152
  Limit.fed   Bluhman 1902B 888
  Crash.PNG   Bluhman 11.9K 2101
  Crash.fed   Bluhman 3941B 931
  Chshield.fed   Bluhman 1119B 742
  Chshield.PNG   Bluhman 2671B 670
  Compass.PNG Compass Boss IMG  Bluhman 23.7K 1982
  Compass.fed Compass Boss - Bluhman  Bluhman 7886B 535
  Krazykev-Swordfish.fed Random drone I made..I was bored  krazykev360 1395B 248
  EWallLaser.fed Energy Wall parameter test  krazykev360 595B 320
  Experiment...COUTER.fed   Acolyptor 19.8K 321
  Experiment...LASHER.fed   Acolyptor 3859B 619
  Experiment...NGEL X.fed   Acolyptor 19.3K 298
  Experiment...ITHIAN.fed   Acolyptor 27.2K 268
  Experiment...BLADE WING   Acolyptor 17.6K 257
  Krazykev-HellionD.fed The Last Hellion(Final Version)  krazykev360 5691B 295
  Phenomenus blazer.fed   BloodyIris 4978B 242
  Phenomenus Arena.fed   BloodyIris 9642B 252
  Phenom Star.fed   BloodyIris 4574B 765
  Phenom del...on cow.fed The DCC warped by Phjenomenus's dark powers, brought from the ashes and with power tenfold of the original.  BloodyIris 4349B 221
  Phenom Fighter.fed My entry  BloodyIris 1238B 232
  Pure - Leg...tanica.fed   PureQuestion 26.8K 242
  Star - Pincer Core.fed Final  Oneshiningstar 29.7K 256
  destroyer.fed second fraxy boss  fatal flame 10.6K 229
  fatal_spinner.fed my first fraxy boss, enjoy  fatal flame 5758B 267
  ebbopinksweettest.fed   Eboshidori 97.4K 331
  BACKUP Laser Tetran.fed Glitchy for some reason. Uploaded for help.  Vic Viper 7685B 315
  Pure - Sno...graded.fed Entrant into BloodyIris' Collab.  PureQuestion 68.5K 558
  ebbodobkeratops.fed   Eboshidori 92.3K 697
  Pure - Extania.fed A Powerful God of Darkness.  PureQuestion 144.8K 447
  Phenom Fraxy 2.fed   BloodyIris 7388B 267
  Phenomonus Berserker.fed Phenomenus   BloodyIris 5464B 231
  berserker_r.fed Berserker-R Infection of one of the original bosses for the collab.  AlexMdle 9966B 378
  will01-TBE edit.fed   TheBlueEcho 8364B 297
  Timing02.png   TheBlueEcho 8995B 575
  Timing01.png   TheBlueEcho 9680B 412
  Banshee MK2.5.fed Just a touch up, It also has a complete Secret form  Haku1201 59.8K 261
  iwin.fed The largest filesize boss ever.  Perfect Infinity 249.6K 278
  Banshee MKII.fed She's back, and mad as hell.  Haku1201 61.8K 308
  ctr_lifemistA.fed CTR's Lifemist Alpha  CrossTheRubicon 47.6K 609
  t401 Colors T-401 Colors Set v2. Features More colors and Much less visual "Damage" that the previous set had.  TheBlueEcho 660.3K 371
  Boss 2.fed Boss 2:duoss core v2.0  Matthieu09 3374B 234
  Boss 1.fed Boss 1:duoss core v1.0  Matthieu09 5096B 245
  ebbosbs1300k.fed   Eboshidori 76.6K 509
  Z-WeaponAN...EATH]].fed   ZarroTsu 132.7K 526
  LEGION - T...s Many.fed LEGION is my entry for my AMALGAM contest.  Sdub13 38.5K 261
  Pure - Hellstorm.fed A incredibly powerful reactor. One of my best bosses yet. Maybe even better than Arcana  PureQuestion 47.7K 662
  Anomaly5.fed Pure Attack Challenge submission and another entry in the Outer Arcanna series. Hope you like reflection stuff flying all around the screen.  AlexMdle 107.0K 357
  Danzig___D...erTest.rar   danzig91 433B 505
  Z-WeaponANGEL.fed   ZarroTsu 114.7K 329
  Zenit-FirestormMk2.fed A request to infect a drone.  PureQuestion 15.2K 270
  Z-Racer1ALONE.fed Vince Vapor racer for the F-Zero stuff; wall not included. ~ZarroTsu  ZarroTsu 7638B 271
  Z-RacerWALL.fed F-Zero Wall ~ZarroTsu  ZarroTsu 8070B 245
  Z-Racer1.fed Vince Vapor racer for the F-Zero stuff. ~ZarroTsu  ZarroTsu 15.2K 248
  Pure - Security Core.fed   PureQuestion 20.5K 373
  TBE.BlackComet.4.fed The Black Comet Racer. Incomplete, but it does have vibration.  TheBlueEcho 4902B 267
  FraxyBlackComet.png Black Comet Racer Picture  TheBlueEcho 13.3K 558
  Reflex-A_Beta.fed AlexMdle's RefleX Shield Prototype Beta - Also with improved player reflection shield.  AlexMdle 2196B 256
  Reflex-A_Alpha.fed AlexMdle's RefleX Shield Prototype Alpha  AlexMdle 1892B 585
  ctr_reflex proto.fed CTR's RefleX Shield Prototype v2  CrossTheRubicon 3346B 211
  Fraxy Racer 2.fed My ship entry for the fraxy fzero racers. SUcks though, and it messes the track up...plz fix someone who actually can. problems: the boosters move the stage, any way to stop that or ill just make them stop working, the parts effectors glow highlights thin  BloodyIris 16.6K 262
  Infected Arm Ship.fed A fun little side project I did. Infected version of Powerfan125's Weapon Armed Ship  PureQuestion 20.1K 373
  Pytho.fed A big ol' snake, getting in and out of the screen, waiting for a moment to trap you in its scaly body. Beware when it starts curling around itself as the battle goes on ! Needs 640*480 and Area Fixed ON in order to function properly  TekTo 32.6K 657
  Pure - Anc...f Hell.fed The gateway to the home of a dark god.  PureQuestion 49.5K 420
  EPSIL.fed A beast created by a cruel god, he forever roams in search of another to love, yet he is the only of his kind, and so his rage and hate have made him ungodly powerful.  BloodyIris 31.4K 223
  deathvoid.fed A shadowy, stationary Big Core, it can only be harmed if certain conditions are met.  the13tharcana 6269B 248
  Fraxy Racer.fed What might be the craziest fusion I've ever made. (Incomplete)  Haku1201 10.7K 274
  Infernity ...fixed).fed Two of Infernity Core's Eenrgy Eggs would fly up and almost off-screen. Their angle has been readjusted so the majority of bullets will reach the bottom of the screen.  Vic Viper 103.1K 275
  TEHBESTERE...VERAAA.fed OMG IT R SO 1337!!111!1111OE1neeoenEEHO1!  Perfect Infinity 294B 238
  Ilussionist AP 2.fed Part 2....needs to be put together with the first...dont open or youll spoil the boss for yourself, as this isnt very far from the final version. If you are working with me, go right ahead.  BloodyIris 11.9K 294
  PROJECTILLUSIONIST.fed Fixed a small glitch  BloodyIris 2757B 610
  PROJECTILLUSIONIST.fed My up and coming boss, I rthink Im finally doing something good. It may be a while becvause i dont have all the time in the world, and dont expect it to be that great.  BloodyIris 2753B 228
  Pure - Shi...r V2.5.fed Harder Version of Shift Fighter V2  PureQuestion 39.4K 312
  skelebot.fed For Competition  Xterminion 36.2K 508
  NAVI.fed HEY! LISTEN!  Aquamancia 18.2K 266
  Pure - A special look at my development. An experiment in fighter technology.  PureQuestion 5470B 409
  DaedalusPic.PNG A pic of Daedalus.  Vic Viper 35.4K 625
  InfernityCorePic.PNG A pic of Infernity Core  Vic Viper 66.2K 566
  MassiveWarMantaPic.PNG A pic of the Massive War Manta.  Vic Viper 22.4K 633
  Daedalus (extended).fed Found an error with Daedalus. This one should work properly.  Vic Viper 12.1K 244
  Boss Manta.fed Not too hard of a boss, though it's definitely unique.  Vic Viper 45.8K 539
  cx16b-pincercore.fed So Simple, Yet So Tough.  Oneshiningstar 17.4K 373
  Firefox11 ...A.R.D..fed JunkI.A.R.D - Entry for the Amalgam Challenge against Sdub13 at UFF   Firefox11 85.5K 592
  PCB - Arch...enshot.png PCB - Archangel XIII - screenshot  CyCipher 42.0K 875
  PCB - Archangel XIII.fed "Purifier Class Battleship - Archangel XIII" (it's big, deadly, and no as overpowered as my crusader)  CyCipher 37.1K 518
  ctr_prismdivide.fed CTR's Prism Divide Core  CrossTheRubicon 25.3K 623
  Pure - Ato...arship.fed A warship based around the Atomica Battle Robot  PureQuestion 36.2K 428
  ebbosevenforce.fed   Eboshidori 88.3K 963
  PulsarChopper.fed My entry for Len Kyu's No Events Challenge. You'll hate it.  Boxorak 5267B 281
  Scylla.fed   TekTo 87.5K 768
  dsotm.fed Meh, I like uploading old un-evented drones. It's fun.  Tubularbroccoli 2032B 594
  bulletdrone.fed A little drone which I made ages ago. I like it.  Tubularbroccoli 2143B 616
  Pure - The...g Seal.fed A Great Golden Seal, Deep in the depths of space.  PureQuestion 71.4K 346
  Pure - Arm...tation.fed A Powerful Space Station, protected by a ring of armor.  PureQuestion 28.4K 361
  Pure - Arm...e Core.fed A Defence Robot, armed with turrets, drones, and powerful armor.   PureQuestion 48.7K 353
  ebbozapand.fed   Eboshidori 136.5K 877
  Pure - Central Core.fed A Computerized core to the base of an evil corporation.   PureQuestion 56.2K 587
  Pure - Atomica.fed A Deadly Machine, with a single goal in mind: Your death.   PureQuestion 78.4K 335
  Pure - Dying Star.fed A star on the verge of death, held together only by a powerful field.  PureQuestion 30.6K 345
  Pure - Har...d Star.fed A star, being drained and controlled by a machine.  PureQuestion 26.3K 347
  Pure - Ove...eactor.fed A reactor on the verge of overloading. Fight it in 640x480, Area Fixed Mode   PureQuestion 26.4K 369
  Pure - Ult...rtress.fed FIXED VERSION A Scrolling Base, to be fought in area fixed mode, 640x480   PureQuestion 44.1K 387
  Atomic Vault 56.fed Atomic Vault 56 - The next Vault in the series. Created to be especially difficult overall, but easy to trigger Hard Mode.  A70M1C 69.5K 334
  Pure - Ult...rtress.fed A Scrolling Base, to be fought in area fixed mode, 640x480  PureQuestion 44.0K 258
  Nechronai.fed Sole Part Challenge Boss - Nechronai   AlexMdle 92.9K 636
  Pure - Firestorm.fed And So, the nuclear reactor has been upgraded. Fight it in 640x480, Area Fixed Mode  PureQuestion 26.3K 320
  Pure - Updated Version of my weapons pack.  PureQuestion 7779B 368
  killzor.fed My First pretty easy you should have no problem  Fleskyjerta 740B 276
  Death.fed Has Alot of lazers if you beat it without dyieng and without using a shield your god  Fleskyjerta 2738B 295
  zero version 2.fed tribute to zero-two from kirby  Fleskyjerta 2216B 254
  zero version 2.fed Starts Off as a normal core and then fires a hell load of lazers  Fleskyjerta 2216B 261
  ctr_hollowcore.fed CTR's Hollow Core  CrossTheRubicon 13.6K 473
  @Lantern Dragger.fed A drone I built for fun. If you want story details and a quasi-strategy guide, check the .fed note.  Clockwork 7068B 334
  Pure - A collection of custom weapons.  PureQuestion 5066B 359
  Z02.fed   ZarroTsu 132.4K 445
  dobomega.fed Dobkeratops. . . ?  Xterminion 18.2K 389
  Pure - Winged Demon.fed A demonic being that controls a nuclear core  PureQuestion 17.4K 369
  Krazykev-HellionH.fed HK4311 "Hellion Hunter"  krazykev360 3720B 260
  fraxy.cfg .cfg for TGoHP  Perfect Infinity 1423B 615
  The Ghost ...n Past.fed happeh halloween  Perfect Infinity 22.6K 259
  ctr_rayxanber.fed CTR's Rayxanber Fighter  CrossTheRubicon 7798B 466
  BHA-20091024.fed A showcase boss for the recent versions of fraxy.  Burg Hammer Achtzehn 7681B 263
  BHA-20091024img.jpg   Burg Hammer Achtzehn 29.5K 816
  Firefox11 ...P Mech.fed Firefox11's ship from the FF IRC RP. Contains only the Mech battle.  Firefox11 77.7K 604
  Firefox11 ...p Full.fed Firefox11's ship from the Fraxy Forums IRC Roleplay.  Firefox11 98.9K 683
  Pure - Nuclear Core.fed A 5 Phased Battle Against a powerful reactor  PureQuestion 15.0K 396
  2048.fed Proof of bug in Expam #6.  Oneshiningstar 388B 285
  Archon.fed   nebulademon 19.7K 237
  ebbogoddessvirgo.fed   Eboshidori 103.2K 869
  expam9demo.fed Extra parameter 9 demo  Oneshiningstar 1643B 409
  OmegaSentry.fed The Super Drone *BETA*  BloodyIris 14.1K 250
