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board2 uploader - Generic user filebin

  Filename Description Owner Size Downloads
  QCKickleNo...200522.txt Incomplete Kickle Cubicle notes (as of 5/22/2020).  Quick Curly 200.6K 32 ASM to HEX Opcodes  puzzledude 110.2K 86
  max_zorin_...walken.png   AlanJacobs 44.1K 84
  max_zorin_...walken.png   AlanJacobs 44.1K 1582
  smb3 groun... tiles.png smb3 tile id ground tiles  AlanJacobs 13.1K 943
  smb3 ground.png smb3 ground tiles  AlanJacobs 9033B 908
  Super Mari... [!]-0.png SMB2 Clawgrip upside down sprite  Zynk 2560B 271 Notes from Danger X to hack Ninja Gaiden 3.  Googie 41.5K 186
  2672titlescreen.png images1  Alien-Type-0 4933B 154
  save_states.7z Save States to Sonic The Hedgehog, the Jurassic Boy 2 hack...  Googie 16.9K 107
  newntgimmick.png Newn't gimmick  Zieldak 129.0K 396
  mm1unnamedhack0001.png High Quality Screenshot of my WIP hack  Zieldak 289.8K 553
  asm_bank-c2.txt Super Mario RPG document of bank $C2 ASM (updated June15,2018)  Yakibomb 353.6K 205
  41518-4.png SMQsnapshot16  AlanJacobs 2110B 2157
  Baserom_test_1-3.png SMQsnapshot15  AlanJacobs 5260B 2178
  BASE ROM L...sign-2.png SMQsnapshot14  AlanJacobs 2431B 2137
  41518-6.png SMQsnapshot13  AlanJacobs 3503B 2150
  41518-7.png SMQsnapshot12  AlanJacobs 3029B 2177
  Baserom_test_1-0.png SMQsnapshot11  AlanJacobs 2387B 165
  Baserom_test_1-1.png SMQsnapshot10  AlanJacobs 3362B 2172
  smb3 - Copy (5)-0.png SMQsnapshot9  AlanJacobs 3226B 156
  Baserom_test_1-2.png SMQsnapshot8  AlanJacobs 2902B 2204
  41518-5.png SMQsnapshot7  AlanJacobs 3534B 2173
  41618-1.png SMQsnapshot6  AlanJacobs 4569B 2203
  41518-1.png SMQsnapshot5  AlanJacobs 4810B 2164
  ezgif-2-092443924a.gif ghost spell gif  njosro 1433.4K 690
  jbjr.png Image  AlanJacobs 40.9K 2559
  smb3 - Copy (5)-2.png SMQsnapshot4  AlanJacobs 2836B 824
  40818-3-1.png SMQsnapshot3  AlanJacobs 5722B 2831
  smb3 - 100817-0.png SMQsnapshot2  AlanJacobs 3389B 2842
  40818-3-0.png SMQsnapshot1  AlanJacobs 3285B 818
  titlescreenhowtoread.PNG MM1 Title Screen data (V3)  Zieldak 21.0K 1026
  gamemakerquestion.png   RetroRain 15.2K 221
  - CONSY -.mp3   Niidle 1332.0K 140
  mmc5_64k_test.nes   infidelity 40.0K 345
  25.php   Zowayix 350.3K 175
  boss fights.PNG mm odyssey boss fight shots  kuja killer 16.2K 2729
  test.m3l Export data  XAIXER 286B 183
  first_one_..._color.png first image with second image's sky color  RetroRain 4805B 4357
  Mega Man R...ered-5.png Image 6  RetroRain 2108B 4031
  Mega Man R...ered-4.png Image 5  RetroRain 5133B 3936
  Mega Man R...ered-3.png Image 4  RetroRain 3372B 3964
  Mega Man R...ered-2.png Image 3  RetroRain 1870B 4031
  Mega Man R...ered-1.png Image 2  RetroRain 3715B 4144
  Mega Man R...ered-0.png Image 1  RetroRain 3668B 4754
  mad2.php Vsvsbsbdhdhd  JRSec25 35.2K 200 Capcom Music Engine - MMC5 edition  kuja killer 41.5K 167
  Connect 4 ...-4-17).nes Connect 4, my first attempt, an incomplete attempt, of an NES homebrew game  infidelity 48.0K 401
  dialog scripts.doc Explains how the townsfolk dialog conditions work in zelda 2  njosro 15.9K 155
  retrorain.7z Some SMB2 hack pics Googie saved from an unreleased SMB2 hack that Ice Ranger made...  EggplantPimp 37.2K 207
  SMB2 DX-1.png smb2dx pic2  RetroRain 3761B 3150
  SMB2 DX-0.png smb2dx pic1  RetroRain 3757B 2994
  SMB2 Stand...Patch4.png Super Mario Bros. 2 Standard Mario Patch Pic4  RetroRain 2709B 2737
  SMB2 Stand...Patch3.png Super Mario Bros. 2 Standard Mario Patch Pic3  RetroRain 2548B 2829
  SMB2 Stand...Patch2.png Super Mario Bros. 2 Standard Mario Patch Pic2  RetroRain 1786B 2679
  SMB2 Stand...Patch1.png Super Mario Bros. 2 Standard Mario Patch Pic1  RetroRain 2785B 2870
  ROLLCHAN (...- v3-0.png rollchan-menu  Zynk 2219B 1162
  Megaman En...a Megaman Engine Homebrew Demo Alpha Version 1.0  RetroRain 7087B 705
  Megaman En...shot 2.png Megaman Engine Homebrew Demo Screenshot 2  RetroRain 2541B 1432
  Megaman En...shot 1.png Megaman Engine Homebrew Demo Screenshot 1  RetroRain 2507B 1464
  zelda2_bos...e_lvls.png boss endurance level up requirements  njosro 12.1K 1116
  zelda2_bos...nce_ow.png boss endurance screenshot  njosro 11.0K 1666
  smb3ANJ-0.png smb3anj bugged pipe  DurfarC 2432B 1583
  SMB2 Stand...tion-0.png smb2 cherries-to-coins hack  RetroRain 2833B 1599
  palette_illustration.png pal  RetroRain 107.5K 3095
  Capcom Music Capcom Music Editor v 0.1 (fix filenames)  kuja killer 1148.0K 466
  problem5.png pic5  RetroRain 187.7K 272
  problem4.png pic4  RetroRain 414.8K 265
  problem3.jpg pic3  RetroRain 156.9K 452
  problem2.png pic2  RetroRain 296.3K 264
  problem1.png pic1  RetroRain 308.3K 285
  sideview_e...enshot.png sideview editor progress 70 percent  njosro 49.4K 258
  sideview_e...enshot.png sideview editor progress 70%  njosro 49.4K 250
  TMNT CE-1.png pic2  RetroRain 5654B 1399
  TMNT CE-0.png pic1  RetroRain 3577B 1591
  megaman-5.png homebrew pic 6  RetroRain 1596B 1783
  megaman-4.png homebrew pic 5  RetroRain 2349B 1777
  megaman-3.png homebrew pic 4  RetroRain 2252B 776
  megaman-2.png homebrew pic 3  RetroRain 3101B 1003
  megaman-1.png homebrew pic 2  RetroRain 2390B 2145
  megaman-0.png homebrew pic 1  RetroRain 2233B 2193
  homebrew1.jpg First look at my Megaman homebrew demo  RetroRain 155.2K 636
  Binary Lan...Copy-6.png trapped in web  njosro 3248B 1296
  Binary Lan...Copy-5.png heart  njosro 2363B 1247
  Binary Lan...Copy-4.png Nick + Andy title screen  njosro 1906B 1230
  Binary Lan...Copy-3.png afraid spray vertical  njosro 3261B 1256
  Binary Lan...Copy-2.png afraid spray horizontal  njosro 3014B 1217
  Capture3.PNG more progress  njosro 44.8K 893
  zieldaks_desktop.PNG My desktop. And I don't know why am I uploading it here.  Zieldak 431.3K 672
  doc.PNG   Zieldak 1824B 398
  Capture.PNG sideview editor progress  njosro 37.3K 592
  asd232.JPG Hacker//MwTugi  *WII_PIMP* 41.0K 401
  peng.PNG   Zieldak 70.5K 2211
  megaman2_d.png pic4  RetroRain 2097B 2187
  megaman2_c.png pic3  RetroRain 3375B 3143
  megaman2_b.png pic2  RetroRain 3967B 3361
  megaman2_a.png pic1  RetroRain 4163B 3176
  2654screenshot4.png fighbird-gb-image-3  Zynk 2829B 529
  2654screenshot3.png fighbird-gb-image-2  Zynk 2184B 543
  2654screenshot1.png fighbird-gb-image-1  Zynk 2016B 543
  2654titlescreen.png fighbird-gb-title  Zynk 2531B 519
  MMC_Snake_New.png MMC Snake Man Stage New  Zieldak 5061B 844
  MMC_Snake_Old.png MMC Snake Man Stage Old  Zieldak 4750B 869
  extra palettes.png Extra Palettes  RetroRain 60.0K 3085
  proposal_fceux_2_2_3.png Proposal for FCEUX 2.2.3  RetroRain 80.8K 1362 A SMB2 editor, it's been in my ROM hack folder for years...  Googie 519.3K 350
  ROLLCHAN3-...-MM8-0.png Roll-chan 3 Improvement-MM8  Zynk 4410B 2115
  ROLLCHAN3-...SSIC-0.png Roll-chan 3 Improvement-Classic  Zynk 4289B 2019
  Teenage Mu...MMC5-1.png   RetroRain 5710B 1154
  Teenage Mu...MMC5-0.png   RetroRain 3058B 1152
  Zelda 3D-3.png   RetroRain 2942B 1366
  Zelda 3D-2.png   RetroRain 2349B 1283
  Zelda 3D-1.png   RetroRain 3636B 1343
  Zelda 3D-0.png   RetroRain 6820B 1320
  TMNT Cowab...tion-0.png screenshot1  RetroRain 6552B 1664
  Digital De...pan)-0.png messing with sprites  RetroRain 5369B 1036
  Cammy Background 1.jpg Original image before printer fuck up  Termingamer2-JD 163.4K 677
  This print... shit..bmp It really is taking the piss.  Termingamer2-JD 254.1K 692
  sig2.jpg sig2  RetroRain 30.9K 65686
  Cammy-ssf2-stance1.gif :)  Termingamer2-JD 10.8K 611
  ROLLCHAN 6...SSIC-0.png Roll-chan6 title  Zynk 3741B 2074
  ROLLCHAN5 ...SSIC-0.png Roll-chan5 title  Zynk 3223B 2061
  ROLLCHAN 4...SICa-0.png Roll-chan4 title  Zynk 2973B 2144
  ROLLCHAN 3...SSIC-0.png Roll-chan3 title  Zynk 3472B 2135
  ROLLCHAN 2...SSIC-0.png Roll-chan2 title  Zynk 2950B 2095
  ROLLCHAN (...SSIC-0.png Roll-chan1 title  Zynk 3173B 2322
  Brave Figh...(EN)-4.png Fighbird img3  Zynk 2769B 677
  Brave Figh...(EN)-1.png Fighbird img2  Zynk 2787B 591
  Brave Figh...(EN)-5.png Fighbird img1  Zynk 2226B 632
  Brave Figh...(EN)-0.png Fighbird title  Zynk 4100B 672
  jumpthroug...05_16.gm81 jumpthrough_ladderplatform GameMaker 8.1 file  RetroRain 12.1K 191
  problem.png collision problem  RetroRain 61.0K 402
  Badomen.ftm old mmc5 music ftm  za909 8643B 184
  Badomen.nsf old mmc5 music  za909 8229B 217
  Mega Robot...(Beta).zip Mega Robot Laboratory v0.63 (Beta): Doesn't Edit much yet, but can view various data in Megaman: The Wily Wars  Synthetekh 316.9K 468
  MM3Music.xls notes and stuff  za909 31.0K 522
  ScrollingBugExample.PNG An example of scrolling bugs in Mega Man 3.  Zieldak 4155B 2331
  leveldesign.png Balloon Fight level design draft  blackhole89 52.5K 1105
  BFHackDemo003-2.png Board 2 Balloon Fight Hack - Demo 003 - Image 2  Mattrizzle 3582B 2305
  BFHackDemo003-1.png Board 2 Balloon Fight Hack - Demo 003 - Image 1   Mattrizzle 2661B 1306
  BalloonFightLevel_Z2.PNG For Board 2 Balloon Fight Hack - I think...  Zieldak 48.1K 1373
  BFHackDemo002-4.png Board 2 Balloon Fight Hack - Demo 002 - Image 4  Quick Curly 3530B 1377
  BFHackDemo002-3.png Board 2 Balloon Fight Hack - Demo 002 - Image 3  Quick Curly 3221B 1385
  BFHackDemo002-2.png Board 2 Balloon Fight Hack - Demo 002 - Image 2  Quick Curly 3002B 1325
  BFHackDemo002-1.png Board 2 Balloon Fight Hack - Demo 002 - Image 1  Quick Curly 2637B 1403
  BalloonFig...evel01.png Grid for first example level.  Quick Curly 44.1K 975
  BalloonFig...elGrid.png Template for custom Balloon Fight levels.  Quick Curly 37.6K 1040
  fblike.png No, seriously, (y)  Zieldak 516B 1611
  BFHackDemo001-2.png Board 2 Balloon Fight Hack - Demo 001 - Image 2  Quick Curly 3038B 990
  BFHackDemo001-1.png Board 2 Balloon Fight Hack - Demo 001 - Image 1  Quick Curly 2674B 1811
  MLPDDC-CRF.txt For Trinitronity's Cutting Room Floor | My Little Pony - Dr. Discord's Conquest  Zieldak 2198B 266
  QB208W7Unused.png Quick Bros. 2 (2008) - World 7 Secret/Unused Letter.  Quick Curly 3319B 891
  QB208W6Unused.png Quick Bros. 2 (2008) - World 6 Secret/Unused Letter.  Quick Curly 3185B 932
  QB208W5Unused.png Quick Bros. 2 (2008) - World 5 Secret/Unused Letter.  Quick Curly 2955B 920
  Mega Cover...dtrack.nsf Music templates  za909 31.6K 271
  Dixie DKC3 Sprite.gif For my layout  Termingamer2-JD 1238B 6052 From 2007 to 2015, every Board 2 banner I could find.  Zieldak 632.2K 193
  b2bannertemplate.png Template  Zieldak 2773B 675
  raresight.PNG Such a rare sight.  Zieldak 11.1K 622
  bannerfixB2a.PNG I forgot the bush actually.  Zieldak 6208B 729
  bannerfixB2.PNG I'm overusing the uploader.  Zieldak 6220B 855
  FruitLandL.png Kickle Cubicle - Fruit Land L  Quick Curly 4299B 8121
  MMClivethe...rience.PNG [MMC] But also nostalgic?  Zieldak 6433B 830
  MMClivethe...rience.PNG [MMC] Posting is fun!  Zieldak 6358B 917
  Board 2 Banner.png Images for the new banner.  Termingamer2-JD 358.5K 540
  signaturechaos.PNG much doge  Zieldak 98.2K 1115 The Super Mario Bros. 3 text editor v1.6  Googie 76.6K 349
  GFXSET01.png For Trinitronity  Zieldak 141.0K 726
  Super Mari...tion-0.png problem1  RetroRain 4227B 870
  Rad Racer ...tion-1.png pic2  RetroRain 3722B 1397
  Rad Racer ...tion-0.png pic1  RetroRain 2491B 1419
  repliboss.PNG Repliboss  Zieldak 3514B 639
  Untitled.nsf Custom audio engine song  za909 7509B 258
  Demo.nsf Possiblities with the Capcom engine with DPCM  za909 9.8K 260
  Super Mari...2 MMC5.png smb2mmc5  RetroRain 2245B 2281
  SMB2 Titlescreen.png smb2title  RetroRain 3583B 2171
  SMB2 MMC5-2.png graphics_problem3  RetroRain 1871B 631
  SMB2 MMC5-1.png graphics_problem2  RetroRain 2089B 633
  SMB2 MMC5-0.png graphics_problem1  RetroRain 2410B 590
  The Legend...imum-1.png Screenshot 2  RetroRain 2902B 1905
  The Legend...imum-0.png Screenshot 1  RetroRain 6997B 1863
  graphics_loaded.png graphics loaded  RetroRain 82.1K 2633
  Translation.rar Monster Party Proto Translation (unfinished)  infinest 45.3K 272
  MMC_SS_thingy.png Boss Selected Crimson  Zieldak 2074B 867
  Metroid MMC5-1.png Metroid MMC5 Pic2  RetroRain 3389B 1325
  Metroid MMC5-0.png Metroid MMC5 Pic1  RetroRain 2462B 1273
  mm1_hack_mm_dx.jpg Megaman DX (mm1 hack)  RetroRain 47.3K 5282
  Rockman 3 ... fceux movie file for rockman 3 last of mushroom kingdom  kuja killer 6374B 327
  technical bug 2.png technical bug2  RetroRain 2628B 1281
  technical bug 1.png technical bug1  RetroRain 2581B 1387
  basicrock1.png basicrock1  RetroRain 3418B 400
  Mega Man 4 (U)-1.png MM4 sliding in Drillman's room makes Megaman seem to blend in the background  Zynk 4113B 2723
  Zelda II M...cument.txt doc on Zelda II music bank scavenged from the_icepenguin's defunct site.  darkmage 6968B 255
