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11-02-05 12:59 PM
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Posted on 08-25-05 10:29 PM Link | Quote
Well, to make an apport to this community, here's the tutorial!!!

Tools needed


  • Using 3 in 1 menu for psx compilations :

    • First, extract CDGEN from from the, and install it this way: open, extract, open and extract to a new folder called disk1, then execute setup.exe and choose the directories where it'll be installed (i chose the same directory for both cdgen and temp folder)
    • Open CDGEN, and hit the Directory button, in the upper part of the windows. It'll bring a window with an empty folder named '\' and at the right the contents of that folder. Just Choose Edit/Put Files and directories and it'll bring a window where you can add files and folder to the cd. Note that you can only add one file at a time, so, you can do a trick by adding an entire folder, then draging and dropping all the contents of that folder (enter in it first) to the '\' folder (drag from the right to the left)
      Now you'll ask, which files do I need to add. Well, the answer is: first, the psx executables (normally called SLUS_xxx.xx, SLES_xxx.xx SCUS_xxx.xx SCES_xxx.xx SLPM_xxx.xx and many other variations in the form, yyy a 3 char string, and x=any number) of each disk you're compiling in the folder named MOVIE (in uppercase). Create this folder first, by clicking in the \ folder and choosing edit/create directory and then drop the executables there, by putting edit/add files and directories.
    • Now that you've added the executables, you must also add all the contents of the cd's to cdgen. You must conserve the file structure of the cd's. That means you can't make separated folder for each game. If two or more games use the same folder, they'll have to share it. Now if they have files with the same name in the same folder you're lost, unless you wanna make it more the hard way.
    • Beeing all the game folders and files added, you must now add three files that make the menu: PSX.EXE, BACKG.DAT and MENU.DAT. The first file is the menu and must be put in the \ folder. The second and third files are images in TIM format. This is where the tim plugin is needed. Extract the plugin (timformatE.8bi) from (which is in and put it in the plugins directory of phtoshop/paint shop pro (in psp i think there's a filters directory, put it in there too, just to make sure). Next, open PSP/PhotoShop and edit the image as desire (you can import another images and paste in the origina to replace it). Just make sure you don't change the images sizes, and save them in tim format (I choose black=transparent for menu.dat and no transparency for backg.dat)
    • Remember we put the executables in the MOVIE folder? well, the original names for that files must be changed. The first game that appers in the menu is gonna be called 111.exe. the second will be 222.exe and the third will be 333333.exe (yes, with six 3's). Do this by clicking in the file in CDgen and choose edit/rename. Save the compilation by choosing file/save as.
    • Now there's a little problem with this. You won't be able to hear sound or see the videos of some games. If you've a little more time, you'll maybe want to do this: Download and open PSMplay. if it shows a window where you can select your cd-reader or cd-writer and none is shown (or worst, it says that wnaspi32.dll is missing) then you must download an open "force aspi" and run instaspi.bat. Reboot and then open PSMplay. Put the cd in any of your cd-drives and push the "eject button" (the one with the triangle pointing upwards). Then search for the files that have the extensions "str", "mov", "iki" (there's no guide about knowing which are video files, so you'll have to use your intuition, if u think you found a video file, check if it has enough size for the duration of them (3 min should be more than 40mb)). These should be the video files. So select file, save to file and check (save as 2336 sector). The same stands for ".xa" and "str" files that may be music files. Save all this files with the same name to a temporary folder
    • Having extracted all videos and music, in cdgen you must now delete the entries of these files. Just go to cdgen, select the file and push del key. Add again the files and select each of them, then push the lower left button, named file Type, and choose "Sub header files, XA audio...".
    • To avoid some unpleasant problems, push Layout (upper, in the middle) and make sure that path's ordered. That means that you cannot have, i.e.:
      �?�·�?�·�?�· Path
      ... ---> DIR1\FILE1.DAT
      ... ---> DIR1\FILE2.DAT
      ... ---> DIR2\FILE1.DAT
      ... ---> DIR1\FILE3.DAT
      you have to group by directories. the \ folder in one group, the dir1 folder in another group and so on. To change positions, you can either drag&drop them, or push the location button (try changing the files with high "starts" after the last file and then change the start of the files that must be there, now that the position is free)
    • Next steps are in common steps

  • Using demomenu :

    • The only thing that changes is that you must put psx.exe from demomenu in the \ folder, and the executables with their names unchanged also in the \ folder. Programs.txt in this folder too
    • Edit programs.txt. Put sth like this:
      "Crash Bash"cdrom:\SLUS_123.45;1"

      Just change the names and filenames, nothing else or it won't work
    • go to Common steps

  • Common steps:

    • Now you're ready to save the compilation. This will create a file named "filename".ccs. In a command prompt, change to the folder you saved the ccs and type (copy ccs2cti.exe, stripiso.exe and buildcd.exe first there):
      ccs2cti "filename.cti"
      You must now edit this file with a text editor. Change the lines between the first line (also included) to the fist ocurrence of "Hierarchy" with this:

      Disc XA_PSX ;disk format

      LeadIn XA ;lead in track, track 0

      Empty 1000 ;defines lead in size min (150)
      PostGap 150 ;required gap at end of lead in

      EndTrack ; end of lead in track

      Track XA ;start of XA (data) track

      Pause 150 ;required pause in first track after lead in

      Volume ISO9660 ;define ISO 9660 volume
      SystemArea LICENSEA.DAT
      PrimaryVolume ;start point of primary volume

      SystemIdentifier "PLAYSTATION" ;required indetifier
      VolumeIdentifier "ANYNAME" ; app specific identifiers
      VolumeSetIdentifier "ANYNAME" ;put any name here, it'll be the cd label
      PublisherIdentifier "NONE"
      DataPreparerIdentifier "ME"
      ApplicationIdentifier "ANYNAME"

      Lpath ; Path tables as specified for PlayStation

      Where LICENSEA.DAT is in " (the bigger zip file)/". Extract to the same folder as the ccs
    • Type buildcd -l -ifilename.img filename.cti (yes -ifilename NOT -i filename)
    • Type stripiso 2352 filename.img filename.bin
    • Burn the image with nero. Choose recorder (in nero 6) or file/burn image (in nero 5) and choose the bin file created. Choose mode2/xa (where it says mode1)
      and burn!!!

Ooooof!!!! I hope this can be of any help to anyone. Feel free to ask!! (gone to lunch)
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