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Registered on 09-28-09 03:11 AM (3435 days ago)
Last post 05-31-11 08:03 AM (2825 days ago)
in Zelda3, Work in progress hack, New Gates of Darkness (ROM Hacking)
Last view 06-12-11 07:09 PM (2812 days ago)
at /board/thread.php?id=4626

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Email address UnixN64@gmail.com
Homepage My horrible long dead community. :( - http://www.MaCo64.com

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Personal information
Real name Matt Anderson
Birthday Monday, April 4, 1994 (24 years old)
Bio Well, I'm a Unix/Linux, Nintendo 64 and all-around technology fanatic; I also study anatomy. Uhh, I'm an expert at psychology and know a good deal on astronomy. With this being the internet, I don't feel the need to display any further information about myself.

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Vex Vega
Posted on 02-23-19 09:06 AM

Mini Octorok
Level: 11

Posts: 19
EXP: 4854
Next: 1131

Since: 09-28-09

Last post: 2825 days
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I'll create another community one day... When I feel like it, I guess.

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