  c&d2 mod.nsf Capcom engine demo with dpcm samples  za909 9094B 439
  COMCT232.OCX COMCT232.OCX ActiveX Controls | For MegaFLE X to fix Run-time error '339' | Place in MegaFLE X folder | If still having problems, place in System32. | Last date of modify: 1998.06.23 19:00 | CRC: EDC66DBC  Zieldak 160.3K 395
  solved.png solved  RetroRain 4113B 1111
  error4.png error4  RetroRain 4060B 1594
  error3.png error3  RetroRain 4064B 1495
  error2.png error2  RetroRain 4014B 1477
  error1.png error1  RetroRain 4107B 1569
  RM2(J)IntroBug.PNG to 32x1000  Zieldak 109.5K 681
  SMB2 SE-0.png New titlescreen  RetroRain 4096B 1716
  Hudson Hawk ass.bk2 Hudson hawk tas overall 26 frame improvement  KDeee 47.5K 207
  Hudson Hawk ass.bk2 Hudson hawk tas level1-1 improvement  KDeee 18.9K 193
  MMCWilyMap.PNG Mega Man (III) Crimson Wily Fortress Map - 01.05.2015. 22:10 GMT  Zieldak 12.6K 1721
  Mega Man Crimson W2.png Mega Man (III) Crimson Wily 2 - 01.05.2015. 12:45 GMT (Noise+Defocus)  Zieldak 614.6K 2365
  mmo6.png Megaman Origins 6  RetroRain 3956B 4720
  mmo5.png Megaman Origins 5  RetroRain 4549B 5828
  mmo4.png Megaman Origins 4  RetroRain 3279B 5924
  mmo3.png Megaman Origins 3  RetroRain 4633B 6033
  mmo2.png Megaman Origins 2  RetroRain 5705B 5961
  mmo1.png Megaman Origins 1  RetroRain 2866B 7439
  Proto Man 0.0043.ips Proto Man 0.0043  caesur4 6478B 674
  Hudson Hawk last.bk2 Hudson Hawk tas last wip  KDeee 333.8K 206
  Hudson Hawk pt3.bk2 Hudson Hawk tas wip4  KDeee 385.0K 203
  ereader.rar Updated sma4 levels with english names, including Break Through with B-Dash! in e-reader .raw format. Bug fixed Bowser's Airship Part 1.  caitsith2 519.6K 643
  Contra Map...itch 2.png Contra Mapper Conversion Glitch 2  RetroRain 5590B 1875
  Contra Map...itch 1.png Contra Mapper Conversion Glitch 1  RetroRain 5960B 1836
  Contra MMC5.png Contra MMC5  RetroRain 5028B 1101
  The Legend...a MMC5.png The Legend of Zelda MMC5  RetroRain 6983B 1053
  ereader.rar Updated sma4 levels with english names, including Break Through with B-Dash! in e-reader .raw format.  caitsith2 519.6K 290
  Hudson Hawk pt2.bk2 Hudson Hawk tas wip3  KDeee 354.5K 207
  Hudson Haw...vment2.bk2 Hudson Hawk tas wip2  KDeee 73.3K 204
  Hudson Hawk.bk2 Hudson Hawk tas wip  KDeee 75.3K 192
  TBBCC MMC5.png The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle MMC5  RetroRain 4849B 1371
  Castlevania MMC5-1.png Castlevania MMC5 screenshot2  RetroRain 3883B 1464
  Castlevania MMC5-0.png Castlevania MMC5 screenshot1  RetroRain 3994B 2275
  MMC_wavebug.PNG MMC Weapon Screen bug when snake animation is like this  Zieldak 8601B 472
  Mega Man Crimson-18.png MMC Weapon Screen weapon switching result  Zieldak 4779B 560
  chrproblem.png chrproblem  RetroRain 62.5K 1238
  mockupscoretable.jpg mockup score table  RetroRain 30.4K 1762
  mockuppoints.jpg mockup points  RetroRain 103.1K 1794
  mockuptitle.jpg mockup titlescreen for mm2arcade  RetroRain 40.6K 1966
  38.png megaman2_2  RetroRain 3248B 2319
  37.png megaman2_1  RetroRain 3199B 3063
  RetroRain'...e My Simple Megaman Engine v1.3  RetroRain 172.1K 1075
  RetroRain'...e My Simple Megaman Engine v1.2 (minor fixes and readme update)  RetroRain 14.2K 415
  mmcexample1anim.gif An example of custom made graphics of Mega Man Crimson.  Zieldak 28.9K 1587
  Music template.nsf More Hack music  za909 34.1K 437
  Megaman V ...Hack-0.png Glitch 1UP using M-Tank in MM5  Korxroa 5552B 3559
  Megaman 5 ...tion-1.png White Flash on Stage Select in Megaman 5  Korxroa 5523B 4248
  XY Positio...Editor.jpg XY Position for Francesca/Doropie Sprite, No Matrixz's CSA.  Korxroa 44.9K 2726
  Francesca ...Editor.jpg Yes! Change Palette Color Type Francesca Sprite via Hex Editor!  Korxroa 239.8K 2863
  Doropie 4 ...ack)-5.png Mockup Kagemaru Mode in D4 Title Screen, isn't ASM required.  Korxroa 3258B 3505
  Mega Francesca with SB Weapon, new screenshot MM4 Hack  Korxroa 5420B 3540
  Mega Franc...ack)-7.png Francesca vs Skull Man, new screenshot MM4 Hack  Korxroa 5249B 3858
  MM2 Titlescreen.JPG Mega Man 2 Improvement titlescreen by darkmage  darkmage 19.3K 3343
  Mega Man 3...lide-2.png Hack screen2  za909 5939B 3713
  Mega Man 3...lide-1.png Hack screen1  za909 6240B 3746
  Egypt.mp3 Hack music  za909 933.1K 524
  Megaman 5 ...Hack-0.png Mega Man 5 Logo Title Screen like MM9/MM10 Style  Korxroa 3143B 5477
  Doropie 4 ...ack)-0.png Doropie 4 v1.1 Title Screen  Korxroa 3412B 4055
  Mega Franc...ack)-2.png Mega Francesca v1.1 Title Screen  Korxroa 3199B 4635
  Mega Franc...ack)-0.png Buggy Rush Jet Right without Paired 29 Fail.  Korxroa 3375B 3668
  CSA Paired.jpg Buggy Rush Jet Paired in MM4?  Korxroa 51.5K 1429
  zelda_screen24.png screenshot24  RetroRain 6745B 504
  zelda_screen23.png screenshot23  RetroRain 5483B 517
  zelda_screen22.png screenshot22  RetroRain 6073B 509
  zelda_screen21.png screenshot21  RetroRain 5338B 531
  zelda_screen20.png screenshot20  RetroRain 6908B 543
  zelda_screen19.png screenshot19  RetroRain 5237B 571
  zelda_screen18.png screenshot18  RetroRain 6286B 591
  zelda_screen17.png screenshot17  RetroRain 5711B 545
  zelda_screen16.png screenshot16  RetroRain 2366B 569
  zelda_screen15.png screenshot15  RetroRain 6476B 564
  zelda_screen14.png screenshot14  RetroRain 4551B 552
  zelda_screen13.png screenshot13  RetroRain 6252B 551
  zelda_screen12.png screenshot12  RetroRain 5262B 514
  zelda_screen11.png screenshot11  RetroRain 4947B 568
  zelda_screen10.png screenshot10  RetroRain 4421B 530
  zelda_screen9.png screenshot9  RetroRain 4663B 531
  zelda_screen8.png screenshot8  RetroRain 5788B 581
  zelda_screen7.png screenshot7  RetroRain 6975B 602
  zelda_screen6.png screenshot6  RetroRain 5924B 573
  zelda_screen5.png screenshot5  RetroRain 5887B 569
  zelda_screen4.png screenshot4  RetroRain 5274B 569
  zelda_screen3.png screenshot3  RetroRain 5085B 631
  Doropie Sp...v1.5.2.txt Francesca/Doropie Sprite for Megarock 4 (Document not Source Code)  Korxroa 15.2K 518
  Mega Franc...ack)-9.png Replaced Magnet with Wire in Mega Francesca (MM4 Hack)  Korxroa 4725B 3813
  Mega Franc...ack)-3.png Francesca in Rush Marine not Bubble Broom (maybe Magical Doropie 2)  Korxroa 3385B 4993
  Zelda - Th...v3.2-9.png v3.2 error2  RetroRain 4416B 3976
  Zelda - Th...v3.2-8.png v3.2 error1  RetroRain 5809B 4046
  zelda_screen2.png screenshot2  RetroRain 4530B 1553
  zelda_screen1.png screenshot1  RetroRain 5734B 1666
  Zelda - Th...v3.2-7.png bug6  RetroRain 3882B 1132
  Zelda - Th...v3.2-6.png bug5  RetroRain 3433B 1241
  Zelda - Th...v3.2-5.png bug4  RetroRain 4948B 1271
  Zelda - Th...v3.2-4.png bug3  RetroRain 4055B 1298
  Zelda - Th...v3.2-3.png bug2  RetroRain 4035B 1304
  Zelda - Th...v3.2-2.png bug1  RetroRain 4360B 1297
  Zelda - Th...v3.2-1.png minor error2  RetroRain 4357B 1367
  Zelda - Th...v3.2-0.png minor error1  RetroRain 4273B 1259
  Magical Do...ted)-5.png Original Level in Magical Doropie Not Hack  Korxroa 4923B 3741
  Magical Wrong Sprite Position Kagemaru in MRM (MD Hack)  Korxroa 2863B 3482
  WTF Doropi...on MRM.jpg Aiko (isn't replaced Roll from Mega Man) in Magical Rockman?  Korxroa 300.0K 5000
  RetroRain'...e My Simple Megaman Engine v1.1 (fixes 3 bugs)  RetroRain 13.9K 466
  RetroRain'...e My Simple Megaman Engine (made in GameMaker v8.1)  RetroRain 13.1K 204
  FCEUX debugger.png Fceux Debugger  za909 123.1K 1570
  The Legend of Link-2.png Heh, nice one!  Chaobomr 4090B 2036
  36.png Mega Man DX2  RetroRain 5895B 3277
  35.png Mega Man DX1  RetroRain 3689B 6812
  Zelda - Th...v2.1-1.png saving  infidelity 2816B 654
  Zelda - Th...v2.1-0.png save  infidelity 2830B 632
  mm910_protoman.png PM spritesheet  caesur4 16.0K 902
  The Legend of Link-1.png New glitch in TLoL  Chaobomr 3516B 1095
  The Legend of Link-0.png New glitch in TLoL  Chaobomr 4169B 1128
  MM5 airsli...nly MM5 Airslide with only CK  caesur4 8579B 333
  after2.png after2  RetroRain 3202B 1644
  before2.png before2  RetroRain 3246B 1584
  after1.png after1  RetroRain 5107B 1589
  before1.png before1  RetroRain 3365B 1592
  34.png Sneak Peak 2  RetroRain 2709B 1857
  33.png Sneak Peak 1  RetroRain 5520B 1819
  hammer.png hammer  RetroRain 264B 1253
  32.png Mega Man Enhanced Patch 2  RetroRain 2597B 2660
  31.png Mega Man Enhanced Patch 1  RetroRain 2934B 3418
  ztlolbug2.png ztlolbug2  RetroRain 3397B 1702
  ztlolbug1.png ztlolbug1  RetroRain 5345B 1693
  readme.txt Mega Man Upgrade Patch v1.5 Readme  RetroRain 1563B 296
  Fire, Bro!.zip Contains files of the sprite animation, palette and graphics for a Fire Bro enemy in SMRPG.  Yakibomb 99.4K 279
  Mega Man Crimson-8.png Mega Man (III) Crimson Title Screen - 29.06.2014. 22:25 GMT  Zieldak 3237B 3297
  passwordscreen.png Mega Man (III) Crimson Password Screen - 29.06.2014. 22:25 GMT  Zieldak 6125B 4543
  Capture.PNG   Chaobomr 9281B 599
  blink1.log MM5 blink trace log  caesur4 673.0K 281
  Progress.PNG Mega Man (III) Crimson's progress - 14.06.2014. 13:50 GMT+1  Zieldak 12.9K 535
  30.png Mega Man: Upgrade Patch v1.5 in progress 2  RetroRain 3712B 2405
  Mega Man 2...Issues.png Why I have trust issues  Chaobomr 4540B 1900
  29.png Mega Man: Upgrade Patch v1.5 in progress  RetroRain 3019B 1328
  Mega Man X...heme 1.mid   MiniCompute 806.6K 221
  wob_title.png Current titlescreen of The Wrath of Bowser  RetroRain 4852B 856
  smb3mix_beta.nes The latest build from Southbird...  EggplantPimp 768.0K 319
  28.png Super Mario Bros. Enhanced Patch 2  RetroRain 2690B 1620
  27.png Super Mario Bros. Enhanced Patch 1  RetroRain 2933B 1587
  26.png Super Mario Bros: The Wrath of Bowser 4  RetroRain 2471B 1751
  25.png Super Mario Bros: The Wrath of Bowser 3  RetroRain 2455B 1880
  24.png Super Mario Bros: The Wrath of Bowser 2  RetroRain 2219B 1816
  23.png Super Mario Bros: The Wrath of Bowser 1  RetroRain 2168B 1747
  22.png MM2 SRAM7  RetroRain 3411B 2042
  ztlol glitch.png A small graphical glitch in ZTLOL  RetroRain 3680B 1743
  21.png MM2 SRAM6  RetroRain 1955B 3823
  20.png MM2 SRAM5  RetroRain 2614B 3717
  19.png MM2 SRAM4  RetroRain 4711B 3701
  18.png MM2 SRAM3  RetroRain 1955B 3746
  17.png MM2 SRAM2  RetroRain 3405B 2509
  16.png MM2 SRAM1  RetroRain 1522B 3797
  MusicDataPointer.png   NARFNra 44.2K 2153
  MusicData.rtf kuja killer's old mm3 music data file, couldn't find it in the zip so reuploading  NARFNra 24.0K 551 SMB2 Master Quest by Alex No  EggplantPimp 78.7K 237
  SMD3 Swimming.png Swimming around as Frog Mario  Chaobomr 2695B 1443
  SMD3 High Jump.png Boom Boom jumping high  Chaobomr 2731B 1479
  SMD3 Level... Lvl 4.png A level out of Super Mario Doomsday  Chaobomr 2533B 1383
  SMD3 World 1.png   Chaobomr 5571B 1333
  MysticKnowledge.txt can't remember where this is from but rm4 offsets  NARFNra 6876B 319
  Mega Man 3 DPCM v3.wav Test of a yet buggy DPCM engine  za909 1379.7K 546
  LoL Mountain crash.PNG One screen where Legend of Link crashes  Chaobomr 15.8K 962
  Megaman Mu...torial.rar A detailed tutorial on how to hack the music in the Capcom MMC3 sound engine.  za909 537.3K 703
  15.png Mapper Conversion  RetroRain 3209B 1783
  14.png Mapper Conversion  RetroRain 3077B 1833
  13.png Mapper Conversion  RetroRain 4791B 1705
  12.png Mapper Conversion  RetroRain 3010B 1831
  Game-Genie-Glitch.JPG the glitched-up Game Genie screen  Chaobomr 31.4K 1174
  Visine.hlp Visine help file  DurfarC 469.4K 433
  Bug 2 - Fo...Screen.png Bug 2  RetroRain 1669B 1437
  Bug 1 - CH...s back.png Bug 1  RetroRain 2432B 1490
  MetalMugZieldak.png Metal Man 8-bit Alternative [fixed]  Zieldak 2579B 1010
  MetalMugZieldak.png Metal Man 8-bit Alternative [b]  Zieldak 1918B 1000
  11.png Megaman Upgrade in Progress 12  RetroRain 5139B 4923
  10.png Megaman Upgrade in Progress 11  RetroRain 3437B 4903
  9.png Megaman Upgrade in Progress 10  RetroRain 3430B 4996
  8.png Megaman Upgrade in Progress 9  RetroRain 2942B 3818
  7.png Megaman Upgrade in Progress 8  RetroRain 4815B 1099
  6.png Megaman Upgrade in Progress 7  RetroRain 2946B 1102
  5.png Megaman Upgrade in Progress 6  RetroRain 2671B 1109
  4.png Megaman Upgrade in Progress 5  RetroRain 1829B 1073
  Read Me 2.4.txt Zelda II - Shadow of Night Read Me. List of changes. (12-6-13)   Ice-Penguin 6585B 569
  SMRPG A number of SMRPG SPCs to be imported into Lazy Shell. ...if it didn't move songs around somehow.  Elementalpowerstar 20.6K 240
  A Test A pair of .MMLs to be imported as a test for Lazy Shell.  Elementalpowerstar 482B 330
  Képkivágás.JPG   Zieldak 135.2K 649
  3.png Megaman Upgrade in Progress 4  RetroRain 3556B 1304
  2.png Megaman Upgrade in Progress 3  RetroRain 3766B 2918
