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Posted on 10-09-17 04:01 AM (rev. 4 of 10-09-17 04:34 AM) Link | Quote | ID: 165945

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I needed a break from writing my master's thesis, and at the same time, I suddenly came to think of this: Why has no one hacked the NES version of Tetris to include the well known music A from the Game Boy version? At least I think no one has.

Of course, I then had to try to do it myself. The music data was relatively simple so this only took me a couple of hours. It replaces the original NES Music A (Dance Of The Sugarplum Fairy).

Download here

In the future there's a small chance I'll remake music C as well, edit music B to be closer to the GB version and then release it on RHDN, but for now, this is all I can share with you. It's not much of a release compared to 'real' ROM hacks, but I guess it's better than nothing, eh?

Have fun!

Posted on 10-09-17 04:42 AM Link | Quote | ID: 165946

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I wonder if someone will do this with Tengen Tetris sometime.


Posted on 10-23-18 10:59 PM Link | Quote | ID: 166583

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Is there any way you can make a version of this compatible with infidelity's Tetris Zero hack? I've tried applying your patch on top of his hack, but it still remains Sugar Plum Fairy. Then I tried applying his hack on top of yours, but it had the same result.

Posted on 12-01-18 09:28 PM Link | Quote | ID: 166751

Giant Paratroopa
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This is most gangsta.

Main - ROM Hacking Related Releases - NES Tetris with Music A from the Game Boy version New thread | New reply

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