  A9TSS.1 - Deyometrix.fed Deyometrix. Uses latest beta + patch.  Perfect Infinity 49.3K 248
  fraxy.cfg Recommended .cfg file for Deyometrix, change the bgm to anything you like.  Perfect Infinity 1423B 278
  Reflections.fed Works with version 20091020 so far.  Aquamancia 1118B 299
  Grenade Stormer.fed For the Fraxy Forum Sole-part challenge, My entry constisting of a simple grenade attacker  Haku1201 18.0K 512
  Fraxy - Or...t Show.png Sample image of Orange Light Show.  Clockwork 107.5K 1157
  @Orange Light Show.fed Exactly what it says on the tin.  Clockwork 4125B 831
  exitroom2.PNG   copyRIGHThunter 17.7K 1466
  exitroom.PNG   copyRIGHThunter 13.7K 1452
  MiasmaCore.png   TheBlueEcho 32.3K 510
  TBE.[CORE] Miasma.fed   TheBlueEcho 4614B 250
  DualCoreB.png   TheBlueEcho 11.7K 551
  hydra2.fed As you cut off the Hydra's heads, more and more ones sprout (bugged)  Solarn 28.9K 566 For Zarro's Challange  TheBlueEcho 6836B 324
  pariah core.fed For Challenge in HQForums Fraxy board.  Xterminion 9018B 253
  Dencar V2.fed   Sorvious 9216B 276
  INCOMPLETE DATA.fed it's not perfect and kind of laggish  Sorvious 52.9K 413
  Crosshairs V2.fed sweeeeeeet...  Sorvious 2759B 567
  Blaster Drone 100K.fed A not as good version of Blaster Drone 10K but its still cool. :)  Sorvious 7045B 261
  Blaster Drone 10K.fed Speed, speed, and LOTS OF LAZORS!!  Sorvious 8718B 256
  Prototype Super.fed My creation...  santiainen 3711B 618
  Fraxy - Symphony 1.png Sample image of Symphony.  Clockwork 103.5K 1281
  ~Symphony.fed First enemy made. Fairly primitive, with few events and default durability.  Clockwork 3543B 884
  fraxytrope...ission.jpg Submission for the Fraxy TV Tropes Page for November 2009.  Aquamancia 18.5K 943
  Erratic.fed The New Erratic Which Can Acually Be Destroyed!  TheGigaParagoomba 3068B 590
  ParaGoomBoss.png ParaGoom's Boss  TheBlueEcho 55.3K 627
  Erratic.fed Credit to TekTo for the Shoulders, This is my first Melee Drone! Enjoy!  TheGigaParagoomba 3015B 278
  Opressor.fed   nebulademon 28.4K 262
  Tentacle.fed   Taco 3369B 251
  Chariot.fed VII - Chariot  AlexMdle 27.2K 995
  MooruscoCore.fed  BloodyIris 18.1K 295
  Star.fed *Not done - Preview*  AlexMdle 86.2K 248
  Giga centepede 2.1.fed The finnished Giga Centipede  matteste 25.1K 270
  WOLVERINE.fed   BloodyIris 16.4K 238
  WarsaxBeta.fed   BloodyIris 46.2K 222
  TwinNeedler.fed   BloodyIris 490B 232
  Tracer Drone.fed   BloodyIris 9049B 275
  THRONE.fed   BloodyIris 17.0K 255
  Smbiorix.fed   BloodyIris 24.2K 241
  Qg.fed   BloodyIris 913B 275
  Portal Gun.fed   BloodyIris 434B 248
  MB.fed   BloodyIris 6650B 225
  KUNDALIHEAD.fed   BloodyIris 12.0K 246
  JAW.fed   BloodyIris 5944B 234
  Exodus.fed   BloodyIris 6257B 300
  decorativeflame.fed   BloodyIris 495B 244
  dbd.fed Death Ball Drone  BloodyIris 12.4K 273
  Darkling Fighter.fed   BloodyIris 27.2K 253
  Archardes Soul.fed   BloodyIris 41.8K 250
  Annihilator.fed   BloodyIris 31.4K 287
  cx15-Actinus.fed   Oneshiningstar 45.4K 627
  Firefox11 ...o Core.fed STC Contest Entry - Flame based teamwork Core  Firefox11 16.5K 596
  Super Fort H.fed Hakuran's (My Rp Character) Base and ship. Uses it's many turrets and it's Powerful main cannons to destroy her enemies.  Haku1201 21.0K 253
  Fraxian He...ighter.fed As seen in Rebellion, The Fighter that destroyed Haku's Space Station.  Haku1201 11.2K 276
  Time Blocker.fed Another Clock-based enemy, Also with 7 stages, is similiar to it's Sentry brother. Two of three.  Haku1201 36.4K 248
  Time Sentry (Edit).fed A clock-based enemy with 7 stages. One of three.  Haku1201 30.8K 242
  Mask of Anger.fed An enemy that hides behind two sheilds. Beat it before 6000 frames or it will leave and seek "Worthier" opponents  Haku1201 14.8K 261
  Dawn and Ganymede.fed   Haku1201 10.3K 253
  Carrier Beta.fed   Haku1201 9183B 269
  Carrier Alpha.fed   Haku1201 8108B 274
  Amaterasu.fed The Sun Goddess as made by me, I'll probably remake it later.  Haku1201 15.9K 263
  Squadx10.fed Squadron X10. Uninished. My entry for Zarros shoot the core challenge.  Tubularbroccoli 9207B 261
  cage2.fed The first part of my new boss.  matteste 11.3K 297
  ebbojugglercore.fed   Eboshidori 24.4K 606
  effectfun.fed Effector Test for LOLZ  CrossTheRubicon 289B 274
  ebboatomicvaultx2.fed   Eboshidori 76.2K 583
  HangedMan.fed XII - Hanged Man  AlexMdle 39.2K 1053
  teekoo_som..._fixed.fed   Eboshidori 4176B 281
  Predator Core.fed SHOOT THE CORE   Sdub13 7116B 282
  LR02PARISHALDEMO.JPG Glimpse at this bugged project I've been working to fix  LacklusterAngel 79.9K 455
  DesideriusENIGMA.JPG Glimpse at two boss heads. Get ready for ownage.  LacklusterAngel 31.5K 520
  LR02ParishalDEMO.fed The bugged project, hopefully fixed. UNTESTED. It should fly away and disappear.  LacklusterAngel 34.7K 454
  Vengeance Core.fed   BloodyIris 4281B 280
  Scharrick Reborn.fed   BloodyIris 42.0K 230
  SarcophugusDrone.fed   BloodyIris 21.9K 485
  RS.fed   BloodyIris 7662B 215
  pwcmk2.fed   BloodyIris 2937B 261
  pwc.fed   BloodyIris 8365B 277
  OrphixRise.fed   BloodyIris 30.0K 237
  oRPHIXjUDGMENT.fed   BloodyIris 31.1K 427
  OrphixGENESIS.fed   BloodyIris 28.5K 242
  nw.fed   BloodyIris 6697B 224
  Murkis.fed   BloodyIris 58.5K 458
  Missile Mines.fed   BloodyIris 1380B 225
  MB.fed   BloodyIris 6650B 269
  IRIS.fed   BloodyIris 9636B 244
  Ghoul.fed   BloodyIris 3188B 563
  Fury Blaster.fed   BloodyIris 4237B 642
  FT.fed   BloodyIris 889B 220
  Exterminator.fed   BloodyIris 9653B 246
  Dormite.fed   BloodyIris 7244B 217
  Darkmatter Core.fed   BloodyIris 1511B 252
  CHain Exlosion.fed   BloodyIris 4649B 727
  ThysusSpaceStation.fed   BloodyIris 73.4K 232
  Sourdite.fed   BloodyIris 16.9K 289
  Quarask.fed   BloodyIris 46.0K 487
  NeoDCC.fed   BloodyIris 27.2K 230
  Luschor.fed   BloodyIris 40.9K 275
  Lucifer Drone.fed   BloodyIris 21.6K 231
  Lachris.fed   BloodyIris 26.3K 231
  Harrius.fed   BloodyIris 40.8K 415
  grenade wave ultra.fed   BloodyIris 610B 236
  FusionBeast.fed   BloodyIris 36.1K 227
  FRAXY-EBOSHIDORI.fed Eboshidori himself, in fraxy form. A tribute to who else but the number one.  BloodyIris 28.2K 466
  FlamingEye.fed Bonus PArt of sorts, just for decoration  BloodyIris 1980B 261
  DeathFInal.fed   BloodyIris 59.5K 256
  CylphiusFINAL.fed   BloodyIris 31.8K 236
  Cylphius Ver2.fed   BloodyIris 30.9K 240
  Cylphius.fed   BloodyIris 27.3K 231
  Corsair.fed   BloodyIris 14.8K 220
  Z-CoreAlpha.fed   ZarroTsu 13.6K 271
  Khyoru 3 -...a tail.fed 3rd form  Acolyptor 18.6K 276
  AA-01 Weap...LOBYTE.fed I . . .finally . . . finished . . . it.  Acolyptor 6270B 293
  Argorax - God.fed God...?  Perfect Infinity 50.2K 501 A Pack full of Cho Ren Sya (or Sha) Like ships. I made a minor mistake with the credits, so I reuploaded it.  TheBlueEcho 20.8K 463
  Ghoressi.fed Lord of Reality, has a sadistic nature  BloodyIris 61.5K 250
  EVO Type 3.fed First boss  Matthieu09 8253B 257
  EVO Type 2.fed First Drone  Matthieu09 2926B 241
  Minimappack.rar A Moderate Variety of Minimaps  ArcticdragonX 26.6K 325
  Hierophant.fed V - The Hierophant  AlexMdle 35.9K 731
  cx14-Telluroth.fed Version 2 with Loop Bugfix  Oneshiningstar 30.6K 448
  Z-ZLegion Belphegor.fed   ZarroTsu 49.8K 278
  Sun.fed Nr. XIX - Sun: Assurance---Energy---Personal power---Happiness  AlexMdle 20.9K 758
  IMG.rar   BloodyIris 2709.4K 297
  img.rar   BloodyIris 2709.4K 371
  Weapons.rar   BloodyIris 37.1K 353
  SHIP.fed   BloodyIris 67.6K 249
  Orviter Drone.fed   BloodyIris 2095B 217
  Orbital Fiend,fed.fed   BloodyIris 4125B 237
  Mercenary.fed   BloodyIris 16.3K 255
  Iris Guardian.fed   BloodyIris 14.2K 257
  Iris Guardian MK2.fed   BloodyIris 16.5K 255
  InfinityLock.fed   BloodyIris 8120B 264
  Gradius Fusion.fed   BloodyIris 19.7K 238
  Golden Gol...atlasa.fed   BloodyIris 41.8K 239
  Fusion Lord.fed   BloodyIris 46.8K 248
  Entity Parasite.fed   BloodyIris 56.1K 244
  DREAD.fed   BloodyIris 32.5K 245
  blazercircle.fed   BloodyIris 21.5K 232
  BladeSpinner.fed   BloodyIris 1245B 216
  Blade Dancere Droid.fed   BloodyIris 2325B 264
  Arachne.fed   BloodyIris 46.1K 225
  Roton.fed   BloodyIris 11.5K 230
  Rogue.fed   BloodyIris 13.1K 224
  Guardian Orb.fed   BloodyIris 14.1K 204
  Gradius Fusion V2.fed   BloodyIris 24.6K 253
  FlexiMissile.fed   BloodyIris 32.8K 216
  FlexiGUN.fed   BloodyIris 32.2K 231
  DownfallerMK1.fed A top secret government shadow society program built this to unleash upon the world when order was obselete, to clean the mess by wiping out humanity and repopulating the earth with artificial life. Unfortunately, the Downfaller went awry, and it now s  BloodyIris 20.8K 245
  Archardes the Divine.fed A godlike figure from another dimension, built by a highly advanced race seeking to create an artificial Judgment  BloodyIris 47.1K 234
  spectersairship.jpg Picture of one of my Fraxy enemies. Nomination for Oneshiningstar's Fraxy TV Tropes page.  Aquamancia 19.9K 1058
  ebbomatrix...hlabel.fed   Eboshidori 107.7K 735
  ebbomatrixhibachi.fed   Eboshidori 77.8K 984
  Triforce.fed Yes. A Triforce enemy! Should be fought in 640 by 480 on a regular window. Enjoy!  Aquamancia 16.3K 271
  VyrnHead.fed   BloodyIris 15.1K 220
  Vyrn Front... Final.fed   BloodyIris 49.6K 228
  VyrnBodyandLegs2.fed   BloodyIris 42.2K 219
  VyrnBody.fed   BloodyIris 26.7K 229
  IRISBulletManta.fed   BloodyIris 4831B 241
  IrisBlazer.fed   BloodyIris 3432B 215
  IRISberserker.fed   BloodyIris 4138B 229
  IRISarena.fed   BloodyIris 12.4K 203
  Dark Xorro... ship).fed Ignore this.  Perfect Infinity 11.2K 233
  R2-Leviathan.fed   BloodyIris 36.7K 238
  H21-Grinder.fed   BloodyIris 19.2K 219
  G36-Weaver.fed   BloodyIris 15.6K 198
  ForthinerFINAL.fed   BloodyIris 52.8K 206
  F29-Raven.fed Super Drone  BloodyIris 5949B 240
  Verak3.fed   BloodyIris 26.2K 205
  Verak2.fed   BloodyIris 12.5K 189
  Verak.fed   BloodyIris 2017B 220
  Orphix.fed   BloodyIris 2867B 214
  Morsh.fed   BloodyIris 6818B 191
  Forthiner1.fed   BloodyIris 25.4K 231
  Forthiner.fed   BloodyIris 25.4K 204
  doccemirefinal.fed   BloodyIris 48.5K 204
  doccemire.fed   BloodyIris 44.9K 187
  Doccemire.fed   BloodyIris 40.7K 211
  Doccemire2.fed V2  BloodyIris 42.1K 211
  Zero Two.fed   BloodyIris 12.3K 211
  FireflyMK1.fed Prototype Super Drone, glitchy, in need of safeguard  BloodyIris 4467B 201
  Tentamech V3.fed   Acolyptor 17.0K 210
  Tentamech V2.fed   Acolyptor 10.4K 209
  Tentamech V1.fed   Acolyptor 21.4K 218
  Example.fed An Exampe for Drones to move and return  MintE 657B 205
  VENOM.fed   BloodyIris 68.9K 238
  Expirament...BLADE WING   Acolyptor 17.6K 183
  Experiment...ITHIAN.fed Experiment NO- 2  Acolyptor 27.2K 198
  Gun Force.fed   Kidou 1216B 265
  UnnamedBoss.fed   Kidou 1745B 221
  RType.fed   Kidou 1252B 243
  FighterTeam.fed   Kidou 2004B 270
  CrossBossMK2.fed   Kidou 2016B 236
  Z-Void Kira-Mitsukai.fed   ZarroTsu 116.5K 265
  Wasp.fed   BloodyIris 66.5K 194
  Spawn2.fed   BloodyIris 18.6K 206
  Spawn.fed   BloodyIris 16.6K 199
  Shooting Star.fed   BloodyIris 4413B 210
  Sentinel.fed   BloodyIris 37.4K 185
  Scorpius.fed The king of scorpins holds one egg in each hand, slowly becoming more smbiotic with each. Destroy the eggs before scorpius dies and the eggs hatch!  BloodyIris 14.2K 253
