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Posted on 05-28-17 10:50 PM Link | Quote | ID: 165647

Fuzz Ball
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Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Mega Man series with a remaster of the first game that started it all!

Mega Man Remastered (formerly known as the Upgrade Patch) is a patch for the first Mega Man game, which enhances it in so many ways, without modifying the levels or graphics (minor graphics and palette changes, which are listed below). To those that are familiar with the Upgrade Patch, you could consider this Version 1.7 of it.

Here is a list of all of the new changes made since Upgrade Patch Version 1.6:

· Mega Man's face on the titlescreen has been fixed. It was missing two pieces on the right side of his face.

· Continue is now New Game, and Erase Data is now Continue, and they function as such. Data is no longer erased. If you want to start a fresh game, select New Game. If you want to load a previously saved game, select Continue. Remember, the game is saved after the completion of a stage, and when you obtain the special weapon in Elec Man's stage. The Wily stages are the only stages that are not saved. This allows you the ability to play through all of the stages in the game.

· The gameover screen now looks more like Mega Man 2's. It was too bland before.

· The cursors for the titlescreen and gameover screens have been updated.

· My credits: 2014 RetroRain is now 2017 RetroRain.

· Dr. Wily has been fixed on the stage select screen. His face was all black. This has now been remedied.

· Besides the select button, the up and down keys can also move the cursor on the titlescreen and gameover screen.

· The Ready text at the beginning of a stage now flashes.

· If you fall down a pit or on spikes, your health meter will now show empty. It didn't do that in the original game.

· You can now toggle obtained weapons with the select button. As such, the pause feature has been removed. But this is not a big deal, as the inventory screen doubles as a pause feature.

· The score balls have been removed completely.

· Newly designed Remastered logo for the titlescreen.

Here is a TOTAL list of all of the changes that Mega Man Remastered has made from the original game. This list can also be found in the readme:

· Converted to Mapper 4: MMC3.
· Graphics format converted to CHR-ROM.
· PRG and CHR ROM expanded to the new mapper's maximum limit.
· The game now has the ability to save and load your progress.
· All-new titlescreen.
· Updated font for stage select and boss-preview screens.
· Updated cursors for titlescreen and gameover screen.
· Stage select screen has a new palette.
· Boss-preview screen is now like Mega Man 2's, with the preceding flash to it removed.
· Gameover screen has been updated to look more like Mega Man 2's.
· Updated palettes for Cut Man and Elec Man stages.
· Score and score balls have been removed from the game.
· Mega Man palette updates for three weapons: Ice Slasher, Elec Beam and Bombs.
· Boss energy bars moved over to the right side of the screen.
· Updated health and weapon capsule graphics to match those of the later Mega Man games.
· Ready text has been updated: It now flashes, has a new font, and the time it is displayed for has been cut in half.
· Up, down and select can move the cursor on the titlescreen and gameover screen up and down.
· Falling down a pit or on spikes will display your health meter empty.
· Select button toggles between obtained weapons (hence removing the pause feature).

This patch is to be applied to the English version, Mega Man, not the Japanese version, Rock Man. This ROM was tested to work on FCEUX 2.2.2. I have not tested it on other emulators. You may use this patch as a base for your Mega Man hacks, just please give credit if you do.



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Posted on 05-29-17 12:30 AM Link | Quote | ID: 165648

Giant Red Koopa
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Posted by RetroRain

I would love to use this in my second MM hack if it's okay with you. I also wanna get rid of the score system too and get rid of the point balls.

Other than that this is pretty great! I'm gonna give this a spin right now.

Posted on 05-29-17 09:19 PM Link | Quote | ID: 165649

Fuzz Ball
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Since: 09-30-07

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Thanks Googie. By all means, if you want to use it as a base for your hack, go right ahead.

There will be another version later this week or next week. A couple of people on RHDN found a palette bug with the select/weapon-switch system. I will fix that and release it as Version 1.1.

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Main - ROM Hacking - Mega Man Remastered New thread | New reply

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