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This is a Nintendo original glitch. It deals with platforms. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nzyWWDYSvc

Here is the fix and what to do in the SMB2J disassembly. (The code that I created I've added a note with my name next to it.)

ldx ObjectOffset
pha ;shane
lda Player_Y_HighPos ;shane
cmp #$01 ;shane
bne platfix ;shane
lda Player_Y_Position ;shane
cmp #$df ;shane
bcc platfix ;shane
pla ;shane
rts ;shane
platfix: ;shane
pla ;shane
sta PlatformCollisionFlag,x
lda #$00
sta Player_State


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Main - ROM Hacking - SMB2J's Platform Glitch Fix New thread | New reply

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