  Pluto.fed   BloodyIris 33.9K 233
  Overlord.fed   BloodyIris 42.9K 207
  Nova Core.fed   BloodyIris 11.6K 209
  Mechrosuitre2.fed   BloodyIris 29.3K 201
  Mechrosiuitre.fed   BloodyIris 25.9K 190
  Mantisite.fed   BloodyIris 25.5K 225
  Hornet.fed   BloodyIris 21.0K 204
  Heirophant.fed   BloodyIris 60.1K 198
  Guppie.fed   BloodyIris 10.2K 209
  Gravity Guardian.fed   BloodyIris 31.3K 194
  EPS.fed   BloodyIris 31.6K 189
  DroneBOMB.fed   BloodyIris 26.2K 195
  Doom Flagship.fed   BloodyIris 25.1K 195
  Chronos Se...f Time.fed   BloodyIris 22.0K 201
  Cerios.fed   BloodyIris 44.0K 191
  Brute Figh...arrier.fed   BloodyIris 27.4K 217
  motivator2...129f31.jpg   Boxorak 75.2K 1078
  Z-Void Perfect Pandi.fed   ZarroTsu 136.9K 375
  ebbolance10k.fed   Eboshidori 81.3K 551
  FraxyTriforce.jpg Preview of my upcoming Fraxy boss, that is, if I'm motivated to do it. :P  Aquamancia 7258B 597
  Hermes.fed   BloodyIris 28.2K 214
  Hermes 2.fed   BloodyIris 37.7K 189
  Hades2.fed   BloodyIris 5652B 200
  Goodybag.fed   BloodyIris 28.3K 213
  Death3.fed   BloodyIris 26.8K 192
  Death2.fed   BloodyIris 41.8K 200
  Death1.fed   BloodyIris 40.4K 185
  Death Infantile.fed   BloodyIris 34.8K 192
  Artemis.fed   BloodyIris 28.6K 188
  Athena.fed VER 2  BloodyIris 33.8K 181
  Chronos III.fed be careful, thisd is glitchy, not yet finished  BloodyIris 58.5K 193
  Infection Scheme.bmp   BloodyIris 113.6K 466
  Twilight Scheme.bmp   BloodyIris 113.6K 462
  Blue Scheme.bmp   BloodyIris 113.6K 392
  Aqua Scheme.bmp   BloodyIris 113.6K 481
  MissileWave.fed   BloodyIris 2343B 206
  UltraTurret.fed   BloodyIris 4956B 221
  PowerBall Shield.fed   BloodyIris 3337B 186
  Vortex Cannon.fed   BloodyIris 3332B 198
  Hera.fed   BloodyIris 31.0K 187
  Thorius Fighter.fed   BloodyIris 16.4K 201
  Thorius Drone.fed   BloodyIris 5669B 227
  Watcher Drone.fed   BloodyIris 31.3K 216
  StingerLarva.fed   BloodyIris 2543B 205
  Stinger.fed   BloodyIris 17.2K 234
  Poseidon.fed   BloodyIris 28.5K 198
  Pan.fed   BloodyIris 29.8K 224
  Neptune.fed   BloodyIris 31.0K 220
  Hephaestus.fed   BloodyIris 34.7K 178
  Hades.fed   BloodyIris 26.8K 198
  Demeter.fed   BloodyIris 16.0K 208
  Crab Tank.fed   BloodyIris 31.1K 247
  Athena.fed   BloodyIris 33.8K 236
  Apollo.fed God of music and art  BloodyIris 28.9K 200
  Aphrodite.fed The god of love  BloodyIris 28.3K 186
  Impero3rdForm.JPG Impero's 3rd Form Preview Picture  MintE 15.0K 438
  Collosseum.fed   BloodyIris 31.7K 198
  [ADVANCED]...Cloner.fed The most annoying boss you will ever fight in FRAXY. I mean it.  Perfect Infinity 6381B 231
  Zeus3.fed   BloodyIris 31.9K 208
  Zeus2.fed   BloodyIris 22.3K 191
  Zeus.fed King of the Gods. Prepare yourself, the battle to end all is upon you.....or is it?  BloodyIris 18.8K 219
  The Core.fed   BloodyIris 31.4K 196
  SCSupernova.fed   BloodyIris 26.9K 231
  Oracle.fed   BloodyIris 24.4K 198
  Incendius.fed   BloodyIris 29.7K 197
  Horus.fed The next in line of the gods, the god of the Air Horus.  BloodyIris 31.8K 210
  GoldenWing.fed   BloodyIris 13.4K 235
  LC's [Deep...ayha-].fed The Deep Space Sniper Cannon, a.k.a. The Häyhä  Lovecrafter 43.7K 247
  Wyvern.fed   BloodyIris 31.2K 225
  Versex.fed   BloodyIris 31.8K 176
  Spiralix.fed We do not know what it is. We do not know why it came. We do know it is Spiralix. We know it comes to kill.  BloodyIris 30.5K 199
  Skimmer.fed   BloodyIris 39.8K 203
  SCDroid.fed Sinister Corps ultimate drone. Be afraid.  BloodyIris 6132B 196
  Scapulus.fed   BloodyIris 25.2K 209
  Scapulus Omega.fed Queen of the Scapulus  BloodyIris 31.1K 201
  Ring Guardian.fed   BloodyIris 35.0K 207
  Reaper.fed   BloodyIris 59.1K 199
  raem.fed The Golden Demon Himself, back from the grave and from the very edges of conceptualk existence itself for revenge.  BloodyIris 31.1K 205
  Predator.fed   BloodyIris 15.6K 176
  Pharaoh.fed A very dangerous creature, named not only for its appearance but its belief: All power shall belong to me, whatever the cost, for I rival the gods themselves.  BloodyIris 33.3K 224
  Ordock.fed   BloodyIris 32.7K 188
  Majoras Mask.fed The Mask of the Mad Lord himself, recreated somewhere in the reaches of space and time.  BloodyIris 14.0K 226
  Helios.fed The Second of the recreated gods.  BloodyIris 26.1K 188
  Halo Guardian.fed   BloodyIris 32.7K 229
  Golem.fed weak, but do not underestimate its defenses.  BloodyIris 55.7K 231
  Demon Launcher.fed Sinister Corps most feared weapon as of yet. Do not underestimate the power of the Demon Launcher.  BloodyIris 31.9K 208
  Crysalira.fed The self proclaimed god of perfection,Crysaliris aims to make everything in the universe in his image, and in his world none can match the greatness of Crysalira, so none shall exist to do so.  BloodyIris 31.9K 210
  Corrdiuus.fed A gaint container of sorts drifts through the outer reaches of reality. What it is containing exactly, is vastly unkown.  BloodyIris 31.8K 203
  Chronos.fed The lord of all time himself, is not really what he seems. thousands of years ago, he crash landed on our earth and we took from him the concept of time. Now he is back to cut our time short.  BloodyIris 58.2K 205
  Brutus.fed Brutus is an unmanned ship created by a warring race brought to our world. Using since abolished Nazi Tesla technology that had been hidden in the Paranormal division, they created the ultimate war machine. And the ultimate threat to anything in its line   BloodyIris 34.0K 212
  Aries.fed The first in a series of machines built by an unknown race. After visitng earth, they discovered ancient scriptures about gods, believing them to be blueprints,but they were built far too strong and have since wiped the race from the universe.   BloodyIris 42.7K 200
  Arachnis.fed The first ever attempt at bimechanical life was a 50 foot spider-like bing, codenamed Arachnis and hopefully would coexist with humanity to transport mass amounts of goods when needed. However the project went awry, and flew into the sky, laying barren wa  BloodyIris 31.3K 203
  cx14-Telluroth.fed Moth #16. So advanced, it's hard to believe it's not a lieutenant.  Oneshiningstar 30.6K 236
  Krazykev-HellionR.fed Hellion Ravager  krazykev360 8815B 320
  Krazykev-Hellion.fed First "decent" enemy i've made, mobility makes up for the low defense.  krazykev360 2238B 299
  Fuggatex.fed A small, but tough enemy. Can only be attacked through the front.  varkarrus 3271B 203
  Kamazotz.png Preview of Kamazotz the mad locust  Boxorak 88.2K 873
  mgturret5.fed CTR's MG Turret 5 (Redone)  CrossTheRubicon 6632B 288
  hturret.fed CTR's Heavy Turret (Redone)  CrossTheRubicon 1292B 275
  mgturret4.fed CTR's MG Turret 4 (Redone)  CrossTheRubicon 1559B 264
  mgturret3.fed CTR's MG Turret 3 (Redone)  CrossTheRubicon 2217B 277
  mgturret2.fed CTR's MG Turret 2 (Redone)  CrossTheRubicon 844B 260
  mgturret1.fed CTR's MG Turret 1 (Redone)  CrossTheRubicon 2289B 310
  ebbogigatynexhc.fed   Eboshidori 78.0K 1076
  Firebird.fed For Gigatynex HC.  Oneshiningstar 1707B 213
  Antimonoth.fed Moth #15. Homing weapony and a dark secret.  Areo 18.0K 536
  Axemhesia.fed Most recent creation of mine. Enjoy. :)  Aquamancia 12.3K 207
  Caesioth.fed Moth #19. Tracking laser and a pile of drones.  Areo 7749B 485
  Xenoth.fed Moths #18 and #36. Back and forth you go. Be wary of killing the little one.  Areo 11.6K 542
  Iodioth.fed Moth #17. Moth Lieutenant with puncturing claws and a blade disk.  Areo 31.8K 521
  Indioth.fed Moth #13. Ex-transport vessel with a trio of obnoxious spheres.  Areo 12.0K 518
  Cadmioth.fed Moth #12. Small ship with cluttered attachments.  Areo 12.9K 532
  Silvoth.fed Moth #11. Too many drones to be enjoyable.  Areo 10.1K 475
  Palladoth.fed Moth #10. Many lasers and a metal tongue.  Areo 24.8K 497
  Rhodioth.fed Moth #9. Spinning disks and a surprise inside.  Areo 7939B 502
  Ruthenoth.fed Moth #8. Take too long and be decimated.  Areo 22.8K 517
  Technioth2.fed Moth #7. Attractive tentacles and large missiles.  Areo 14.5K 497
  Molyoth.fed Moth #6. Transforms from spider to crab.  Areo 12.5K 556
  Niobioth.fed Moth #5. Heavy armor and fancy weapons.  Areo 15.0K 522
  Zirconioth.fed Moth #4. Transforming scorpion.  Areo 11.8K 516
  Yttrioth.fed Moth #3. Full transformer.  Areo 8840B 530
  Strontoth.fed Moth #2. Has a giant spinning barrier.  Areo 8585B 536
  Rubidioth.fed Moth #1. Minor motion and a gravity well.  Areo 7965B 557
  BigElemental.fed Big Elemental. Ment for Ebo's Collab, but nice to play with regardless.  TheBlueEcho 2490B 302
  Lancer.fed Small drone for Ebo's GIGATYNEX Collab.  Firefox11 3751B 260
  [ADVANCED]...Hunter.fed It goes completely invisible, and then it goes visible when its near you.  Perfect Infinity 3450B 219 T-401 in Red, Orange, L.Blue, Green, and a Purple/Violet color. Updated code to work with current version.  TheBlueEcho 202.2K 261
  player_01a.bmp   Boxorak 84.1K 327
  Player_01.bmp   Boxorak 84.1K 343
  spd.fed   Boxorak 1138B 250
  Scion.fed   Boxorak 9.9K 215
  dsotm.fed The dark side of the moon.  Tubularbroccoli 2032B 187
  Tanith.fed For the EboCollabThing  ZarroTsu 9292B 217
  E.X.fed took me a while to work out the bugs but im prod of this one   TwilightChaos 10.6K 491
  Unknowen.fed all right one of my much betters :3 this one will give you a run for you munny the shining core im still twicking it but i think it came out good so far  TwilightChaos 4905B 207
  Khyoru 2 -... wings.fed My second series boss  Acolyptor 33.2K 286
  AA-00 Weap...NOBITE.fed The first weapon satellite  Acolyptor 5901B 254
  Khyoru 1- ... Claws.fed My first series boss  Acolyptor 52.5K 262
  intan3.fed Intangible 3  CrossTheRubicon 402B 342
  intan2.fed Intangible 2  CrossTheRubicon 208B 244
  intan1.fed Intangible 1  CrossTheRubicon 207B 281
  crosshairs.fed   Bukkarooo 1827B 216
  [ADVANCED]... Dread.fed Updated.  Perfect Infinity 10.5K 271
  TBE.Ratchet2.fed The Lesser Ratchet Fighter, Made for Ebbo's Colab.  TheBlueEcho 1937B 219
  Windmill.fed   Ryan914 5381B 220
  Minefly.fed A small drone.  Perfect Infinity 1878B 226
  Impero.fed The Beta version of the first form. Requires 480*360 window size as well as area fixed to play correctly   MintE 30.2K 225
  Unit - Eredik AI.fed Evil.  Perfect Infinity 3688B 196
  Unit - Eredik YB+.fed Advanced versions of the drones eredik AI sends out.  Perfect Infinity 640B 209
  cometdrone.fed Comet Drone Cluster  Oneshiningstar 1217B 334
  Mechanikles.fed The mastermind behind the T.I.T.A.N project, this boss will hail all sorts of attacks on your ship, from the safety of his flying saucer. Needs the "area fixed" mode as well as the 480*360 window size in order to work properly.  TekTo 25.0K 457
  fireball-2.fed A heavy fireball spell  Soul Kin 3875B 205
  Fire Ball.fed This is the almost complete fire ball spell  MintE 1105B 206
  cerak.fed   Ryan914 3531B 192
  armamk2.fed   Ryan914 2609B 218
  SP.fed Demo 2  MintE 3613B 202
  Demo.fed A Demo  MintE 6549B 260
  Chaos5.fed another dron one of my slighty betters im still kinda of a new at making stoof  TwilightChaos 3935B 221
