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Posted on 02-27-07 09:34 PM Link | Quote | ID: 8468

Bullet Bill
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This is quite an unactive board, but maybe I'll get some replies.

Ok, I'm writing a Zelda fic. My last fanfic, a Metroid one died on Chapter 21 of the second fic. (It was a two-part fic.) Hopefully this won't drag on as long as the last one did.

The story takes place about seven years after Twilight Princess. Link has returned to Ordon Village to live his normal life. Soon after returning, he married Ilia and together they had a son, named Eldric. Link and Epona still have their ranching jobs with Fado and so everyone is living a peaceful life in the village.

I'm not fully sure what is going to happen that will cause Link to take up his the Master Sword again, but I know that it will involve the Twilight Realm and Midna once more.

I've written Chapter 1 so far. Any comments would be appreciated.
Chapter 1

Deep in the southernmost reaches of Hyrule lies a small province, the smallest of all those under royal control. The province of Ordon is a beautiful ecosystem, lush with dense forests, crystal clear rivers, and fauna of that likes that many inhabitants of Hyrule have never seen.

Yet, in spite of this splendor, very few people live here. In fact, there is only one village in the Ordon Province. A small village mostly given to farming and herding, life is peaceful in Ordon Village. Under the leadership of Bo, the mayor, the town flourishes. The goat-herder, Fado, has his ranch atop the large knoll overlooking the rest of the village. The rest of the villagers lead simple farming lives, growing bountiful harvests and selling them in the Hyrule Castle Town Market. However, there is one villager that can instantly, be differentiated from the rest.

Link slowly rode his horse, Epona, up the hill to the ranch. The sun was rising to his left, chasing away the last remains of night as pale orange glow draped the land. His mind turned to the tasks ahead of him. Today was nothing different; just the standard day working on the ranch. The goats would have to be awoken, checked for sickness and fed. Then they would be milked and the milk would be bottled and stored until the next trip into market. Finally, the goats would be let out into the field to graze and enjoy the warmth of the sun’s rays.

Reaching the top of the hill, Link saw Fado opening up the stable. Fado saw him coming and hollered out to him.

“G’mornin’ to you, Link,” said Fado when Link neared.

Link nodded and replied, “Morning, Fado. Ready for today’s work?”

“Course, Link! Why shouldn’t we be?” he asked with a laugh. He went into the stable. Link dismounted Epona and led her by the reigns into the stable. Up at the back wall, Fado reached his hand into a basket, pulling out a shiny, red apple. “Catch!” he shouted and tossed the apple to Link. Link caught it easily and wiped it with his shirt. He then turned and gave it to Epona as a snack. Fado then grabbed two more apples and tossed one to Link, who caught it and went over to his friend.

Fado was a tall, slender man of his late thirties. Dirty blond hair and blue eyes were the most prominent facial features. As were most of the men in the village, Fado was muscular from the farming and ranching he had done over the years. He had inherited the ranch from his father who, now in his old age, spent the days at home with Fado’s wife. Link had always liked Fado, even from an early age. Maybe it was because of his carefree manner and positive outlook. Link guessed though that it was probably because they were very much alike.

“So, Link,” asked Fado, biting into his apple, “How’re Ilia and little Eldric doin’?”

Link leaned against the back wall, chewing the last the bite in his mouth. Swallowing, he replied, “They’re doing fine, thanks. Ilia is always up at dawn like me and Eldric is up after I leave. He helps his mother do the chores around the house for now, but soon he’ll be able to help farm outside. He’s turning six years of age soon, did you know?”

Fado looked a little surprised. “Is he really? Seems like only a little while ago he was nothin’ but a small baby in his father’s arms, eh?” Link agreed with him. “So, uh, any chance of him comin’ and workin’ with his dad soon?” he asked quietly, taking another bite of his apple.

Link shook his head. “Nay, not for a couple more years. This is skilled labor that we do. He needs to grow stronger and learn more before he joins us.”

“Ah, tis a shame that we’ll have to wait. A boy comin’ from such fine breeding as you would be a welcome addition!” Fado replied happily. He finished his apple and tossed the core to Epona. Link did likewise, starting up the next round of conversation.

“Hey, Fado, where is that young rascal, Colin? He should’ve been here by now,” he wondered aloud, walking to the stable doors and peering out.

Fado shrugged as he walked over, answering, “I dunno, Link. Maybe he overslept.” He grinned. “Bet you five Rupees that’s the case.”

Link returned the grin, saying, “Deal!”

Fado looked satisfied and turned to the sleeping goats. “Ok, Link, enough of our chat. These goats aren’t goin’ to milk themselves.” He walked to the nearest goat and woke it up. Link did likewise, starting on the opposite side.

The sun finished rising and draped the ranch in bright sunbeams. A lone person could be seen racing up the hill to the ranch, and soon Link would owe Fado five Rupees for the bet made earlier.
Again, comments would be nice.


Ice Penguin
Posted on 02-28-07 10:34 PM Link | Quote | ID: 8726

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To be honest, I would prefer to read something new. Or better yet, give life to an older Zelda! This way, you can make up a lot of what happens. And because the older Zeldas don't have much story to them, it would be FUN to read.

I like the way you write, so I know I would enjoy it.

Posted on 04-05-07 12:50 AM Link | Quote | ID: 23354

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I want to see more of this from you i am impressed tis is good stuff

Posted on 10-06-08 05:56 AM Link | Quote | ID: 91788

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Dang man that is amazing! I like how you did this. Maybe you can give me a private message every time you get more done? Keep up the good work!

Clown Face = *<:O)

Posted on 10-06-08 06:07 AM Link | Quote | ID: 91789

>implying even the Japanese understand the Japanese
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Congratulations on the year plus bump. Haven't you been told to stop bumping, or am I losing my touch?

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Posted on 10-06-08 07:26 AM Link | Quote | ID: 91794

Cape Luigi
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Posted by Grey Mario
Congratulations on the year plus bump. Haven't you been told to stop bumping, or am I losing my touch?
Maybe if you PM-spammed him he might notice better?


Posted on 10-06-08 06:07 PM Link | Quote | ID: 91806

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Whoops sorry. I keep forgetting to look at the date this stuff is done. Need to watch out for that more.

Posted on 10-07-08 05:45 AM Link | Quote | ID: 91846

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Nevertheless, I too demand more. FirePhoenix at least had a target going for himself, he writes in the boundaries of captivating his audience.

Foolish bard seems to not give a shit...

Posted on 12-15-08 02:00 AM Link | Quote | ID: 96789

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An amazingly done job on the beginning of Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess! (Yea, it's obvious.) Keep up the good work!

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Main - Writing - Zelda Fic I'm Starting New thread | New reply

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