  1.png Megaman Upgrade in Progress 2  RetroRain 3084B 3016
  0.png Megaman Upgrade in Progress  RetroRain 2790B 3856
  9.png Ghost'n Goblins Glitch 2  RetroRain 2169B 1009
  8.png Ghost'n Goblins Glitch 1  RetroRain 1398B 912
  Legend of ... style.mid Zelda theme like it should have been if nintendo put more thought into it in 1991  MiniCompute 157.5K 277
  legend of ...ending.mid LOZ 3 ending theme  MiniCompute 42.0K 265 CadEditor fix1  spiiin 42.5K 264
  legend of ...sion 2.mid LOZ 3 spc2midi/cakewalk project test  MiniCompute 233.2K 227
  2d city 3.png Part of a group effort  ninjablooper 334.2K 12607 CadEditor  spiiin 234.3K 377
  cad_editor_v10.png CadEditor interface  spiiin 81.8K 1203
  cad_editor_v9.png CadEditor interface  spiiin 93.3K 1352
  old_project.png   Matrixz 58.4K 468
  hilltopzone.nes Capcom MMC3 sound engine test 2  za909 32.0K 406
  junglebookboss.nes Capcom MMC3 sound engine test  za909 32.0K 406
  Ronald Land-5.png Buy some more while you're at it!  Hamtaro126 2728B 744
  Ronald Land-4.png Nothing like a game of memory while eating your fries!  Hamtaro126 2599B 725
  Ronald Land-3.png Shop #1, use your arches wisely!  Hamtaro126 3448B 777
  Ronald Land-2.png Currency has been fixed!  Hamtaro126 6612B 725
  Ronald Land-1.png Ronald Land's New status bar  Hamtaro126 6442B 771
  Ronald Land-0.png Ronald Land Title Screen  Hamtaro126 2888B 777
  Cholera.png   Xeruss 97.9K 601 The only emulator that works with the SMB hack Owen is her.  Googie 431.5K 342
  SMRPG Supe... Music made in Lazy Shell Editor for Super Mario RPG.  Hanto 743B 324
  Music Test 1(2).ips   CaptainSwag101 848.4K 281
  Mikes 6502... notes.rtf   kuja killer 20.0K 431
  Zelda 2 Ma... Save state that starts you at the beginning of the game with max stats!  pacnsacdave 3186B 265
  0004.png   winedstoon 2121B 807
  0003.png   winedstoon 1924B 818
  0002.png   winedstoon 3629B 779
  0001.png   winedstoon 3020B 868
  ZsnesW ZsnesW 1.51 with settings for attempting to help Giangurolo in finding an error in LazyShell.  Elementalpowerstar 549.9K 330
  6502 Opcode List.rtf 6502 Opcode List  infidelity 40.9K 351
  2.PNG Wierd two in Mega Man 5  mickevincent 42.5K 1143
  1.PNG Wierd in Mega Man 5  mickevincent 52.8K 1160 ca65 assembler ld65 linker  NovaYoshi 146.6K 297 NES homebrew tutorial  NovaYoshi 14.0K 318
  bio_mainmap2b.png Groen v4 WIP screen 2  Matrixz 82.1K 1601
  bio_mainmap1b.png Groen v4 WIP screen 1  Matrixz 78.2K 1556 A title screen editor for Super Mario Bros., this is a better editor and comes with an English readme on how to use it.   Googie 107.1K 591
  mm3mys-betasnake.jpg A scan of MM3's Snake Man Beta Graphics. Credits to The Mechanical Maniacs.  Zieldak 43.2K 557
  SnakeBeta.PNG 16×16 tileset of Snake Man's Beta graphics. No credit needed if used.  Zieldak 10.4K 557
  Rockman 5 Rockman 5 converted to the MMC5 NES mapper  kuja killer 137.5K 608
  megamanarpeggios.nsf hacked megaman 3 music to show off arpeggios  za909 15.2K 399
  MM3Music.xls Capcom MMC3 engine  za909 24.0K 802
  Weapon Set...nished.txt Some weapon settings for megaman 3 - unfinished  kuja killer 1534B 541
  Mega Man 3...612517.png   za909 1969B 1903
  apngframe01.png yo sup  Kawa 23.7K 596
  actuallyfunctional.png   Kawa 130.1K 723
  mvrkrvng2.jpg maverick revenge 2 pictures  mickevincent 281.5K 1215
  -2012-may.png And in 4000 years and X months, I shall takeover the world! HAHA~oh, never mind. Wrong person.  Scrydan 220.0K 540
  DSC_0123.JPG OSU!  Kawa 449.4K 606
  ZJR.png   kingcj1994 9777B 502
  KWP.png   kingcj1994 2163B 436
  Link NGFX.png   kingcj1994 28.0K 486 Moai-Kun level editor binary  Legato 75.4K 536
  moai-senpai.png Moai-Kun level editor  Legato 72.7K 3316
  aszx.png   smkdan 164.1K 481   smkdan 13.6K 276
  Untitled.png   smkdan 8614B 513
  Current019.png   IJ.nom 11.8K 1115
  Current018.png   IJ.nom 14.8K 1165
  Current017.png   IJ.nom 14.4K 1133
  Current015.png   IJ.nom 13.3K 1053
  Current014.png   IJ.nom 15.2K 1092
  fluttershy.gif Yamirank  Xeruss 27.1K 1703
  Current013.png   IJ.nom 12.0K 1027
  Current012.png   IJ.nom 12.1K 992
  Current010.png   IJ.nom 9884B 486
  Current010.png   IJ.nom 9884B 996
  Current009.png   IJ.nom 10.8K 1079
  Current008.png   IJ.nom 9636B 1028
  Current007.png   IJ.nom 12.5K 1014
  Current006.png   IJ.nom 12.2K 1016
  Current005.png   IJ.nom 7740B 1022
  linken_pyr...dge009.png   IJ.nom 11.0K 1157
  linken_pyr...dge008.png   IJ.nom 11.4K 1169
  linken_pyr...dge007.png   IJ.nom 10.4K 1147
  linken_pyr...dge006.png   IJ.nom 11.4K 1195
  linken_pyr...dge005.png   IJ.nom 10.8K 1135
  linken_pyr...dge004.png   IJ.nom 11.7K 1143
  linken_pyr...dge003.png   IJ.nom 12.1K 1175
  linken_pyr...dge002.png   IJ.nom 11.9K 1178
  linken_pyr...dge001.png   IJ.nom 12.9K 1170
  linken_pyr...dge000.png   IJ.nom 11.3K 1150
  Current004.png   IJ.nom 11.6K 1182
  Current003.png   IJ.nom 11.0K 1232
  Current002.png   IJ.nom 11.0K 1204
  Current001.png   IJ.nom 11.9K 1199
  Current000.png   IJ.nom 15.1K 1218
  Progress 2...  2012.jpg SMB2 25th Jan, 2012 progress - Seshiru  Kiokuffiib11 86.2K 1051
  dynapoll.js   Mega-Mario 1758B 338
  PatternLoad.xls Graphics locations for Matrixz's Sprite editor  za909 18.5K 373
  profilecss.css   Xeruss 514B 286
  Error.png   Xeruss 62.9K 527
  somedit_0105_full.rar Secret of Mana Editor build 0105 with dependencies  Moppy 1320.7K 512
  backh.png   KP9000 185B 492
  DAgHf.png   Marzen 637.6K 602
  layout.css   Marzen 390B 307
  Mega Man 3.txt updated CSA support file for MM3  Matrixz 982B 1072
  changing_C...or_CSA.txt guide for making CSA load gfx for sprites  Matrixz 3474B 485
  More MM3 More megaman 3 documents again  kuja killer 33.2K 716
  Holy Hearts.png Binding of Isaac screenshot  Trelior 158.2K 731
  dtopzel1.png dtop  Gywall 1456.8K 946
  MM2_quick_...in_MM4.txt Quickman lasers in MM4. Commented source from MM Forever.  Matrixz 5777B 456
  novavoice.mp3 paragraph 2 of Jon Mahon Chronicles  NovaYoshi 271.1K 654
  kawaismyse...dotpng.bmp aww yeah gurl, take it, ungh yeah, yeah, yeah,m aaaaaaaa  Haz 34.2K 549
  nes tutorial tepples's tutorial, a demo, and some common routines  NovaYoshi 37.7K 303
  MEGAMAN 4 ...CUMENT.TXT MM4 document. grandé update.  Matrixz 173.6K 788
  nyan3.nsf *fixed* Nyan Cat theme  NovaYoshi 5693B 347
  nyan2.nsf Nyan Cat theme  NovaYoshi 5680B 343
  board2button.png   KP9000 2440B 13703
  groen2.png bc editor snap 2  Matrixz 183.7K 1270
  groen.png bc editor snap  Matrixz 46.0K 1167
  Script Sample.JPG xeruss sans ms  Xeruss 397.4K 534
  nbsp.png nbsp  Xeruss 738.0K 632
  Writing.png Writing.png  KP9000 868.8K 787
  owmtgf.png handwrite  Gywall 53.7K 771
  Chalvo _ 55 _ f.txt Chalvo 55 - ROM map  Naulahauta 29.1K 385
  Chalvo _ 55.txt Chalvo 55 - ROM map  Naulahauta 29.8K 820
  leveldata.txt Chalvo 55 - Level data  Naulahauta 181B 405
  demodata.txt Chalvo 55 - Demo playback data  Naulahauta 5694B 392
  blocksprite.txt Chalvo 55 - Block/sprite data  Naulahauta 5377B 576
  roomdata.txt Chalvo 55 - Door data  Naulahauta 1817B 399
  beezay2.ftm a tiny portion of Captain Beezay in Famitracker  NovaYoshi 4518B 350
  mm4 megaman 4 documents  kuja killer 22.7K 427
  Zelda Godd..._00000.bmp Wierd enemy sprite palette glitch  LinksBiggestFan 168.0K 754
  pkmn.gif   Xeruss 951.7K 885
  Mega Man -...k)_001.png Megaman - The Hedgehog Trap Glitch  pacnsacdave 8146B 549
  e.png curse my impatience!  MMXPERT 34.9K 814
  e.png a smaller improvement.  MMXPERT 35.1K 518
  e.png an improvement?  MMXPERT 35.2K 515
  Reuben2.PNG   KP9000 71.4K 7082
  Reuben1.PNG   KP9000 48.0K 6889
  sosad.jpg Kawa, you wound me.  Haz 30.1K 487
  Mega Man -...613087.png screenshot from gemini man stage  za909 2719B 2187
  olo.png screenshot from hard man stage  za909 4305B 2130
  megaman 3 more mm3 stuff again  kuja killer 10.7K 610
  Masterpiece011.png Materpeice, mate  Friza 29.7K 505
  WWPD.jpg   KP9000 361.2K 520
  Masterpiece012.JPG MMXPERT 83.6K 459
  Misc Data.rtf misc stuff for mm3 i wrote years ago  kuja killer 12.0K 546
  Boss Database2.rtf MM3 boss ai additions  Praetarius 6269B 526
  Masterpiece010.png As per request  Trelior 51.5K 654
  a.png aaaaa  MMXPERT 28.9K 681
  the fianl ...glitch.png see title  MMXPERT 98.1K 524
  b.png ab final  MMXPERT 98.2K 643
  a.png aaa  MMXPERT 66.0K 481
  a.png masterpeaces  MMXPERT 60.8K 500
  masterpiece009.png My contribution!  Trelior 52.7K 752
  Card e-Rea...Loader.SV2 e-Reader+ with SMA4 JP Loader.  Kiiro 136.3K 669
  chan.gif I dunno why I did this  ParaLax 667B 1650 MegaFLE X 0.701 binary  Matrixz 1319.2K 1526
  mf07_paled_new.PNG MegaFLE palette editor  Matrixz 12.8K 1139
  mf07_enemed.PNG MegaFLE enemy editor  Matrixz 43.1K 1064 MegaFLE X source files  Matrixz 179.4K 763
  Universe.jpg layout background  ParaLax 113.7K 6344
  obama.gif fuck yeah lol  KP9000 484.3K 942
  masterpiece008.png MASTERPIECENESS THE EIGHTH  GreyMaria 43.2K 754
  2011-04-28_09.59.20.png Higher Resoloution Below  how ta hack 241.4K 749
  2011-04-28_09.53.46.png Epic Minecraft Portal Recreation  how ta hack 433.4K 480
  mf07_scene3.png MegaFLE scene mode demonstration  Matrixz 63.3K 1085
  mf07_patch.PNG MegaFLE patch feature  Matrixz 8856B 969
  mf07_door.PNG MegaFLE door editor  Matrixz 29.8K 1017 MegaFLE X 0.7  Matrixz 293.9K 339
  Screen sho....35 AM.png durr  CyclopsCaveman 133.8K 503
  img4.png masterpiece4  blackhole89 21.9K 757
  masterpiece next.png masterpiece thread  NightKev 20.8K 832
  img3.png masterpiece3  blackhole89 18.2K 835
  masterpiece004.png MASTERPIECENESS  GreyMaria 21.2K 803
  masterpiece0.PNG   KP9000 18.7K 876
  img2.png masterpiece2  blackhole89 7151B 859
  img1.png New attempt at board2 masterpiecery.  blackhole89 3806B 878
  hjghj.PNG blah  kuja killer 586.0K 477
  Titanic_004.png   pacnsacdave 6086B 544
  Titanic_003.png   pacnsacdave 4740B 492
  Titanic_002.png   pacnsacdave 3832B 513
  Titanic_001.png   pacnsacdave 742B 466
  FASTEDDY.8Xp Fast Eddie 83+  NovaYoshi 2385B 342
  Clean Super Mario Bros in sourcecode form, ready to assemble with Ca65  NovaYoshi 161.0K 326
  PCM.demo.wgraphics.nes PCM demo with graphics  NovaYoshi 256.0K 305
  inertia2.jpg Inertia is a property of matter, but it's also secretely blue people having buttsex on a train  NovaYoshi 292.3K 543
  nrom128.x Sample linkscript for ld65 (for NROM128)  NovaYoshi 840B 318
  ld65.exe ld65 linker (for use with ca65)  NovaYoshi 153.5K 283
  ca65.exe ca65 assembler  NovaYoshi 173.5K 328 Forehead block guy (source included )  NovaYoshi 291.2K 300
  FHBG.nes Forehead block guy  NovaYoshi 24.0K 345
  PORTAL CRAFT.png For minecraft forum(becuase of the lame signature limit  how ta hack 10.5K 9254
  framedump0.avi just a quick test video to show some people  kuja killer 1473.5K 482
  rmcycle.png Screenshot of Remastered Cycle  Nikolaj 244.6K 679 Remastered Cycle (theme)  Nikolaj 32.9K 352
  bh layout.png look at that tiling!  NightKev 415.8K 454
  prntscrn.PNG my print screen  mickevincent 73.5K 850
  bluecss.css   Xeruss 514B 156699
  Read Me.txt readme for hack  Ice Penguin 5065B 356
  IMG00086-2...3-1235.jpg ta  KP9000 348.6K 715
  board2banner.png   KP9000 90.3K 465
  Descend(2).gmk Shush.  AlexMdle 12.2K 329
  lolsecurityfail.txt what not to do in php made easier for the bad guy  Marc 180B 372
  lolsecurityfail.txt what not to do in php  Marc 166B 409
  mvrk2.PNG Maverick Revenge 2  mickevincent 185.1K 1740
  Maverick Revenge 2.bmp 2 pictures of upcoming Maverick Revenge 2  mickevincent 1200.8K 763
  Winter-Wonderland.jpg 5s are gone now.  Xeruss 40.2K 724
  Mega man 2...akness.txt A text file of how to change boss weakness in mega man 2.  The-doggy 727B 559 An Nes emulator, yay... :)  Googie 403.6K 344
  ArcaneSmiley.png   BloodyIris 1679B 510
  zsnesw 201...-15-20.png another shot for my new smw hack  how ta hack 7269B 915
  zsnesw 201...-32-03.png a shot for my new smw hack  how ta hack 9008B 954
  grassybilly.PNG Billy for my layout.  GreyMaria 3369B 31315
  smw mario (small).PNG WRONG FILE BELOW!!!!  how ta hack 560B 522
  smw mario (small).bmp some sites only use URL's for the pic so yeah  how ta hack 8350B 531
  Wierd.png I learned how to make BG pics so this is a test picture  how ta hack 4287B 524
  fuckyouailureyoudumb.png You should have know what I was referring to, silly.  Haz 16.8K 738
  snap0007.jpg sm64 custum stage pic Mario went through a wall and THAT IS NOT SUPPOUSED HAPPEN!  how ta hack 186.0K 739
  Riddle.jpg "OR"  Xeruss 36.1K 665
  Riddle.jpg   Xeruss 36.1K 528
  pj.png Rebus - PJ  Trax 215.1K 636
  nin.png Rebus - NIN  Trax 191.5K 675
  sd.png Rebus - SD  Trax 369.1K 691
  Final.png   Levesque 572.2K 696