  Holy2.fed this one is one of my harder to beat ships No.34 Storm try to take out the middle core if you can :3  TwilightChaos 5742B 198
  G.F.fed This is just a fun Fighter ship i made, its really fun to take two on at a time  TwilightChaos 1851B 226
  arma.fed   Ryan914 1445B 214
  ship.fed The ship that TBE requested.  Soul Kin 3851B 221
  Ophelia.fed No one knows her origin, be it from beyond, or from under our very noses, but all know to stay clear of Ophelia the Surreal, yet reality turn to ridiculousness, and sanity fall apart at the seams.......  BloodyIris 21.0K 206
  Roach.fed A gigantic parasitic bimechanical enemy shaped like a cockroach. Approach with caution.  BloodyIris 17.8K 185
  Siamese.fed A two headed dragon, not finished but fightable.  BloodyIris 30.5K 227
  Metroidv1.fed Exactly what it appears to be, V2 coming soon.  BloodyIris 6922B 207
  Everybodyl...eyfart.fed Dont ask about the name, just fight it...It was a request......dont ask me.  BloodyIris 31.5K 199
  iwen.fed Egyptian for "color". Each color corresponds to a different pattern.  Bukkarooo 17.3K 300
  ebboemptiness.fed   Eboshidori 111.9K 2258
  The Demolisher.fed A menace of unknown origin and terrifying strenght, be it from the depths of hell or the outreaches of space, equipped with eight tentacles, lined with weapons, sporting many drones, and seemingly endless armour, this is truly a terror to behold.  BloodyIris 27.8K 207
  Dire Empress.fed The top in command of the Dire, a powerful, multi armed menace with numerous weapons and layer upon layer of armoured plates.  BloodyIris 32.2K 185
  Sire Queen.fed The queen of the Dire. Armed with two large tentacles and an advanced weapon system.  BloodyIris 23.0K 222
  Dire.fed An advanced machine of unknown origin, sporting three seperate cores and a large, powerful main body.  BloodyIris 18.1K 220
  CyclosDoom...unship.fed The most powerful ship in the Cyclos Armada, sporting enhanced weapon fire, armour, and incredible speed.  BloodyIris 30.1K 200
  CyclosCarrirer.fed An even more powerful battleship, sporting more weapons and a tougher shell.  BloodyIris 26.4K 217
  CyclosBattleship.fed A Cyclos battleship. Heavy fire power and multiple detachable pods.(I hope to make one that will stay together, I will depending on feedback)  BloodyIris 22.3K 194
  Cyclos.fed A biomechanical sentient organsim, origins unknown.  BloodyIris 7366B 197
  ArrowheadFlagship.fed Flagship of the Arrowhead Fleet. Thick armor defends the core, and multiple weapons make this a hell of a fight.  BloodyIris 18.7K 208
  Arrowhead.fed A powerful ship with multiple seperating sections(beta)  BloodyIris 15.3K 216
  Atlas.fed Third and last of the cyclopic trio. Concentrating on brawn alone, he will constantly try to pummel you down to size with his enourmous fists. Needs the "area fixed" mode as well as the 480*360 window size in order to work properly  TekTo 64.4K 1161
  Omega Core.fed Nothing much to saym, my orginal boss to go with the Mini Omeag Cores.  BloodyIris 4965B 202
  Pisces.fed I wondered what would happen if I were to recreate two Cancers and place them back to back. I liked the result, so I decided to conitnue, and this is the final prosuct. Named after the Horoscope for the month of February, representing the sea.  BloodyIris 10.1K 211
  Octo-Pod.fed A large machine with weak armour but considerable power, four arms rotate to shoot.  BloodyIris 4057B 237
  Swarm Booster.fed A large core protected by numerous drones. Destroy them quick before it escapes!  BloodyIris 23.6K 258
  Inferno.fed The Highest advancement of the GOliath yet. Equipped with fire powered rockets and weapons based on the technology on Scharrick, they are truly formidable.  BloodyIris 51.4K 185
  GoliathGaurdian.fed An advanced Goliath trooper fused to The High Priestess. Because the High Priestess is in partial posession of the Goliath, it cfan only be Half-damaged, allowing it escape. Destroy the GOliath to force it to flee.  BloodyIris 35.7K 201
  Goliath.fed One of the thousands of troopers encompassed by the Goliath Army. This is a standard Issue Goliath Trooper, equipped with Biomechanecal Wings and Fusion Cannons.  BloodyIris 46.1K 202
  Archangel.fed Not much else to say, but good luck defeating it. Based on designs by Eboshidori.  BloodyIris 50.1K 226
  CompactArmada.fed Dont be fooled, this is really and entire armada. Dont let the the core get away, or youll be outnumbered  BloodyIris 27.1K 214
  A70 Atomic Vault 32.fed The Vault in the series. Hard Mode available.  A70M1C 57.4K 305
  Scharrick.fed The Demon representative of fire. Has immense power beyond that of anything in our dimension or any others, forged in the depths of hell and ready to take flight. Jets inspired by Chaotic Fraxy and Special gun effects from Galleos.  BloodyIris 34.3K 206
  Garrius Almighty.fed A fallen angel finds a new body in that of a prototype war machine. And thus, Garrius is born.....  BloodyIris 23.6K 239
  OmegaBlazer.fed Not only the fastest Fraxy Boss I have ever created, but also a fusion containg the works of many skilled boss creators.  BloodyIris 32.7K 215
  FusionQueen.fed A fusion of many great Fraxy Bosses combined to form one. All credit goes to the makers of the original FRAXY bosses used.  BloodyIris 31.1K 192
  FuisonKing.fed A fusion of many great Fraxy Bosses combined to form one. All credit goes to the makers of the original FRAXY bosses used.  BloodyIris 30.7K 246
  AlphaRay.fed A Large an powerful Ray-like boss, capable of multiple barriers and attacks simultaneously.  BloodyIris 3931B 195
  Pheonix.fed A powerful fast moving, flame based boss. Tends to feign flees, and then ram the player from sides at random.  BloodyIris 2845B 247
  TripodADV.fed The most powerful non boss yet, its attack patterns are much more difficult and it has a large arsenal of weapons for a drone.  BloodyIris 2709B 216
  Tripod.fed One of the more powerful non bosses. It can split into three parts, but beware, the lesser cores are indestructible.  BloodyIris 2082B 208
  Mini Omega Core.fed An underling of the mighty omega core.Weak, but not to be underestimated.  BloodyIris 706B 200
  weaponsmaster.fed A standard drone. Powerful, but simple enough. Has a wide variety of short range weapons.  BloodyIris 1634B 219
  R500.fed   Boxorak 6189B 324
  r99.fed   Boxorak 10.1K 277
  Ro.fed   Boxorak 49.9K 314
  DLchopper.fed   Boxorak 9548B 289
  infinitus.fed   Boxorak 12.3K 271
  DP.fed   Boxorak 6272B 305
  AWT.fed   Boxorak 14.1K 289
  bot.fed   Boxorak 11.9K 196
  bot.fed   Boxorak 11.9K 295
  Rapture.fed   Boxorak 9279B 276
  battle ram.fed   Boxorak 9433B 304
  sRP.fed   Boxorak 16.1K 311
  covanent.fed   Boxorak 6574B 299
  ZZZ TruePandi.fed   ZarroTsu 87.6K 568
  ZZZ DOLL.fed   ZarroTsu 58.3K 446
  MCore .fed A core of a distant place or time, found in the vastness of space. As it's impossible to retrieve or even get close to the centre, a bounty hunter (You) was sent to either take it in, or remove it.  Myst 4914B 223
  blockr.fed For the contest at (hasnt been tested)  Soul Kin 16.3K 224
  kaagra(template).fed Them base template of a boss Im making.  Soul Kin 1211B 203
  QTurretPrototype.fed Prototype target leading drone  Qjet 1940B 264
  DualistFinal.fed Extremely well armed and fast, tends to strafe the player and defend it's retreats with a wall of vulcans almost to the point of bullet hell (not quite). Weaponry is revealed as you damage its. WARNING: not easy enemy, has accurate lasers, and may ram  Kintrada 18.1K 208
  ChiruminReborn.fed Chirumin's back from the grave.  Aquamancia 11.6K 219
  ebbosakrad...antype.fed   Eboshidori 103.8K 1104
  Master Mis...ified].fed "purified" version of Haku1201's Master Missile boss. ("purified" by cycipher)  CyCipher 21.7K 268
  nest.fed A nest containing many eggs that contain even more drones.  Soul Kin 42.4K 239
  bigegg.fed A large Egg containing many drones.  Soul Kin 7058B 217
  Final The final boss of the adventure mode awaits...  Vic Viper 381.1K 434
  Hydra Core.fed The penultimate boss of the adventure mode.  Vic Viper 19.1K 408   ultimatepower22 14.9K 537
  zynix2.fed CTR's Zynix (Pure)  CrossTheRubicon 16.0K 462
  CCiNo02.fed CyCipher No02 (Project Forsaken Nemesis)  CyCipher 35.1K 450
  CCi2.PNG CyCipher No02 screenshot  CyCipher 102.2K 724
  CCi2 incomplete.PNG CyCipher No02 (incomplete) preview screenshot  CyCipher 90.3K 240
  snake.bmp Snakey Snakey picture  Taco 113.7K 556
  snakeysnake.fed Snakey Snakey!  Taco 1792B 303
  lrlcannon.fed Long Range Laser Cannon  CrossTheRubicon 1459B 322
  lrlc_frx.PNG Long Range Laser Cannon pic  CrossTheRubicon 3073B 574
  DefenderMK3.fed The first upload by me, a spinner top with exterior weapon pontoons. Very simple not alot of creativity in this, larger then my other creations  Kintrada 11.7K 216
  OniReborn.fed Hey look, another creation. (Inspired by some of LuizPrower's creations.)  Aquamancia 14.5K 224
  CCN7 screen.PNG CyCloud No07 screenshot  CyCipher 63.0K 465
  CCN6 screen.PNG CyCloud No06 screenshot  CyCipher 25.6K 489
  CCN5 screen.PNG CyCloud No05 screenshot  CyCipher 23.9K 505
  CCN4 screen.PNG CyCloud No04 screenshot  CyCipher 35.3K 571
  CCN3 screen.PNG CyCloud No03 screenshot  CyCipher 11.7K 367
  CCN2 screen.PNG CyCloud No02 screenshot  CyCipher 6345B 478
  CCN1 screen.PNG CyCloud No01 screenshot  CyCipher 16.2K 565
  CCCX031 screen.PNG CyCloud Centralcomputer X031 screenshot  CyCipher 48.7K 622
  CCGX041 screen.PNG CyCloud Gatekeeper X041 screenshot  CyCipher 46.0K 578
  CCN7.fed CyCloud No07 - Medium size boss. Splits up to 4 small and fast bosses (upload requested by friend)   CyCipher 21.7K 375
  CCN6.fed CyCloud No06 - Medium size boss. It splits up to 5 smal bosses after destruction of the 1st core. (upload requested by friend)   CyCipher 11.9K 394
  CCN5.fed CyCloud No05 - A medium boss. (upload requested by friend)   CyCipher 8782B 370
  CCN4.fed CyCloud No04 - A small, rotating and very annoying boss. (upload requested by friend)   CyCipher 9840B 374
  CCN3.fed CyCloud No03 - A small boss with 2 aimed laser arms. (upload requested by friend)   CyCipher 4076B 364
  CCN2.fed CyCloud No02 - A small, rotating boss. (upload requested by friend)   CyCipher 2636B 405
  CCN1.fed CyCloud No01 - A small, rotating boss. (upload requested by friend)  CyCipher 3758B 379
  CCCX031.fed CyCloud Centralcomputer X031 - An old experimental creation.  CyCipher 12.9K 405
  CCGX041.fed CyCloud Gatekeeper X041 - An old, experimental creation.  CyCipher 20.2K 360
  ebbonarakafortess.fed   Eboshidori 95.5K 967
  CCtCf.PNG CyCloud the Crusader (Final updated version) screenshot  CyCipher 167.4K 660
  CCtCf.fed CyCloud the Crusader (Final updated version) - Slightly modified version of the "old" Crusader. (I've cvhanged phase 3 and a few bullet patterns) Difficulty: INSANE (of corse)  CyCipher 33.8K 462
  shmup.flg Enhanced English Language File  CrossTheRubicon 17.8K 331
  CyCipher No01 screen.PNG CyCipher No01 screenshot  CyCipher 28.1K 703
  CCiNo01.fed CyCipher No01 (Project Fallen Crusader) - An experimental boss. Very hard!  CyCipher 14.3K 410
