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11-02-05 12:59 PM

Profile for HyperLamer
Username HyperLamer
Title <||bass> and this was the soloution i thought of that was guarinteed to piss off the greatest amount of people

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Registered on 03-15-04 07:43 PM (596 days ago)
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Real name C:\Hyperh~1.exe 
Location Canada, w00t!LOL FAD 
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User bio Bread is just raw toast.

Layout change log:
  • No more stretching! Post area now scrolls left and right if necessary. (Still stretches vertically though, because vertical scrolling layouts r teh sux0r.) - removed, caused too many weird bugs.
  • Smaller title bar font, looks better in Linux.
  • Links now have an invisible border, so things don't move when you hover over them.
  • Custom list bullets.
  • Code sections now scroll instead of leaking and stretching and use Courier.
  • Shrunk links in link window so they don't wrap around as much.
  • Changed title bar layout.
  • Fixed title bar's close button.
  • More stats and smaller font in Debug window.

My computer specs:
OS: Windows XP Pro SP2
CPU: AMD Sempron 2800+, Socket 754 (runs at 1.6ghz, but OCed to 1.7)
Motherboard: MSI K8T Neo-V with onboard sound/LAN
RAM: 256MB PC2700 333mhz x1
Video: 128MB Chaintech Volari V3 XGI
HDDs: 250GB 7200RPM Western Digital (from old computer), 20GB (not sure what brand or speed, but way slow, from old computer)
PSU: 400 watts

-=Formerly User #1802=-

Acmlmosts Bling-Bling Tropy Case
Summer 2005
2nd Best At Advice3rd Funniest
2nd Best Post Layout3rd Best Local Mod
2nd Best ROM Hacker3rd Most Helpful
Winter 2004
3rd Best Local Mod

Originally posted by Keikonium
HH always pulls it off if he tries hard enough.
Originally posted by NSNick

Old Board:

This Board:


And no, I didn't make that.

More spambot food!

The problem here was the grammar of the post. The person who posted the thread made it sound as if the pause menu would appear at a random point on the map, which is obviously false because there is nothing that would trigger it. NOT, as the correct explanation says, that it would appear when entering another map, which does make sense. Thank you, now STFU about it. -_-

BEFORE YOU SEND ME A PRIVATE MESSAGE: Are you banned and looking for information about why and/or how to be unbanned? If so, I can't help you. You need to talk to an admin for that.

NOTE: For some reason my layouts tend to look weird in here, just ignore it.

Birthday Friday, July 10, 1987 (18 years old) 
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Ono! My CSS died! Now my layout looks shitty
Acmlm's Board - Post 8210 - 11-02-05 12:59 PM
(sample text)


Why software patents SUCK and what you can do about it
'Zig' Bus Lines. Moving for great justice since AD 2101.
Everyone have a hell of a Christmas.

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