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Posted on 07-06-14 12:34 PM Link | Quote | ID: 157273

Level: 9

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Since: 03-09-14

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I was wondering what you would like to change regarding the gameplay of SoM?

IMO it would be nice to make the battlesystem a bit more complex. Maybe with a manual block system. It would also be good to have a cooldown on normal attacks (not being able to attack until 100%).

What are your thoughts?

Posted on 12-21-14 01:01 PM (rev. 3 of 12-25-14 03:26 AM) Link | Quote | ID: 159153

Level: 9

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Since: 04-25-13
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I would
+ Extend the maps
+ Ring menu could not pause the game
+ Recolor clothes and hairs of character
+ make a fourth character playable
+ Extend the MP (Magic Points)
+ Extend the Story
+ Make the Turtle Island able to visit
+ Make the Mana Spell on the sword available earlier in the game
+ Have all Characters available earlier in the game
+ Add new spell
+ Add an attack spell for the boy
+ add an healing item that heals over time

+ add orcestrial music

Looking forward to the next release of SOMEDITOR

Posted on 12-22-14 08:29 PM (rev. 4 of 12-22-14 08:52 PM) Link | Quote | ID: 159161

Red Koopa
Level: 24

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The only things I'd do is:
-Expand HP and MP by 1 digit each.
(Easy for HP since it must already use 2 bytes, harder for MP since it probably only uses 1.)
-Add more equipment and some new items to offset the larger amounts of HP & MP.
-Add weapons shops with 3 new weapons for each weapon level and each type of weapon.
(E.G- there would be 3 level 1 swords besides the Rusty Sword, 3 level 4 whips, etc.)
(This would also Allow multiple characters to use the same weapon type at once.)
-Weapon orbs are now used to create a unique weapon for each level and type of weapon.
(E.G- to get the Dragon Lance you need one spear weapon orb and 1 each of the generic level 8 spears.)
-Expanded areas to fit together and match the overworld better,
-Add new areas as bonus content in overworld areas that are "barren".
-And, of course, restore as much beta content as possible.

Krakenskin Leather Works, my Etsy store.
LordVanya, my art page.
FundamentalEssence, my game development page.

Posted on 09-07-17 01:28 PM Link | Quote | ID: 165902

Level: 6

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Since: 05-10-13

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Old thread, but i'm very intressted by "Ring menu could not pause the game" improvment.

Did you work on it ?

Main - Secret of Mana Hacking - Gameplay changes New thread | New reply

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