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Email address link2002@charter.net
Homepage GIGA Hacks - http://geocities.com/mariofanx/

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Real name Kenneth M. Grassey
Location Around And Back
Birthday Saturday, August 11, 1990 (33 years old)
Bio When I was five Years old I spent hours watching my dad play the original SMB3 then when I was like six years old I started to play them... The first game I ever played was Sonic the hedgehog 2 And I was pretty good at it too i could make it to the death egg with little to no problems metal sonic was easy the one problem was Dr. Eggman's a.k.a. Dr.Robotnik and that robot of his... didn't figure out how to beat him untill after I got Sonic Mega Collection Plus of course I was only like 7 since I had last played the game... anyway when I first played Super Mario Bros. 3, and Sonic 3&K I decided to become a "Video Game Designer" it has been my desire since I was like Six years old. While I'm still in High School I know alot about Game development but... its still not enough to work with I know a little about ASM but not enough to start coding a game. anyway I have big ideas many good ideas and I think if I try hard enough I will be a Game Designer.
Favorite NES Game:Super Mario Bros. 3
Favorite Saga Game:Sonic The hedgehog 3 & Knuckles
Favorite Game:Tie Between The Above


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Currently Working On A Website Project Called Club Chaotic

Looking For Supporters For My Website Project Club Chaotic.

Currently Looking For Coders For Club Chaotic. I'm Thinking PHP myself.

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