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Posted on 04-12-13 05:35 AM (rev. 5 of 04-12-13 05:52 AM) Link | Quote | ID: 153684

Level: 14

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Hello all,

Many years ago today, I started this MegaMan 5 hack with some help from MatrixZ (not to mention, his incredibly handy Editors).

All the difficulties I encountered (I didn't want to bug MatrixZ too much, plus he told me he'd take more distance from the whole rom hacking thing from that moment on) discouraged me a lot, so I released a demo of the 2 stages I had completed and some playthrough videos on Youtube just to see if there'd be an interest in it.


There wasn't, so I didn't have much motivation to continue (too much effort for too little attention to the work in question) plus, I still didn't/don't know ASM and all that mumbo-jumbo (though I tried for a while). I thought to myself "I should just continue doing stuff in Flash instead and probably garner more interest while not being limited on what I can do".

Two years later, some people started asking me about my hack (including RirikaStarlight, who sent me an amazing in-progress hack called "Rockman Psychic Signal" in exchange for my demo (in addition to "Rockman & The Amazing Mirror"), though I give out my demo to anyone who asks me for it anyway). This culminated by a video of some guys putting my demo on a NES cart and playing/commenting on it.

So, I have decided to finish it no matter what (unless zombie apocalypse or whatever).

I don't consider myself a ROM hacker since I'm mainly using Matrixz's Editors, Tile Layer Pro and replace texts in a Hex Editor. Compare this to hackers who made hacks such as Rockman 4 Minus Infinity (HOLY JETSKIING DONKEY! ), Megaman Ultra 2, Rockman & The Amazing Mirror, or pretty much anything by Matrixz...
yeah, I can't do all that snazzy stuff.

Sure, my X-themed hack could really benefit from a real dash maneuver and wall-jump among other things, but I'll take anything I can get, and if that anything is nothing, well I'll just continue with what I have and still make something (though not nearly as awesome).

Truth be told, if I had the skills some of these hackers have (or fully teaming up with one), I would be making/designing a totally different hack...

Anyway, I finished making the tilesets for the new Spark Mandrill stage and am currently making progress in the actual level.

Now, what about those things I'd need/like help with?
I'm going to write a few in order of importance:

- Disable the M-Tank 1-ups trick http://protipoftheday.com/node/218.html (this will prevent bypassing certain obstacles and enemies that I want to be passed only by using certain weapons)

- To be still able to select "Stage Select" when you're Game Over after reaching the Proto Man/Dr. Wily stages (The beginning of the first Proto Man stage can't be passed without Beat, so players need a way to return to the Stage Select and get those MEGAMANV letters)

Important but not absolutely necessary:

- Switch some of the weapons behavior (I have a few MM5 Rom hacks that can be used as a starting reference)

- Limit the maximum amount of E-Tank's you can collect to 4

Would be cool:
- Make it so that when you collect a letter item, it permanently changes Mega Man's behavior (for example, pick up the "E" item and X will run faster -- I already have some of the data for this, but I don't know how to make it so that it changes only once you pick up a letter)

- Switch the layout of the health bar (I have a few free tiles ready just for that. I can make a detailed image explaining which tile of the PPU goes where for the health bar. It's almost exactly the same health bar, only repeated twice next to each other.)

- Switch Boss behavior.

I have a few more, but these are the most noteworthy at the moment.
Important thing: I don't want any Rom Size expansion or MMC5 expansion -- I want the ROM to remain at the 512KB regular MM5 cart size, however, I don't mind removing some stuff from the game entirely just to make room for cool features.

Those who help will also have their name in the opening and ending credits, and I'll ship you a copy of the game on an actual NES cart when it's all done (haven't told this to Matrixz yet ... surprise!)

Posted on 04-12-13 11:46 AM (rev. 4 of 04-12-13 12:16 PM) Link | Quote | ID: 153685

Red Paragoomba
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WoW man, that's super awesome...! Welcome to Board 2 too...

It's has been many years that you came back again to work of this superb project.

I currently work in MM5 too, and I had a bunch of MM5 data which I found it myself.


For M-Tank trick, go to offset 103F8 + Enemy ID, some of the values are B6. Nah, change to 00 to disable it.

For limiting E- Tank, go to 3AECD and change to 84 if you want to limit only 4 E-Tanks.


For bosses offset, here the data in ROM:

Gravity Man : E010
Charge Man : E2A0
Crystal Man : E46B
Stone Man : C010
Napalm Man : 10010
Star Man : 101DE
Gyro Man : C465
Wave Man : C208


Others are not found yet. But if you have a little of ASM experience, I'll give you some 'templates' for MM5 AI behavior. For example :

- How to make object projectiles.
- How to make object platform work once Mega Man stand on it.
- How to make the enemy projectiles follow Mega Man.
- How to make gravity changes.
- How to make random generator and subroutine, etc.


