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Bullet Bill
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Lately I've been asking myself this as I worry that my game is too easy, too straightforward. So I'm wondering, what do you all think makes a good level? Is it enemy placement, difficulty, puzzles, fluidity, what? Maybe I can finally figure out how the better games are just that: better.


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Steam Board2 group
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A good level is lagom, seriously that probably was the biggest mistake I made in my little hack. I made the first level big as possible, bigger than it actually needed to be. When you have to use a custom time because the preset times are way too little, there's something wrong.

Challange is good, but frustration is not. Savestates should not be a requirement to beat the level.

Also, as a rule of thumb with levels... the levels themself are usually way easier for the guy who designed it than a random guy that tests it. What might seem to be a easy series of jumps might be insane for someone else.

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Super Koopa
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I think it's mostly how the level's layed out - so enemy placement and difficulty.

I love levels where you have to use enemies to get to other areas of the map, like a huge chains of koopas going up to get to a pipe.

Although, I am a strange person. D:


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Red Goomba
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I usually just put together a level that seems to amuse my eyes, graphically and shape wise. But, you NEVER know how good your level is until you play it, that includes everything: level design, enemy placements, GRAPHICS (definately), etc. I have spent some time looking at all of Nintendo's levels and study their shape and enemy placement, I feel that has helped too.

Main - SMW Hacking - What makes a level? New thread | New reply

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