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11-02-05 12:59 PM
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Acmlm's Board - I2 Archive - Super Mario World hacking - Mario Legacy: Super Mario World. Demo 2 - 2 worlds
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Well, the stems don't look wrong actually. They look a little bit odd in red, though.
Alastor the Stylish
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1. Yeah, I thought about that myself.

2. The piranhas look wrong? I think they look quite nice like that, and everyone I've polled agrees...
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Oh yeah, two more suggestions.
Verdant means "green", from the French word "vert", green. The levels show this well (BG), except for the one level with the clouds spelling "NO!!!" or something like that. Maybe try to make the FG more greenish, adding some green decorations and such.

And your pirahnas have red stems, and look wrong. You should use the pirahna stem the cave has, and you can use custom palettes to get the greens (two shades of them). The palette the plant has should have a sprite palette that has only 5 or 6 colors used. The other black colors are hardcoded by ASM (which I hope Fu might be able to fix), but with custom palettes on they are useable.
Alastor the Stylish
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Right... Why didn't I think of that?

Edit: Eheheh I don't know how to make it a no-yoshi level ^^;;

And yes. You can't get into it, though. Honestly I wasn't expecting anyone to find that. It does abuse a glitch, and if you don't time it right, well, there's a kill block right above what triggers it... I have the route to it enabled, but since Star Road hasn't even been started, I didn't let you enter.
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Try using a No-Yoshi Level. Oh, and you are aware that in the demo, you can get to a star road that's labeled as Mondo?
Alastor the Stylish
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Thanks. I put two throw blocks in the middle, making it two... And yeah, I quite liked the wind level, but it faced some problems at first. One, it's too easy to fall off and die in the pit. So in this demo I added mini-piranhas. Now that problem is fixed, but now you can go through the majority of the level without a problem just by staying on the bottom with Yoshi. I've fixed that, for the most part, by adding blocks every five spaces, but you can still just hop over it with fair timing and not have a problem =/
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I'll have to say, this is very creative. You could make the Big Boo fight at the start a little easier by placing 4 or even 5 blocks instead. The wind level was quite brilliantly planned at the end. If you fix up some parts, you'll have a very fun hack!
Alastor the Stylish
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That be the idea.
Golden Yoshi
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Er...Hammer Brothers throwing Blue Yoshi heads? Looks interesting.
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Looks cool! The title screen could use some work, but other than that, looks good.

Just played through the first level. I like the way you made Mario move through the title screen. The invisible blocks are cool. Good level design as of now. Great overworld.
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Major improvement from the first version. Keep at it, bro!
Atma X
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It's looking a lot better, good luck with your hack.
Alastor the Stylish
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Eheheh... I've improved greatly upon the first demo. While the main thing is adding another world, there is also the fact that I fixed several overworld glitches and main level glitches, changed a handful of GFX, and messed around with the special world graphics but saved over the wrong area with the new things, making a handful of bizarre GFX which I decided were too much work to undo, plus I kinda liked. If you want an example of this, just look at the fourth screenshot, where the Hammer Brother is throwing blue yoshi heads.

Anyway, as always it's the highest thing on me site main page. Why the main page? Because I have deemed that two unfinished hacks is not worth making separate pages.


In addition, since people were telling me that it's not nice to have scrolling levels where if you pick the wrong way you die and there's no hint, and so that section of Dino Isle 2 should be cut out. Well look more carefully, there's a rather large hint.

See the area with a yoshi coin near the cieling and several blocks under it? Notice how the first block is up, second is down, third is up, fourth is up, fifth is down? Guess what that means.
Acmlm's Board - I2 Archive - Super Mario World hacking - Mario Legacy: Super Mario World. Demo 2 - 2 worlds


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