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Posted on 04-25-13 11:32 AM (rev. 5 of 12-21-14 08:54 PM) Link | Quote | ID: 153761

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Since: 04-25-13
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1. Download latest SOM EDITOR Build 0213 - 05/29/2014

2. Have a Secret of Mana Rom File (Secret of Mana (U) - works fine. While other version could have compatibility issues.

4. Extract the rom zip file with winrar or 7zip, that you will get the smc file.
The rom is then called secret of mana.smc

3. Start someditc.exe

4. It says (no project loaded) go FILE--> New Project
load the secret of mana.smc.
When its sucessfully loaded you see an info on the bottom of your som editor.
(If not, then the rom file you have is not compatible.)
Then a new window will pop up, where you have to save a Project file as SOM Data.
For example New Mana.som
This file is the saving file of all changes you made with this editor.

5. Finish. Now you can edit.

>>>Map Editing / Map Pieces Editor <<<
For changing parts of the Map you have to find the maps in the editor.

In the editor you see the category +Map Data. Click it, then you see the other categories.
Choose Map Pieces.
Then you´re in the Map Pieces Editor: Here you can make changings.

Most of the Maps looks distorted.
So you find maps by changing the numbers of PIECE.
For Example: Piece 163 is the map of the Witch´s Forest.
Its distorted, too. But no problem.
There is a Find maps that use this piece Button on the middle right.
Click it- Then you will see, that it found MAP 29. Click on the MAP 29 and the distorted Map Piece 163 will be shown right.
I guess the editor aligns the Tilesets of MAP 29 to the map pieces.

Now you can really edit the world map with the tilesets on the top right or use the duplicate and the pen tool, shown as brush and pipette. There is also an selection tool, which you can copy areas.
When you have selected MAP 29 and click the View Button,
the editor will show you the entire normal world map, which you are editing in the category Map Editor.
By clicking the OK Button in the Map Pieces Editor you can apply changes of the map you have made to the original map and view the end result in the Map Editor.

Here you can export/import the map pieces in .s_p format you have edited.
By clicking the Export Piece Button, while youre in Map Pieces Editor in the category >Map Pieces<.

Here you can choose a map of your choise and on the right side you can make changes.

Here you can export/import the entire map in .sfm format you have edited.
By clicking the Export Map Button, while youre in Map Editor in the category >Composite Maps<.

If you want to save your changings you can go to FILE --> Save Project
This will save to your Project file.som you have made in the editor.
And you can export your chanings to ROM by FILE--> Export to ROM.
This will create a new ROM File with the ending ".srm"
For example secretofmana.srm
That ROM you can emulate in the Zsnes, snes9x and other Super Nintendo Emulators.

I hope more people will come up to extend this User Guide.

Looking forward to the next release of SOMEDITOR

Posted on 04-26-13 07:06 AM Link | Quote | ID: 153766

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Hello, welcome, and thanks for this thing!

I wrote something like this a few days ago in German for another board, I always wanted to translate it and post it here... your post was the final motivation.

How do I get to the Sound Editor?
- Download the program.
- Download FMOD.
- Rip the ROM with your copy station off the US-Game.
- Click in the program on File --> New Project.
- Pick the ROM.
- Pick a Project Name.
- Click on Songs (A).

Where can I let a song play
Green Play Button (C).

How do I change a song?
Up-and-Down-Buttons right to the left of the Green Play Button (C).

How do I change a note?
- Click on the note (B).
- Change the values (F): From up to down: Note pitch, Length, Octave.
- Click "Change" (H). Otherwise the changes will get lost.

How do I add a note?
- Click on the note (B) which shall be behind the new note.
- Choose "00 - B3: Note" (J).
- Click "Insert" (I).

What are the gray pillars in the upper window?
- Yellow rectangle: Pan.
- Orange pillar: Volume.
- Blue diamond: Channel sample.
- Orange Crisscross: Unknown, estimated as trembolo

How do I add an effect?
Like you add notes, but you choose a different entry in the list (J) instead.

Posted on 07-14-13 09:20 AM (rev. 2 of 11-27-14 12:40 PM) Link | Quote | ID: 154303

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Get yourself inspired let you take yourself into the world of Mana
Part 2

Looking forward to the next release of SOMEDITOR

Posted on 11-27-14 12:44 PM (rev. 2 of 11-27-14 12:50 PM) Link | Quote | ID: 159074

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Since: 04-25-13
From: Germany

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After a long while not working with the new editor, Im still confused about loading projects.

Is the project loading already fixed?
If I do a map over hours and save the project and shut down the editor and reload my project all the changings are gone, although they are saved in the project file.

What do I do wrong?
Do I have to manually reload all changed maps by importorting map pieces and map?

How do you guys work with the latest editor?
Could you give a small tutorial of how you load your project and see your changings in the editor?


Looking forward to the next release of SOMEDITOR

Posted on 02-15-15 07:59 PM Link | Quote | ID: 159486

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Well the editor is still a WIP. I dont think it is in a usable state right now. Had also problems with loading projects. So I guess it does not work properly yet?