And then, good luck of your project! Hope I can play the demo immediately.

Posted on 04-12-13 02:50 PM Link | Quote | ID: 153687

Fuzz Ball
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Ill be keeping an eye on this project! I looooove the title screen, and Kuwanger's tileset, looks awesome! :-)

Posted on 04-12-13 05:21 PM (rev. 2 of 04-12-13 07:05 PM) Link | Quote | ID: 153689

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Oh, great! I love the title screen too, it's just too awesome! It almost looks like 16-bit! And Gravity Beetle's stage. Those mazes and stuff. Everything goes pretty smooth, almost like in an actual SNES game just 8-bitted down! Just fantastic! And the sprites are very good looking too. Looking forward to a demo release!

About the "I don't consider myself a ROM hacker" thing. Many users here and there (like me) don't have the talent or a brain either to do that "snazzy stuff" like you said. When it comes to custom ASM, I'm almost clueless where to begin. By the time being, you may be able to learn how to do all that stuff, so don't worry. Even if you are not capable of doing that you are still a ROM-hacker!

// Oh, err, this is not really important, but... When you make a demonstration or gameplay video with inserted (not hacked-in) music you shall disable the music for that stage also mute the boss theme and keep the sounds on and when the recording is complete add a song to the video with a video editor, but make sure it's not too loud compared to the sound effects. You shall also mute and then reset the music like in the actual games when you die. It's also a good idea to insert a custom boss music at the end. With these stuff, these videos will be much better, huh. But this whole thing is an another story. //

Anyway, welcome to Board 2, and good luck too!

Posted on 04-12-13 06:46 PM Link | Quote | ID: 153690

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The spritework looks pretty good. Adding in the dash should be a good addition too.

Posted on 04-12-13 11:03 PM Link | Quote | ID: 153692

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Wow, thanks guys!

I made an
ISP patch of the current version (I always used to just send the rom pre-patched, but I'm not sure if it's frowned upon here. Taking no chances! )

The two completed* stages are in Gravity Man and Star Man.
(* Though I'll be making some other changes in the future, mainly to make it easier -- I want the first 8 stages to range between MM2 and MM3 difficulty, then the it would progressively become more challenging in the Proto/Wily stages)

Spark will be in Crystal Man's stage (you can see a few screens of it in the patch). The reason why Spark Mandrill's stage is less visually impressive is because there will be a bunch of animations (faked through the use of animated palettes) used later in the stage, so I have to keep all 4 palettes-swaps of the stage just for that, all while making sure that the current tiles will still look good when these effects will kick in.

:O Thanks Anandastoon! That did the trick!
Do you want you to be credited as "Anandastoon" in the game?

Thanks for the kind words Zieldak, I did think to do what you suggested in italic when I was making the video, but back when I made them I was like "baaaah, I shouldn't waste more time just for the sound effects..." Perhaps when I make other videos, if I still don't have the new music implemented, then I will do what you mentioned.

I'll come back later to share some of the MM5 data I have and also with a sketch demonstrating how I'd change the Health/weapon bar.

PS: Sometimes I make some English mistakes, sorry if that happens (it's not my primary language).

Posted on 04-13-13 06:03 AM (rev. 3 of 04-13-13 06:09 AM) Link | Quote | ID: 153693

Red Paragoomba
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Oh, very thanks of your kindness... No problem to me, but I suggest you to complete your project first because I think it's still quite far to complete.

For change weapons' AI, all of the objects including almost enemies are located in Bank 1D (3A010 - 3BFFF) and Mega Man 5 has many,,, many... Unused memory.

For example : 22010 - 22D0F (Bank 11) and much more from bank 0 until 1F. You can make new stuff or expand bosses AI in that locations.

Posted on 04-13-13 07:36 PM (rev. 5 of 04-13-13 08:02 PM) Link | Quote | ID: 153704

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Since: 04-12-13

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Thanks, though I'm so not-good-enough that I wouldn't even know what to do with that memory. But I'll get back to that later, here's the MM5 data I took note in a txt. Most of it is from MatrixZ and sometimes I can't even understand my notes today...

the byte deciding the weapon given by Gravity Man is at offset 2EF2C. If you look there, you will see ASCII text for the "weapon get" sequence.
The bytes for the other weapons should work the same way, its the 1st <and 2nd> byte after the weapon get text for it (after the period character / 2E ).
Values: Gravity=07 Wave=01 Stone=06 Gyro=02 RJet=0b
Nothing=00 Star=09 SArrow=05 Charge=08 Napalm=04 Crystal=03
(0a could possibly be Rush Coil, though you start the game with it...)

If you need water in only 1 stage:
The value at offset 37706 decides the level that can use water (Wily Stage 2). Change it to the level index of the level you want.
If you want to use water in any stage, at offset 37703, change 4 bytes to: A9 0D C9 0D.