  Template.png Template for thread.  Levesque 2126B 548
  Super_Cast...nshots.rar Screenshots from Super Castlevania 4  Thanatos-Zero 376.8K 451
  Zuruzukin.gif My custom title gif quit loading from Dropbox.  Trelior 69.9K 32465
  linkWalk.swf derp im animating, ma!  boingboingsplat 15.7K 620
  nmac.PNG Some kind of alpha stage design  Mineyl 44.3K 522
  castle_courtyards.png better shot  Mega-Mario 467.7K 842
  sm64ds-editor-1.png screenshot!  Mega-Mario 82.0K 846 SM64DS hacking?  Mega-Mario 28.4K 357
  DiorexOmegVar.fed   BloodyIris 27.9K 316
  DSC04399.JPG uhh, what could that be  Mega-Mario 1243.6K 748
  profilecss.css   Xeruss 514B 354
  troll_flan.png Board2 Trollslum Requests #2 - Flan  Kawa 1987B 675
  troll_xerusshat.png   Kawa 2078B 675
  Shootan.gmk Ssshhh, it's not done yet.  Haz 10.9K 372
  troll_xeruss.png Board2 Trollslum Requests #5 - Xeruss  Kawa 1802B 679
  avatar1.png logo  Thunder X 3508B 478
  troll_stark.png Board2 Trollslum Requests #4 - Stark (okay sheesh)  Kawa 1359B 691
  troll_stark.png Board2 Trollslum Requests #4 - Stark (horny version lol)  Kawa 1366B 539
  troll_stark.png Board2 Trollslum Requests #4 - Stark  Kawa 1291B 538
  troll_blackie.png Board2 Trollslum Requests #3 - Blackhole89  Kawa 1598B 765
  troll_kawa.png Board2 Trollslum Requests #1 - Kawa  Kawa 1659B 882
  Castle Baron 3D.png "Zeed" developer tool screenshot of "Castle Baron" FFIV map  jargon 58.5K 710
  sotw1.tecl...person.png Zeed example  jargon 206.3K 724
  phx2600thundercats.png Phoenix, Arizona "Thundercats" style logo  jargon 25.8K 725
  aglogo.jpg aglogo plain  jargon 29.0K 651
  aglogo2.jpg aglogo  jargon 37.7K 712
  logo.png SERIAL  jargon 9970B 710
  mishap22.font.png MISHAP22 font  jargon 2743B 851
  trk.png mediaplague logo  jargon 25.3K 844
  copyfack.png Copyfack  jargon 1105B 842
  social-mutiny300px.png Social Mutiny  jargon 22.4K 785
  no taggin our wagon.jpg No Taggin Our Wagon  jargon 71.7K 852
  one-nigger.png ONE NIGGER..  jargon 44.1K 850
  Sandy.jpg Sandy  jargon 13.1K 878
  fighting_t...e_1492.jpg fighting_terrorism_since_1492  jargon 107.5K 656
  quarter pa...amine..jpg quarter palette of 7mL liquid Ketamine  jargon 53.2K 585
  LOST CONTROL.jpg LOST CONTROL  jargon 44.0K 954
  antichristsforjesus.png ANTICHRISTS FOR JESUS  jargon 185.8K 787
  MY MOM SAY...OT ART.jpg MY MOM SAYS THIS IS NOT ART  jargon 33.9K 977
  yonkomafillerpreview.png Yonkoma filler page preview  Kawa 21.0K 643
  y10preview.png Teaser sketch for yonkoma #10  Kawa 22.3K 682
  spacmlm.css final version  CyclopsCaveman 3408B 23986
  walrsi_thin_ice.png WalRSI Thin Ice...  Mega-Mario 64.6K 643
  space.css should be last one   CyclopsCaveman 3378B 321
  space.css would prolly behoove me to actually change the bg file  CyclopsCaveman 3471B 334
  space.css SPACE  CyclopsCaveman 3480B 319
  space.css SPACE  CyclopsCaveman 3480B 305
  pedobeartest.css   CyclopsCaveman 3396B 337
  pedobeartest.css balugh  CyclopsCaveman 3483B 317
  pedobeartest.css once more  CyclopsCaveman 3384B 355
  pedobeartest.css again  CyclopsCaveman 3389B 333
  pedobeartest.css hurr new layout  CyclopsCaveman 3402B 317
  IMG_1147.JPG Me and Puck the Puppeh  Kawa 581.5K 678
  whatexactlyishisjob.mp3 What Exactly Is His Job?  Kawa 757.3K 815
  idw0018.png blackhole89 32.8K 689
  idw0017.png i-it hurts...  Cheeseum 34.2K 508
  idw0017.png i-it hurts...  Cheeseum 34.2K 577
  idw0016.png please don't invade me~!  Cheeseum 32.8K 615
  idw0015.png map thingadoo  xpCynic 41.5K 596
  idw0014.png <--  NightKev 27.5K 752
  idw0013.png IDW 0013  GreyMaria 41.1K 744
  idw0012.png IDW 0012  Trax 29.1K 678
  airlock.png the airlock original idea  Haz 146.3K 937
  lawl_picgame.png dat pic game again  Mega-Mario 14.2K 626
  sx2.png Flan's totally a troll :D  Kawa 3782B 495
  mIRCbug.PNG   KP9000 40.3K 517
  board2yonkoma8.png board2 yonkoma part 8 - OFCOURSE! (ft. KP)  Kawa 98.5K 605
  IMAGE_136.jpg MEAT QUICHE  Kawa 91.0K 813
  b2_picgame.png Woo picture game!  Mega-Mario 5778B 735
  Yo!Wagan.nsf NSF hack: Very early WIP!  Hamtaro126 16.1K 515
  idw.png ohi  NightKev 27.2K 812
  idw.png asdadadasd  Kironide 27.3K 665
  idw.png   Kironide 45.0K 502
  idw.png   Kironide 26.5K 457
  fixedcyc.png damn cyc you did a number on the borders  Haz 39.4K 858
  temptiligetscenery.png scenery later  Haz 39.0K 467
  idw.png i keep screwing up the save operation  Kironide 23.2K 837
  idw.png   Kironide 53.4K 359
  idw.png   Kironide 55.8K 309
  idw.png   Kironide 22.8K 826
  idw.png final version, maybe?  Kironide 23.0K 399
  idw.png   Kironide 16.5K 435
  idw.png   Kironide 10.5K 505
  idw.png i forgot to save the file before uploading last time  Kironide 11.4K 486
  idw.png part of IDW map with attempted realistic borders  Kironide 17.5K 473
  idw.png IDW map v1  Kironide 17.5K 498
  sx.png Flan's totally a troll.  Kawa 1617B 656
  yonkomapreview.png New yonkoma WIP, first panel preview.  Kawa 13.4K 669
  BatmanRotJ.m3u   RT-55J 916B 325
  you're.gif   KP9000 37.5K 522
  OW.png Well then, looks like I was terrible  Haz 175.2K 697
  Headcrab.bmp AHAHAHA, .bmp compression.  Haz 432.1K 536 Glossy theme, let's see how this goes...  Nikolaj 35.3K 579
  background.jpg Last time, I swear  Trelior 185.7K 57189
  background.jpg 4th?  Trelior 130.0K 507
  background.jpg Third time's a charm  Trelior 70.7K 525
  background.jpg Background attempt 2  Trelior 129.8K 482
  trel.css CSS for my new layout  Trelior 1178B 295
  background.jpg Background for my new layout. Typhlosion, fuck yeah.  Trelior 79.1K 514
  dot 2.png quote box background for my new layout  Trelior 178B 18243
  dot.png text box background for my new layout  Trelior 178B 56666
  desktop1080.jpg dekstop  Gywall 158.6K 988
  LotsOfUnhealthiness.jpg The kids still get NOTHING on Halloween.  KP9000 415.1K 1056
  Official M... Debug.rtf Megaman 5 Official Debug Feature Using Controller 2  infidelity 1222B 577
  dodongocss.css   Xeruss 514B 9317
  IMG_0673.JPG   Haz 921.6K 453
  Photo_00001.jpg flying peanut  Haz 14.1K 491
  IMG_0672.JPG   Haz 1090.6K 490
  IMG_0668.JPG   Haz 1241.0K 495
  IMG_0671.JPG   Haz 1350.2K 529
  IMG_0665.JPG   Haz 1197.8K 481
  nm.png Some kind of alpha stage design  Mineyl 60.2K 515
  Teleportin...(1993).pdf I should've read this  Haz 149.0K 562
  Super Mari... BETA).nes My SMB3 Hack w/ Lost Levels  eddine67 384.0K 427
  nps11F2.rar Abel's Theorem in Problems and Solutions  Flan 1427.0K 622
  Replace_P_Switch.MP3 Another track to replace the P Switch track in SMB3  Googie 290.0K 936 A couple of tracks I hope can go into a ROM Hack... :)   Googie 1055.9K 553
  VVVVVV run 2.png Did it again, this time, with more feeling  Trelior 11.1K 653
  VVVVVV.png Just beat VVVVVV  Trelior 11.4K 651
  Zycor.css fixed version of layout  Zycor 30B 352
  Zycor.css post layout  Zycor 26B 323
  summermode...acular.jpg Summer Mode Spectacular wallpaper  Kawa 51.9K 745
  Super Mari...4 (EU).SAV A save file of SMA4 FR with elevel better translation ;)  eddine67 128.0K 901
  someoneplease.png Japanese from lsd  Haz 73.9K 541
  castle_stoned.spc More stoned Yoshi's Island - Castle  MathOnNapkins 64.6K 509
  castle_stoned.spc Yoshi's Island - Castle (stoned)  MathOnNapkins 64.6K 491
  Phenom-R.jpg   BloodyIris 32.2K 540
  Phenom-T.jpg   BloodyIris 79.9K 516
  PHENOM_M2.jpg 323  BloodyIris 130.3K 472
  PHENOM_M.jpg   BloodyIris 116.8K 495
  Phenom_TRISK.jpg   BloodyIris 34.2K 531
  Phenom-W.jpg   BloodyIris 121.9K 535
  Phenom-SY2.jpg   BloodyIris 133.0K 543
  Phenom-N3.jpg   BloodyIris 23.7K 540
  Phenom_SH.JPG   BloodyIris 91.5K 503
  Phenom-CH2.png 324  BloodyIris 294.6K 515
  mmww.txt Megaman - The Wily Wars hacking notes  Matrixz 9308B 1209
  cyberbill.pdf Protecting Cyberspace As A National Asset Act  Flan 296.7K 469
  Phenom-I3.jpg   BloodyIris 20.1K 545
  Phenom-I2.png   BloodyIris 158.7K 518
  Phenom_I.png   BloodyIris 59.9K 526
  Phenom-KS.jpg   BloodyIris 74.6K 518
  Phenom-KS3.jpg   BloodyIris 75.3K 505
  Phenom-KSFINAL.jpg   BloodyIris 77.5K 495
  Phenom-K.jpg   BloodyIris 31.5K 557
  Ultima Sui...e good.jpg   BloodyIris 47.2K 523
  Phenom-DS ...ers as.jpg   BloodyIris 14.7K 548
  1224564169345.jpg RAGE  Trelior 36.0K 651
  Phenom-S.jpg   BloodyIris 33.8K 531
  Phenomesper.gif project  BloodyIris 629.6K 495
  FSNASM.EXE NES and SNES assembler  NetSplit 68.0K 689
  Samus-Omega Suit.jpg 43q  BloodyIris 22.2K 559
  Optimus lol.jpg BloodyIris 24.4K 485
  unfinished.jpg wqe  BloodyIris 22.6K 530
  DSuit1.jpg BloodyIris 17.6K 472
  trel.css Let's try this again, shall we  Trelior 1164B 384
  trel.css Modified CSS  Trelior 1164B 335
  ctrboard2.css Modded link for ver. 1  CrossTheRubicon 283B 365
  ctrboard2.css CTR's Experimental Layout  CrossTheRubicon 279B 385
  Sketch.jpg Yes, it's a crappy sketch  Haz 43.8K 531
  Kawa.StifuGift.rar Window sitter gift for Stifu, because I can  Kawa 24.4K 386
  Boss Database.rtf boss data for megaman 3  kuja killer 26.0K 1692
  birthdaycynthia.png Birthday pic for Tyler  Kawa 17.1K 678
  board2yonkoma7.png board2 yonkoma part 7 - "This is not a campground" (ft. KP)  Kawa 69.9K 519
  W1&2.PNG World 1 and 2 of my hack.  KP9000 36.4K 502
  WIND.png i tried again...  Haz 1245B 500
  OK-new-tileset-3.PNG third progress snapshot for new SMB3 hilly tileset   KP9000 6942B 1459
  OK-new-til...3(lol).PNG shoop  KP9000 178.4K 514
  OK-new-tileset-2.PNG second progress snapshot for new SMB3 hilly tileset  KP9000 2600B 2531
  board2yonkoma6.png board2 yonkoma part 6 - That's the Way the Boobie Cookie Crumbles  Kawa 162.2K 655
  OK new tileset.PNG progress snapshot for new SMB3 hilly tileset  KP9000 5521B 1664
  ROBE.png That .bmp down there is the same as the .png by the same name  Haz 1384B 784
  OLD.png Pixels abound  Haz 794B 789
  DINO.png Mo' pixels  Haz 1906B 785
  HRMM.png Pixel Art  Haz 850B 738
  Hrmm.bmp Pixel Art  Haz 6198B 506
  board2yonkoma5.png board2 yonkoma part 5 - "Cookies!"  Kawa 63.9K 612
  Obscure Ki...enshot.PNG SMB3 Hack - Obscure Kingdom screenshot  KP9000 9350B 499
  Board2button.png Another board2 button  KP9000 599B 1502
  board2button.png A Board 2 button  Nikolaj 988B 517
  mmlayout.css temporary fixed color neon layout  Mega-Mario 1272B 1111
  ducknazis.png I pull those schemes all the time, really: board/thread.php?id=6215  Kawa 1157.2K 607
  MM 3 hack megaman odyssey level editor  kuja killer 588.9K 647
  sprit.bmp sprite with crappy colors  Haz 1590B 509
  b2-residen...emaker.png   KP9000 443B 636
  Colors.png IRC client colors  Xeruss 26.5K 450
  smb1 0-1 to 1-1.ips Super Mario brothers 1, 0-1 to 1-1 fix  Kiokuffiib11 16B 354
  Maverick Revenge 2.PNG MRII more pictures  mickevincent 17.7K 1992
  board2yonkoma4.png board2 yonkoma part 4 - "My laptop is actually much larger than this"  Kawa 52.2K 592
  oops.png   Mega-Mario 36.7K 676
  ROM-map Super Mario Advance 2 ROM map  RANDY Ruler of Zexernet 24.1K 625
  SMA2-overw...editor.png Screenshot of SMA2 overworld editor  RANDY Ruler of Zexernet 43.8K 7211
  layout.JPG part of nikolaj's layout  Haz 54.0K 528
  Hebereke.txt Ripped Famicom Script - Hebereke, Original Script by CaH43e.  Hamtaro126 9438B 789
  untitled.PNG   KP9000 138.2K 542
  DORFFORTRESS.PNG   boingboingsplat 28.6K 509
  sfworld.txt Story Forum Lounge, world description  Kawa 1815B 366
  Team Dragoair.txt Unimportant V0.5  Legendgreat 2674B 352
  cavern.PNG   boingboingsplat 25.9K 582
  forgottenbeast.PNG   boingboingsplat 11.4K 742
  googbot.txt Googie's layout (bottom)  Traffic Light 54B 459
  googtop.txt Googie's layout (top)  Traffic Light 662B 400
  zedd2.jpg Lord Zedd, for a pun.  Kawa 71.3K 625
  colors.JPG jpegnow, still terrible  Haz 26.7K 485
  lines.jpg jpegnow  Haz 57.3K 541
  space.jpg jpegnow  Haz 68.2K 531
  kawaranger.png Mondo Messed-up Kawa Ranger?  Kawa 206.9K 590
  huh.png what happened here?  NightKev 341.3K 666
  Spritelist.txt An updated Spritelist for Super Mario Advance 4! It now has all the bank 1 sprites included.  Upaluppa 14.4K 1032
  Uponthearth.bmp Similar to the helmet but a different drawing and much higher quality  Haz 395.2K 543
  colorizedhelmet.bmp Aquickly colored version of the helmet  Haz 748.2K 498
  Helmet.bmp A outline of part of one of the sketches  Haz 748.2K 523
  Sketch 004.jpg scan of sketches  Haz 18.6K 509
  Sketch 003.jpg scan of sketches  Haz 22.6K 542
  Sketch 002.jpg scan of sketches  Haz 102.5K 471
  Sketch 001.jpg scan of sketches  Haz 167.8K 512
  Sketch.jpg scan of sketches  Haz 136.6K 508
  yonkomakp.png board2 yonkoma insert pic - KP9000  Kawa 160.6K 528
  board2yonkoma3.png board2 yonkoma part 3 - "the puns aaaaa"   Kawa 40.6K 725
