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Posted on 05-05-07 12:33 AM Link | Quote | ID: 32945

Nipper Plant
Sandwich Artist
Level: 44

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Since: 02-22-07

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Well I was hoping someone could have locked the other thread but that was a no go. Here is the 2nd release of Pit Stop.

In this version you can now edit SOME of the enemy data, that is, enemy generators. I've figured out the format for other enemies but displaying them on the right position is proving more difficult than I thought, but that editing is garunteed. Also in this version is a TSA editor, special room door editor, enemy palette editing and a lot of user interface changes.

Pit Stop v0.7.3 Feedback/bug reports greatly welcomed!

Posted on 05-14-07 04:14 AM Link | Quote | ID: 35151

Red Paragoomba
Level: 19

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Nice work. I guess the next step is editing of the underworld levels.

Posted on 06-01-07 12:57 AM Link | Quote | ID: 40226

Level: 25

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Since: 05-28-07
From: Salem, Oregon

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looks like it is really coming along. Good job man this is going to open up a whole new wave of hacks for sure.

Petition for Factor 5 game on Wii

Posted on 06-02-07 05:54 AM Link | Quote | ID: 41218

Buzz Blob
Level: 37

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Since: 04-06-07
From: Oroville, CA

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Took me about four nights to realize that you included the ability to copy/paste objects. I had spent those nights making love to my right-click abilities.

The only user-related problem I've really found is that when inserting a new object, sometimes the object is inserted underneath the place the last inserted object is. I end up having to move every piece just to find the new ledge or whatever it may be, or if I even did insert it ._.

Thanks for this great editor though--this may be one of the first hacks I've actually completed in a while, thanks to this now where's mah labyrynth editing >:o

Posted on 07-18-07 01:24 AM Link | Quote | ID: 55778

Level: 41

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From: Massachusetts/Virginia

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Really sorry about the bump...

When I open the program, the objects are shoved together, causing the Object Editor to overlap on top of the main editor screen... can this be fixed?


Main - ROM Hacking Related Releases - Pit Stop v0.7.3 New thread | New reply

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