  Skurge.fed Looks normal at first sight... But try damaging it and see what has been unleashed.  Daesmodalus 31.3K 231
  quad ripper.fed Spinning bullet patterns and four shifting tentacle cannon things!  blakyoshi7 8293B 413
  flying gun.fed Keep putting guns on it until there's no more room, then put more guns on those guns!  blakyoshi7 2827B 442
  project x.fed My first creation  blakyoshi7 4441B 447 More drones, but tiny.  TheBlueEcho 1446B 217
  IronhideBioweapon.fed Oh hi there. This gives you a very easy-to-fight creation.  Aquamancia 5988B 223
  ADrone.fed A simple Drone. Small HP change.  TheBlueEcho 1199B 223
  CCtC screen.png CyCloud the Crusader screenshot (phase 1)  CyCipher 49.2K 663
  CCN10 screen.png CyCloud No10 screenshot  CyCipher 27.3K 554
  CCN9 screen.png CyCloud No09 screenshot  CyCipher 23.6K 395
  CCN8 screen.png CyCloud No08 screenshot  CyCipher 36.9K 515
  CCscorpion screen.png CC-Hunter Scorpion screenshot  CyCipher 33.6K 595
  CClizard screen.png CC-Hunter Lizard screenshot  CyCipher 28.8K 504
  CCLizard.fed CC-Hunter Lizard - A medium size boss in shape of a lizard. (It's so cute ;D )  CyCipher 13.5K 373
  CCScorpion.fed CC-Hunter Scorpion - A medium size boss in shape of a scorpion. (Nothing special at all, but challenging)  CyCipher 11.6K 412
  CCtC.fed CyCloud the Crusader - A big boss with transformations. - Difficulty: INSANE (My Masterpiece)  CyCipher 31.2K 429
  CCN10.fed CyCloud No10 - A medium size boss with experimental transformations.  CyCipher 18.1K 395
  CCN9.fed CyCloud No09 - A medium size boss with big aimed cannons.  CyCipher 9811B 364
  CCN8.fed CyCloud No08 - A medium size Boss with 2 big aimed laser arms. A big remake of CyCloud No03  CyCipher 13.4K 368
  fate-earlyprototype.fed A very early version of my boss. This one only has stage 1, and a little of stage 2 done.  Hieda no Akyu 16.9K 233
  battledroid.fed A very simple drone that moves up and down.  Soul Kin 1023B 237
  ScreenHunt... 17.20.gif Endymion Beta Screenshot  Omoresu 158.2K 296
  theeditor.PNG Big pic of the current editor  CrossTheRubicon 47.9K 246
  seal1.fed My new boss of doom. Enjoy!  Hieda no Akyu 6097B 220
  default An interface (.fgi) + image that fixes the default that comes with Fraxy  NightKev 24.9K 485
  CrispyCrocoPheonix.fed A bird that shall rise up from it's ashes if they are not destroyed.  CrispyCroco 2326B 465
  CrispyCrocoIG.fed A smaller version of Iron Reaper. The only real difference is size, though.  CrispyCroco 4085B 437
  CrispyCrocoIR.fed A large battle ship. Armed with speed up the wazoo.  CrispyCroco 12.2K 457
  Calypso.fed Submission for the June contest at   TekTo 14.0K 655 A Ship pack for the current 2009_02_04 release  ArcticdragonX 60.2K 214
  ebbomanjusri.fed   Eboshidori 25.2K 851
  (P) Serpen...Osiris.fed By popular demand, the homing lasers used in normal mode of Vault 99.  A70M1C 1088B 284
  A70 Atomic Vault 99.fed The next in the Vault series. One of my favorite bosses makes a comeback. Hard mode available.  A70M1C 54.3K 344
  glitchtastic.PNG End result of a glitch.  CrossTheRubicon 149.8K 380 Interface Sample  TheBlueEcho 4904B 497
  cx13-stannoth.fed   Oneshiningstar 14.2K 475
  Katyusha II.fed Advanced Mobile Missle Launch Sattelite, a.k.a. Katyusha II. Have fun dying!  Lovecrafter 38.8K 222
  Katyusha.fed Mobile Missle Launch Sattelite a.k.a. Katyusha: The defeatable version.  Lovecrafter 10.6K 232
  notifystatex_frx.png Notify Status Visual Example  CrossTheRubicon 13.8K 613
  ebbotrueac...090524.fed   Eboshidori 115.8K 1062
  ebbotrueac...090408.fed   Eboshidori 115.8K 524
  Using Alon... Types.fed Event tutorial boss.  Burg Hammer Achtzehn 1175B 429
  Time of Apocalypse.fed TotM May entry  UnlimitedKone 14.5K 297
  xterminion...lass 8.fed   Xterminion 10.3K 381
  CrispyCrocoDefSat.fed Based off the defence satalite in the StarFox 2 beta, with a little extra firepower.  CrispyCroco 7188B 459
  BHA-20090524.fed The May 924, a boss that for showcasing version 20090524beta.   Burg Hammer Achtzehn 7805B 275
  TheMay924Image.jpg   Burg Hammer Achtzehn 24.8K 655
  Octagon.fed The Octagon Skeleton for a boss.  Soul Kin 9398B 228
  Z-Void Napalm.fed   ZarroTsu 40.2K 350
  Steropes.fed Submission for the May contest at   TekTo 16.7K 686
  James-Abli... Form].fed   GokuRikaku 27.9K 469
  Solar Twin...tarius.fed Uh-oh, it's double trouble - if you thought taking on just one Solar Serpentarius was tough, try facing two.  Vic Viper 3960B 748
  Solar Serpentarius.fed A fire dragon that lives on small suns and stars. Although territorial, it tries to keep its distance in combat.  Vic Viper 2413B 400
  ebboyama.fed   Eboshidori 64.6K 517
  spinboss.fed MY Submission for the May-2009 contest on  Soul Kin 7486B 243
  Revolving Parts.fed Revolving Parts (not Rolling panels)  TheBlueEcho 550B 248
  Z-ZLegion ...Reaper.fed   ZarroTsu 77.8K 376
  Krazykev-HellionV.fed Hellion's Vengence, Note: the "options" become vulnerable when they detatch  krazykev360 5722B 304
  SpectralMagister.fed Something I made out of boredom.  Aquamancia 4941B 223
  silvergunsword.fed The Silvergun Sword Mimic  CrossTheRubicon 1119B 394
  cancer900k.PNG   Eboshidori 7290B 1405
  ebbocancer900k.fed   Eboshidori 60.9K 971
  New Try filled with bullethell without patterns, and speed  UnlimitedKone 16.4K 483
  CommonEventTemplates.txt   TheBlueEcho 1180B 512
  TBE.Sweeper.fed The Sweeper  TheBlueEcho 2900B 409
  TBE.PlayerPrison.9.fed The Player Prison Experiment.  TheBlueEcho 16.5K 450
  TBE.TailSwing.fed The Experiment Ship Tailswing  TheBlueEcho 17.3K 415
  TBE.TMN.fed The Original TMN.  TheBlueEcho 10.8K 349 The Old Bubble Gun.  TheBlueEcho 2783B 322
  FraxyStatistics.txt I thought I lost this on Genericboard, But I managed to find it again. Wether it still has use now, or if it will be obsolete in the new Version is uncertain.  TheBlueEcho 2600B 353
  Event Code Dynamics.txt Stuff on Event Code  TheBlueEcho 4894B 386
  TBE.TMNrev.fed A Revised Version of TMN.  TheBlueEcho 10.8K 450
  TBE.Gunplane.fed Somewhat Oversized (at least I think so) Fighter Plane. Beauty > Functionality on this one.  TheBlueEcho 4079B 345
  401c.fbg 3rd 401 background file, for average playing.   TheBlueEcho 183B 558
  401b.fbg 2nd 401 background file, for average playing.   TheBlueEcho 265B 503
  gtia-escape pod.fed CTR's Battle Escape Pod  CrossTheRubicon 4997B 444
  bladedring.fed An indestructable ring surrounds the body of the boss. Find it's weak spots where the most lazers fire from.  Ark 7677B 233
  heavy tank.fed A tank enemy. Really Easy.  XArchKnightX 2841B 241
  Firefox11 ... Lupus.fed Varies attack patterns the more you damage it. It's not spam & pray like IV1.0  Firefox11 33.6K 627
  AquaLupus.JPG Aqua Lupus Editor Picture  Firefox11 18.8K 801
  venom5k.PNG   Eboshidori 7929B 817
  ebbovenom5ksquad.fed   Eboshidori 25.0K 727
  Argus.fed A tricky one-eyed golem. Not very fond of physical attacks, it will instead constantly shower you in power balls and energy balls sweetness...  TekTo 32.2K 1520
  R500.fed   Boxorak 6189B 386
  umi.fed Umi- Testing bullet patterns.  Bukkarooo 7532B 474
  AQE-01.fed Probably my best creation as of yet.  Aquamancia 14.8K 211
  Atomic Vault 17.fed A prison for one of the more ruthless enemies of my past. Hard Mode is available.  A70M1C 58.7K 321
  fortunecore_frx.png Fortune Core Pic  CrossTheRubicon 19.5K 383
  guxtflyer_frx.png Guxt Flyer Pic  CrossTheRubicon 11.2K 297
  guxtf.fed Guxt Flyer (Collab Version)  CrossTheRubicon 2290B 269
  fortunecore.fed CTR's Fortune Core - April ToTM Entry  CrossTheRubicon 30.6K 396
  afv.fed Anti fraxy vehicle.  Tubularbroccoli 874B 237
  ebbozapanc.fed   Eboshidori 58.3K 1080
  infinitys ...RIESv2.fed   ultimatepower22 8105B 395
  Bellerophon.fed A boss concept that attacks/launches fighters depending on how much the player aggravates it.  Zharmad 84.5K 244
  Tetran Base.fed It finally works! Set the spawning poisition as "Fixed" for best effect. !!WARNING!!: The first trial of this "level" causes SEVERE lag!  Vic Viper 24.9K 618
  cx12 - Tra...evenge.fed   Oneshiningstar 52.3K 394
  AIOLOS2.fed A tribute to Omoresu's Aiolos which used unlimiweapons which also came from Omoresu.  Xterminion 13.0K 343
  xterminion...lass 7.fed Gradius Core from the SA PBWiki, updated  Xterminion 12.3K 367
  xterminion...e REV2.fed An update to my old creation.  Xterminion 15.3K 352
  Turtle Swarm.fed Six turtle drones that enjoys ramming you and surrounding you with their plasma trails. Gets trickier as their numbers dwindle  TekTo 10.2K 549
  missile carrier.fed A Drone that fires missiles when too close.  XArchKnightX 1786B 225
  cloner.fed Real TOTM Machine  Xterminion 11.0K 330
  striker type 1.fed A ship that has "Overcharge" Beware!  XArchKnightX 11.1K 207
  interface.bmp Red-To-Orange Health Bars for Player and Bosses  justjake274 225.1K 317
  player_01.bmp Starship Module 1 (I was inspired By StarFox!)  justjake274 84.1K 334
  choozer proto.fed For April TOTM.  Xterminion 10.9K 230
  dungeon (blades).fed A really noob-ish maze...thing  XArchKnightX 20.5K 209
  Inaba-Spre...inMist.fed A recreation of Reisen's spell card, Spread Sign "Rocket in Mist". Not a 100%... can't really do 100%, after Reisen shoots her bullets, she "spreads" them in a way. This attack is from Touhou 9.5: Shoot the Bullet.  GokuRikaku 5365B 262
  EnergyDrone.fed Energy Drone Cannon that fires energy drones, which in turn fire at you repeatedly.  Oneshiningstar 3020B 234
  nont.fed Whoopsie! Re-uploaded.  Xterminion 16.1K 321
  CX07-GiantDelta3.fed Fixed!  Oneshiningstar 15.9K 367
  Arc Warbringer.fed Anoher old-school boss that has yet to see the light of day. The largest, most armed boss I have yet to create.  A70M1C 29.3K 276
  Arc Destroyer.fed Boss from Episode one of Season 3. An old-school boss with some advanced weaponry.  A70M1C 15.3K 261
  noname.fed Has no name, work in progress; here to ask a question about it.  Venerax 8340B 288
  Arvaris.fed I haven't posted a creation of mine in a while... so yeah.  Aquamancia 6182B 230
  Turtle Warship.fed A lumbering beast with a hard shell, which you'll have to break apart before reaching the core. That is, if you make it through his artillery and the occasional charges...  TekTo 5996B 484
  Polyphemus.fed A challenging one-eyed golem, not by its attacks, but by its movements ; he'll give the most of himself just to make your life a misery as you try and turn him into scrapped metal.   TekTo 31.7K 959
  BHA-WarpFiend.fed A boss that uses the new screen effectors to distract the player. Lags.  Burg Hammer Achtzehn 11.5K 293
  BHA-Spin Core.fed An old boss of mine; uses blades and danmaku. Also, in case you couldn't guess by the name, ZOMG IT SPINS!  Burg Hammer Achtzehn 4547B 288
  WarpFiendImage.jpg Image of 'Warp Fiend'  Burg Hammer Achtzehn 22.9K 730
  SpinCoreImage.jpg Image of 'Spin Core'  Burg Hammer Achtzehn 24.0K 742
  nont.fed Uploaded for help.  Xterminion 16.0K 389
  401a.fbg 401 background file, for average playing.  TheBlueEcho 149B 552
  favicon.ico Icon for the Wiki  CrossTheRubicon 1406B 242
  Z-ZLegion ...monium.fed   ZarroTsu 97.1K 343
