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Posted on 04-16-17 12:31 PM (rev. 5 of 04-16-17 05:00 PM) Link | Quote | ID: 165387

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Since: 03-02-17
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Hey, great work with this editor.

Not directly music related but I'm trying to edit a sound effect in MM5. Is anyone aware of free space location I could use for sound?

Edit : any idea if the rom area between 35F60 and 3600F is use-able free space? I set my sound def there and it works, but I'm unsure if I overwrote something else.

BTW I have a small request for your editor. Can you make it so that the Song/sounds IDs at the bottom right matches with in game? Making it start from 0 instead of 1 and having them in HEX. For instance if I take "song ID 33" refering to address 350B7, it's actually sound 22.
Or rather, since sounds don't matter for the editor, music ID 1 should be 00 and 11 is 0A in game.

Mega Man V - Second Strike

kuja killer
Posted on 04-18-17 02:23 AM (rev. 2 of 04-18-17 02:26 AM) Link | Quote | ID: 165394

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Since: 03-20-07
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Ah that makes sense about the hex thing, dont know why i never thought of even doing that before, but yea it does help alot better than regular decimal, to compare when editing sounds and songs in the roms since everything is hex obviously.

Although i dont want to update the program anymore sadly. this first release was un-fortantely the last release as well.
I'd like to just throw out the source code of the whole thing to all you guys ...but i dont know if anyone would even bother with it because ..it was originally made by it's "first" author, in something called "borland C++ builder" ..

and absolutely not 1 single kind of C++ thing in the whole world would EVER work with the source code until i got the actual 500+ MB installer from the author himself
And i have no place to put that installer anywhere...thats why i feel no one would be interested. :|

Posted on 04-24-17 08:04 AM Link | Quote | ID: 165429

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Still, it would be nice to include a source code to the program. Maybe there are other people interested in taking a shot at it. Edited music in MM3-MM6 is a big point of interest after all.
Especially if it's now sadly discontinued so quickly.

kuja killer
Posted on 04-24-17 08:40 AM Link | Quote | ID: 165430

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Since: 03-20-07
From: Lake Havasu City, Arizona

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okay here it is.

It needs "borland C++ builder 5" ..to actually edit the program and all that stuff. Im not going to attempt to upload the 500-something MB installer And i have no idea where on earth what website to find the program at exactly

Dracula X
Posted on 04-25-17 08:56 AM Link | Quote | ID: 165436

Red Paragoomba
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From: Dracula's Castle

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Thank you very much and it worked on "borland C++ builder 5" running on Windows 10 Pro!
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