I found out how to disable the gravity in Starman's stage.
Offset 376F8. Is the stage # where the gravity thing is done. Change it to FF so it affects no stage.

0002ee60 to 0002ee9f = some data in there is for the faces on the stage select! (including still show the boss portrait after beating it)

0002eea0 to 0002eedf = :/

0002eee0 to 0002ef17 = when beating boss, color palettes

2ef0f to 2ef17 = when beating boss, which text to show (also affects weapon received)
gravity: 00
wave: 17
stone: 2c
gyro: 42
star: 69
charge: 92
napalm: a8
crystal: be
^ Actually, value tells where to start to read the text so you can make your own lenght as long as the whole fits in the end
Swapping Robot Master in the boss presentation/stage intro sequence:

2EDC3: Sprite ID to show for each level
From $2EDC3 to $2edca
Values: 03=Gravityman 30=Waveman 10=Stoneman 0d=Gyroman
3e=Starman 20=Chargeman 3a=Napalmman 1f=Crystalman

Apparently, it keeps track of the current frame of the sprite animation. (something like that). It compares that value to a value which is different
for each level. However, some animations never get to that value.. and that is why it continues forever.
I will lay out the bytes / values for you.
2EDCB : Gravityman stage intro : Frame count
2EDCC : Waveman stage intro : Frame count
2EDCD : Stoneman stage intro : Frame count
2EDCE : Gyroman stage intro : Frame count
2EDCF : Starman stage intro : Frame count
2EDD0 : Chargeman stage intro : Frame count
2EDD1 : Napalmman stage intro : Frame count
2EDD2 : Crystalman stage intro : Frame count

Gravityman count = 0C
Waveman count = 10
Stoneman count = 09
Gyroman count = 1D
Starman count = 1E
Chargeman count = 0C
Napalmman count = 09
Crystalman count = 15

143d0 FOR IN-GAME!! (use values of up there)

2EC5A: sprite palettes
(just search for desired palette to swap, starting from right after this address)


If its still of interest, i found the data deciding the robot master for each stage. Its at 143E8. The values aren't linear (00, 01, ..), but
they each represent a different robot master. (Or other enemy, if you like).
Apparently, its not all needed to properly change a stage's master.
From $143E8 to $143ef
Values: 81=Gravityman 86=Waveman 69=Stoneman 6e=Gyroman
8d=Starman 6b=Chargeman 89=Napalmman 83=Crystalman

143DC : Sprite ID of boss, for each stage (Copied to Memory $560) It actually has an effect that is only seen 1 frame after the boss has finished charging HP.
Then it immediatedly changes to another sprite.
From $143DC to $143e3
Values: 01=Gravityman 2a=Waveman 08=Stoneman 12=Gyroman
3c=Starman 19=Chargeman 32=Napalmman 24=Crystalman

143F4 : Hit detection property towards sprites (width / height / decides if sprite has substance / decides if sprite can be shot by weapons, copied to Memory $410)
From $143F4 to
cb cb c9 c8 c8 d7 cb cc

BOSS CHANGE stuff done in megaflex:
$bc7: Gravityman (65)
$2bdd: Waveman (67)
$4beb: Stoneman (62)
$6bc8: Gyroman (64)
$8bcc: Starman (69)
$abc5: Chargeman (63)
$cbc9: Napalmman (68)
$ebc8: Crystalman (66)
$37e01: IS SOMETIMES CHANGED FROM 07 to 08 BY MEGAFLEX... Matrixz says might be a bug

Full examples:
Gyroman to Starman
($143eb: 6e > 8d) + ($143df: 12 > 3c) + ($143d3: 1d > 1e) + ($2edc6: 0d > 3e) + ($2EDCE: 1d > 1e) + ($6bc8: 64 > 69)
Starman to Gyroman
($143ec: 8d > 6e) + ($143e0: 3c > 12) + ($143d4: 1e > 1d) + ($2edc7: 3e > 0d) + ($2EDCF: 1e > 1d) + ($8bcc: 69 > 64)


Color palette -
Megaman: 0F 0F 2C 11

Megaman's face: 0F 0F 20 37
$254e: weapon menu
$1848b: intro story
$2ec36: MM's face before outfit palette changes at weapon receive screen
$2ef0b: MM's face after outfit palette changes at weapon receive screen
$3d4c6: In-game!