  mibbitexample2.bmp For IRC Tutorial 2  CrossTheRubicon 416.0K 433
  mibbitexample.bmp For IRC Tutorial  CrossTheRubicon 361.2K 418
  ebbovirgo400k.fed   Eboshidori 83.5K 1183
  ebboyami.fed   Eboshidori 71.8K 1341
  James-Judgment Bored.fed When boredom strikes, it strikes judgment!  GokuRikaku 31.3K 425
  sepdp.fed   ultimatepower22 3012B 367
  nano starbase.fed ToTM March 2009 Entry - Nanoxian Starbase  CrossTheRubicon 31.4K 790
  F.E.A.R..fed MWAHAHAHAHAHHA! I'VE CREATED A MONSTER!!!  Perfect Infinity 12.9K 261
  Kamarian Kamarian battlegrounds part C  UnlimitedKone 5779B 515
  kamarian Kamarian battlegrounds part B  UnlimitedKone 2525.2K 447
  Kamarian Kamarian batllegrounds part A  UnlimitedKone 6770B 411
  Kamarian Kamarian battlegrounds part 2  UnlimitedKone 56.8K 417
  Kamarian kamarian battlegrounds part 1  UnlimitedKone 190.6K 509
  CX11 -BerserkCore.fed Berserk core  Oneshiningstar 16.8K 380
  scanfighter.fed   Xterminion 10.0K 420
  Axel-LoneW...lade)(.fed The finished Blade! It has minor changes but nothing big.  AxelsShadow518 11.6K 237
  Axel-LoneW...irit)(.fed The finished X-Spirit!  AxelsShadow518 7366B 215
  Deceivement.fed When you see it: This looks easy to beat, just a poorly made cancer core boss... At its full form: OH, SH*T, THE HEALTH RESET  Tubularbroccoli 6857B 238
  xterminion...lass 6.fed   Xterminion 7536B 432
  Z-ZLegion Acerbatus.fed   ZarroTsu 52.5K 577
  Vic Nemesis.fed The boss fought before the Mirage Dragon.  Vic Viper 21.5K 350
  Axel-LoneWolf)(V15)(.fed Only )(X-Spirit)( and the finished )(Blade)( left to upload!  AxelsShadow518 9081B 207
  Axel-LoneWolf)(V14)(   AxelsShadow518 8405B 224
  Axel-LoneWolf)(V13)(.fed   AxelsShadow518 8405B 220
  Axel-LoneWolf)(V12)(.fed   AxelsShadow518 8335B 230
  Axel-LoneWolf)(V11)(.fed   AxelsShadow518 7867B 225
  Axel-LoneWolf)(V10)(.fed   AxelsShadow518 7489B 248
  Axel-LoneWolf)(V9)(.fed   AxelsShadow518 6991B 236
  xterminion...lass 5.fed   Xterminion 3563B 408
  Top Secret...ioner].fed Top Secret 6 : Executioner  XArchKnightX 13.8K 249
  Top Secret...minus].fed Top Secret 5 : Terminus  XArchKnightX 18.9K 223
  Top Secret...l Orb].fed Top Secret 4 : Sentinel Orb  XArchKnightX 28.8K 246
  Top Secret...iroid].fed Top Secret 3 : Arachiroid  XArchKnightX 23.0K 235
  Top Secret...etica].fed Top Secret 2 : Xenetica  XArchKnightX 27.7K 243
  Top Secret...lados].fed Top Secret 1 : Gallados  XArchKnightX 15.1K 252
  xterminion...lass 4.fed   Xterminion 6630B 400
  xterminion...lass 3.fed   Xterminion 4976B 403
  xterminion...lass 2.fed   Xterminion 4607B 423
  xterminion...lass 1.fed   Xterminion 3000B 447
  CrispyCrocoUStar.fed A part of my "Artificial Star" boss series. This one uses lots of weapons  CrispyCroco 4380B 417
  The Wraith.fed An unfinished boss, uploaded for getting help with it.  Vic Viper 10.2K 379
  Z-Weapon7 EXCALIBER.fed   ZarroTsu 30.6K 949
  Z-Weapon6 CHAOS.fed   ZarroTsu 33.2K 576
  Z-Weapon5 DEMON.fed   ZarroTsu 29.8K 647
  Z-Weapon4 SHADOW.fed   ZarroTsu 23.0K 641
  Z-Weapon3 ANGLE.fed   ZarroTsu 25.5K 648
  Z-Weapon2 SHELL.fed   ZarroTsu 31.6K 854
  Z-Weapon1 NOVA.fed   ZarroTsu 8217B 659
  battleship...on A set of Battleship Cannons.  Xterminion 1699B 353
  Axel-LoneWolf)(V8)(.fed   AxelsShadow518 6629B 231
  Axel-LoneWolf)(V7)(.fed   AxelsShadow518 6385B 235
  Axel-LoneWolf)(V6)(.fed updated  AxelsShadow518 5552B 214
  Axel-LoneWolf)(V5)(.fed updated  AxelsShadow518 5225B 213
  Axel-LoneWolf)(V4)(.fed updated  AxelsShadow518 4774B 218
  Axel-LoneWolf)(V3)(.fed updated  AxelsShadow518 4511B 218
  Axel-LoneWolf)(V2)(.fed updated  AxelsShadow518 4177B 226
  Axel-LoneWolf)(V1)(.fed updated  AxelsShadow518 3794B 221
  Gunwall.fed A boss that is finished as of 12:45 P.M., 3/27/09.  Vic Viper 31.0K 393
  Gunwall.JPG Image of a boss that is finished as of 12:45 P.M., 3/27/09.  Vic Viper 14.3K 248
  A70 Reacto... Drive.fed Submission in the duel against Ultimatepower22 and next in the Reactor Series. It was great fun and lots of experimenting went into it. Especially like the Macross Missile Massacre part.  A70M1C 37.5K 319
  solarempir...ighter.fed   ultimatepower22 2386B 369
  solar empi...non hp.fed   ultimatepower22 7426B 382
  Solar Empi...Cannon.fed   ultimatepower22 5379B 376
  solar empi...cannon.fed   ultimatepower22 6879B 383
  Solar Empi...t Ship.fed   ultimatepower22 6267B 401
  Solar Empi... Craft.fed   ultimatepower22 2253B 331
  solar empi...leship.fed   ultimatepower22 16.0K 397
  Solar Empire Frigate.fed   ultimatepower22 1097B 351
  Solar Empire Fleet.fed   ultimatepower22 18.3K 391
  solar empi...t ship.fed   ultimatepower22 2093B 239
  Solar Empi...agship.fed   ultimatepower22 27.3K 474
  Ignis Vulpes v1.0.JPG Ignis Vulpes 1.0 Editor picture.  Firefox11 14.0K 909
  Ignis Vulpes 1.0.fed First serious boss. Improves firepower when damaged. Also, a special attack for those playing at level 100!  Firefox11 13.7K 596
  crystal core.fed Crystal Core has been edited, though only slightly. His arms now look more like they did in Gradius III. His arms and the weapons on them are Shadowed now, as well.  Vic Viper 6840B 248
  Nazca Plane.fed The updated Nazca Plane boss. He's FAR less lag-inducing now, and the variables the Head Core was supposed to set now serve a purpose.  Vic Viper 10.2K 353
  Organic De...essige.fed This boss is awesome, download it and be amazed.  Perfect Infinity 10.2K 254
  Nazca Plane(2).fed Vic Viper's Nazca Plane, with shadow effects.  w03 11.5K 310
  B&Wbgs.rar Some blank backgrounds  Burg Hammer Achtzehn 752B 618
  GrayBGimage.jpg   Burg Hammer Achtzehn 17.3K 686
  BlackBGimage.jpg   Burg Hammer Achtzehn 18.3K 700
  WhiteBGimage.jpg   Burg Hammer Achtzehn 18.2K 695
  BonefishV2.rar A simple Try that I made when I was bored.   Burg Hammer Achtzehn 3032.9K 396
  True Laser... Combo.fed The True Laser-Missile Combo!  Daesmodalus 3149B 251
  True Missile Storm.fed The True Missile Storm!  Daesmodalus 1995B 259
  True Laser Storm.fed The True Laser Storm!  Daesmodalus 1105B 291
  CrispyCrocoVCstar.fed A part of my "Artificial Star" boss series. This one uses vulcan crosses.  CrispyCroco 15.2K 391
  CrispyCrocotstar.fed A part of my "Artificial Star" boss series. This one uses joint-aim players.  CrispyCroco 26.4K 415
  CrispyCrocoSNstar.fed A part of my "Artificial Star" boss series. This one uses burners.  CrispyCroco 19.2K 415
  CrispyCrocoSstar.fed A part of my "Artificial Star" boss series. This one uses sonic waves.   CrispyCroco 21.2K 400
  CrispyCrocoGstar.fed A part of my "Artificial Star" boss series. This one uses bullets.  CrispyCroco 12.7K 384
  CrispyCrocoPstar.fed A part of my "Artificial Star" boss series. This one uses power balls.  CrispyCroco 18.8K 418
  CrispyCrocoBstar.fed A part of my "Artificial Star" boss series. This one uses blades.   CrispyCroco 22.6K 417
  CrispyCroc...erball.fed A very large, drestoyable power ball made of blades.  CrispyCroco 3957B 455
  Parasite Epsilon.fed Watch out.  Perfect Infinity 13.8K 257
  CrispyCroc...erhard.fed The third, and final, update to my first boss.  CrispyCroco 3616B 773
  CrispyCroc...medium.fed The second update to my first boss.  CrispyCroco 3057B 413
  CrispyCroc...medium.fed The first update to my first boss.  CrispyCroco 3218B 463
  CrispyCroc...ereasy.fed My first boss. He's pretty simple.  CrispyCroco 2571B 438
  CrispyCroc...Burner.fed Hell Burner, error fixed and speed upgraded slightly.  CrispyCroco 2890B 803
  CrispyCroc...Burner.fed A mistake made this guy a chase boss.  CrispyCroco 2348B 788
  CrispyCrocoGGBoss1.fed A boss modeled after Gradius Galaxies 1st boss.  CrispyCroco 4997B 1031
  CrispyCrocoFE.fed My version of the doppleganger fraxy.  CrispyCroco 1966B 872
  Final Fortress.fed UPDATE: The second and third bosses now have less health.  Vic Viper 21.4K 390
  rapier20k.bmp   Eboshidori 126.6K 3020
  kaiserkundali.bmp   Eboshidori 126.6K 2759
  ebborapier20k.fed   Eboshidori 37.0K 1317
  ebbokaiserkundali.fed   Eboshidori 51.9K 1253
  SPG1.fed It uses spinning fans to get solar dust, while ejecting the unwanted chemicals in the form of needles.  Tubularbroccoli 8506B 312
  c1craft.fed You'll really want to dodge that GIANT LAZOR. Unfortunately the only way to kill it is through the lazers barrel. :(  Tubularbroccoli 6292B 267
  xterminion...atform.fed A boss with two forms, both of the moving fortress type. Inspired by a certain boss from Axelay.  Xterminion 8651B 471
  xterminion...atform.bmp Picture of Xterminion-Cyclone Battle Platform  Xterminion 328.5K 627
  growth core.fed Growth Core. It has multiple forms, becoming more deadly the lower his HP gets.  Vic Viper 15.3K 680
  mirage dragon.fed The completed Mirage Dragon boss. Difficulty Level: INSANE!!  Vic Viper 12.7K 227
  CrispyCrocoSkyFort.fed My entry into the March Theme of the Month contest.  CrispyCroco 45.8K 756
  xterminion...dragon.fed A large dragon that circles around...something...  Xterminion 18.8K 410
  Exo-Crusher.fed Seems simple? Think again. And yes, you are free to use the pulse laser on this.  Perfect Infinity 12.6K 264
  xterminion...dragon.bmp Picture of Xterminion-Metallic Dragon  Xterminion 931.7K 755
  Railgun.fed Railgun to solve son of makuta's problem.  Oneshiningstar 2932B 283
  SC001MS.fed oh god what have i done  Omi 2188B 283
  SC001MS.bmp oh god what have i done  Omi 295.4K 401
  xterminion...arship.fed The flagship of the Lexo Empire.  Xterminion 16.7K 407
  xterminion...t ship.bmp Picture of Xterminion-Lexo Assault Ship  Xterminion 331.4K 764
  xterminion...roller.fed A boss that controls drones to help it.  Xterminion 4171B 398
  xterminion...roller.bmp Picture of Xterminion-Drone Controller  Xterminion 231.1K 749
  xterminion...-matic.fed Evolve-O-Matic. Evolves as it takes damage.  Xterminion 6435B 423
  xterminion...-matic.bmp Picture of Xterminion-Evolve-O-Matic  Xterminion 111.7K 772
  MirageDragonSE.fed Vic Viper's Mirage Dragon, with a touch of OSS!  Oneshiningstar 12.7K 236
  xterminion...action.fed JPteeto's Evofraction, renewed!  Xterminion 8768B 400
  xterminion...action.bmp Picture of Xterminion-Evofraction  Xterminion 120.1K 810
  xterminion...i robo.fed Egg Kyodai Robo-Final Boss of Sonic 3 and Knuckles (except Doomsday)-Done Fraxy Style!  Xterminion 8884B 423
  xterminion...i robo.bmp Picture of Xterminion-Egg Kyodai Robo  Xterminion 237.4K 861
  xterminion...alypse.bmp Picture of Xterminion-The Apocalypse  Xterminion 216.1K 1043
  xterminion...alypse.fed A boss that can be classified as a final boss. Uses many, many tricks.  Xterminion 11.7K 446
  The Xorrofor MKIII.fed What some call the ultimate being... (My mos favourite and probably best creation, it also uses events and has about 5 or 6 forms. UPDATED!)  Perfect Infinity 35.8K 273
  Mirage Dragon.JPG An image of a boss I made (he's not finished yet, though).  Vic Viper 13.3K 1526
  Crystal Core.JPG An image of a boss I made, Crystal Core.  Vic Viper 8265B 1566
  slf.fed Xterminion's Search Light Fortress. Needs Fixing  Xterminion 13.5K 250
  CX10 - Dis..._Core2.fed   Oneshiningstar 9465B 424
  mlauncher turret.fed Missile Launcher Turret (Prototype)  CrossTheRubicon 2596B 228