  board2yonkoma2.png board2 yonkoma part 2 - "You can blame Alk and Rox"  Kawa 59.0K 809
  board2yonkoma1.png board2 yonkoma part 1 - "Watch your Words" (proper render)  Kawa 74.1K 1285
  googie_ms_bg3.jpg This was made for me back in 2009, love it!  Googie 119.8K 232324
  trel.css New CSS  Trelior 1520B 6938
  epic_box.swf epic box  boingboingsplat 284.7K 458
  yonkoma1a.png board2 yonkoma part 1, panel 1 initial inking preview  Kawa 12.9K 686
  yonkoma1.png board2 yonkoma part 1 - watch your words (sketch phase)  Kawa 38.1K 632
  yonkoma.png Winter Mosts yonkoma  Kawa 98.1K 680
  hotdog.png Who wants a hotdog?  Kawa 519.2K 563
  newlayout.png New layout updates + the effects of a Neritic-style sidebar hack.  Kawa 95.2K 694
  Helmet.jpg Jedi training helmet  RT-55J 25.8K 929
  trel.css New CSS  Trelior 1508B 1152
  RetGanon.ttf Font for my layout  Trelior 9528B 523
  Legend of ..._00019.bmp fun in rockvan3  Haz 168.0K 1067
  Legend of ..._00018.bmp fun in rockvan2  Haz 168.0K 1067
  Legend of ..._00017.bmp fun in rockvan  Haz 168.0K 1080 Lazy Shell v2.1.1  giangurgolo 768.7K 449
  zap2.gif   Haz 1616B 992
  zap.gif   Haz 1456B 992
  Legend of ..._00016.bmp   Haz 168.0K 1135
  Legend of ..._00012.bmp   Haz 168.0K 625
  Legend of ..._00011.bmp   Haz 168.0K 1111
  Legend of ..._00009.bmp   Haz 168.1K 1047
  Legend of ..._00008.bmp   Haz 168.1K 1068
  Legend of ..._00005.bmp rockvan graphical bad4  Haz 168.1K 1084
  Legend of ..._00004.bmp rockvan graphical bad3  Haz 29.4K 1067
  Legend of ..._00002.bmp rockvan graphical bad2  Haz 85.3K 1001
  Legend of ..._00001.bmp rockvan graphical bad  Haz 59.7K 1000
  inclogernasnats_002.png   zand 4285B 478
  some pics.JPG Maverick Revenge 2  mickevincent 130.7K 1573 (obj + mtl + textures) for sm64 obj importer  JaSp 72.0K 421
  rox_opera1050.png Rox's layout in Opera 10.50  Kawa 135.7K 701
  rox_opera1010.png Rox's layout in Opera 10.10  Kawa 44.3K 733
  transparen...tblock.png A transparent light block  Mega-Mario 15.3K 15173
  pic.bmp   Xterminion 441.8K 501
  KERfS.gif   BloodyIris 27.2K 495
  trel.css CSS for my new layout   Trelior 1163B 5642
  dot.png Part of my new layout  Trelior 178B 5025
  mmpost.css My layout with nicer quoteboxes  Mega-Mario 1213B 776 From PMD2, seems to be music files...  Nikolaj 1278.1K 370
  SMB3asmhacking.txt A somewhat detailed docuement/tutorial used as a guidline for ASM hacking SMB3 nes.  zkip 9101B 1338
  background.jpg Background for my new layout.  Trelior 250.5K 6487
  WhatTheHeck.png Whet the hell is this?!  Nikolaj 69.7K 466
  IMAGE_119.jpg Snow -_-  Kawa 71.4K 734
  Ruins of R...n 0005.bmp My progress in Ruins of Rockvan 2 of 2   Trelior 167.3K 1368
  Ruins of R...n 0004.bmp My progress in Ruins of Rockvan 1 of 2  Trelior 167.3K 1374
  smwmountainbg.jpg smwmountainbg.jpg - Acmlmboard 1.A2  Nikolaj 16.8K 5328
  LAYOUT_BOX.png Fake Semi-Transparancy.  Nikolaj 190B 12964
  quickrpgsp...hingy2.png And now it's Kawa!  Kawa 321B 444
  quickrpgspritethingy.png Quick RPG sprite thingy  Kawa 307B 443
  MusicData.rtf Song data locations for megaman 3  kuja killer 24.0K 1502
  mmpost-pink.css   Mega-Mario 1007B 869
  unreadablecrap.png unreadable to me. Unless I'm completely blind.  Mega-Mario 51.6K 649
  keiro_stylesheet.css My Stylesheet  Rocketech Productions 1074B 43164
  superpipe.png   Mega-Mario 48.6K 900
  lightblock-pink.png   Mega-Mario 29.9K 2875
  Hot Skitty.ico Hot skitty  Xeruss 12.6K 638
  ectoplasma.png   Mega-Mario 4727B 580
  wtf.png weird board glitch  Mega-Mario 159.6K 704
  rox header.PNG   NightKev 211.3K 499
  DW-DQ Font...ressed.png Using a Fixed width Modified verson of the DW Font & DQ Font  SecretChao428 15.1K 530
  karmabites.png Right after sowhatting the Ikachan invasion... Karma bites.  Kawa 50.4K 601
  stdout.txt Debug file for an open source game.  w03 10.2K 758
  stderr.txt Debug file for an open source game.  w03 5989B 808
  desktop.jpg   Stark 939.5K 1511
  dodongo.png An irc dodongo  Xeruss 75.5K 512
  ....png   Trelior 178.7K 541 SMA4 Spritelist (Unfinished)  Upaluppa 104.7K 762
  new layout.png pic for my new layout  Trelior 80.0K 6186
  DW Font Extended.png DW Font Modified characters, extended.  SecretChao428 9139B 574
  Player_01.png Made to be used in Fraxy  Polarian Rogue 1173B 1184
  Polarian Rogue..bmp Fraxy fighter modification  Polarian Rogue 7654B 530
  lovehinaribbons.jpg One of the wallpapers I have on shuffle, no GUI included, actual size.  Kawa 116.9K 667
  MVSDK_EU.clt VBA Cheatlist with the Level Editor cheat for the EU version of Mario vs. Donkey Kong!  Upaluppa 8412B 958
  MVSDK (JP).sav Japanese Mario vs. Donkey Kong .sav file with the 5 e-levels scanned!  Upaluppa 64.0K 742
  DtopWin7.png   Gywall 394.4K 736
  e-World.sav Unlocks a glitched World-e in the US version of Mario vs. Donkey Kong.  Upaluppa 64.0K 713
  postpreview.png   Trelior 315.5K 516
  MVSDK Level Editor.clt MVSDK Level Editor Cheat for use with VBA  Upaluppa 8412B 1196
  starclamp.css ad nauseum  CyclopsCaveman 1093B 8134
  sma4.sav Update with bugfixes and new levels  Upaluppa 128.0K 1041
  sma4.sav Upa's Custom SMA4 e-Reader Levels  Upaluppa 128.0K 986
  mushroom 29.level Mushroom 29 e-level with English Name  Upaluppa 1984B 498
  example.png   NightKev 175.0K 522
  mm7slash.TXT derp3  Lunaria 5408B 489
  Sonic Heroes.txt derp2  Lunaria 2642B 465
  Blizzard man.txt derp1  Lunaria 1449B 387 MegaFLE, fix to stupid Asian language error.  Matrixz 178.9K 806
  secret my run'n'gun game so far  Aaendi 5625B 367
  mmbio.css Stylesheet for my bio.  Mega-Mario 648B 3655 MegaFLE X 0.6  Matrixz 231.3K 476 MegaFLE X 0.6 (with runtime files)  Matrixz 1230.0K 719 MegaFLE X 0.6 (VB6 source)  Matrixz 108.3K 538
  Untitled.png For Quick Curly to see  Trelior 385.6K 582
  santamazing.png d'aww  Stark 98.1K 578
  Sun.png Sun Pic  Xeruss 1859B 1963
  Sun.ico Sun Icon  Xeruss 1886B 608
  Snapshot 1.jpg A pic of me post-haircut  Trelior 16.8K 478
  1.jpg I don't know why I'm chewing on this plastic card or why I even took the webcam picture...  Trelior 9854B 484
  starclamp.css layout with the lazy name change in the outsourced file is back!  CyclopsCaveman 1181B 4368   KP9000 538.2K 399
  desktop.jpg So as I pray  Stark 723.2K 645
  100_3344.JPG   Marzen 601.5K 486
  100_3343.JPG   Marzen 580.3K 513
  100_3340.JPG   Marzen 462.2K 527
  100_3339.JPG   Marzen 406.4K 423
  Classic 1-1 Offsets.txt Just a small update to the file. It now includes the e-level exclusive header info.  Upaluppa 50.0K 1744
  desktop.png Desktop for the desktop thread.  Darckthunder 456.3K 582
  UpaLuppa-C...ffsets.txt UpaLuppa's Documentation for Classic w1-1 in SMA4  copyRIGHThunter 48.2K 573
  desktop.png Here's my desktop  Trelior 544.7K 647
  Sewer Main... Shaft.png Before Reuben  KP9000 94.7K 2992
  Sewer Main...hanced.png After Reuben  KP9000 134.0K 3000
  ....png   Trelior 339.1K 520
  uh....png Speaks for itself  Trelior 336.2K 482
  Test   KP9000 79.3K 353 A level editor for the NES game Solomon's Key  Googie 34.5K 499 A level editor for the Gameboy game Kirby's Block Ball  Googie 36.5K 505 A level editor for the NES game Excitebike  Googie 516.1K 532
  Camstudio error.PNG Camstudio error  Trapster 24.4K 539
  IMAGE_097.jpg Dad's dogs being awww  Kawa 48.0K 530
  jermboy.txt Why Jermboy is a problem, version 2  Kawa 585B 369
  drop Something to post on a different board  Stark 6573B 403
  dodongo.png Had to do it :P  Trelior 92.8K 721
  smb3.nsf MM3 Wily Stage 3  KP9000 36.1K 475
  MM3 Wily S...3.smb3song New smb3song file!  KP9000 2169B 445
  MM9   KP9000 35.1K 327
  xml-birthd...-large.jpg happy birthday marzen  KP9000 114.8K 677
  IMG00061-2...1-1900.jpg Coke Machine BSoD  KP9000 531.5K 422 Hammy Sitter Source  HammerGuy 175.9K 451
  Overworld ...itions.txt Finished! *sigh*  KP9000 14.0K 474
  Blackjack.application The final build of my blackjack application  Trelior 5302B 360
  Luigi(Confused).PNG   KP9000 224.6K 831
  Wario lololol.jpg lol wario's pissed  KP9000 28.6K 908
  w1-A_map.PNG custom level map position  copyRIGHThunter 225.4K 1201
  w1-A_5end.PNG custom level part5  copyRIGHThunter 22.4K 1266
  w1-A_4prize.PNG custom level part4  copyRIGHThunter 5377B 1192
  w1-A_3puzzle.PNG custom level part3  copyRIGHThunter 17.4K 1268
  w1-A_2main.PNG custom level part2  copyRIGHThunter 55.9K 1250
  w1-A_1start&roof.PNG custom level part1  copyRIGHThunter 61.1K 1184
  All.txt Complete Tile Definitions for SMB3  KP9000 43.9K 535
  I'm not ev...W-more.ips derp  Lunaria 121.3K 627
  Septic-Sanctuary.jpg Septic Sanctuary Reuben Level  KP9000 333.9K 6879
  I'm not SMW.ips Really, I'm not.  Lunaria 104.4K 547
  peach3.png Kawa's attempt at coloring Peach's hair  Kawa 748B 1420 Infidelity's Dissection of Duck Tales for NES  infidelity 16.9K 537
  desktop.PNG  NightKev 621.4K 536
  Reuben-bug.GIF   KP9000 6466B 469
  desktop.png xpc's desktop, Ubuntu edition  xpCynic 437.9K 539
  asukaFigure.jpg I had that thing for years now.  Kawa 28.0K 562
  asukaWallpaper.jpg Kawa's new wallpaper - now in the desktop slideshow  Kawa 104.3K 502
  All.txt Partial Tile Definitions for SMB3  KP9000 40.9K 397
  anotherworld.png My Desktop - very minimalist  RT-55J 60.6K 551
  spirit-akio.jpg another sketch  Bukkarooo 6376B 573
  God.jpg sketch of "god"  Bukkarooo 7883B 567
  chibi-god.jpg sketch of "god" from Maria Holic  Bukkarooo 8483B 581
  wtftidykratosdktop.png Desktop  Gywall 860.2K 657
  Desktop Pic.png Trel's Desktop Thing... Yeah...  Trelior 391.3K 588
  Desktop.JPG Marzen's Desktop  Marzen 174.4K 592
  desktop.jpg desktop screenie  Bukkarooo 61.0K 761
  Rockman Grayzone.nsfe Rockman 2 GrayZone NSFE (incomplete)  RT-55J 15.6K 447
  Reuben Icon Icon PNG's for Reuben since DD thought my other ones weren't fucking good enough.  KP9000 66.7K 353
  Rugged to the East.PNG My Hilly Reuben Level (SMB3)  KP9000 52.5K 2351
  Reuben Icon PNG's for Reuben  KP9000 64.8K 359
  battleideal.png Earthbound hacking screenshots 02  xpCynic 2429B 1259
  eb01.png Earthbound hacking screenshots 01  xpCynic 6013B 1237
  eb00.png Earthbound hacking screenshots 00  xpCynic 7695B 1223
  smiley_ifyousayso.png white smiley  Stark 319B 1219
  smiley_blankstare.png grey smiley  Stark 251B 1394
  smiley_sohappy.PNG black smiley  Stark 259B 1235
  15x15.png   Stark 122B 508
  image (1).png   Marzen 3285B 485
  untitled.PNG   Marzen 9032B 557
  bad fanfics.doc Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha  Tyty 37.0K 645
  romnoise.png ROM Noise demonstration -- Those Aren't Graphics!  Kawa 13.0K 503
  NostalgiaPersona.PNG "Nostalgia" Firefox Persona  KP9000 335.8K 573
  genobot.txt bot infos for geno  NightKev 2397B 383
  SMB3DDEditorLevel3.PNG Proof Of Concept 3 - Level Entrance and Exit  KP9000 52.7K 959
  SMB3level.PNG   Ailure 19.7K 1422
  One August.doc Homewark  Tyty 23.5K 531
  SMB3DDEdit...l.2jpg.jpg Proof Of Concept 2  KP9000 153.1K 1192
  attributes3.png Why the NES color problem is like that, part 3  Kawa 1153B 1511
  attributes2.png Why the NES color problem is like that, part 2  Kawa 1195B 1500
  attributes1.png Why the NES color problem is like that  Kawa 1479B 1529
  zbytefix2.jpg zbyte's layout fix #2  KP9000 10.9K 15229
  SMB3DDEditorLevel.jpg Proof Of Concept level in DD's new SMB3 editor  KP9000 179.9K 2999
  M&L3.txt Here you go, KP, enjoy!  Trelior 532.8K 495
  OK-ex3.JPG another hack issue  KP9000 26.3K 975
  OK-ex2.JPG another hack issue  KP9000 33.2K 1001
  OK-ex1.JPG another hack issue  KP9000 84.9K 973
  pikuchaa PICTURE ESSAY. YEAH.  Tyty 30.0K 496 NESASM example  Matrixz 75.7K 340
  ff6net.png Final Fantasy.Net screenshot for the captioning game  Kawa 3612B 563
  250 down.png   Stark 26.0K 5395
  ping.PNG ping  Stark 928B 504
  grassypost.png Fake transparent background for my layout.  GreyMaria 2808B 97120
  grassyclouds.PNG Clouds layer for my layout.  GreyMaria 4199B 2159
  grassybilly.PNG Billy for my layout.  GreyMaria 3340B 66717
  YI forest ...ins A BG that has two ExGFX files, the tilemap file(the name is still ExGFX82.bin) and the palette file.  Reini 6539B 411
  Sidebar.png sidebar  Stark 715.8K 462
  250 down.png layout  Stark 98B 979
  starkbar.css sidebar  Stark 328B 30290
  Sidebar.png sidebar  Stark 703.7K 24126
  kp9000.css layout.  KP9000 1143B 60797
  out.gif eating chicken  paulguy 423.0K 526
  kpoffset.png Kaypea's layout is a nice idea, but it's a little offset...  Kawa 8855B 495
  KP-Layout-(1).png boomstick  KP9000 106.9K 671
  stark.css What is this? Can annyone be said to know?  Stark 1226B 23609
  star wars   paulguy 93.4K 345
  Mega Man 3 RaFoDW-0.png Potential perma-stuck?  RT-55J 5984B 1410
  Opening.jpg Caption contest entry  Kawa 13.9K 609
