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This was just a little side project I was working on for fun. This is the first complete ROM hack I've ever posted, so please critique if anything is wrong.

The Legend of Zelda Font Mod is a ROM hack of the PRG0 version of Zelda 1 that not only redraws the entire font to a more archaic style, but also re-translates and rewrites most of the script. Not only are most lines based on the original Japanese version, but also has a few additions from the English version and even a few made by me, in order to make a perfectly fine Zelda 1 experience, without grammatical errors, or cryptic/useless hints. The folder includes a Readme and 4 patches:
-FontModStandalone, which is the Font and Translation, alongside a few other additions, like Snarf's automap and a few aesthetic changes, to enhance the experience a bit (other changes are in Readme)
-FontModAddendum, which is the Font and Translation, nothing else (for usage on other ROM hacks).
-FontModUntranslated, which is just the Font (in case you want to use this on a text-edited ROM hack).
-FontModTranslationOnly, which is just the Translation (in case you find the font unappealing).

Hope you enjoy it!

Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CxWEMwgJbsKFNPxMj_FH2_K8RBPCL7fM/view?usp=sharing


Credit to Snarfblam for the automap patch.

Any questions? Critiques? Suggestions? Leave a reply below!

Hey there

Main - ROM Hacking Related Releases - Legened of Zelda - Font Mod New thread | New reply

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