$2ec56: Bosses' face palette (at least for the intro jingle)

Shooting speed:
-Normal buster: 375ad (default: 04)
-Charged lv 1: 375ae (05)
-Charged lv 2: 375af (05)
-Gyro: 375c0 (03)
-Crystal: 375c1 (04)

375f2: Change distance between Wave weapon's waves (00 03 06)

====Weapon behaviors====
375ba: Change Gyro weapon behavior (74)
375bb: Change Crystal weapon behavior (73)

change behavior to 06 or 07 = projectile becomes a gravity shifter for MM! :D
34 = drop big bomb that's damaging to MM AND enemies
70 = ubber regular attack
71 = stays in place (gravity's?)
72 = Napalm's behavior
73 = Crystal
74 = Gyro
75 = Slides on floor, stay puts at walls (Wave?)
76 = Picks up speed and sticks to walls (super arrow?)
77 = Star man
78 = Shoots straight up then sucks cocks (have to enter/exit menu to shoot again)
79 = Beat!
7a = stays in place (gravity's?)
7b = goes up then falls down in a leaf motion
7e = falls down in a bubble man's way (projectile goes through floor though)
80+82 = jack shit but might be gravity
8c = stays in place but has a nice explosion effect when poping it out
9c = casts a mecha-walker that dies immediately, kinda trading weap energy for a chance of power-ups
a1 = projectiles stays under MM's feet
a3 = BS but, projectile that brings MM to 1 hp left (from boss in proto's last stages)
a9 = kills all enemies on-screen
ac+ad = clears the stage!
af = odd warp


Sliding- 3610E

$80FD A9 LDA #$02
$80FF 8D STA $03C0 = 01

Running- 364E5, 36326, 3D3C3

$8315 A9 LDA #$01
$8317 8D STA $03C0 = 02

Recoil- 3647B

$846A A9 LDA #$00
$846C 8D STA $03C0 = 00

Jumping- 360BE

00C8 in ram. i'm using value #$54
slows down some music
speeds up gyro man's


(pause menu)
$2633 is the Y location of the face sprite
$2634 is what tile to use for the face sprite
$2635 is what palette to use, and other attributes
$2636 is the X location of the face sprite

And from $2637 and up there are 4 bytes used for every sprite
that makes up MM, they work the same way; the first of the 4 bytes
is the Y location, the last of the 4 bytes being the X location.

247E0: Y/X data for MM standing still

straight jumping: from 2489E to 248B3
jumping shooting: from 248B4 to ++is around 248c6
sliding is around 24935
bullet's X and Y is also around 24935 (for graphics only! use $3EB72 for actual collision)
"Ready" text is around 24956
climbing is around 248e0 to 24910 (two different sets for each sides! include ladder shoot and edge of ladder)

WHAT GRAPHIC TILE is around (even might start at) 25a75
OK, how it goes is: one byte for Gfx tile (^) and the next one is it's palette AND direction! And so on!
palette + direction values (it can also changes bg priority by adding 20!):
00 01 = no flip
40 41 = h flip
80 81 = v flip
c0 c1 = h+v flip

Actual frame used for a sprite:
is around 27afa (might be the start of it too) byte just before is "frame delay"


I found the bullet start locations.

$3EB72: Bullet X start location (aiming to left)
$3EB73: Bullet X start location (aiming to right)

These values are relative to MM's X position.

Here's the color addresses for MM's palette after a shot.
$36F57: Color 0
$36F5F: Color 1
$36F67: Color 2


24010: Low byte offset table A for Tile/Palette data
24110: Low byte offset table B for Tile/Palette data
24210: High byte offset table A for Tile/Palette data
24310: High byte offset table B for Tile/Palette data
24410: Low byte offset table for Y/X data
24510: High byte offset table for Y/X data

Tile/Palette data:
byte 2: Y/X-data offset index pointer

247E0: Y/X data for MM standing still
25A74: Megaman standing still
2 & 2 bytes with Tile# / Palette#

At offset 247E5. it seem to work a bit odd. the Y location is 247E4 also

Title screen's arrow/cursor color:
0F 11 21 16

$2ECA6 - Initial Y coordinate of cursor
$2ECA9 - Initial X coordinate of cursor

but the Y position of the cursor (in memory) is used to decide whetever to go to the Boss Select or Password so there's another offset

$2E0EB - Y position of cursor if to go to Boss Select Screen
Just make sure this adress is exactly the same value as the one at $2ECA6 or it will go to the Password screen in either cases
it uses the same Y coordinate, but XOR's it with $10 (if that's greek to you, it adds/subtracts $10 depending where the cursor is currently)



$Address(es) | MM5 Value(s) | Cutterblade | What it does
2564 + 2565 | 20, 1a | 2c, 11 | Changes MM's Gyro outfit color (to normal MM)
3729f to 372a1 | 20, 3d, 95 | ea, ea, ea | Infinite Gyro weapon energy (warning: pointers)
375c0 | 03 | 07 | Gyro attack's speed (...)
375c3 | 41 | 21 | ?
38213 to 38215 | 20, fe, f2 | ea, ea, ea | All weapons passes through enemies (pointers)
3b461 to 3b463 | 9d, 20, 04 | 4c, 5e, b4 | Disables Gyro's control w up and down buttons?
3b46e to 3b470++| bd, 98, 04 | 20, 11, f8 | I guess all that stuff controls the new movement?
Addys continues a bit more (all I get are crashes...)