  SMB3(WorldPatch).zip   KP9000 1050B 441
  -6_4.png Board2Base room -6,4 (Posting Hall)  GreyMaria 961B 550 SMA4 Save data tools v0.03 (source code included)   purplebridge001 36.0K 890
  bukk.css Makin a layout for Bukk  Stark 1148B 53498
  alpha hax 5.png Makin a layout for Bukk   Stark 26.5K 34620
  RagnaGiantBackground.jpg Makin a layout for Bukk  Stark 502.5K 35081
  SMA4_mapadds1.bmp Proposed SMA4 Map Additions  copyRIGHThunter 677.8K 505
  brokened.png I brokened up save... OMG!  era64 10.7K 1617
  product key.png uh... yeah  Trelior 34.1K 431
  huh.png what in the hell   Trelior 56.7K 463
  stark.css laaaayoooout  Stark 1181B 3636
  CarlGiantBackground.jpg layout  Stark 573.4K 21651
  Event_Carl_Dead.png Carl nothing goes right for you  Stark 302.0K 403
  what the f...s this.png look at this bullshit  Trelior 189.7K 443
  Picture 10.jpg I love these things.  KP9000 408.5K 469
  WRY.jpg This one speaks for itself...  Trelior 332.1K 671
  cynthia7.png CynthSitter on 7  Kawa 49.2K 1079
  Picture 001.jpg   Marzen 38.7K 495
  CynthSitter.png CynthSitter preview pic  Kawa 9425B 1055
  ragna_tao.png blazblue  Bukkarooo 246.3K 473
  Trel's Layout.html The document I tested my post layout with  Trelior 505B 429
  3.png Course Clear Text Change  Trelior 2309B 901
  1.png Warp Zone Text Change  Trelior 3195B 832
  2.png Illustration of a text change  Trelior 3973B 857
  0.png Hack Idea Title Screen  Trelior 4003B 823
  my-writing.png RANDY Ruler of Zexernet's handwriting  RANDY Ruler of Zexernet 117.3K 611
  Kawa's handwriting.png Kawa's handwriting  Kawa 96.4K 1008
  handwriting.PNG (hand)writing onto the bandwagon  boingboingsplat 175.4K 625
  handwriting4.jpg handwriting 4: unbelievable excitement  Stark 42.1K 632
  KP9000's Post 2.JPG handwriting argument pt 1  KP9000 28.0K 648
  handwriting3.jpg handwriting 3: super handwriting tactics  Stark 72.9K 679
  KP9000's Post.JPG Even More Handwriting!  KP9000 34.6K 593
  ScanImage003.png More handwriting!  xpCynic 64.5K 674
  handwriting2.jpg handwriting 2: the bloodening  Stark 115.9K 696
  IMG000004.png   Sukasa 259.8K 568
  Starkspeech.mp3 Speech. By Stark.  Stark 653.1K 748
  handwriting.jpg handwriting  paulguy 114.8K 708
  100_0730.JPG Shitty handwriting is shitty  Trelior 674.8K 657
  writing go.png ohshit  Omi 78.7K 653
  handwriting.jpg handwriting  Stark 65.4K 743
  ScanImage002.png Handwriting!  xpCynic 33.5K 687
  paulguy.mp3 voice sample  paulguy 207.7K 464
  VBA 1.7.2 e-reader.rar vba 1.7.2 modified to work with e-reader .raw files  Bond697 1031.9K 495
  ereader.rar sma4 e-reader stuff  Bond697 705.4K 612
  SMA4.rar sma4 editor+  Bond697 193.3K 1972
  smallshiftright.png   Stark 339B 812
  triforceTex.png layout  boingboingsplat 634B 8769
  zeldawarriorScale.png layout  boingboingsplat 222.9K 9059
  MarioMODexample1.PNG sampleGUI  copyRIGHThunter 30.9K 1731
  bigspammer.png Prisons updated again  era64 1251B 624
  Untitled.wma Omi's Voice  Omi 210.9K 470
  prisons.png Prisons - remake  era64 1255B 620
  KP Voice.mp3 my vioce...  KP9000 167.0K 855
  board2thing.jpg The result of the epic forum "battle" in General Chat.  Aquamancia 18.9K 490
  sma4rects2.png SMA4 editing shot 2  Kawa 4488B 1808
  sma4rects1.png SMA4 editing shot 1  Kawa 2400B 1741
  SMB3NotesV0.1.txt KP's SMB3 Notes, Version 0.1  KP9000 6125B 701
  SMA4Notes.txt Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 Notes  KP9000 41.1K 1140
  prisons.jpg Prisons  era64 2934B 706
  100_3263.JPG   Marzen 497.5K 402
  100_3259.JPG   Marzen 541.2K 498
  warpzone2.png Second Warp Zone  era64 841B 716
  roy4.png   Sukasa 308.9K 477
  roy3.png   Sukasa 222.3K 397
  roy2.png   Sukasa 142.3K 518
  roy.png   Sukasa 92.4K 454
  -4_-2.PNG   Marzen 1370B 596
  get2.png board2base room  Xeruss 726B 627
  xwidowmaker.png The Widowmaker.  Xeruss 91.9K 566
  Blobphysics.gmk A gmk of a physics-based game where you are a small eyeball.  Soul Kin 1230.8K 364
  Blob_physics.gm6 A gm6 of a physics-based game where you are a small eyeball.  Soul Kin 1217.1K 353
  cotmk1.jpg   Sukasa 34.0K 1363
  cotmk2.png   Sukasa 8207B 1453
  Level116.png   Sukasa 107.1K 568
  dawkins.jpeg You guys don't know shit about memes!  Kawa 31.3K 2035
  X1TY5Q9JTMJ346.sav GBA SRAM save file for SMA4 with unused levels in World-e  KP9000 128.0K 1137
  b2b3.png 1x2  Sukasa 69.2K 980 SMW Debug Tool  boingboingsplat 12.3K 416
  b2b2.png   Sukasa 54.6K 680
  -5_1.png -5_1  RANDY Ruler of Zexernet 8149B 876
  get.png B2B -4,-1 v1  CyclopsCaveman 4018B 895
  b2b1.png v4  Sukasa 60.0K 737
  b2b1.png v3  Sukasa 62.2K 376
  b2b1.png v2  Sukasa 61.5K 675
  whatisbump.png Graphical description of what constitutes a bump, good until next month-ish.  Kawa 4927B 421
  warp zone.png Fixed 3_-2  era64 862B 1024
  HD.gif   Marzen 576.1K 528
  egga_waffle2.png EGGA Waffle 2 pixel art  paulguy 1436B 458
  AA-00 Weap...NOBITE.fed The first weapon satellite  Acolyptor 5901B 310
  Pointer trouble.jpg a screencap of my pointer window  Trelior 100.3K 1744
  SMB3 Object Data.ods A spreadsheet with the data set information for all the placeable objects in SMB3  Trelior 11.4K 605
  Obscure (2).PNG Obscure Kingdom SMB3 hack by KP9000 (Title Screen WIP)  KP9000 6759B 1072
  MR_logo.JPG MR_logo  mickevincent 10.0K 504
  miloandotis2-3.png Milo and Otis Translation Screenshot - Ingame Pic 3  Hamtaro126 4047B 787
  miloandotis2-2.png Milo and Otis Translation Screenshot - Ingame Pic 2  Hamtaro126 3707B 780
  miloandotis2-1.png Milo and Otis Translation Screenshot - Ingame Pic 1  Hamtaro126 2399B 800
  miloandotis2-0.png Milo and Otis Translation Screenshot - Title  Hamtaro126 3111B 843
  Small samp...ogress.jpg Doki Doki Small sample of progress  Kiokuffiib11 330.4K 478
  Obscure Ki...3 Hack.PNG Obscure Kingdom SMB3 hack by KP9000 (Title Screen WIP)  KP9000 6444B 1406
  iphone_2.png iphone pixel art  paulguy 622B 441
  zbyte.txt zbyte  Stark 7143B 441
  tytybackstory.txt   Tyty 1659B 665
  Marooned!_004.png   zbyte 6443B 1027
  Marooned!_001.png SMB3 Map  zbyte 6617B 448
  Marooned!_002.png SMB3 Map Screenshot #2  zbyte 6439B 1634
  Marooned!_003.png SMB3 Map Screenshot #3  zbyte 5834B 4795
  Marooned!_003.png SMB3 Map Screenshot #3  zbyte 5834B 449
  Marooned!_002.png SMB3 Map Screenshot #2  zbyte 6439B 457
  Marooned!_001.png SMB3 Map  zbyte 6617B 454
  rickman.png hack idea  RT-55J 4892B 1031
  RabbitsVsSheep1.0.33.w3x NO, REALLY, I'M DEAD  nutman217 291.2K 321
  CastleBuil...ghland.w3x I'M STILL DEAD, FUCKER  nutman217 434.0K 374
  golfiteasy2.gif better version  Tyty 227B 563
  pangyukkuri.gif ...  Tyty 225B 570
  obamasmokes.jpeg Senators...  Kawa 48.2K 470
  makeitstop.png Make it stop!  Kawa 70.7K 613
  WTFdodongohalves.PNG Uh, guys, I think we have a problem...  James Freeman 34.1K 521
  IMG000017.jpg Entertainment Center  Marzen 5905B 507
  EMB_CRL.png   Stark 45.3K 403
  vidcon pic.png Guess where it's from.  RT-55J 2303B 563
  eversion.png Broke the Youtube player :3  Kawa 22.5K 453
  eversion.png Broke the Youtube player :3  Kawa 22.5K 431
  1244614529356.jpg Cute images thread!  Kawa 136.7K 725
  tutorial2.rar Kawa's Tutorial Series, part 2 demonstration app binaries  Kawa 48.9K 431
  tutorial2.png Kawa's Tutorial Series, part 2 demonstration app  Kawa 14.0K 2752
  fuck.gif raaaaaaawk  CyclopsCaveman 548.7K 470
  mirc colors.png   NightKev 153.2K 418
  ohboy.png Dodongo?  Kawa 30.0K 636
  Image4.png DW Font and Custom Characters  SecretChao428 4854B 423
  Perfection!.doc Perfection!.doc  Kironide 18.5K 436
  space_5.jpg   Marzen 211.4K 534
  up22signature.png   ultimatepower22 27.1K 435
  1243571937820.jpg Why do I keep posting /u/ on the cute image thread?  Kawa 56.9K 771
  Image2.png 1BPP LC_RLE 1 Fixed Width font compression  SecretChao428 8077B 913
  pokemonred_1bpp.png Pokémon Red font in 1BPP (demonstrating a point)  Kawa 36.2K 942
  pokemonred_2bpp.png Pokémon Red font in 2BPP (demonstrating a point)  Kawa 18.1K 937
  BOARD2.JET   RT-55J 506B 512
  board2jet.png picture  RT-55J 7625B 632
  quote.png   KP9000 23.3K 402
  1242423693825.jpg   Kawa 187.1K 1371
  tutorial1.rar Kawa's Tutorial Series, part 1 end result app  Kawa 43.5K 554
  tileset.png Kawa's Tutorial Series, part 1 tile set  Kawa 20.1K 623
  tutorial1_panels.png Kawa's Tutorial Series, part 1 beginning  Kawa 5364B 3150
  tutorial1.png Kawa's Tutorial Series, part 1 end result  Kawa 12.5K 3105
  RT-55J's Levels.rar 20 levels for Jetpack  RT-55J 6253B 357
  IMAGE_036.jpg Solid Kawa  Kawa 126.5K 423
  Screenshot.png   chungy 21.8K 598
  react1 small.png take that, Stark!  NightKev 54.3K 594
  reactiontime.jpg Aquamancia's reaction time pic  Aquamancia 31.0K 797
  react.png react  RT-55J 22.1K 703
  Untitled-2.gif React  Marzen 34.9K 842
  reactsmall.png Stark's reaction test thingy  NightKev 17.3K 425
  1241544633366.png It's cute!  Kawa 1254.9K 1032
  idw fix.png sigh  NightKev 67.8K 555
  get.php.png   Marzen 78.4K 604
  declaration.png   Stark 195.1K 477
  Rumianflag.png Flag of Rumia for IDW  Bukkarooo 4222B 550
  idwmap.png   Bukkarooo 69.3K 549
  idwom3.png   Kironide 198.5K 555
  idwom3.png   Kironide 198.6K 445
  declaration.png   Stark 193.4K 577
  idwom3.png   Kironide 82.0K 577
  idwom3.png   Kironide 82.7K 432
  idw.png idw map  NightKev 57.0K 535
  broken.PNG Back to the drawing board...  MathOnNapkins 11.5K 5536
  get.php.png   Marzen 57.4K 671
  get.png nother idw map  CyclopsCaveman 80.6K 428
  idwnew1.2.png Latest map - added Nectaria pop and tech areas, sea vessels  CrossTheRubicon 73.6K 541
  war.png   Kironide 80.8K 637
  war.png   Kironide 80.6K 466
  war.png   Kironide 81.4K 421
  idw13.png   Stark 56.1K 631
  idw13.png   Stark 55.1K 593
  idw13.png   Stark 55.1K 586
  idw13.png   Stark 55.0K 609
  idw13.png   Stark 55.6K 625
  idw13.png   Stark 53.7K 555
  get.php.png   Marzen 55.1K 656
  get.php.png i declare war map thing  CyclopsCaveman 77.1K 628
  idw13.png   Stark 54.3K 567
  Flag.gif Moranian Flag  Marzen 86.6K 485
  idw1.gif   Marzen 35.3K 632
  eagleland1.png   RT-55J 74.2K 605
  ideclarewar2.png EAGLE LAND  RT-55J 36.3K 437
  declaration.png   Stark 168.3K 658
  discontiguous.png   Stark 1344B 669
  Kirby Supe... Pic 3.png I'm trying to exit the room and this happened  Link13 26.2K 415
  Kirby Supe... Pic 2.png ??? what's that doing there  Link13 22.5K 465
  Kirby Supe... Pic 1.png ???  Link13 22.2K 466
  get.php.png IDW  Marzen 34.1K 669
  declaration.PNG   Stark 29.7K 651
  idw2-1.png Nectaria added (ARG)  CrossTheRubicon 21.9K 667
  SHUTUPXPCGAWD.png Seriously. :/  Tyty 29.3K 640
  IDWAAAR.jpg Go! Suwamoriya!  Tyty 178.9K 488
  idw.png map 2 of IDW  NightKev 18.4K 760
  Map 1.png Map 1 of IDW  Marzen 24.8K 802
  First Map.png I Declare War Main Map  Marzen 24.0K 854
  Small Mari...m Boom.png Mario vs. Boomboom  Link13 4653B 441
  Mario Death.png Mario death graphic  Link13 5820B 418
  Fire Mario...eballs.png Shooting some fireballs  Link13 4439B 450
  Fire Mario.png Fire Mario  Link13 4229B 466
  Climbing Up.png A Mario graphic climbing up  Link13 5582B 449
  Beta Kuribo Shoe.png A bad graphic  Link13 6179B 393
  Beta Jump Mario.png Another Pic of My GFX hack  Link13 6074B 427
  Mario.png My GFX Hack  Link13 4225B 475
  Picture 7.png itty bitty baby in an itty bitty boat  CyclopsCaveman 6153B 433
  Picture 1.png test picture for layout  CyclopsCaveman 10.6K 452
  IMAGE_035.jpg Kawa getting bothered by one of his cats while trying to work  Kawa 55.5K 423
  Koo-Aid Yeh..PNG AWW YEAAAAH!  justjake274 1110B 439
  Base room.PNG B2B Room above 404 Room 5_-1  justjake274 1430B 467
  Below SHFS.PNG B2B Room below the superhappyfunslide 4_-2  justjake274 1282B 443
  starkclamp.css starkclamp.css  Stark 1167B 20480 I'm an idiot. :x  Tyty 87.6K 354
  metroid6title[1].png in the ROM hacking page zero fission hacking, this is what i have so far  themonster's crap 112.6K 413
  IMAGE_034.jpg Kawa's dad -- not what you'd expect  Kawa 51.3K 391
  andmyaxe.jpg Kawa taking an AXE to a Dell's HD  Kawa 190.2K 463
  some thing2.txt some thing  Lunaria 27.6K 545
  some thing.txt some thing  Lunaria 9678B 441
  invisiblet...texted.jpg Invisible Toilet, pic by Optomon, text by me  Kawa 71.4K 548
  lancraft.exe nutman use this instead of war3.exe  NightKev 696.5K 408
  METAL_WOLF_CHAOS2.jpg Metal Wolf Chaos! I'm not making this up, this game ACTUALLY EXISTS.  James Freeman 20.8K 616
  2_-2.png board2base  thomascpp 835B 660
  SMB3Hack6.PNG KP9000's SMB3 Hack  KP9000 3305B 1464
  SMB3Hack5.PNG KP9000's SMB3 Hack  KP9000 6067B 1988
  SMB3Hack4.PNG KP9000's SMB3 Hack  KP9000 2548B 1408
  SMB3Hack3.PNG KP9000's SMB3 Hack  KP9000 3518B 1427
