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I couldnt find how to edit posts in here and since it wont le me double post.. heres is my answer to the thread with same name:

Well I actually read it, I think there should be a scene where you (dyluck) talk with Purim before going on the quest to the witch castle or you would see primm talking with the king about it, it would make sense since she knows he is going there. The king doesnt like that purim is not acting like a real princess and that she has an eye on dyluck (who is not of royal blood) so the king sends Dyluck on this mission so he can keep her away from him and thats why she hates her father so much and eventually leave the castle to go search for him.

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A scene like that could be added after the King sends Dyluck to Elinee's (before the quest begins).

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She was supposed to be a princess? I thought her father was a character distinct from the king...

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