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Posted on 03-23-17 12:10 AM Link | Quote | ID: 165254

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If you were to put the Mega Man Killers as the new Wily Tower bosses, you could always make it so that beating them gives you yhe option to start any game file with their weapons already unlocked (just like with Mega Man 10, except I don't think it gives you an option as to whether or not you want those at the start in MM10)

Also Quint is sometimes considered to be a Mega Man Killer too, in case you wanted to include him and his weapon in your hack (Mega Man on a pogo stick lol)

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Posted on 05-08-17 02:22 AM (rev. 2 of 05-08-17 03:12 AM) Link | Quote | ID: 165579

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Red-Capped Hedgehog:
Thanks! I really hope so too. Someday I imagine for sure lol
It's going to be slow going probably for a long while though I'm seeing due to real life stuff.

Hmm, it doesn't look like they actually redesigned the DOS Robot Masters in their remake, but I found this picture that shows an idea of what could maybe be done with Voltman's ridiculous shoulders. I may just redesign them myself.
The NES style of Beck I found looks pretty good, though not so sure about Gunvolt.. but yeah it's not any high priority anyway... hmm I'll see about it.

Yeah I think I'll include Quint. A pogo stick weapon could be pretty interesting if done right hahaha; could be of a type kinda like Charge Man's weapon. You wouldn't be able to shoot but could bounce off of enemies + hurt them and maybe it could even be a weak shield piercing weapon (like the ability to kill Hardhats / Mets while safe), or maybe knock away small shields like the Picketmen have.

I'm thinking I want to group the games into sets.. in a sense, having a "Wily Tower" (maybe Wily 'something else') like game after each, for example maybe like this :
(remember Wily Tower uses enemies and objects throughout MM1-3, so I would continue that for each particular 'Set' of games)

MM1, MM2, MM3 + Wily Tower
MM4, MM5, MM6, MM7 + Wily "Tower" 2
MM8, MM&B, MM9, MM10 + Wily "Tower" 3
Wily "Tower" 4 (uses enemies and objects from all the sets of games)

(I kinda want to keep Set 2 as just MM4-6, but this layout might be too much..)
(or I wonder if it should end with 'Set 3'.. having the last 5 games lol... )
MM1, MM2, MM3 + Wily Tower
MM4, MM5, MM6 + Wily "Tower" 2
MM7, MM8, MM&B + Wily "Tower" 3
MM9, MM10 + Wily "Tower" 4
Wily "Tower" 5

Posted on 05-10-17 09:30 PM (rev. 2 of 05-10-17 09:36 PM) Link | Quote | ID: 165589

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ACE_Spark has all the DOS robot master in proper NES style and aesthetics.

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Posted on 06-03-17 05:01 AM (rev. 2 of 06-03-17 05:03 AM) Link | Quote | ID: 165657

Red Paratroopa
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Hmm, those look useful for the most part, thanks for sharing that.

Though the more I look at the DOS game the more it looks like something extremely unofficial/3rd-party anyway (but having permission by Capcom to be licensed), and really just a cheaply made quality game; similar quality level as a student or teen developed thing, like "hey cool look, I made my first ever game haha" sort of thing.

I think it would be best to scrap the DOS games as any idea to use. I could come up with my own Robot Masters for one of the Wily "Tower" games if absolutely needed (even though I'd prefer it all to be 'Cannon'), and if I used the DOS ones then I'd still have to create my own stage music (since non-existent) and stages (as they aren't that well designed) anyway.

"In 1990, Hi-Tech expressions (under license from Capcom) produced a DOS game based on the series simply titled Mega Man. It was followed by a second DOS game titled Mega Man III in 1992. Both games were released exclusively in North America. Despite their titles, neither games are ports of their corresponding NES counterparts, but original games. There was no PC version of Mega Man II. Aside from handing the license to Hi-Tech expression, Capcom themselves were not directly involved in the PC games. Both games were programmed and designed by Steven Rozner."

I've been pretty busy for a little while, so I haven't been working on this stuff much right now, but I'll get a lot done as I have time to.
I'll try to keep you all updated at least with some info pretty often though, but there will also be periods where I'll just need plenty of time to focus on other things in my life.

Posted on 06-04-17 11:18 PM Link | Quote | ID: 165659

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Not to mention there is a PC fan game called Mega Man DOS remake. I never completed my play through but the game is somewhat hard. Imagine if there's a sequel to DOS remake called Mega Man DOS remake 2 but with official CAPCOM designs such as DOS Wave Man to MM5 Wave Man. It would be nice for a 16-Bit project of mine.

Posted on 12-10-17 09:21 AM Link | Quote | ID: 166016

Red Paratroopa
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Hey everyone, sorry I've been so absent this summer and fall- right after I just about to get this project going. I've been doing very very well with my health (I've had issues with that before, and had done over a year of Physical Therapy that began in late summer of 2014) but just been super busy getting some things with my life together now that I've recovered so much, but no job or school or anything like that to deal with at all fortunately.

I'm trying to get back to spending some time here with this stuff and making progress. I almost have the core of my Editor for Wily Wars fixed up enough to start using some, so that'll help a lot.
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Main - ROM Hacking - Megaman the Wily Wars - Mega Edition ~ (Informational & Showcase Thread) New thread | New reply

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