  SMB3Hack2.PNG KP9000's SMB3 Hack  KP9000 3610B 1393
  SMB3Hack1.PNG KP9000's SMB3 Hack  KP9000 8313B 1482
  13 Unbeata...eme) -.mp3 :3  green-kirby 1417.1K 736
  Hac2k.spc Intro theme! Guess where I got this from! :awesome:  green-kirby 64.5K 470
  CastleGrap...B3Hack.PNG SMB3 Hack Castle Graphics  KP9000 30.1K 1744
  CastleGrap...3Hack1.PNG SMB3 Hack Castle   KP9000 28.5K 1648
  SMscreen02.png More Dakka!  James Freeman 121.6K 715
  nutman217test.swf TEST LOL  nutman217 274.7K 437
  BattleScri...rial02.png Battle Scripting Tutorial  Waddler-D 196.2K 1283
  BattleScri...rial01.png Battle Scripting Tutorial  Waddler-D 152.1K 1269
  Mario's Re...n 0015.png Mario's Return Again - Screenshot 16  Stark 5778B 1536
  Mario's Re...n 0014.png Mario's Return Again - Screenshot 15  Stark 7016B 1491
  Mario's Re...n 0013.png Mario's Return Again - Screenshot 14  Stark 7746B 1426
  Mario's Re...n 0012.png Mario's Return Again - Screenshot 13  Stark 9.8K 1363
  Mario's Re...n 0011.png Mario's Return Again - Screenshot 12  Stark 9858B 1405
  Mario's Re...n 0010.png Mario's Return Again - Screenshot 11  Stark 9021B 1322
  Mario's Re...n 0009.png Mario's Return Again - Screenshot 10  Stark 5803B 1326
  Mario's Re...n 0008.png Mario's Return Again - Screenshot 9  Stark 7703B 1426
  Mario's Re...n 0007.png Mario's Return Again - Screenshot 8  Stark 9248B 1399
  Mario's Re...n 0006.png Mario's Return Again - Screenshot 7  Stark 6836B 1445
  Mario's Re...n 0005.png Mario's Return Again - Screenshot 6  Stark 6038B 1340
  Mario's Re...n 0004.png Mario's Return Again - Screenshot 5  Stark 3799B 1357
  Mario's Re...n 0003.png Mario's Return Again - Screenshot 4  Stark 8637B 1348
  Mario's Re...n 0002.png Mario's Return Again - Screenshot 3  Stark 9293B 1348
  Mario's Re...n 0001.png Mario's Return Again - Screenshot 2  Stark 9763B 1365
  Mario's Re...n 0000.png Mario's Return Again - Screenshot 1  Stark 6682B 1482
  newforumlogo.png   Bukkarooo 7296B 443
  NewSMB3Pla...phics1.PNG KP9000's SMB3 Hack Screenshots  KP9000 4503B 1521
  NewSMB3Pla...aphics.PNG   KP9000 4658B 1520
  tohosolitaire.png Touhou Solitaire  Kawa 14.0K 407
  yychrcpp.png YY-CHR, C++ version, proper locale  blackhole89 31.9K 675
  Dark Castl...change.PNG Palette Exchange with Mushroom Kingdom Castle Map. Looks evil and whatnot.  Elementalpowerstar 208.0K 445
  MM9   KP9000 35.4K 415
  IHateTimeTravel.png I HATE TIME TRAVEL!!  James Freeman 4732B 817
  space.jpg   Tyty 124.3K 55291
  Kaguyyyyyaaaaa.png DS  Tyty 100.2K 56141
  sig.PNG Crappy MS paint signature. I tell it like it is. Problem? Take it up with Human Resources.  Elementalpowerstar 5929B 9257
  PreviewRom 0000.bmp What happens when I enter not-functional level #131.  Elementalpowerstar 167.3K 1011
  Event Links.PNG Event links to Level 131.  Elementalpowerstar 17.7K 838
  Rest Area.PNG Level image of Rest Area- Interior Maze/Commons Area of Boss Rush SMRPG Hack. Doesn't seem to work?  Elementalpowerstar 119.2K 806
  levelData.dat Level #132 $131 of Boss Rush SMRPG hack. This level needs to modified somehow to work correctly....  Elementalpowerstar 45.6K 586
  -5_1.png -5_1  RANDY Ruler of Zexernet 7504B 994
  Battle Scripts Archive (.zip) for compatiable scripts. See "SMRPG Community Hack Thread" for further details.  Elementalpowerstar 30.4K 506
  SuperMarioW 0017.png Super Mario World: Uncharted Territory Screenshots  Waddler-D 6683B 1121
  SuperMarioW 0015.png   Waddler-D 8212B 1089
  SuperMarioW 0014.png Super Mario World: Uncharted Territory Screenshots  Waddler-D 6416B 1141
  SuperMarioW 0010.png Super Mario World: Uncharted Territory Screenshots  Waddler-D 8709B 1126
  SuperMarioW 0006.png Super Mario World: Uncharted Territory Screenshots  Waddler-D 8727B 1135
  untitled.JPG   Marzen 122.6K 584
  Digimon.spc Updated.  green-kirby 64.5K 760
  thepain.png   Sukasa 39.9K 387
  Hexadecimal.png The Editors  Waddler-D 138.3K 22361
  Editor3.png The Editors  Waddler-D 175.3K 22054
  Editor2.png The Editors  Waddler-D 133.3K 22053
  Editor1-3.png The Editors  Waddler-D 121.3K 21983
  Editor1-2.png The Editors  Waddler-D 136.4K 22101
  Editor1-1.png The Editors  Waddler-D 156.3K 22377
  smrpggrassstairs.png   Sukasa 4226B 445
  WALL-E and...Skiing.rtf WALL-E and John McCain Go Skiing (based on a true story)  RT-55J 13.1K 581
  Digimon.spc fixed  Arbe 21B 478
  Digimon - ...reamer.mid ^ but midi  green-kirby 7915B 447
  Digimon.spc :o  green-kirby 64.5K 463
  Picture 11.jpg KOOL AID  KP9000 623.7K 384
  nowplaying.txt Now Playing sample PHP code from file.  Kawa 886B 450
  Crossover.doc ‭Snake and Samus in: The Battle For Metal Gear (part 1!)  Marzen 103.6K 1122
  Naruto + N...ttlers.rtf   Stark 12.1K 683
  frontpage'98.png   Sukasa 233.2K 412
  Naruto + N...ttlers.odt Naruto and the NBA: Rise of the Basketbattlers  Stark 22.8K 838
  st_moon.bin You guessed it... another Brawl stage.  boingboingsplat 8080B 459
  st_mushroom.bin Another Brawl Stage  boingboingsplat 10.2K 559
  st_pillar.bin Brawl stage made with Stage Studio  boingboingsplat 4864B 717
  SMRPGRemix0010.PNG Super Mario RPG Remix Screenshots  Waddler-D 17.1K 15277
  SMRPGRemix0009.PNG Super Mario RPG Remix Screenshots  Waddler-D 18.1K 15386
  SMRPGRemix0008.PNG Super Mario RPG Remix Screenshots  Waddler-D 18.5K 15382
  SMRPGRemix0007.PNG Super Mario RPG Remix Screenshots  Waddler-D 30.2K 15526
  SMRPGRemix0006.PNG Super Mario RPG Remix Screenshots  Waddler-D 28.9K 15457
  SMRPGRemix0004.PNG Super Mario RPG Remix Screenshots  Waddler-D 23.4K 15575
  SMRPGRemix0003.PNG Super Mario RPG Remix Screenshots  Waddler-D 25.4K 450
  SMRPGRemix0002.PNG Super Mario RPG Remix Screenshots  Waddler-D 17.6K 15500
  SMRPGRemix0001.PNG Super Mario RPG Remix Screenshots  Waddler-D 39.0K 15570
  issuse.png radios...  Xeruss 387.9K 598
  frontban.png Banner for frontpage  Tyty 39.1K 427
  vista-bash-on-7.png Vista's BASH on Windows 7  chungy 22.5K 674
  Toys-smaller.JPG Bass's new toy  Lenina 520.3K 613
  blizzard man.spc Blizzard man's theme! :3 from megaman 6  green-kirby 64.5K 628
  FF6LE_2009...400src.rar FF6LE source  giangurgolo 316.4K 906
  FF6LE_2009...112659.rar FF6LE binary  giangurgolo 169.1K 4723
  mm maverick revenge6.JPG mm revenge 6  mickevincent 46.3K 1133
  mm maverick revenge5.JPG mm revenge 5  mickevincent 81.8K 1245
  mm maverick revenge4.JPG mm maverick revenge 4  mickevincent 87.2K 1185
  mm maverick revenge3.JPG mm revenge 3  mickevincent 120.0K 1120
  mm maverick revenge2.JPG mm  mickevincent 108.8K 1142
  mm maverick revenge1.JPG MM Revenge1  mickevincent 56.2K 1156 alternate mario64 extender (cellar dweller) + windows binary  messiaen 62.2K 492 mml2m64 v0.1b  messiaen 78.9K 418
  MD5Hasher.rar MD5 File Hasher  Omega45889 4312B 1142
  FF6LE_2009...00_src.rar FF6LE SRC - Final Fantasy 6 Level Editor Source Code  Omega45889 640.9K 917
  FF6LE_2009...193500.rar FF6LE - Final Fantasy 6 Level Editor  Omega45889 103.2K 1610
  Christmas ...aller).JPG bass does it  Lenina 505.1K 756
  xmassig.PNG new christmas sig  Arbe 54.7K 917
  fucking rules!.jpg japan  nutman217 107.7K 609
  hurrrr.jpg creepy dawg  nutman217 93.8K 571
  engrish.jpg engrish  nutman217 187.7K 683
  Sonic A txt and SPC for insert into SMW  green-kirby 38.3K 409
  Disturbing...aller).JPG Christmas gift  Lenina 502.8K 762
  Photo0087.jpg D:  Flan 209.8K 421
  test.spc sonic D:  green-kirby 64.5K 484
  Screenshot.png What I am doing  RANDY Ruler of Zexernet 174.7K 838
  nutman-217.PNG Battleships Forever!  nutman217 61.3K 3487
  easter bunny.JPG what i'm doing  Lenina 239.1K 759
  Gun Hawk.png When I said "Use more gun", this wasn't what I had in mind.  James Freeman 23.0K 575
  Knave gunship.png The Knave Gunship  James Freeman 23.0K 543
  G3 Goblin.png G3 Goblin light fighter  James Freeman 21.6K 512
  Ares (1).png SPORE UFO: Ares heavy fighter  James Freeman 26.7K 518
  adoptedyay.png layout picture shhh  Tyty 54.4K 938
  mc.png   Arbe 732B 420
  board2baseroom2.png Room -4_4  Komaru 1007B 1556
  thinkpad.png   Kironide 50.8K 443
  positron boss positron boss rush  plasma 187.3K 919
  -1_-2_v2.png Room -1, -2 (Improvement)  CrossTheRubicon 1877B 1654
  f6fix.png   Sukasa 1193B 1259
  f4fix.png   Sukasa 926B 439
  -5_2.png   Sukasa 880B 1218
  -7_3.PNG Levesque's Fourth Board2Base contribution.  Levesque 467B 731
  life-is-living-you1.jpg   Sukasa 24.0K 725
  -6_3.PNG Levesque's Fifth Board2Base contribution.   Levesque 694B 1106
  samusunderwater.png komau board2base image  Komaru 797B 1617
  nemesis.jpg nemesis  plasma 198.9K 991
  tiny nemesis.jpg tiny nemesis  plasma 199.1K 880
  ice laser.jpg ice laser  plasma 212.7K 827
  disruptor.JPG disruptor  plasma 185.8K 742
  cyclop y2k.jpg cyclop y2k  plasma 178.2K 739
  amonite nova.jpg amonite nova  plasma 221.0K 857
  -7_2.PNG Levesque's Third Board2Base contribution.   Levesque 596B 896
  -6_2.PNG Levesque's Second Board2Base contribution.   Levesque 1094B 896
  -4_2.png Levesque's First Board2Base contribution.   Levesque 873B 1828
  posts.png   Sukasa 1690B 790
  gm_flatgrass0025.jpg   Sukasa 146.5K 605
  404room.png   Sukasa 957B 1425
  kasaspace1.png   Sukasa 6255B 1471
  isntant.png   Sukasa 523.0K 1087
  kasaspace1.jpg   Sukasa 2103B 440
  right now.png donk again  Arbe 602.9K 682
  ircfixed.png   Sukasa 1069B 1392
  5_0.png bonk  Arbe 1092B 956
  Grunty (small).JPG Grunty  Lenina 528.5K 432
  -4_-4&-3_-3.png -4_-4 through -3_-3  KP9000 4039B 2027
  stretch.png Stretching.  blackhole89 30.0K 420
  hacking.PNG A room  Dr. Hell 1632B 887
  -3_3.png   Sukasa 778B 1476
  Funtime (small).JPG Funtime with Bass & Lenina  Lenina 504.6K 474
  6_0.png 6_0  Stark 2582B 1824
  -5_2.png   Sukasa 867B 720
  -5_2.png   Sukasa 868B 420
  Tunnel Entry 1_-3.PNG   nutman217 757B 1874
  staffroom.png Staff room, now with posters.   Tyty 37.6K 1580
  ishopstart.png   Sukasa 1245B 1993
  GIGADRILLCANNON.png   Tyty 7726B 416
  snapshot20...010639.jpg Sickly little sister...  Kawa 46.2K 1101
  lolibeauty.jpg   Marzen 107.0K 1193
  First Snow...09 (1).JPG so cute  Lenina 243.1K 1063
  First Snow...05 (1).JPG   Lenina 491.9K 1048
  First Snow...02 (1).JPG   Lenina 261.6K 1088
  scar2.JPG moreof me 2  Lenina 461.2K 1081
  scar1.JPG more of me  Lenina 531.9K 1113
  scar1.JPG more of me  Lenina 531.9K 438
  Andrea at ...hrunk).JPG picture of me  Lenina 434.9K 1066
  lolibeauty2.jpg Loli, yaaay  Marzen 69.5K 780
  metalgearh...fiti'd.PNG Here, Marzen  nutman217 4224B 2035
  b4.png   Sukasa 1621B 1639
  1_5.png b2b 1 5  RT-55J 1592B 2077
  armory B3.PNG   nutman217 1155B 1899
  throneroom.png   Sukasa 1603B 1650
  throneroom.png   Sukasa 1562B 403
  -2_-4.png board2base -2 -4  CrossTheRubicon 521B 2254
  b2room.PNG executive decisions room  setz 1535B 819
  armory B2.PNG Armory B.2  nutman217 1443B 1671
  fixedb1.png   Sukasa 1238B 1668
  blank armory.PNG Blank armory  nutman217 596B 871
  armory.PNG Armory B.1 fixed  nutman217 1178B 413
  Metal Gear.PNG   Marzen 4058B 1235
  fixedb0.png   Sukasa 1314B 1673
  fixedb0.png   Sukasa 2732B 422
  hangerfixed.png   Sukasa 1093B 1735
  b2r.png   Sukasa 1125B 1707
  b2r.png   Sukasa 1125B 406
  beamgun.png   Sukasa 902B 2196
  loli1.jpg Loli, yaaay  Marzen 82.9K 781
  -3_4.PNG   boingboingsplat 832B 2275
  0_6.PNG DO-OVER!  Marzen 1367B 2280
  B2B_fighter.PNG B2B fightercraft. Ordanance from left to right: Homing missle, Hornet Swarmers, pulse gun bolt, MESER bolt  James Freeman 874B 651
  -1_-4.png board2base -1 -4  Cellar Dweller 5830B 2009
  beamcannon.png   Sukasa 1464B 453
  sao.png   Sukasa 1339B 462
  armory.PNG A complete armory  nutman217 1179B 776
  F-1.png   Sukasa 1062B 2044
  nicefleet.png   Sukasa 665B 2108
  Smiley2.PNG   Marzen 1172B 2092
  Nutman large room.jpg redo of Nutman's Security Hole. Fixed for good, bitches.  Marzen 3396B 785 ffff  chungy 807.0K 543
  b2base_c_r1.png board2base  Laplace's Demon 3449B 2190
  getmidori.png   chungy 16.6K 28975
  Securityholeroom.PNG FINALLY FIXED  nutman217 3342B 927
  -1_-3.PNG   boingboingsplat 1157B 2281
  0_6.PNG   Marzen 1353B 1326
  0_5.png board2base 0,5, goes to the right of the matrix room by nutman.  Bukkarooo 1642B 2224
  1_4.PNG   boingboingsplat 803B 2310
  3_-1.png board2base room 3.-1, emoticon storage room (v2)  Kawa 756B 2548
  -4_1.PNG   boingboingsplat 910B 2458
  -6_3.PNG Floating island clone whoo  Marzen 7966B 1009
  4_2.png board2base room 4.2, Pokémon Hacking (this room condemned)  Kawa 889B 2587
  -2_-1.png board2base room -2.-3, floating island  Kawa 526B 2479
  -1_-2.png Room -1, -2  CrossTheRubicon 1678B 1978
  3-4_5-4.png   KP9000 2556B 2574
  a2.png   Sukasa 1337B 2584
