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Have you ever wanted to code a game but had no tools available? Wish you understood what was going on within a debugger like FCEUX? Problem solved!

This is the most comprehensive guide to assembly for beginners. It is what I used when I started out last year with zero programming knowledge. It breaks everything down for you from: program counters to stacks to flags etc. It has served me well and it will to anyone who's a novice at hacking in general. ASM is the most useful hacking tool that one can acquire. It is the holy grail of hacking knowledge.The first link is to Skilldrick's page. Personally, I'd break it down to a few paragraphs a day to read and understand what is going on. By the time you are finished reading it, you'll have full assembly knowledge!

The second link is to a site that contains all the mnemonics/opcodes. The only thing you'll need is either a simulator (a tool where you create custom code to test and create routines) or a game itself to hack. Happy learning!



Here's a third one on how hex editors work:


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Main - ROM Hacking Archives - New to Assembly? (6502 Lessons for Beginners) New thread | Thread closed

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