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Main - SMW Hacking - Bowser's Puzzle Challenge (short ASM hack) New thread | Thread closed

Posted on 07-18-07 05:29 AM (rev. 2 of 07-19-07 02:11 AM) Link | Quote | ID: 55830

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It's only one level long, but you shouldn't be disappointed. I thought some totally new, ASM-based puzzles would be a neat idea to see in some hacks, so I made these over the past week and a half. Go ahead and try it!

The hack really isn't that big on story, plot, level design or graphics - it's meant for the puzzles. You'll see them when you come to them. There's three, and here's some info:

Slide Puzzle: Pretty simple concept, coding was a major pain in the rear. If anyone saw my last thread with problems spawning sprites, this is what that's all about. Big thanks to mikeyk for helping make this work out. Just slide the pieces to un-scramble the photo.

Sudoku: This one was the easiest to code, but easily takes the longest to solve. (unless you aren't good with the concept in #3)

Rubik's Pocket Cube: The hardest, it certainly isn't easy to beat. I just hope people don't have a hard time seeing this; after all, there's only so much you can do with 2d-graphics. The black on the top of the screen is there because it flickers like crazy during this puzzle, because of all the processing it has to do. You can't see the flickering if it's black, but be warned: you might as well drop whatever's in your item reserve before you get to this puzzle so you don't get distracted by the flickering.

Download the IPS here.

People have reached and played the levels by now, so now I have screenshots up. Have fun!

Posted on 07-18-07 05:30 AM (rev. 2 of 07-18-07 05:36 AM) Link | Quote | ID: 55831

>implying even the Japanese understand the Japanese
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Downloaded, will edit with review later. Sounds pretty fun.

EDIT: Could you provide a completed picture of Puzzle 1? I can't seem to figure out the top corner piece.

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Posted on 07-18-07 06:20 AM (rev. 3 of 07-18-07 06:56 AM) Link | Quote | ID: 55842

Level: 14

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Since: 04-19-07
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That's the missing one. Of course you can't figure it out.

Try working the puzzle from the bottom up.

Edit: Actually, in case you were referring to the top right corner, that's the piece that's a blank yellow tile (mostly, but it has 2 pixels on it).

The empty space is in the top left corner.

Posted on 07-18-07 06:57 AM Link | Quote | ID: 55850

Red Birdo
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that puzzle was good, but now I'm right stuck on the second puzzle in the first level . Any hints?

Posted on 07-18-07 06:59 AM Link | Quote | ID: 55852

Level: 14

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Since: 04-19-07
From: Albany, GA

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First level? It's the only level!

The second puzzle takes the longest - you'll probably end up doing the bottom portion last. It's a good idea to begin the puzzle in the top rightmost four squares. Also, finding the 1's and 4's seems the easiest to me.

Squash Monster
Posted on 07-18-07 07:39 AM Link | Quote | ID: 55855

Buster Beetle
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Sudoku is bloody easy.

If you don't know what to do: the goal is to fill in numbers so no column, row, or 3x3 block has any repeat numbers.

There are 3 techniques to use:

1 -- "Brute Force" Pick a square. Start counting from 1 to 9. For each number you count, check for that same number in the block, row, or column. If you find a square where only one number isn't repeated, fill it in.
2 -- "The good way" Pick a number. Find every one of that number that's been filled in. Now, go to the blocks that don't have that number. Mentally block off every row or column with that number already in it. When your block has only one open space, fill it in.
3 -- "HAX" Start with "the good way". If you ever see a block where you've mentally blocked off all but one row of the block, you can treat that row just like that number for the purposes of using this trick again, as long as you're going horizontal. Same with a column of the block. This one confuses people and I only used it once to solve this. You probably don't even need it.

But yeah. Use method 2. It takes like 10 minutes tops.

And nice hack. Some of the level design was a bit to "gotcha" for me, especially the bits where you needed to change platforms and then the one you were on previously wouldn't kill you off for another 2 screens. The reason why you have to switch should be visible from where you switch.

Great job with the assembly though.


Posted on 07-18-07 07:43 AM Link | Quote | ID: 55856

Level: 14

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Since: 04-19-07
From: Albany, GA

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Thanks. I think the 2nd puzzle requires your third method some, I used it when initially solving the sudoku myself. (I got the one I put in SMW out of a local newspaper) If I see at least 2 squares in a row that are the only ones that could have a certain number, I pretend that that row has that number invisibly, and I use it to help block off other areas.

Sorry about that platform thing, I didn't really think about the effect it would have on someone playing it. I won't do that in the future.

Posted on 07-18-07 08:18 AM Link | Quote | ID: 55859

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This is very cool. One problem, though... The mini-Rubik's Cube hurts the eyes. I know there's nothing else you can do to make it look better, but... Still.

Oh, and make sure to clear out the inventory box when you start a puzzle. It flickers an obscene amount.

Posted on 07-18-07 08:22 AM Link | Quote | ID: 55860

Level: 14

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Since: 04-19-07
From: Albany, GA

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It only does that on the last puzzle. That's why I have two rows of blackness up there at the mini-cube.

When you rotate a side, an invisible sprite rewrites the map16 to the 24 locations, which requires alot of processing. I don't really know how to get around the flicker.

I never really tested inventory, but then again, I never really expected anyone to get that far with an inventory item. Good job.

Posted on 07-18-07 08:52 AM Link | Quote | ID: 55864

Red Paratroopa
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I did puzzle 1 three times. My best time was the second.

Puzzle 2 is cool, but my brain is too fried from the first puzzle to finish it right now. (And it's almost midnight.) I'll try again tomorrow.

"I'm sick of it and I'm out. See you around." ~Cpu's last post here

Posted on 07-19-07 08:55 PM Link | Quote | ID: 56318

Red Koopa
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Screen shots don't work .

Sorry for my bad english

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Posted on 11-06-11 11:46 AM Link | Quote | ID: 148384

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Main - SMW Hacking - Bowser's Puzzle Challenge (short ASM hack) New thread | Thread closed

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