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Dr. Hell
Posted on 03-04-07 10:07 AM Link | Quote | ID: 10369

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aka optomon and Dr. Mario will probably make a suicide pact if we ever post another update thread.

So anyways, by now everyone and thier mother should know the drill.
Castlevania Hack
New enemies
New Bosses
New Graphics
New Levels
New Music
New Weapon
New Story
If anyone is in the dark about any of this, say something and I'll make a huge long post about it, but here's a couple of screens.

This will hopefully be done soon, all that's left is some small spriting stuff, some small coding stuff (last I heard from optomon, there's a couple of things he needs to do) and a majority of the level design. I'll be looking for beta testers after that, but I already have a couple in mind, so don't get all excited. Also, I'll tell you now about the critera for being a tester for this hack:
1. I need to know who you are, and I don't mean you introducing yourself, I mean I need to have prior knowledge of your existance
2. You have to be extremely good at Castlevania
3. You have to be experienced at rom hacking (and by experienced, I mean optomon and I need to agree that you're worthy)

I'll probably only pick one or two people that I don't already have in mind, so unless you fit the critera listed (and you still may be denied) don't bother asking.

Posted on 03-04-07 08:06 PM Link | Quote | ID: 10442

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Absolutely gorgeous screens. And Im sure the music is top tier too. I remember on old sample nsf you(or optomon) uploaded sounded kick ass.

I'm not looking to be a beta tester(Although I certainly wouldn't mind), but you mentioned having to be extremely good at Castlevania. Is that mainly for bug/play testing or because the game is really hard? I really hope this hack is accessible to non-experienced vampire-slayers.

Dr. Hell
Posted on 03-04-07 09:41 PM Link | Quote | ID: 10483

Level: 49

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It's just for bug testing. Essentially if someone is really good at CV, that means they have played it a lot, so they will know what kind of things to look for when they are bug testing it.

Posted on 03-04-07 09:42 PM Link | Quote | ID: 10486

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I haven't played Castlevania in a while, but this hack looks cool!

Keep up the good work, Dr. Mario

Dr. Hell
Posted on 03-04-07 10:23 PM Link | Quote | ID: 10501

Level: 49

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Since: 03-02-07
From: Pittsburgh, PA

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Here's the .nsf along with some comments about each song from optmon.

Track Listing (Real names pending?)
1- Boss Fight
2- Level 1: Castle Entrance
3- Level 2: Royal Chessboard
4- Level 3: Castle Roof
5- Level 5: Olrox's Quarters
6- Level 4: The Pit
7- Level 4: The Courtyard
8- Olrox's 2nd form
9- Final Battle
10- Epilogue/Credits
11- Level 6: The Clocktower
12- Title Screen
13- Level Clear
14- You Died!
15- Game Over

Posted by "optomon"

1- One of the few catchy songs in the game and might be the games defining piece. I composed it and sequenced it in one sitting (well, ok, I got up to use the bathroom unlike some MMORPGers). This boss theme is longer than in the original Castlevania because I intended to make the boss fights longer and more intense.

2- A song that I feel fits in well for an opening number. Definitely was thinking haunted house when I composed it. The base is probably the most dynamic in this one.

3- The first song I composed for this game, I didn't think it wouldn't be topped. A fairly complex song, the main goal here was to get two melodies harmonizing well together. I'm hoping it will enchant the listener rather than create confusion.

4- The most dramatic tune in the game, not something that would be easy to hum. Loaded with tons of arpeggios and features several unique chord progressions (If I remember correctly, it opens up "e, F#, C, B, F, A#, E, B"). This one could turn out to be the favorite.

5- An 8bit rendition of Dance of Pales, and a very glorious one. This one really tested my skills as a sequencer, particularly the timing of the 32nd notes. Lots of different timbres used. This was for the Castlevania fans of course. Will likely be the most popular song in the game.

6- One of the more unusual songs. While it does have 16 measures, they do not go 4 4 4 4 in chords, but 3 3 5 5. Special thing about this one is the timbre created by echoing of the square channels.

7- This song sounded better on piano, particularly the opening, but I'm not disappointed with the way it turned out. A song that makes one feel deceivingly at peace.

8- The last song I sequenced. I wanted this to sound very intense. The base is a little sloppy, but the hectic melody from the less dominant square channel kind of drowns it out.

9- Probably the song I like the least, but it does plays well on the theme of mystery. Starts out nice in and ends nice, but the middle kind of drags and doesn't really seem to blend well (one transition in particular).

10- The ending piece turned out very well and it is one of my favorite pieces in the game. I think it has excellent transition, and is a successful example of a contrapuntal tune.

11- Not much to say here. I expect complaints about its repetition, and I'm think of expanding this one actually.

12- Probably not the most appropriate choice for this game's title screen, but I like it.

13- Eh, it's ok, but... It was meant to be slower. The base and melody not being together might make people cringe.

14- The traditional death jingle used in Castlevania.

15- Short and dramatic. Inspired by a song that I never finished for the games soundtrack. I added this phrase at the end of it in a fit of hopelessness and I was like "I guess it's game over for this piece".

Posted on 03-08-07 02:52 AM Link | Quote | ID: 11981

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Posted by Dr. Mario
(Real names pending?)

Song titles, eh... I remember us briefly discussing this.

I think track 1 I dubbed as the "migdnight mambo" , though that might be inappropriate. Track 2 would certainly be along the lines of "come in if you dare". Track 3, simply "chessboard".

The rest, don't know yet, I'll have to make something up later.

Critiques of the soundtrack would be very highly appreciated.

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