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Danger X
Posted on 04-09-17 11:13 PM Link | Quote | ID: 165333

Level: 6

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Since: 01-06-16
From: Romania

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I wanna share with you guys one of the best hacks ever.
A hack game of the old and good Ninja Gaiden turned into a Deadpool game.
It haves:
-new levels (structure & graphics)
-new enemies (new graphics and mechanics) some imported from ninja gaiden 2 & 3
-new abilities (regeneration and teleport)
-new stage 7 (original NGg1 had only 6 stages) with the best final boss
-new music
-new health bar (with Kills count and stage names)
-new cut-scenes (new graphics and story mode)
-many costumes for the hero (not only 1)

This is the project page https://www.facebook.com/deadpoolnes/ Check it if you wanna learn more or check our daily updates.

Join my nes forum http://nesfe.forumgratuit.ro/

Posted on 05-02-17 09:56 PM Link | Quote | ID: 165530

Red Goomba
Level: 12

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Since: 02-02-16

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So, how the teleport work? Do you control where you will teleport or your teleport is a attack that get you close of the nearest enemy?

Posted on 06-05-17 10:55 PM Link | Quote | ID: 165662

Giant Red Koopa
ROM Hacking is life!
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Since: 02-19-07
From: Brooklyn, NY

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Here's the Facebook for this hack, in case anyone wants to take a look at it.

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