3f423 to 3f426 | 85, 25, 85, af| 20, 00, f8, ea| Fuck if I know

Mega chunk starting at 3f810:
*MM5 Values:
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 40 00 00
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 01 00 00 00 00 00 20 00 00
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 20 00 00 00 00
00 00 00 40 00 00 02 22 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 10
00 00 00 00 00 10 00 00 00 00 20 40 80 00 00 00
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 02 00 00 00 00 00 00
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
00 00 00 00 00 08 00 49 00 80 00 00 82 04 10 00
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 80 00 00 00 80 00
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 40 00 00 00 00 00 10 00 00
00 00 00 00
*Cutterblade Values:
a9 02 85 32 85 50 a9 9f 85 b2 a9 00 85 25 85 af
60 bd 28 05 09 e8 9d 28 05 20 23 f8 20 5b f8 bd
98 04 60 bd b0 04 c9 02 f0 04 fe b0 04 60 bd c8
04 d0 1f de c0 03 bd c0 03 c9 ff d0 18 a9 00 9d
c0 03 bd 20 04 49 03 9d 20 04 a9 01 9d c8 04 4c
55 f8 fe c0 03 a9 00 9d b0 04 60 bd 78 03 38 ed
78 03 c9 10 90 0c c9 f0 b0 08 a9 02 9d f0 03 4c
a3 f8 bd 20 04 c9 01 d0 15 ad 30 03 38 fd 30 03
c9 08 b0 1f 8a a8 20 f3 f2 a9 3c 4c 5d ec bd 30
03 38 ed 30 03 c9 08 b0 0a 8a a8 20 f3 f2 a9 3c
4c 5d ec 60

Edit: also, here's my VERSION_LOG.txt that I update as I make changes (or keep notes of what I'd want to change). There might be some useful info (but probably not)

enemy palettes always uses: black (dark) - pale - medium
for bg, use: black (or whatever shared 1st bg color) - pale - medium - darker

[Icon] [Effect]
Boot Run faster
Boot Jump Higher
Boot Dash faster/further
Cannon Shoot 5 bullets/screen
Cannon Charge faster
Armor Max Subtanks raised to 6
Armor No recoil when hit
Armor Longer invulnerability when hit

8th: either "No recoil", "Climb faster" "Longer invulnerability when hit", "Start with 4 lives"
(Changed "Helmet" category to "Body Armor")

Boot: improves mobility
Cannon: improves offense
Armor: improves defense


Things to eventually ask:
Disable enemy 28 (Scooter Sniper behind) to not shoot bullets
Still able to select "stage select" when game over from Proto Man stages
make enemy 18 get ready to shoot faster (too long = boring)
X climbing speed


+ Spark Mandrill tiles are in!
+ Changed the light bulb graphic in Boomer
+ Removed the "TEMPORARY: all weapons projectiles passing through enemies" ($38213: ea ea ea > 20 fe f2)
+ Fixed a one pixel mistake on the shooting-while-climbing face (missing white pixel for the eye)
+ Fixed closing hatch of boss doors (both Boomer and Gravity)
+ Moved the roller enemy (beginning of gravity) to the other tileset
+ Removed M-Tank-to-1ups trick (offset $103F8 + Enemy ID: change all the B6 to 00 to disable those particular enemies)
+ Limit E-tank's max to 4 ($3AECD: 89 > 84) (second digit is the max amount)


+ Boomer Kuwanger stage complete!
+ some bug fixes, including making some longer scroll screen lenght, so to not use scroll map 18 at the boss room (causes some bugs)


+ temporary changing the aria coil/jet, icon in pause menu (tired to see that inverted-palette thing)
+ added a new path in Gravity (shortcut to boss room when getting to the upgrade capsule)
+ "X bat" (61 - Slow-Flying Searcher) enemy is in
+ Boomer Kuwanger motherfucker! Tiles done

+ put boomer (star) in star (get weap: stone + jet)
boss: Starman's stage = (Boomer K.) Starman [done]
weap: Starman's stage = (Boomer K.) Stoneman + Rush jet [done]

+ put sting (napalm) in stone (get weap: bomb + arrow)
boss: Stoneman's stage = (Sting C.) Napalmman [done]
weap: Stoneman's stage = (Sting C.) Napalmman + arrow [done]

put magma (wave) in gyro (get weap: charge)
boss: Gyroman's stage = (Magma D.) Waveman [done]
weap: Gyroman's stage = (Magma D.) Chargeman [done]

