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Bio I am a ROMhacker going by the codename "KaBooM!" who prefers the security afforded to those who remain somewhat covert and mysterious. My actual name, age, gender, race, area of residence, social status, religious convictions, political affiliations, financial situation, and sexual orientations/preferences are and shall hopefully remain the subject of curious enigma. Despite my aversions of disclosure there are a few things about myself which I am willing to share...

First off, I am an Earthling of the "human" species, who lives somewhere on the planet Earth... and I shall be residing here until the day our good friends from the stars of the Pleiades realize I was sent to the wrong planet by mistake, and subsequently return to take me back. (If the little green men with big black eyes from Zeta Reticuli 2 come around asking for me, tell them I've left the planet already. We Pleiadians don't roll with those cats for good reason!)

Second, I have been gifted with a needlessly complex mind as well as an exceptionally proficient grasp of not only the English language but also of several different forms of what can be considered "creative ventures", all of which I use as my weapons in the ongoing battle against conformity. It's a war zone out there, and words and art are the tools of my trade. (Little blue bombs notwithstanding!)

Thirdly, I have never been, nor am I currently, nor do I believe that I will ever be, a representative of any company and/or organization which produces licensed commercial video games for platforms of any type or kind. If I were I think it's safe to say I certainly wouldn't view ROMhacking as an art form in itself. My propensity for non-conformity does not often find me in business attire like all the other goons and goonettes for hire, so we can all breathe easy not only knowing that I'm just an ordinary Jane/Joe like yourselves, but that I also will never be personally responsible for some of the shovelware that some of the big media companies like to cram down out throats. (Granted, there are a few exceptions. Damned few... )

Fourthly, I have a love of ROMhacking as it is one of many hobbies I undertake which not only exercises my mind but also satisfies my curiosity and fascination with reverse-engineering the work of others as well as my need to be creative and inspiring for the common good. In that regard, I have joined the ROMhacking community with the intention of sharing my notes, observations, insights, and also the ROMhacking creations produced by myself through my affiliate, "KaBooM! Games" with others, again for the common good of all.

Fifthly, I refer to myself by the codename "KaBooM!" for several reasons, some of which I do not care to divulge as doing so would directly interfere with my propensity for obscure anonymity. This does not indicate that I necessarily pose any type of perceived threat... in fact, by most standards I consider myself quite harmless... as long as you are not a video game ROM! (Heh heh.) As for the reasons for my codename I don't mind sharing, well... not only does it serve as a tribute to one of the greatest Atari 2600 games of all time but also as a nice, quick, short, easy codename which can easily be inserted into the credits of any ROMhack which I create, and it looks different and grabs attention to boot. That, and it's so much fun to type with its weird alternate capitalization and punctuation. And it goes great with marinara sauce.

Finally, I must truthfully admit that I look nothing like my avatar would suggest, at least until the day that the radioactive weapons which threaten mankind come raining down upon our heads and the survivors are turned into deformed mutants. It is my sincerest hope that this will never happen, because quite frankly, it would suck like a supercharged vacuum cleaner. Not only because civilization as we know it would cease to exist, not only because it would be hard getting any sleep considering I'd be living next to people who constantly glow in the dark, but also because having a big, heavy, blue bomb for a head that's getting ready to explode any second is not a good condition to greet your new neighbors in. It doesn't exactly set their minds at ease, and it's terrible for one's complexion.

Alright, that's about it for now, I talk/type way too much. See you all on the boards.

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