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Posted on 01-26-14 12:11 AM Link | Quote | ID: 155532

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I've been going through the game all over again and trying to find ways to improve code and such, of course, I hit a nice snag AGAIN with the VWF.

I've noticed in many other games that the Item Descriptions, if they're VWF'd, are ridiculously lightning fast. Tales of Phantasia (Star Ocean as well) suffer from a horrifying amount of lag when switching items. If you remove the entirety of the code to load the descriptions then it's FASTER but not smooth as butter like other games.

Would anyone know anything about the VWF in this game and what'd cause it? If not, if I'm able to label most of the code, would I be able to get some help on figuring out why it's so slow?

Main - ROM Hacking - Tales of Phantasia Item Descriptions VWF? New thread | New reply

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