+ Moved Boomer Kuwanger's stuff (tiles/tsa/structures) from Gyro to Star


+ Changed title screen's arrow again (MMX5 menu style arrow now...)
$2ECA9: 4a > 4f
Palette: ($2eba2: 0f 15 25 35 > 0f 19 10 00)
+ Changed MM tile arrangement for better usage later
+ Arranged hurt animation (both X and Bosses - different anim for both)
+ Arranged more stuff
+ KABOOM!! explosions are in (both X dying and enemies blowing up - dif anim for both)
+ Shotgun Ice weapon is in
+ Silk Shot weapon is in (maybe need to shorten delay before explosion. or not)
+ Title screen's palettes:
0F 32 22 12 (blue title)
0F 38 27 17 (gold X)
0F 2C 1C 0C (X)
0F 16 06 07 (Zero)
+ Title screen's fourth palette, when going from story sequence ($18473: 0F 17 27 06 > 0F 16 06 07)
+ Title screen probably done (of course, now the other screens are a mess,
mostly password screen, but that's only temporary)

+ Fix the bullet start location (bullet closer to X)
$3EB72: f1 > f6
$3EB73: 10 > b
+ Changed first screen's text - this should be the official text except for
the version line that will be changed for the game's URL in the last version
+ Changed the title screen - almost half way done (now have the "Mega Man X" part)
+ Part of Gyro/Boomer's tiles are in
+ Enemy 00 (Ballhead Guy) moved behind bg elements: for use only behind fence segments
+ Animations speed arranged: X phase in + sliding smoke
+ X phasing in and out animation is in!
+ X dash's smoke-thing in
+ "Pillar of Fire" (B - Water Mine) obstacle is in (demo'ed in Stone Man stage - still needs proper palette)
+ X rotating animation is in!


+ Make animations work everywhere in Gravity Man's stage ($3DF18: bd 53 df > A9 00 EA)
+ Gravity Beetle's stage complete!!


+ "READY" done

*** This version should be entirely dedicated to changing MM to X! All sprites should be switched!
(note that this doesn't include story/cutscene big graphics though)
Most changes are made with Tile Layer Pro and the Capcom Sprite Assembler, however, some extra
bytes will have to be manually changed. The info is in DatamanHex.

SUPE NOTE: The unique frame (F) has to be used for the shooting recoil frame, since
the breathing/blinking animation (use E) all uses the same X/Y! (D & E must have same X/Y)

RANDOM NOTE: might have to try to make it so that the password screen can't be accessed from the
title screen (fucks things up in term of what weapon you get from which boss)
WAIT could perhaps change it so that you get the right weapon using the password?


*** This version is dedicated to changing the bosses that appears in each stages and the weapon received.
I have programmed a flash utility with all the info/data needed. Use it to know what to change. I called it DatamanHex.

Boss change:

Stoneman's stage = (Magma D.) Waveman [done]
Gravityman's stage = (Gravity B.) Gravityman [lol]
Crystalman's stage = (Spark M.) Stoneman [done]
Chargeman's stage = (Storm E.) Gyroman [done]
Napalmman's stage = (Bubble C.) Crystalman [done]
Waveman's stage = (Chill P.) Chargeman [done]
Starman's stage = (Sting C.) Napalmman [done]
Gyroman's stage = (Boomer K.) Starman [done]

+ Weapon received changed

Stoneman's stage = (Magma D.) Chargeman [done]
Gravityman's stage = (Gravity B.) Gravityman [lol]
Crystalman's stage = (Spark M.) Waveman [done]
Chargeman's stage = (Storm E.) Gyroman [done]
Napalmman's stage = (Bubble C.) Starman [done]
Waveman's stage = (Chill P.) Crystalman [done]
Starman's stage = (Sting C.) Napalmman + arrow [done]
Gyroman's stage = (Boomer K.) Stoneman + Rush jet [done]


