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Posted on 01-14-18 01:46 PM Link | Quote | ID: 166102

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This looks like it'll be a game changer.


Posted on 01-15-18 12:41 AM Link | Quote | ID: 166103

Fuzz Ball
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You ain't kiddin.

My mind was blown watching that video.

On one hand I think this is incredibly awesome. On the other hand though, I feel like the web would start getting saturated with crappy fan games.

I'm assuming one would still be allowed to put their own code in. Because if they can't, that would kinda suck.

I think the concept is neat, but at the same time, I feel like in a few years after its release, would it even matter anymore if your game was for the NES, if everyone was doing it?

...But what I will say, is that they are absolutely right about the development time without their special kit.

That small Megaman homebrew engine demo I released, although how small it was in scale, took SO MUCH work to do.

Very interesting though.

Thanks for posting this Nah.

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Posted on 01-15-18 08:47 AM Link | Quote | ID: 166104

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This is something I would look forward to seeing. I dont know how to make NES games, but if this can happen, maybe I can for once! I hope it happens.

Posted on 01-15-18 05:22 PM Link | Quote | ID: 166105

Fuzz Ball
Level: 62

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Since: 09-30-07

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Based on this news, I decided that if this kit winds up not being as good as it can be, in the future, when I return to homebrew development, I will create my own programs to assist in development. Whether this kit will be good or not, I admire the innovation behind it.

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Posted on 01-16-18 05:27 PM Link | Quote | ID: 166108

Unlimited ban evasion works
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Looks pretty neat! I see it has raised £38,660 so far, and does anyone know of any development progress so far?

Posted on 01-30-18 02:54 AM Link | Quote | ID: 166152

Red Goomba
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I can't wait to make an NES game from scratch!

Posted on 02-14-18 10:31 PM Link | Quote | ID: 166227

Red Goomba
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Looks like a scam

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