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Posted on 02-01-18 11:58 PM Link | Quote | ID: 166155

Level: 36

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Since: 08-16-10

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Latest version: 1-0
Original ROM CRC-32: 777AAC2F

Inspired by the movie CUBE, this hack was made as one giant dungeon, which has 10x10 Hyrule Magic rooms. Thus the entire game is one big dungeon, which you need to solve in one sitting and no deaths. Can you do it? Can you find the exit?

This is a short hack, which will sometimes force you to think hard before you will be able to progress, but for the most part is still on par with the difficulty of the original game, with hints when special tricks are needed to progress.

Note: Because of the sheer size of this dungeon with 100 rooms and because of the possibility of extensive backtracking, the progression was intentionally made to be linear and thus survival/puzzle oriented, rather than exploration oriented.

Download IPS PATCH (Cube v1-0)

Download README on how to use the patch (Cube v1-0)

This game is compatible with:
All PC emulators for Windows, Linux, Mac; SNES emus for PSP, Wii, DS; flashcart, powerpack, sd2snes, repro carts, SNES clones, such as Game doctor; online SNES emulators etc; and even Zelda3 editors, such as Hyrule Magic, zcompress, YYchr etc.

Original ROM file info (to patch the IPS to):
Name: Legend of Zelda, The - A link to the past [!]
Region: US
Header: No header
Size: 1.024 KB
Extension: SMC
File CRC-32: 777AAC2F
Rom  CRC-32: 777AAC2F
File MD5: 608C22B8FF930C62DC2DE54BCD6EBA72
Rom  MD5: 608C22B8FF930C62DC2DE54BCD6EBA72

Do Not patch to other ROMs or headered ROMs.

Posted on 02-02-18 10:12 PM Link | Quote | ID: 166157

Nipper Plant
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Since: 11-25-08
From: Germany - Rheinlandpfalz - Wittlich - Zur Phillippsburg 25

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Strange... Wasn't it called the Zelda3 IQ Test at one point?

I was a prisoner enclosed in the void, were everything might end up just as myself.
There I was called the death in the void, but after a long sleep my drill was ready to pierce the void.
I came back... to guide those who are in doubt and to crush any corrupted mind.
"Just who in the hell do you think I am?!".

Posted on 02-02-18 11:05 PM Link | Quote | ID: 166158

Level: 36

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EXP: 289654
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Since: 08-16-10

Last post: 318 days
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Posted by Thanatos-Zero
Strange... Wasn't it called the Zelda3 IQ Test at one point?

Not really, these are separate projects.
You see, the IQ hack has a lot less rooms. Definitely not 100, like the Cube.

All together these are 4 separate small projects/hacks.

Here's the list:
1.) IQ test hack (last version is 2-1)
Initial version of the IQ hack.

2.) IQ test remodel
Remodeled IQ test, so that all rooms are easier to solve.
(For average players)

3.) IQ test Revenge of the Einstein
A separate version of IQ with different rooms, a lot different to solve from the Original IQ and Remodel.
Only the most difficult puzzles were selected, some even remodeled further to be just a little more difficult (from what was already very difficult). Some very difficult puzzles from the Conker hack were also included here.

4.) Cube hack
A completely separate hack, which doesn't corespond to IQ at all, aside a very small amount of rooms, but those were mostly mirrored vertically or horizontally with PAL and GFX changed to bring in a new twist.

And here are the Patches for all the above, if you are interested:

Posted on 02-07-18 08:39 PM Link | Quote | ID: 166163

Giant Paratroopa
Level: 73

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Since: 02-19-07
From: Long Island City, NY

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When I get back from my appointment, I'm gonna have to give this hack a spin. It looks really cool...

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