  Fu-Sha....fed What surprises does this hold?  Perfect Infinity 20.1K 241
  Starfish r...Norris.fed Woot!xRickAstley  Perfect Infinity 3535B 255
  Starfish r...r-Star.fed Woot!x3  Perfect Infinity 3998B 243
  The Cancer....fed You can tell straight away that somethings not right, lets see what happens when you hurt it...  Perfect Infinity 10.8K 271
  Starfish r...wesome.fed Woot!x2  Perfect Infinity 12.5K 264
  Starfish B...ruiser.fed Woot!  Perfect Infinity 12.9K 261
  VN01.fed Final, FINAL I-swear-to-god- version of VN01. Enjoy.   Venerax 4779B 250
  debris field.fed The remains of a Destroyer Craft  nutman217 6310B 299
  purgatory missile.fed One round of the magical missile that made me stand out.  nutman217 339B 334
  minibase.fed Old creation from a while ago..  nutman217 3664B 376
  prototype ... armor.fed Concept prototype player-built armor.  nutman217 738B 307
  Eponey - T...rkness.fed A touhou/fraxy boss. Not much of a challenge, but you will die. (Third Phase Updated!)  Perfect Infinity 13.4K 280
  BHA-Megapede.fed A boss that had been sitting in my WIP folder. It is quite long.  Burg Hammer Achtzehn 11.6K 607
  MegapedeImage.jpg Image of 'Megapede'  Burg Hammer Achtzehn 18.7K 866
  Ambryss.fed My first Touhou-like boss  A70M1C 31.8K 278
  Reactor-00 Revenge.fed Revenge of first Reactor  A70M1C 26.4K 327
  Orbital Ba... Angel.fed A foe that... well... you'll see... (UPDATED!)  Perfect Infinity 11.6K 261
  FRAXY+++.fed An advanced version of FRAXY++ (its a boss btw, i'm guessing FRAXY is the name of the space-ship you play as). Difficulty - HARD  Perfect Infinity 9607B 269
  ebbodeath.fed   Eboshidori 57.5K 993
  death.JPG   Eboshidori 31.5K 835
  CRS03 Evolution.fed Incomplete version, demo purposes.  Kironide 5629B 247
  PAI09.png Novim  Bukkarooo 3155B 810
  PA][09- Novim.fed PAI09: Novim  Bukkarooo 35.9K 818
  CX09 - BigCore2.0.fed   Oneshiningstar 4680B 390
  CX08 - BigCore1.8.fed   Oneshiningstar 7177B 384
  BHA-Drone ... Gamma.fed Another configuration of drones for the Drone Fighter. Updated Feb/29/2009   Burg Hammer Achtzehn 9312B 329
  BHA-Drone ...r Beta.fed Similar to Drone Fighter; uses a different configuration of drones. Updated Feb/29/2009   Burg Hammer Achtzehn 9287B 500
  BHA-Dawn Bringer.fed A boss that had been sitting in my WIP folder for quite a while  Burg Hammer Achtzehn 4500B 1038
  DawnBringerImage.jpg Image of 'Dawn Bringer'  Burg Hammer Achtzehn 22.4K 896
  CX07-GiantDelta3.fed   Oneshiningstar 15.9K 280
  BHA-Evolver-L.fed Another of my older bosses. It is also my second evolving boss.  Burg Hammer Achtzehn 9869B 284
  Evolver-LImage.jpg Image of 'Evolver-L'  Burg Hammer Achtzehn 11.3K 975
  BHA-Armature Core.fed One of my older bosses. I forget why I made it. It periodically fires a solid spear.  Burg Hammer Achtzehn 11.4K 307
  ArmatureCoreImage.jpg Image of 'Armature Core'  Burg Hammer Achtzehn 21.7K 947
  ebboalltynex.fed   Eboshidori 46.8K 1056
  alltynex.JPG   Eboshidori 32.8K 2996
  Satellite A.fed SATELLITE MURDER!  Perfect Infinity 34.5K 357
  DSV 973.fed A powerful foe... THAT TRANSFORMS!!! (Always on rank 100 wether you like it or not!)  Perfect Infinity 9118B 364
  CX06-Zig.fed   Oneshiningstar 11.3K 495
  X-3 MKI.fed X-3/10  Perfect Infinity 7462B 346
  Labyrinth.fed Fraxy HQ Staff Clan Project.  Perfect Infinity 9230B 372
  CX04-BuggySE.fed CX-04 replacement  Oneshiningstar 6173B 498
  Eppur Si Muove.fed Rolling fortress that Killed Ptolemaic Model!   Rodolph 17.0K 408
  Epuur Si Muove.JPG Image of the fortress that Killed Ptolomeus´ Model!  Rodolph 70.3K 472
  Fortress.fed A fortress...The egg of Judas.  Rodolph 30.7K 396
  Judas Fortress.JPG IMage of the Judas fortress  Rodolph 63.9K 479
  Imperator MkI.fed The Red Dragon of Apocalypse 12 (NOt so red this time!)   Rodolph 20.2K 369
  Imperator ... Rufus.JPG The Red Dragon of Apocalypse 12 (NOt so red this time!)  Rodolph 43.6K 469
  Whore of Babylon.fed The Whore of Babylon  Rodolph 4987B 856
  Whore of Babylon.JPG IMage of the Whore of Babylon  Rodolph 12.8K 541
  Nebula.rar A more realistic Nebula Background  Rodolph 766.0K 347
  megabullet.fed Hard boss took me like 15mins to beat  slammered 6253B 322
  Parasite Gamma.fed Parasite Gamma is one of the Parasite Series. Fixed Glitch.  Perfect Infinity 4975B 305
  Nebula.rar Nebula background. My first bg!  Rodolph 872.8K 332
  BHA-Shell.fed A boss with an ovoid shield, powered by three different generators.  Burg Hammer Achtzehn 7680B 636
  ShellImage.jpg Image of 'Shell"  Burg Hammer Achtzehn 22.5K 1413
  BHA-Drone Fighter.fed A boss I created that features remote drones to protect it. Updated Feb/15/2009 (Fixed minor mistake)   Burg Hammer Achtzehn 8053B 632
  X-2 Hunter...MKVIII.fed X-2/10  Perfect Infinity 3623B 339
  BHA-Jupiter.fed A boss I created that uses invincible drones to protect itself. Updated Feb/14/2009  Burg Hammer Achtzehn 5241B 559
  BHA-Relentless.fed A boss that, at rank 100, is always shooting. It uses just about every weapon.  Burg Hammer Achtzehn 6299B 619
  RelentlessImage.jpg Image of 'Relentless'  Burg Hammer Achtzehn 24.7K 1452
  BHA-Axe Grinder.fed My first boss with multiple forms.  Burg Hammer Achtzehn 7117B 726
  AxeGrinderImage.jpg Image of 'Axe Grinder'  Burg Hammer Achtzehn 11.8K 1400
  The Xorrofor MKII.fed The Xorrofor MKII, my most favourite and best creation, it has energy eggs that fire 2 rings of basically unavoidable power-balls and instead of 3 it has 6 Death Rays!... And a few other surprises as well, (not everything is invincible, though).  Perfect Infinity 18.6K 332
  FRAXY++.fed An advanced version of FRAXY+. (Difficulty - HARD)  Perfect Infinity 2435B 362
  FRAXY+.fed An advanced version of FRAXY. (Difficulty - EASY)  Perfect Infinity 571B 340
  The Xorrofor.fed The Xorrofor, my second favourite ship, and 1 of my best, it has alot of armour, but is easily destroyed with over-loader + blaster.  Perfect Infinity 11.2K 320
  X-1 MKI.fed X-1/10  Perfect Infinity 1698B 309
  X-4 Tenta-Bot MKI.fed X-4/10  Perfect Infinity 6455B 341
  X-5 Shieldbot MKII.fed X-5/10  Perfect Infinity 1972B 344
  X-10 Arkh ...e MKXV.fed X-10/10  Perfect Infinity 6573B 290
  X-9 Annihi... MKIII.fed X-9/10  Perfect Infinity 4262B 307
  X-8 Wacky ...rd MKX.fed X-8/10  Perfect Infinity 5182B 323
  Fraxy 20090204d.exe Fraxy Installer - fixed version (lol typos)  NightKev 1641.5K 737
  20090204.fed A boss i created to exhibit the features added in the 20090204 version of Fraxy. (I was too lazy to make the spotlights do anything useful)  Burg Hammer Achtzehn 4694B 376
  TheFebruary904image.jpg Image of 'The February 904'  Burg Hammer Achtzehn 28.9K 1017
  player_01 Tijereta.bmp Emperor cybernetic earwig, player ship from my sick mind!  Rodolph 13.6K 493
  player_01 Vic Viper.bmp Vic Viper player ship from Life Force (And gradius and parodius series)  Rodolph 13.6K 439
  player_01 ...ittish.bmp Lord Brittush player ship form Life Force.  Rodolph 13.6K 432
  player_01 ANgel.bmp Archangel Entity, player ship.  Rodolph 13.6K 429
  civil scanner.fed New fraxy tools used! It scans the enemy, (takes only one and a half seconds), and will attempt destruction of enemy VIA a quick blast by afar.  nutman217 1083B 433
  FRXCwWCar.fed A car for fraxy. blue(item boxes) are switches for their set of engines, purple is heavy seatbelt. At full blast, faster than normal player with right click.. heavy seatbelt required for full blast and sharp turns  CwW 5221B 458
  Nevali.fed Nevali  Aquamancia 5193B 297
  Chirumin.fed Chirumin  Aquamancia 6333B 307
  gravchamber.fed A gravity Chamber for your training  CwW 26.1K 330
  Solasf-hf.fed Even though our fighters arent anything compared to theirs, they arent exactly a pushover either.  CwW 1478B 326
  CX05-Laser Hand.fed   Oneshiningstar 17.0K 455
  proto formation.fed CTR's Prototype Squadron  CrossTheRubicon 6709B 406 3 cyberagents  plasma 225.6K 626
  cyberagents.jpg   plasma 247.4K 853
  GauntletForce.fed A group of fighters; each one is unique  Burg Hammer Achtzehn 7065B 710
  GauntletForceimage.jpg Image of 'Gauntlet Force'  Burg Hammer Achtzehn 23.7K 1538
  Magician_1.fed Magician, 1  AlexMdle 17.1K 380
  Magus_Alpha.fed Magus α  AlexMdle 5383B 350
  ebbokusarihebi.fed   Eboshidori 22.2K 978
  ragaraja.JPG   Eboshidori 20.5K 867
  ebboragaraja.fed   Eboshidori 15.5K 599
  ebbodemon.fed   Eboshidori 30.6K 1054
  ebbovirupaksa2.fed   Eboshidori 48.6K 1234
  ebbobirth.fed   Eboshidori 45.6K 1180
  ebbohariti.fed   Eboshidori 36.1K 1267
  phantom.JPG   Eboshidori 10.3K 3478
  virupaksaII.JPG   Eboshidori 36.1K 3527
  birthsd99.JPG   Eboshidori 5673B 3420
  hariti.JPG   Eboshidori 10.8K 3545
  urban-spin-top-v4.fed The latest version of the Urban Spin Top.  pickledapples 12.1K 343
  Helios.fed The second in the Danmaku Replicant series.  Daesmodalus 19.9K 338
  Arius.fed A Touhou inspired creation. Complete with unique bullet patterns and phases.  Daesmodalus 19.8K 374
  Clump.fed This is what you get when you mash most of the default Fraxy bosses together.  Burg Hammer Achtzehn 20.7K 700
  ClumpImage.jpg Image of 'Clump'  Burg Hammer Achtzehn 37.1K 1354
  REDNECK.fed Howdy, redneck! Hey, what are you doing with that shotgu-ADSYADSYASY$#GEWRGFFDDFVARRRRGH!@!@!111  nutman217 4257B 403
  DroneFight...aImage.jpg Image of 'Drone Fighter Gamma'  Burg Hammer Achtzehn 25.7K 1471
  Battle Scout.fed A cute little fighter I created a while ago.  Burg Hammer Achtzehn 3154B 579
  BattleScoutimage.jpg Image of 'Battle Scout'  Burg Hammer Achtzehn 17.3K 1499
  Striker Mk3.fed A boss I created shortly after the original.  Burg Hammer Achtzehn 9.9K 636
  StrikerMK3image.jpg Image of 'Striker Mk3'  Burg Hammer Achtzehn 25.1K 1459
  fluctuation hole.fed Nutman217's....SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK BLARGH  nutman217 8997B 423
  DroneFight...aimage.jpg Image of 'Drone Fighter Beta'  Burg Hammer Achtzehn 9066B 1418
  Jupiterimage.jpg Image of 'Jupiter'  Burg Hammer Achtzehn 6856B 1580
  DroneFighterimage.jpg Image of 'Drone Fighter'  Burg Hammer Achtzehn 6785B 1533
  Striker.fed The first boss I ever created. Nothing special.  Burg Hammer Achtzehn 2679B 934
  Strikerimage.jpg Image of 'Striker'  Burg Hammer Achtzehn 4344B 1615
  northstar.fed NOW WITH 10% MORE DIFFICULTY!  nutman217 7989B 425
  starwave.fed CTR's Starwave Fighter  CrossTheRubicon 6681B 324
  gon.fed gon bettered  plasma 10.9K 534
  Regenerator.fed A boss I created that features parts that return to functionality after being 'destroyed'.  Burg Hammer Achtzehn 15.1K 640
  Regeneratorimage.jpg Image of 'Regenerator'  Burg Hammer Achtzehn 7660B 1744
  shardstar.fed A star shaped ship equpied with vulcans and arms that vary in length.  Bukkarooo 5680B 573
  shardstar.png Shard Star  Bukkarooo 9368B 916
  CX04-Gemini Mk-II.fed   Oneshiningstar 5293B 381
  gon.JPG gon  plasma 183.2K 834
  sixfighters.fed The Six Fighters  Aquamancia 3887B 411
  gwar.JPG gwar  plasma 186.4K 819
  gwar.fed gwar  plasma 6748B 523
  guardian2.fed Hard?  santiainen 2929B 323
  shade.fed RAP-SB-34 Shade  raptor9966 5268B 390
  stingray.fed Stingray Boss  raptor9966 7015B 330
