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Main - ROM Hacking Related Releases - Screenshot rules. (READ) New thread | Thread closed

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If you are going to release a hack or project, you are to provide at least one in-game screenshot (or another screenshot that depicts the main aspect of said project) unless you provide a specific reason not to. This screenshot must exhibit changes you have made. Screenshots must not stretch any posts. If it is large, post a link to it instead. Screenshots may be linked to, and is acceptable, but they must be labeled as a screenshot.

Any threads not showing at least one screenshot or an acceptable reason for the absence of a screenshot for their project will be closed.

Note: A screenshot is not needed if it is a source code release, resource site, wiki, or any other kind of project not otherwise exhibiting visual changes or redundancies.


Main - ROM Hacking Related Releases - Screenshot rules. (READ) New thread | Thread closed

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