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Posted on 05-27-15 08:31 PM Link | Quote | ID: 160213

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Does anyone know where I might be able to find a relatively complete disassembly of Zelda II, or have archives of _icepenguin's notes on how he made some of the changes for his hacks (since his website is apparently down)? I'm looking to do the following:

> Expand the dialog box from 10x4 to 16x4
> Extend the range of Link's sword beam

I have Trax's documents from a earlier post, which will help with expanding the dialog box, but I'm not seeing anything on where the sword beam data might be. Can anyone help?

For those who are curious, I did visit the Wayback Machine and was able to grab this text file, which might help anyone trying to hack Zelda II music the way _icepenguin did.

Uploader - Optomon's Zelda II Music Document

Posted on 05-28-15 11:34 AM (rev. 3 of 05-31-15 02:27 AM) Link | Quote | ID: 160216

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These don't exactly answer your question but I'll post these just in case you might want to use them. Here are some notes on Expanding the ROM, and here is where you can download a patch to upgrade the mapper.



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Main - ROM Hacking - Zelda II disassembly New thread | New reply

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