  3_3.PNG 3_3  Stark 824B 2637
  4_3.png 4_3  Stark 888B 2638
  3_4.png 3_4  Stark 501B 2661
  widehall.png   Sukasa 2196B 2630
  adminbig.png   Sukasa 19.4K 1553
  adminbig.jpg   Sukasa 7337B 364
  ioncannon.png   Sukasa 1790B 2659
  ioncannon.png   Sukasa 1758B 429
  ioncannon.png   Sukasa 1743B 819
  3_2.png   Sukasa 684B 2714
  Cleanup.jpg ???  Tyty 206.5K 449
  staff.png Updated staff room  blackhole89 19.3K 854
  4_2.png MUSHROOOOOOOM  Tyty 3942B 2798
  -1_1.PNG redo!  Marzen 774B 2899
  adminmap.png   Sukasa 2065B 2809
  -2_1.PNG   boingboingsplat 748B 2895
  -3_1.PNG   boingboingsplat 746B 2919
  admins.png   Sukasa 1767B 1083
  -2_-2.png -2_-2  blackhole89 1122B 2889
  -3_2.PNG   boingboingsplat 938B 2898
  2_2.png LOL BLOOD  Tyty 4770B 2915
  Adult.PNG hope you enjoy my contribution  Lenina 310.6K 420
  Adult.bmp   Lenina 1390.6K 537
  -1_3.PNG   nutman217 906B 3082
  1_2.png 1_2 v2  blackhole89 1080B 3027
  0_1_tyty.png fix'd it too  Tyty 3919B 413
  0_2_tyty.png fix'd it  Tyty 4128B 409
  0_-3.png 0_-3  blackhole89 913B 3032
  -2_3.PNG   boingboingsplat 891B 3082
  -1_-1_.PNG   boingboingsplat 890B 3137
  -1_1.PNG   Marzen 842B 1090
  -1_-1.PNG   boingboingsplat 2417B 407
  -3_-1.png   Sukasa 836B 3208
  Room-4_0.PNG B2B -4_0  James Freeman 1029B 1984
  0_4.PNG   nutman217 906B 3258
  -2_2.png   Sukasa 1040B 3290
  -2_2.jpg   Sukasa 2415B 400
  -1_2.PNG   boingboingsplat 1048B 4323
  0_3.png   Sukasa 614B 4353
  0_2_.PNG   boingboingsplat 737B 4370
  -3_0.PNG Board2Base -3_0  Marzen 678B 4437
  -2_-1.png   Sukasa 666B 4806
  0_-1.PNG   nutman217 885B 4913
  -1_0.png hax  Arbe 1183B 4592
  -1_0.PNG board2base  boingboingsplat 1133B 439
  0_2.png rofl  chungy 710B 6096
  0_1.png dongs  Arbe 870B 6140
  starter.png   Sukasa 379B 2292
  0_0.png Starting image for board2base  Sukasa 1140B 6595
  1228174851363.jpg moe thread submission numbah wan  Laplace's Demon 356.9K 891
  Desktop.JPG DISASTER DESKTOP  nutman217 257.5K 694
  heucrash.rar Crash report information for Hacker Evolution Untold (not board2 related)]  Sukasa 431.0K 566
  heavyyagami.png keikaku doori  blackhole89 484.6K 838
  ohdear2.jpg same joke. TWICE.  Arbe 661.5K 828
  ohdear.jpg it could work for you!  Arbe 825.1K 1611
  yagamis.png   Sukasa 4580B 383
  tytydisplaypic.png MSN display pic.  Tyty 23.3K 443
  lolroots.png Three roots.  blackhole89 14.1K 595
  beefsteak.png RT-55J's Desktop  RT-55J 1151.0K 513
  KP-Desktop3.PNG THREE TIMES.  KP9000 589.7K 901
  KP-Desktop2.PNG lern2read  KP9000 673.3K 848
  KP-Desktop1.PNG look at the title of the file, you fuck  KP9000 625.8K 911
  syms.txt Symbols for use with n64_dis_0.01.tar.gz  Cellar Dweller 12.0K 943
  n64_dis_0.01.tar.gz (another) SM64 disassembler  Cellar Dweller 18.3K 568
  SM Hack Terminology.txt SM Hack Terminology  FirePhoenix0 8080B 647
  b2m2.png MASTURB...MASTARPEECE  nutman217 19.2K 607
  lololol.PNG even more masterpiece  boingboingsplat 16.9K 651
  underscore.png   KP9000 2847B 403
  edit_white.png   KP9000 2863B 416
  b2m2.png yes  nutman217 12.3K 667
  icon icons, duh.  KP9000 30.1K 430
  b2m6.png   Sukasa 16.7K 636
  b2m2.png M-A-S-T-A-R-P-E-E-C  nutman217 12.8K 705
  asfasf.PNG more masterpiece  boingboingsplat 12.2K 714
  megaman2.ns1 mega man 2 save stat  green-kirby 6588B 514 Board2 Nostalgia theme  KP9000 440.4K 409
  b2m2.png BETTER MASTARPEC  nutman217 13.8K 751
  b2m5.png   Sukasa 13.3K 730
  stuff.PNG inappropriately named  Arbe 13.0K 636
  b2m4.png   Sukasa 12.1K 644
  Picture 1.png :(  Zem 33.7K 419
  b2m2.png MOAR MASTARPEEC  nutman217 12.3K 677
  b2m2.png TRUE MASTARPEEC  nutman217 10.9K 816
  Controls.txt Techno-Sylph Short Manual  CrossTheRubicon 6448B 645
  1.png better than yours  Arbe 12.2K 819
  next.png masterpiece thread  NightKev 10.7K 835
  get.php.png Vroom.  Levesque 11.1K 847
  b2m3.png   Sukasa 10.4K 849
  onozKaiby.png Another addition to the grand masterpiece  Tyty 9.8K 868
  masterpiece.PNG lolmasterpiece  boingboingsplat 9846B 846
  cloudb.png Fix'd  RT-55J 8689B 821
  cloud.png It's just like SMB!  RT-55J 4346B 899
  b2m2.png   Sukasa 11.1K 396
  b2m2.png   Sukasa 6496B 426
  b2m2.png   Sukasa 6496B 963
  lol.PNG lili  KP9000 4056B 906
  dfsucfort.jpg DF Succession fort embark info  Sukasa 67.7K 725
  masterpiece2.png Creating a masterpiece, #2.  blackhole89 3573B 999
  mockup.jpg   Sukasa 179.0K 408
  rhexample.jpg   Sukasa 25.5K 420
  ownt.jpg   Sukasa 12.2K 428
  EMW.spc Final Fantasy adventure main theme  green-kirby 64.5K 463
  EMW.spc Rules  green-kirby 64.5K 499
  Promo.doc Storm Burner Promo pack  James Freeman 393.0K 615
  2000bomb.png 2000!  blackhole89 86.8K 747
  in_cube.dll   Sukasa 100.0K 442
  SMWC SMWC SMILE Workshop #1 Materials  FirePhoenix0 1088.5K 840
  MR.JPG   mickevincent 147.7K 417
  after 2.JPG Maverick Revenge, bug? 3  mickevincent 112.5K 435
  after.JPG Maverick Revenge, bug?   mickevincent 99.0K 440
  before.JPG Maverick Revenge, bug?  mickevincent 111.2K 435
  constipated.gif Constipation  Xeruss 164B 949
  NewSig3.png CDII Banner  tt87 22.3K 1098
  Screenie.PNG Desktop Screencap  tt87 969.1K 558 Cubes  Raccoon Sam 29.0K 496
  lol.gfx lol  green-kirby 8192B 534
  smw.spc bomber man land   green-kirby 64.5K 703
  blast master level 1.spc blast master level 1  green-kirby 64.5K 758
  Kirby Bloc...evel 1.spc kirby block ball.. level 1  green-kirby 64.5K 582
  capture.mid Old composition (2001)  messiaen 58.5K 579
  11.txt number 11  green-kirby 1725B 597
  smw.spc OverWorldTune  green-kirby 64.5K 554
  res.pdf resume  Flan 33.6K 582
  newextender-0.02.tar.gz Alternate Super Mario 64 Extender  Cellar Dweller 23.6K 540
  sm64notes_...529.tar.gz Super Mario 64 Notes (May 29, 2008)  Cellar Dweller 157.2K 653
  Metwoid.pdf Metroid papercraft  Raccoon Sam 343.3K 676
  untitled.PNG so bh can you read that text?  NightKev 6518B 477
  YI pal YI palette and plenty of GFX recolours. Use them for YI hacks.  Reini 176.8K 607 Flat Lava Land v0.2 - by messiaen  Cellar Dweller 36.4K 565
  s2mw.spc mm7 cut mans stage  green-kirby 64.5K 633
  board2 board2 template package 7/13/08  KP9000 21.3K 639
  board2.ico board2 favicon actual omg icon  KP9000 1406B 514
  favicon.png board2 favicon  KP9000 365B 449
  EMW.spc gold/silver cave  green-kirby 64.5K 470
  xerussjoke.png me! :D  Xeruss 9965B 916
  Isaactest.png avatar go  NightKev 2068B 457
  Image2.png   smkdan 5540B 467
  Cryshi2.spc Cryshi main theme update!  green-kirby 64.5K 524
  Cryshi.spc Cryshi main theme  green-kirby 64.5K 515
  p2.PNG   smkdan 23.9K 475
  p1.PNG   smkdan 24.7K 493
  current territory2.png   knuck 189.7K 615
  current territory1.png   knuck 190.7K 670
  SM64Behaviors.txt VL-Tone's SM64 behavior doc (with LF line endings)  Cellar Dweller 163.6K 682
  territory_only.png   knuck 20.4K 614
  current_territory.png   knuck 191.1K 585
  IDWMap-next_mine.PNG   knuck 252.9K 811
  IDWMap-next.png   Sukasa 509.5K 1035
  IDWMap-next.png   Sukasa 507.9K 952
  Super Metroid.zs1 SM Savestate  FirePhoenix0 275.8K 521
  Nuts & Milk (J).nes nom nom test  Omi 24.0K 614
  IDWMap-round1done.png   Sukasa 491.3K 1000
  godotmap.bmp I DECLARE WAR!  Omi 65.5K 1084
  IDWMap-claims.png   Arbe 239.7K 2619
  territorylater copy.png   knuck 12.3K 909
  territorylater copy.jpg   knuck 93.6K 940
  IDWMap-claims.png   Sukasa 476.8K 847
  IDWMap-claims.png   Sukasa 478.3K 2583
  IDWMap-claims.png   Sukasa 471.9K 2894
  IDWMap-Original.png   Sukasa 469.6K 1029
  idwmap-end2.png FUCK YOU PIEGUY  Laplace's Demon 57.3K 966
  shion-gjh-end.png GAME AVER (part deux)  Laplace's Demon 350.1K 654
  idwmap-end.png GAME AVER  Laplace's Demon 71.5K 687
  arbelayout.css ACTUAL awesome multi quote layout. Other one had wrong background link.  Arbe 2815B 33087
  darkeab.png Post background for awesome layout.  Arbe 294.9K 26708
  boingbasedlayout.css Awesome multi quote layout.  Arbe 2789B 506
  jokeland3.png Plutonium deposits secured  RT-55J 23.3K 702
  jokeland2.png Operation Disco Inferno - Step 1  RT-55J 23.1K 805
  starlight.png   Laplace's Demon 203.0K 1957
  illusiongalaxy.png   Laplace's Demon 121.5K 2268
  shion-cer.png IDW, again. BECAUSE PIEGUY IS A FUCKING ASSHOLE  Laplace's Demon 402.7K 835
  jokeland.png Claiming territory.  RT-55J 18.7K 688
  idwmap-act2.png   Laplace's Demon 39.9K 672
  shion-gjh-act2.png   Laplace's Demon 362.2K 697
  shion-gjh-act1.png   Laplace's Demon 344.7K 759
  idwmap.png   Laplace's Demon 31.2K 683
  shion-gjh.png I Declare War!  Laplace's Demon 335.4K 784
  Extra mario world.ips a crappy hack some mate wanted me to uppload  green-kirby 329.4K 546
  aleth.png lol boss picture again lol  Laplace's Demon 67.6K 2175
  akasha.png boss picture lol  Laplace's Demon 202.9K 2168
  galaxy_02.bmp test  NightKev 65.1K 682
  test.html Fix for PSlugworth  knuck 1959B 618
  Akido.fed Akido Battlemaster Mk I  NightKev 7632B 968
  SML2.txt SML2 tilemap structure and addresses  Raccoon Sam 5982B 683
  30.txt The txt file for "Sammers rock.spc" (the file above this one) enjoy!  green-kirby 2389B 664
  Sammers rock.spc Sammers kingdom. With a bit rocking in it, or some thing. >_>  green-kirby 64.5K 544
  out2.jpg $2 bill for  chungy 144.4K 730
  jimmy52905s_verdicts.txt Jimmy52905's verdicts.  pieguy1732 2422B 815
  alastors_verdicts.txt Alastor's verdicts.  pieguy1732 8755B 792
  ailures_verdicts.txt Ailure's verdicts.  pieguy1732 1684B 739
  pieguy1372s_verdicts.txt pieguy1372's verdicts.  pieguy1732 8614B 720
  tmspec.xml Oswan palette support  Raccoon Sam 11.2K 620
  Gradius 3 ... and 1.rar Gradius 3 save stats... NO I AM NOT ABUSING THE UPLOADER!  green-kirby 202.7K 554
  Zanarkand.spc Zanarkand from FF10 (FF X) Sounds a bit crapy since I can't make it slower  green-kirby 64.5K 663
  Gradius3 level intro.spc Gradius 3 level intro! Ported to SMW by Green-Kirby/Crys!  green-kirby 64.5K 648
  Bubble Bobble medium.spc bubble bobble song for SMW in SPC format  green-kirby 64.5K 653
  shellkicker cavern.zmv OH GOD IT'S HORRIBLE.  Stark 263.9K 723
  levelcontest.ips for the level contest  Sukasa 76.8K 702
  Chousensha.txt Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chousensha translation document. Still incomplete.  Raccoon Sam 1838B 771
  DonkeyKong...kHACK).rar DonkeyKong2DEMO (NutsnMilk hack & docs)  elbobelo 11.8K 894
  gameover.wav what have you done  knuck 677.8K 605
  Mega Man demo  mickevincent 353.2K 2913
  Mega Man some more pictures  mickevincent 352.2K 2804
  Mega Man demo pictures  mickevincent 184.6K 558
  dnd.png DnD compass  blackhole89 4733B 745
  NirtoError.png Nitro Explorer 2.0 reror!  roxahris 11.4K 6303
  pcgraphpng.php.png poli compass  Silvershield 2816B 721
  X1.GIF StarFox SNES Title Screen (testing lol)  tt87 7265B 806
  stokes.PNG Stoke's Theorem  Flan 5972B 553
  arrbite.cfg odd sprite  x1372 40B 684
  arrbite.asm odd sprite  x1372 23.3K 674
  0oglitch2.ips I made some changes but the glitch is still happening.  tt87 455.9K 650
  0oglitch.ips The IPS of WoC-TNC that contains custom music, used to determine where I went wrong!  tt87 455.8K 677
  trip.ips IPS for trip's music update  x1372 115.3K 642 This is smwedit's YI Wild Piranha plant version 2.0.   Reini 24.9K 589 This is smwedit's YI Wild Piranha plant version 2.0.   Reini 24.9K 669 Pokemon Prism- Beta 2 (By Koolboyman)  Luigi-San 232.6K 4351 YI arrow lift sprite  smwedit 24.6K 678
  nextenderss.png SM64 extender screenshot  Cellar Dweller 25.4K 608 a more choppy version of the chomp rock that doesn't use dynamic video memory updating  smwedit 11.4K 682 chomp rock custom sprite, may still have some bugs  smwedit 16.0K 648 a custom sprite - flopsy fish  smwedit 13.5K 645 Mirroring some custom sprites.  blackhole89 23.7K 788 SM SFI fixed patch  FirePhoenix0 251.9K 1301 MegaFLE X 0.5 (tsa table bugfix)  Matrixz 219.7K 714 MegaFLE X 0.5 with runtime (tsa table bugfix)  Matrixz 1212.0K 1005
  foeaaa.png Foe À^åÀ^åÀ  blackhole89 14.5K 2390 MegaFLE X 0.5  Matrixz 220.4K 600 MegaFLE X 0.5 with runtime  Matrixz 1212.6K 662
  yy-chr.exe YY-CHR.  blackhole89 137.7K 757
  aurical.pdf my handwriting  Flan 15.0K 904
  nom.bmp OM NOM NOM  Flan 269.2K 1026
  Philip K. ... Sheep.pdf another ebook lol  Sneak Imp 455.8K 1810
  J.D. Salin...he Rye.pdf the classic manual of death  Sneak Imp 542.3K 688
  A Quick In...aripov.pdf Tensor Analysis  Flan 450.5K 648
  dues irae.jpg It's an ebook lol.  Sneak Imp 136.1K 714
  0405323v1.pdf Linear Algebra  Flan 963.5K 1208
  calc03.pdf Calculus on Manifolds  Flan 255.4K 740
  FAKE_MSX.ROM It is a mystery! Taken from Salamander Portable, and put here for no reason.  roxahris 1280B 761

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