  Guardian1.fed just one of my crazy rapidfire bosses/minibosses, hehe  santiainen 1640B 319
  triplethreatv2.fed Triple Threat's tougher version  Aquamancia 3095B 562
  triplethreat.fed Triple Threat  Aquamancia 2460B 325
  Wave Turret.fed Wave Turret  Oneshiningstar 1250B 411
  player_01.bmp player ship: xpi  plasma 3128B 1183
  CX03-Enigm... Gamma.fed   Oneshiningstar 8843B 520
  solar2.JPG solar II  plasma 194.9K 765
  solar2.fed solar II  plasma 6107B 463
  powercore.JPG powercore  plasma 217.7K 733
  powercore.fed powercore  plasma 20.1K 510
  lexo carrier.fed Lexo Carrier  joxalot 5590B 329
  Lexo Carrier.bmp Lexo Empire Desing 1  joxalot 92.7K 514
  xylos.JPG xylos  plasma 131.7K 641
  xylos.fed xylos  plasma 3040B 469
  gunnail.fed gunnail updated  plasma 2851B 511
  xvalkyr.fed xvalkyr newer version  plasma 15.0K 557
  Project Pethurian.fed Project Pethurian - Still a simple and cute frame  joxalot 6674B 302
  CX02-Bladed Fury.fed Again, design inspired by the Moths. Blade-disk present AGAIN.  Oneshiningstar 18.7K 505
  AA Wings.fed   Bikou 2192B 483
  Fibraworm.fed Paraskevi from Trauma Center?!  nutman217 7122B 534
  goppeldang...TCHED).fed Goppeldanger Lite!  nutman217 3003B 437
  plantpot.fed Plantpot!  nutman217 9284B 511
  positron positron stormcaliber alpha 0.0002  plasma 324.1K 333 dronefest  plasma 147.8K 528
  dronefest.jpg dronefest  plasma 174.6K 893
  gunnail.JPG gunnail  plasma 172.0K 718
  destroyer craft.fed Nutman217's phallic-ish ship that's not meant to be a phallus  nutman217 11.9K 497
  Custom Core's The first set of custom core's (with readme)  Exodus 16.7K 613
  customcoreEX1.bmp   Exodus 218.6K 1110   Exodus 8534B 693
  Osiris.fed Osiris  A70M1C 46.9K 409
  Z-Gradt.fed Z-Gradt  A70M1C 8726B 360
  Jormungand.fed Jormungand  A70M1C 21.6K 386
  Idola the Holy.fed Idola the Holy  A70M1C 28.2K 448
  LavosOmnis.fed Lavos Omnis  A70M1C 10.2K 400
  ][ Arc Leg...l Form.fed ][ Arc Legion (Meteora Form)  A70M1C 30.7K 462
  ][ Arc Leg...e Form.fed ][ Arc Legion (Eye Form)  A70M1C 35.8K 451
  ][ Chained 00.fed ][ Reactor-00 (Inprisioned Edition)  A70M1C 34.4K 406
  ][ KREIOS (Gateway).fed ][ KREIOS (Gateway Edition)  A70M1C 33.7K 426
  ][ SET XXI...Cannon.fed ][ SET XXIV Armored Ulticannon  A70M1C 22.2K 404
  ][ Hovership501.fed ][ Hovership 501  A70M1C 25.8K 402
  ][ Destroy...fense].fed ][ Destroyer (PLanetary Defense Edition)  A70M1C 34.8K 414
  ][ Containment.fed ][ Eva Animus (Containment Edition)  A70M1C 47.0K 415
  ][ Marx.fed ][ Marx  A70M1C 17.2K 404
  ][ UNSC Atlas.fed ][ UNSC Atlas  A70M1C 24.1K 406
  ][ hyperarmorv2.fed ][ Hyperion Guard  A70M1C 18.4K 397
  ][ Delta cannon cow.fed ][ Delta Cannon Cow  A70M1C 10.3K 410
  Reactor-00 - EoD.fed Reactor-00 / The Eye of Destruction  A70M1C 19.3K 448
  Reactor-01 - EV3.fed Reactor-01 / EV3  A70M1C 12.1K 395
  Reactor-04 - Acoptic.fed Reactor-04 / Acoptic  A70M1C 34.5K 406
  Reactor-05... Triad.fed Reactor-05 / Trigger Triad  A70M1C 29.6K 425
  Reactor-06...iralis.fed Reactor-06 / Spiralis  A70M1C 30.3K 410
  Reactor-07...atroid.fed Reactor-07 / Mechatroid  A70M1C 32.1K 361
  Reactor-08...drigan.fed Reactor-08 / Gidrigan  A70M1C 24.3K 422
  anidronelaser.fed anidrone laser version  plasma 2209B 510
  anidronelaser.JPG anidrone laser version  plasma 142.5K 638
  pi.fed pi  plasma 4405B 442
  pi.JPG pi  plasma 151.1K 584
  SylvannFort.fed Play on rank 1, seriously, it gets that bad.  ArcticdragonX 17.6K 360
  SFort.JPG A Watered Down version of my Sylvann Fortress, the full version is being used in my oncoming try.  ArcticdragonX 86.8K 232
  wavelaser.fed Custom Weapon - StonerGriffon's Wave Laser  CrossTheRubicon 1688B 790
  TriBlaster.fed Custom Weapon - Icebrigade's Triblaster  CrossTheRubicon 3029B 413
  Triblaster...sible).fed Custom Weapon - Icebrigade's Triblaster (Invisible)  CrossTheRubicon 3077B 361
  rsl-c.fed Custom Weapon - StonerGriffon's Rotating Stream Laser C  CrossTheRubicon 2752B 439
  rsl-b.fed Custom Weapon - StonerGriffon's Rotating Stream Laser B  CrossTheRubicon 1424B 721
  rsl-a.fed Custom Weapon - StonerGriffon's Rotating Stream Laser A  CrossTheRubicon 1422B 389
  powerballvortex.fed Custom Weapon - StonerGriffon's Powerball Vortex  CrossTheRubicon 3232B 414
  megalaser.fed Custom Weapon - StonerGriffon's Mega Laser  CrossTheRubicon 660B 449
  Lazerspear.fed Custom Weapon - Icebrigade's Laser Spear  CrossTheRubicon 1142B 566
  gigalaser.fed Custom Weapon - StonerGriffon's Giga Laser  CrossTheRubicon 1019B 468
  Four Gun.fed Custom Weapon - Icebrigade's Four Gun  CrossTheRubicon 1568B 482
  coillaser.fed Custom Weapon - StonerGriffon's Coil Laser  CrossTheRubicon 1115B 441
  (P)AngelWings.fed Custom Weapon - AT0M1C's Angel Wings  CrossTheRubicon 5823B 493
  xvalkyre.JPG xvalkyr  plasma 199.8K 748
  Arctic Dra...Pack 4 Different Color Schemes for your Fraxy Bosses.  ArcticdragonX 22B 229
  roxahris-W...rrowV1.fed The "Winged Arrow", version 1. One of roxahris' random Fraxy enemies...   roxahris 4824B 429
  roxahris-F...bSquad.fed The "Firebomb Squad", version 1. One of roxahris' random Fraxy enemies...   roxahris 2923B 327
  odalisque.fed IDW-inspired Fraxy boss: NG-1761-0 Granus War Chariot 'Odalisque'   Laplace's Demon 13.9K 418
  roxahris-H...Phase2.fed The "Hyper Armoured Core", version 1, phase 2. One of roxahris' random Fraxy enemies...   roxahris 19.5K 352
  roxahris-H...Phase1.fed The "Hyper Armoured Core", version 1, phase 1. One of roxahris' random Fraxy enemies...  roxahris 19.4K 462
  wharblegarble.fed Fixed Version  CrossTheRubicon 6902B 342
  positron boss rush.JPG positron boss rush  plasma 187.1K 964
  telekinesis.fed telekinesis  plasma 6338B 526
  shoopwoop5.fed IMMA CHARGIN MAH LAZER  Tyty 3665B 420
  wharblegarble.fed It doesnt' work. D:  Scarlet Wyvern 6970B 420
  telekinesis.JPG telekinesis  plasma 77.0K 803
  fraxy.rar   Sukasa 9581B 489
  CX01-Trapezoid Core.fed First boss in new CX series  Oneshiningstar 27.1K 542
  Mithos.fed Mithos - incomplete, test version  Kironide 12.6K 367
  player_01.bmp player modell  plasma 3126B 1176
  Tutorial_o...attack.fed UPDATE  Oneshiningstar 732B 445
  PAI08.png   Bukkarooo 20.1K 790
  PAI07.jpg   Bukkarooo 7023B 748
  PAI06.jpg   Bukkarooo 11.0K 638
  PAI05.jpg   Bukkarooo 13.8K 598
  PAI04.jpg   Bukkarooo 35.9K 554
  PAI03.JPG   Bukkarooo 3686B 733
  PAI02.JPG   Bukkarooo 9.9K 756
  PAI01.bmp   Bukkarooo 115.4K 1096
  PAI08_Aiur.fed   Bukkarooo 28.1K 945
  PAI07_Cerbeus.fed   Bukkarooo 20.8K 748
  PAI06_Atea.fed   Bukkarooo 14.9K 661
  PAI05_Khons.fed   Bukkarooo 4480B 674
  PAI04_Anzu.fed   Bukkarooo 17.5K 689
  PAI03_Shadow_Reaper.fed   Bukkarooo 7286B 701
  PAI02_Pangea.fed   Bukkarooo 11.3K 698
  PAI01_Crystal_Drive.fed   Bukkarooo 7969B 717
  R.O.D.fed ?;/ERROR/WARNING_UNKNOWN_FILE/system/shutdown[end] .........What is it? It... AAAAAAUGH  Tubularbroccoli 17.4K 379
  Impassablea.fed ?;/Found target/E$%sl/database_updated/release/portal_05  Tubularbroccoli 13.9K 353
  Riplanhom.fed ?;/Found target/D$%sp/database_updated/release/portal_04  Tubularbroccoli 12.9K 365
  Darkness of ][.fed ?;/Found target/A7%mc/database_updated/release/INFECTION  Tubularbroccoli 9190B 328
  Snakring.fed ?;/Found target/C$%sk/database_updated/release/portal_03  Tubularbroccoli 5148B 374
  Portal baspi.fed ?;/Found target/B$%sf/database_updated/release/portal_02  Tubularbroccoli 3582B 352
  Kinfispa.fed ?;/Found target/A$%sj/database_updated/release/portal_01  Tubularbroccoli 5535B 345
  Limited Ba...torial.fed Something for CTR  nutman217 406B 413
  reflective plate.fed Reflective Fighter's main arament  nutman217 369B 443
  Tutorial_o...attack.fed Tutorial on switches affecting attack pattern.  Oneshiningstar 596B 356
  Launcher.fed A launcher, could be used for 'cinematic' fraxy vids... A70M1C, hint hint  Tubularbroccoli 2225B 393
  ebbodoom.fed   Eboshidori 58.1K 1382
  doom.JPG   Eboshidori 29.7K 1033
  Qrena.fed The Qrena, can you last?  Qjet 10.6K 362
  Gigaworm.fed It's no Kundali... But it's formidable nonetheless.  Daesmodalus 12.5K 428
  swordstorm.png Sword Storm when idle.  Bukkarooo 10.1K 809
  flexi-chaser.png The Flexi-Chaser.  Bukkarooo 5693B 767
  thesunking.png The center of The Sun King.  Bukkarooo 12.4K 941
  swordstorm.fed Sword Storm- A flailing contraption with plasma blades of all sizes. Main core can only hit from a small pocket behind it. Requires fraxy 081118 or newer.  Bukkarooo 4602B 616
  flexichaser.fed Flexi-Chaser- A small, fast, and flexible ship that flys erratically. Though difficult to hit, it's not very durable. Requires fraxy 081118 or newer.  Bukkarooo 4633B 636
  thesunking.fed The Sun King- A large, disorienting spinning boss. Requires fraxy 081118 or newer.  Bukkarooo 15.4K 708
  Blasty Bladey Arms.fed A fusion of blasty & bladey...  Daesmodalus 4938B 335
  Blasty Arms.fed Like Bladey Arms only with bullets instead of blades.  Daesmodalus 4931B 402
  Bladey Arms.fed My first drone with one the new features of the new fraxy update,  Daesmodalus 4931B 959
  20081118.fed An enemy I created to test some of the features in version 20081118   Burg Hammer Achtzehn 5071B 1198
  20081118.jpg Image of 'The November 818'  Burg Hammer Achtzehn 5592B 1882
  future of ...uction.jpg picture of future of destruction  UnlimitedKone 52.0K 779
  Future of ...uction.rar First in "Future of Destruction", the more story/structure based try.  UnlimitedKone 314.4K 632
  Vulcan bub...ower m.fed A variation of the plasma ring  CwW 4722B 360
  titan.jpg   raptor9966 47.8K 728
  Titan.fed Titan Carrier Class  raptor9966 14.2K 586
  Fortress.fed Flying Fortress  raptor9966 9921B 565
  Flying Fortress.jpg   raptor9966 25.1K 642
  Fuel Depot.jpg   raptor9966 43.9K 722
  Fuel Depot.fed Fuel Depot  raptor9966 13.9K 577
  Belias.fed The first in the Esper Series. Enjoy  Evan20000 8884B 323
  reflectivefighterF1.fed Nutman217's proud creation  nutman217 1631B 553
  sakra.bmp   Eboshidori 125.9K 1489
  ebbosakradevanam.fed   Eboshidori 43.8K 1885
  Fusion Wing.fed Bugged, glitched. Not meant to be fought. View in editor only.  nutman217 500B 450
  Ultima-Solariolus.fed The fourth, final and most powerful form of Solariolus  Daesmodalus 26.9K 393
  Omega-Solariolus.fed The third form of Solariolus  Daesmodalus 24.4K 402
  Bera-Solariolus.fed The second form of Solariolus  Daesmodalus 20.7K 420
  Atma-Solariolus.fed The first form of Solariolus (Aeolus transformed by a solaris metaform module)  Daesmodalus 18.3K 469
  Aeolus.fed One of the last remaining "Seraphim" Class AI/Armour suits.  Daesmodalus 14.0K 392
  Chaotic Fraxy.fed 3 formed nightmare. Not for the faint-hearted.  Evan20000 19.0K 394
  Emerald WEAPON.fed Emerald Weapon  Evan20000 14.3K 395
  Boost Guardian.fed Living Missile  Evan20000 9661B 368
  Penance.fed Star of my most popular Youtube vid  Evan20000 28.4K 373
  Cyberdark Angel.fed Evan20000's living buzzsaw  Evan20000 17.3K 379
  HellVanguard.fed Stay mobile and hit the front..shields help too  krazykev360 16.7K 347
  QPreadatorFrigate.fed Qjet Preadator Frigate boss.  Qjet 4821B 362
  juggle core.fed   Oneshiningstar 8176B 413
  blockcoremk4.fed Quick update  Oneshiningstar