+ Weapon menu almost complete (icons, layout, palette swaps, etc)
+ Gyro weapon speed slowed down ($375c0: 03 > 01)
+ TEMPORARY: all weapons projectiles passing through enemies ($38213: 20 fe f2 > ea ea ea)
+ Changed intro screen for the heck of it. Will always include current rom's version number till final.
+ Changed palettes for the following screens' texts=
Copyright screen ($2f272: 0f 20 0f 0f > 0f 08 38 27)
Intro story screens ($185ac: 0f 30 30 30 > 0f 02 30 3c)
Title screen ($2eb8a: 0f 21 20 11 > 0f 02 30 3c)
+ Changed title screen around a little, including arrow position
$2ECA9: 28 > 4a
$2ECA6: a7 > c0
$2E0EB: a7 > c0
Also arrow gfx and palette ($2eba2: 0F 11 21 16 > 0f 15 25 35)
+ Changed MM's face palette (0F 0F 20 37 > 0F 0F 20 36)
$254e: weapon menu
$1848b: intro story
$2ec36: MM's face before outfit palette changes at weapon receive screen
$2ef0b: MM's face after outfit palette changes at weapon receive screen
$3d4c6: In-game!
+ Disable ubber gravity in Starman's stage ($376F8: 04 > ff)
+ In weapon menu's tiles, switched around the "B,E,A,T" letters for "C,L,E,F" (needs some ordering after)
+ Weap screen, switched around also to include only the needed letters, since the other tiles can then be used for graphics: ABCEFGHIJKLMNOPRSTUX.
+ Changed MM's various weapon palette (Changes are made using megaflex0600_rt, so no addresses now)
MM: DON'T TOUCH THAT FUCKER (the colors are perfect for X too)
Gravity: F 34 14
Star/Bubble: F 38 18
Charge/Burner: F 28 15 (F 28 16 would've been good too)
Napalm/Silk: F 27 7
Arrow/Sting: F 2A A
Crystal/Ice: 2 30 2C
Gyro/Storm: F 33 13
Stone/Boomer: F 32 0
Wave/Spark: F 30 26
Beat/Clef: (could be changed to a darker blue/violet than MM... there's got to be other bytes because just changing it in mflex doesn't change all)
(the Rush/Aria will wait for now, till Aria's sprite is in the game)
+ Went ahead to already change "weapon get" for RUSH JET to ARIA JET and SUPER ARROW to STING ARROW just because...
+ Modified Starman's stage so that it's beatable without the super gravity
+ Modified all 8 bosses stages so to have a shortcut to the end of the stage, at the left of level start (going down)


*** First version, start from Megaman 5 US rom

Water property usable in all levels ($37703: a5, 26 > a9, 0d)
GFX changes:
+ Most "standard" fonts changed (no color palette changed yet)
+ "Ready" and in-game life bars changed
+ All power-ups changed: E-tank, M-tank, L-tank, small+large energy+weapon capsules, 1-ups
+ Some weapon menu icons changed

Posted on 04-27-13 02:27 AM Link | Quote | ID: 153770

Giant Red Paratroopa
Level: 77

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Since: 02-19-07
From: Brooklyn, NY

Last post: 186 days
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Pics & the videos look real smooth, can't wait to see more!

My Linktree

Posted on 04-27-13 09:35 PM Link | Quote | ID: 153773

Level: 31

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Woah, this looks amazing! Too bad the only thing I could help you with is something you probably already know how to do (which is music hacking), but otherwise I'd love to help this project. Hope you'll finish it one day!

Posted on 04-28-13 04:34 AM (rev. 2 of 04-28-13 04:36 AM) Link | Quote | ID: 153774

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za909, I know music, but not music hacking!
All I have is this capmusfrm.txt (Capcom "6C80" Sound Engine/Music Format Documentation) written by Matrixz, which I haven't even dived (dove?) in yet.

But if you're already good with this, then yeah, that would be a load off for me!
Can you read music notations and/or guitar/bass tabs?
I'd likely make/give you all you'd need to just "translate" it into the chunk of hex to replace to in the Rom. (I would like to do the arrangement though, I don't like how some people leave out an harmony or counter-point and such).

Btw, I've searched the forum... so apparently there's no PM system here?

Posted on 04-28-13 04:45 AM (rev. 7 of 04-28-13 07:30 AM) Link | Quote | ID: 153775

Red Paragoomba
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If you want to send someone a PM, just click the target username profile, and scroll to the bottom.

You'll see this :

View threads | Show posts | List posts | Send Private Message

And, click the last one... That's it...

If I not bothered you, can you 'move' the notation data to certain musical software like Fruity loop or whatever? I'm pretty sure that will be much easier for reading them, even if they have a bunch of chord notations...

Posted on 04-28-13 05:43 AM Link | Quote | ID: 153776

Purple Leever
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Heys, Kain! Y'know there's a hack for MMV called Air Sliding. Maybe you could integrate it X's dashing?



Posted on 04-28-13 05:49 AM (rev. 2 of 04-28-13 05:50 AM) Link | Quote | ID: 153777

Red Paragoomba
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YuP! Zynk is Right... Maybe I can help you for the programming to implement the ASM for this one... ~

(If I can... And I hope I can... Since I just learned 6502 now )

Posted on 04-28-13 07:07 AM Link | Quote | ID: 153778

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Woah, actually, one thing I would have liked is that the Charge Kick ability can be done in mid-air (it's going to be like Flame Stag's Speed Burner. I'll make a X-on-fire-dashing graphic.)
Would that be hard to pull off? Like, no air-sliding normally, but air-sliding with the Charge Kick?

Posted by Anandastoon
If I not bothered you, can you 'move' the notation data in musical software like Fruity loop or whatever? I'm pretty sure that will be much easier for reading them, even if they have a bunch of chord notations...