Posted on 02-21-15 01:25 PM Link | Quote | ID: 159507

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Since: 04-25-13
From: Germany

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Yes I know, but some earlier builds of SOMEDITOR I was able to change the rom and was able to play it with snes9x on PC, with some graphic bugs.
The project loading was from my sight never working.

Where is Moppi, which is the Developer, is he allright,
since Moppi didnt post on his blog since SATURDAY, MAY 31, 2014?

I hope Moppi is alright and comes back to this project.
Caz if the editor works any time perfectly

You can do:

Rom injection to wad data so you can play it on the Wii and WiiU
I could play the hacked rom on PSP, XBOX, Wii, WiiU, PC Android and Iphone Emulator.

Looking forward to the next release of SOMEDITOR

Posted on 02-22-15 01:07 PM (rev. 3 of 02-22-15 01:09 PM) Link | Quote | ID: 159518

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Made a reference list for enemies, since it takes a while to scroll through them on the larger maps and it's quicker to type them if you have the numbers. Thought I'd share it here in case it's of any use to anyone else. Perhaps in future there could be a drop down list rather than (or in addition to) the up/down buttons.

0 Rabite
1 Buzz Bee
2 Mushboom
3 Chobin Hood
4 Lullabud
5 Iffish
6 Kid Goblin
7 Eye Spy
8 Green Drop
9 Specter
A Blat
B Goblin
C Water Thug
D Polter Chair
E Ma Goblin
F Dark Funk
10 Crawler
11 Ice Thug
12 Zombie
13 Kimono Bird
14 Silktail
15 Nemesis Owl
16 Pebbler
17 Pumpkin Bomb
18 Steamed Crab
19 Chess Knight
1A Wizard Eye
1B Howler
1C Robin Foot
1D LA Funk
1E Grave Bat
1F Werewolf
20 Shadow X3
21 Evil Sword
22 Tomato Man
23 Mystic Book
24 Sand Stinger
25 Mad Mallard
26 Emberman
27 Red Drop
28 Eggatrice
29 Bomb Bee
2A Mushgloom
2B Trap Flower
2C Dinofish
2D Mimic Box
2E Shadow X1
2F Kimono Wizard
30 Ghost
31 Metal Crawler
32 Spider Legs
33 Weepy Eye
34 Shellblast
35 Beast Zombie
36 Ghoul
37 Imp
38 Blue Drop
39 Marmablue
3A Fierce Head
3B Griffin Hand
3C Needlion
3D Metal Crab
3E Armored Man
3F Shadow X2
40 Eggplant Man
41 Captain Duck
42 Nitro Pumpkin
43 Turtlance
44 Tsunami
45 Basilisk
46 Gremlin
47 Steelpion
48 Dark Ninja
49 Whimper
4A Heck Hound
4B Fiend Head
4C National Scar
4D Dark Stalker
4E Dark Knight
4F Shape Shifter
50 Wolf Lord
51 Doom Sword
52 Terminator
53 Master Ninja
54 ?
55 Crystal Orb
56 Treasure Chest
57 Mantis Ant
58 Wall Face
59 Tropicallo
5A Minotaur
5B Spikey Tiger
5C Jabberwocky
5D Spring Beak
5E Frost Gigas
5F Snap Dragon
60 Mech Rider
61 Doom's Wall
62 Vampire
63 Metal Mantis
64 Mech Rider
65 Kilroy
66 Gorgon Bull
67 Brambler
68 Boreal Face
69 Great Viper
6A Lime Slime
6B Blue Spike
6C Chamber's Eye
6D Hydra
6E Aegagropilon
6F Hexas
70 Kettle Kin
71 Tonpole
72 Mech Rider
73 Snow Dragon
74 Fire Gigas
75 Red Dragon
76 Axe Beak
77 Blue Dragon
78 Buffy
79 Dark Lich
7A Biting Lizard
7B Dragon Worm
7C Dread Slime
7D Thunder Gigas
7E Doom's Eye
7F Mana Beast

Have been having fun with this myself. Pic related.


Posted on 02-22-15 02:55 PM Link | Quote | ID: 159522

Level: 9

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Great work and idea, blitzlunar!!!
Thank you. That comes in handy.

Looking forward to the next release of SOMEDITOR

Posted on 03-02-15 06:38 PM (rev. 2 of 03-03-15 12:35 AM) Link | Quote | ID: 159565

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Posted by turbulence

Your first three posts, and everywhere you posted, you have been writing just your username, regardless of the topic.
Is there any reason for that?

Because it is obnoxious and childish.

Posted on 03-02-15 09:42 PM Link | Quote | ID: 159567

Bullet Bill
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Just ignore these spammers. Me and other staff will delete them as they appear.


Posted on 03-03-15 12:37 AM Link | Quote | ID: 159569

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Alright then, no hard feelings.

By the way, can someone reupload the broken screenshot lytron posted some time ago?
I'm curious what he is referring to, it would be nice to see what exactly he was on about, if it wouldn't be too much of a hassle.

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