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I was wondering if anyone here could tell me about where these bugs stem from in the code (or may stem from). Eventually I'd like to try my hand at fixing these bugs. (Once I've gained some experience at hacking) All of these are random and don't appear to happen at any one point consistently. Here's what I see:

1.) Sprites for bad guys appear half-formed. You can kill them like normal and then the sprite changes its appearance to normal but unless you do that, the sprite appears deformed and is unable to move.

2.) When bowser is breathing fire, from offscreen sometimes the fireball will actually appear in a column of five fireballs all lined up from top to bottom. They flicker though as if they aren't completely substantial but they can cause damage.

3.) Sometimes bowser is messed up. The top half of his sprite will appear in the normal location but the bottom half may appear anywhere else in the level.

4.) Sometimes I take damage even when I'm nowhere near either a fireball or a fire chain. It always seems to happen if I'm above the thing in question. For instance, one of the worlds is an underwater world with fire chains. The chain is in the lower half of the screen and is the normal length but if I swim all of the way to the top and try to swim over it, it does damage to me. In other instances, I'm running along the top of the screen on a castle level and a fireball from Boswer flies out below and I take damage as if I were in the fireball's path.

PM me if you need more details. I'm really curious to know why all of this happens.

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Main - ROM Hacking - New Strange Mario Bros New thread | New reply

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