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04-09-20 01:34 PM
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Since: 12-29-05
From: Korea

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Posted on 01-28-06 09:50 AM Link
Story : Mario thinks the Earth is too small to endure his claustrophobia.
So he trys to escape the Earth..

This hack is harder (and better) than the previous one..

And there are many secrets in which you will never think(???)

So, here're some hints.

There are 2 secrets in welcome stage.(C5)
And watch carefully the demo play...

Have fun~

Sorry..... I'm a newbie and I didn't know IPS patch.


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Since: 05-08-06

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Posted on 01-28-06 10:21 AM Link
OMG!!!! I'm dowload this and.... ROM! please read FAQ!:
don't do:
15: Post rom/warez links on the board. You're free to exchange links with others through private messages, but do not post them out in the open.

sorry this...


Since: 11-19-05
From: Techno City, The Moon

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Posted on 01-28-06 10:55 AM Link
I should have suspected as much... anyway, on to the advice column:

1. This level design is boring, or you're taking terrible screenshots. The background is meh, but it's much better than nothing.
2. The new background is nice, along with the block choices. The level design is still terrible, though, and the whole level looks forced. Also, the name in the statusbar changed colors. Uhm... interesting.

3. The clouds are very out of place. What are the boulders? Those arrows are ugly. The level design still isn't improving.
4. Is this like... forcing you to get hurt? Because you totally implied it. Hint: Symmetry makes things look pretty. Completely randomness or baselessness is boring and annoying.

5. what
6. This picture is terribly boring. Take a ton of pictures and post the interesting ones instead of taking few bad pictures and putting them here.

7. This actually isn't so bad. I like the ? block.
8. I'm guessing you suck at Mario.
9. what

what the

what the hell
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Acmlm's Board - I3 Archive - The Pit of Despair - Super Mario Claustrophobia 2 - Out Of Gravity | Thread closed


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