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11-02-05 12:59 PM

when someone posts something that is insulting or that I don't like to me about my post, I delete my post. 
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Registered on 03-05-05 09:58 PM (241 days ago)
Last post 11-01-05 06:02 AM, in Uh oh... (General Chat)
Last activity 11-02-05 06:09 AM
Real name Joe, Joe Mama 
Location Riiight ^ 
Email address Email withheld from guests. Log in to see it. 
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AIM screen name smwedit 
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User bio it's good to have my old bio back, at least I made a backup!

My email is (here for the people who aren't logged in)

I edit SMW

I think is mean by not letting people upload spc2midi conversions - Curse You VGMusic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah, I am sick of the marimba in midis. If you are making a video game midi and are thinking about using the marimba, try the vibraphone (and maybe with transposing the pitch) if it sounds better use the vibraphone instead of the marimba!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am sick of locked hacks!!!! I want DWTLC unlocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (nevermind, I figured out that I can rip GFX from it by opening a savestate in yy-chr and pressing "-" 13 times so I can see the GFX and I can copy and paste *rips crystal caverns FG*)

I don't usually log out of acmlm's board, I just close the browser and open it the next day and I am still logged in

See my user picture? I made that in Adobe Photoshop.

don't type too fast, you are more likely to make spelling and grammar errors.

want a realistic looking original background? request one from me because I can make some for you. I need requests.

Some of my freewebs sites are:, and

I want to know ASM!!!!!!!!

Show me a few screenshots of a (good) hack, the next thing you know, I am dying to get my hands on it! (if it has good rips)


Director (shockwave) overpowers flash!!!!!!!

you want me to join your board? I will advertise it, just make sure it is based off acmlm's AND HAS A ROM HACKING FORUM!!!!!!!

I have MSN instant messager!! my msn SN is

on june 25, 2005 I had a record!! I got 3 PMs in one day!

I unblocked kario's layout because the thing was removed

I recieved my 100th PM on 07-26-05 05:56 PM

Here we are going far To save all that we love If we give what we've got we will make it through Here we are like a star Shining bright on your world today Make evil go away Code Lyoko we will stand alone Code Lyoko be there when you call Code Lyoko we will stand real tall Code Lyoko stronger after all

"Two bucks says this post gets me banned"

~ Kyouji Craw

"When all else fails, rip from a savestate"

~ Juggling Joker

"no, it is a 20 hour long stick figure animation of war and peace"

~ Graviteh

Image hosted by


admins here never reply to your PMs

AcmlmBoard distributables

AcmlmBoard distributables

These are released every now and then.

The same rules as has always applied before will continue to be applied:


[img][/img] is NOT my userpic
in index.php, find if($cat=='' or $cat==$category[id])

add under it:


$localmodq=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM forummods WHERE forum=$forum[id]");
$lmoduser=mysql_fetch_array(mysql_query("SELECT * FROM users WHERE id=$forummod[user]"));
if($md) $lmodlst.=", ";
$lmodlst.="<a href=profile.php?id=$lmoduser[id]><font $lmodnc>$lmoduser[name]</font></a>";
if($lmodlst) $modlist="(Moderated by: $lmodlst)";
Birthday Saturday, September 12, 1992 (13 years old) 
Sample post (sample text)

click here to ban me *cough*notreally*cough*

Join the Edit Forums (my board) please
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