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Posted on 06-26-07 04:31 PM Link | Quote | ID: 49767

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Hey I just started hacking Zelda a Link to the Past using Hyrule Magic. I'm not very experienced with it and I was hoping someone could help me understand how some parts of it work.

1.) Title Screen Editing - I can't figure out how to copy and paste the letters to the title screen. They're in the Background 3 category and I can only get things in the background 1 category to work.

2.) BGM - I know that in other games people import music to use in thier hacks. Is there anyway to do this? I really want to use the lost woods music from Ocarina of Time. (Even if I have to use a midi.)

3.) Zcompress - A program I downloaded to compress sprites so I could edit them. It just brings up a black box with some words and then it dissapears. Is there any other compressers I could use? And I've searched google already.

4.) I saw someone else use this for their hack. When Link first got his shield it stayed on his back like in the newer games. Is there anyway that I could make the game do that without editing Link's sprite to have a shield on his back?

5.) When I place doors in rooms they just go somewhere in the middle and not on the walls. I can't drag them over either.

6.) Last question. Is there a way to make something hover over Link all the time like a fairy? Sorry if these are stupid questions.

Thanks in advance.

Posted on 06-26-07 10:43 PM Link | Quote | ID: 49882

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From: no

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For #3, learn how to use the command line.

Posted on 06-27-07 01:16 AM Link | Quote | ID: 49930

Red Paragoomba
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Master using this and you can have it(all those cool things you want that isn't HM related).

Posted on 06-28-07 08:23 PM Link | Quote | ID: 50446

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Posted by Jigglysaint

Master using this and you can have it(all those cool things you want that isn't HM related).

That's huge! I wouldn't even know what to edit! Lol.

Posted on 07-01-07 06:56 AM Link | Quote | ID: 51164

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1)Copy and paste the graphics to a graphics editor that supports 16 color images(not paint, unless you want to paste it back in with corrupted colors), and edit the title screen,

2)I'm making a tutorial on music editing, to make it a tad bit more clearer, but for now, I'd use a midi to plan the and then go to music editing. For example, Part 1, 0000-002E

0001:Volume for all instruments. Only works for header of song.
0002peed of song.
0003peed goes up.
0006:Echo. The first value is how much it will echo. The second two values are
are ????
0007:Instrument. You'll have to stick with it's own instruments unless you make your own.
0009-0022:First values are how long it will play. Second values are ?. Third value is what note it will play at.
0023peed goes up.
0024-002E: Same as 0009-0022
That's only for 0000-002E

3)Command line.

4)I can't answer that one. ASM?

5)It's so simple to do, but I just can't remember.

6)That's probably ASM, but I have thought of something like that before, and I would use one of the people who follow you around.

This is the tutorial I learned most of my stuff at.
Hope that helps.

Posted on 07-08-07 08:14 AM Link | Quote | ID: 53193

Super Koopa
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Since: 02-19-07
From: durff

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4. While it would require a bit of data hacking (not necessarily ASM) it would probably look funny and you'd also have to edit the sprite priority in addition to the position and orientation of the shield sprite. I assume you mean have it on his back unless he's swinging his sword or holding it out?

5. Select the door and use the number pad keys to move them around (position and direction) and the m and n keys to switch their type.

6. Yes you could in theory make something hover over Link like a fairy and it wouldn't necessarily be difficult either. Again it requires you know a bit about working with OAM - Object Attribute Memory, which is a fancy word that means sprites. When Link's body is constructed each frame you could add in another sprite on top of him that hovers about a random distance from him. The only difficulty I see in doing this is you'd have to make room in the sprite graphics. They're pretty packed already so you'd have to cut some tile out to fit in an 8x8 fairy sprite (or whatever). This of course could have bad effects unless the tile you remove will no longer be used.

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