I'm not sure if I understand correctly, but yeah I can work in Fruityloops if one prefers to look at blocks instead of notations.
Heck, I've also worked in Famitracker, so if all games were using the same music engine, I could just work in Fami, export then copy-paste the hex, but that wouldn't work.

Thanks for the PM tips!

Posted on 04-28-13 07:40 AM (rev. 9 of 04-28-13 07:47 AM) Link | Quote | ID: 153779

Red Paragoomba
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Whhoopppss... I mean :

"If I not bothered you, can you 'move' the notation data to certain musical software like Fruity Loop or whatever?"

Sorry for that typo...

Yeah, I usually converting music to the hex value via FL Studio by reading notation blocks each of them...
If you wonder the instrument table for MM5, I'll tell you some :

Common instruments index :

00, 01, 02, 05, 07 : Regular.
03 : Like Piano / Guitar, because this one have low sustain.
10 : Vibrato.
12 : Large Vibrato like Bright Man's middle song or Dust Man's intro.
14 : Percussion.
15 : Melodic Tom for Bass.
16 : Like Flute, Clarinet, Harmonica, Violin or any windy instruments.
19 : Star Man's Percussion (weird one, because 7th byte instrument setting is 80).
24 to 3F : I guess that's for SFx.

For X dash only for Charge Kick, yep, that easy for conditional branching but maybe it will be pain for 'air dash' programming.

Posted on 04-28-13 02:18 PM Link | Quote | ID: 153780

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Would you like to have 8-bit ports of the SNES stage themes, or something custom? If ot's the former, I can do that on my own, I just need to know exactly where the music data begins and ends for every channel, since in MM3 there are bits of junk data in between some of them and there could be in MM5 as well, but I could find it all myself, and no, I can't read tabs, I'm sort of a self-taught artist, but as an example, I'll show you what I got out of an unmodified Capcom engine.

I use Famitracker to cover (or write) the song I want to put into the game and then use it as a template, as it's really easy for me to convert it to hex data by hand that way.

Hill Top zone
Jungle Book Boss Theme

Posted on 04-28-13 08:46 PM Link | Quote | ID: 153783

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Posted by za909
Would you like to have 8-bit ports of the SNES stage themes, or something custom? If ot's the former, I can do that on my own,

It is the former, but like I already mentioned, I'm quite adamant on doing the arrangements myself.
I'll probably regret it when I'll be fiddling in the Rom with the music data, (if I can't find someone for this) but I'll have to politely decline your offer. I really appreciate it though.
It's just that... all you've seen in my hack so far, the graphics and level designs, they're not what I have decades of theorical knowledge and practice. I'd just like to cover the only subject that I'm already trained at for my hack.

Anandastoon, I have worked in FL many times yeah (I still have the old "FruityLoops 3"). If that would work and make it super easy for you, then I can actually make and send .flp files for songs.

Also, is it just me or is the board slow all a sudden (intermitent problem loading complete pages)?

kuja killer
Posted on 04-29-13 12:40 AM (rev. 6 of 04-29-13 12:49 AM) Link | Quote | ID: 153784

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i kinda wish a person was able to do songs for odyssey too.

The only problem is there's very few people (music composers) that know how to do stuff with the mm3-6 music format besides Matrixz, and infidelity, and za909

There was Hertzdevil, who was supposedly going to make some kind of program dedicated to inserting songs with the mm3-6 format without having to ever use hex, but he doesn't seem to really ever talk about it though..

And i just recently inserted matrixz's MMC5 mapper music expansion thing into odyssey. So there can be 2 more Square-Pulse channels.
A total of 6 sound channels for songs/sounds now instead of 4.

Oh hey kain, you might possible be interested "maybe", in combining the "rockman 5 mapper upgrade" to your hack. It will change the game to MMC5 mapper, give you tons more graphics space. And it may be possible to apply matrixz's music upgrade too.

I'm not sure if my rockman 5 mapper upgrade patch will work with US megaman 5 roms though, because i originally did it on a japanese rockman 5 ROM only.

so.. sorry then.

Posted on 05-01-13 09:26 PM (rev. 3 of 05-01-13 09:28 PM) Link | Quote | ID: 153793

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I was hoping if someone may use an idea like that. Kelvin's custom maverick bosses in Mega Man 5 if you rather use them or you rather create your own sprite unless you have the artistic skills to do so.

MegaLion 2
Don't mind this falsified 8-Bit music. GXSCC is the shit!

Anyway, I know some of the basic ASM stuff like limit the E-Tanks to 4 or anything I can manage them if you want!

I really like the custom 8-Bit stage progress I've seen so far.


Posted by Kain

- I want the ROM to remain at the 512KB regular MM5 cart size, however, I don't mind removing some stuff from the game entirely just to make room for cool features.

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